When Words Wander

by Joesephus

Copyright© 2007 by Joesephus

Drama Story: This is an alternate conclusion to Nici's "Something we need to talk about" and "Between Two lovers." While the story goes to a very different place, I've tried to keep the characters the way Nici's written them. As in Nici's story this one has no sex.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Cheating  

Copyright© 2007

This is NOT a stand alone story! There is no sex in the story. I've tried to make it realistic, so don't expect Jonathan to have been a former SEAL able to visit vengeance on Susan and Rich. While I'm going for a different ending than Nici in her "Something to talk about" and "Between Two Lovers" I've tried to keep the characters as she wrote them. That doesn't mean I see them or their actions the same way. I have the Nici's permission to write this ending. Indeed, she's been a wonderful help in understanding the characters involved. I've done my best to keep them as she created them. I have made a few minor changes, for example Joey is a girl and the location is Austin, Texas and not Denver, Colorado. If you haven't read the story, "gird up your loins," because it's a heart breaker. Mine begins after Nici's "Between Two Lovers Chapter Two."

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