Shave and a Hair Cut

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Just Plain Bob

Erotica Sex Story: A man returns early from a business trip and ends up wishing he hadn't.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   .


I've been married to Steffanie for almost twenty years now and if I would have had to bet my life on it I would have wagered that she was so in tune with me she could have picked me out of a crowd of men even if she was blindfolded. We had some sort of ESP when it came to each other. Each of us always knew what the other was thinking and we always seemed to be able to sense when the other was near.

I am a traveling salesman and I'm usually on the road two weeks out of every three. Steff was an executive secretary for a manufacturing firm and had been since our two kids got old enough to go to school. Because of my occupation and the many separations that it caused Steff and I had a fantastic love life. She was always so glad to see me come home and I was always so glad to be there that we never reached that point in our marriage where sex became "ho hum."

It didn't hurt any that Steff loved sex and always wanted to experiment and try something new. She would pick up a copy of Cosmopolitan and read an article on Ten Ways To Please Your Man and if any of those ways involved sex she just had to try it. A couple of years back she got a hold of a copy of the Kama Sutra and we are still trying the various positions. She said we would still be working on positions when we reached eighty.

Then a series of events occurred that would undoubtedly change my marriage and my life. I was on the forth day of a seven-day trip to the Northeast when my boss called me and told me that I needed to rush home. Our home office had just announced that they had purchased our biggest competitor and that I needed to be there when the sales territories were realigned. That meant that I would be home for Steff's company Christmas party that I would otherwise have missed. I almost grabbed the phone to give her the good news, but at the last second I decided to just surprise her.

Just five hours before the bosses phone call I had been working with a customer demonstrating a new line of adhesives. One of the tubes had burst under pressure and some of the adhesive had gotten in my hair and in my beard. No amount of solvent, paint thinner, MEK or Acetone had been able to clean it out so I did the only thing I could - I shaved off my beard and got a brush cut.

When the call came from my boss and I realized that I would be able to make it to Steff's party I decided to have some fun with her. Steff had never seen me without the beard and she had never seen me with hair that wasn't worn long in the Seventies hippie style although I did shorten it up some as I grew older. I had the beard when I met her and I had never shaved it off. I decided to make a few other changes, show up at her party, wait until I could catch her under the mistletoe and then give her a passionate kiss. She wouldn't know who I was until our lips met and no one else there would know it was me either. I smiled as I thought of the rumors that would fly when her co-workers saw her being passionate with a strange man. I hit a men's store and bought a new suit and tie so I could be dressed in clothes that Steff had never seen before. I hit a drug store and got a pair of weak reading glasses and then I packed my bags and headed for the airport.

When my flight got in I drove into the office and spent the day working with Harry on the realignment plan. At five-thirty I headed home secure in the knowledge that Steff would follow her usual habit of taking a change of clothes to work with her and that she would go to the party from work. She would also take a hotel room for the night so she wouldn't be driving home under the influence of alcohol. I took the precaution of calling the house when I was two blocks away and got no answer. Just to be safe I drove past the house looking for signs of life and parked down the street. I walked back to the house and looked in the window on the side of the garage and her car wasn't there so I went back and got my car and pulled into the drive.

I showered, shaved and put on my new clothes, the weak glasses and as I checked myself out in the mirror I wondered how long it would take Steff to recognize me. Given the ESP thing that we had I half expected that she would know I was there as soon as I walked in the door. I hoped not - I wanted to get her under the mistletoe before she tumbled.

The party was being held in one of the banquet rooms at the Marriott and the buffet style dinner was all ready being served when I arrived. I spotted Steff at a table next to the area that would be used as a dance floor later in the evening. She was sitting with three other girls and while it might just have been my imagination I thought I saw her head come up for a second when I walked in. Did she really sense my presence? At that distance? She gave a quick look around, but then went back to talking to her friends. I noticed an empty table in the back corner so I got a drink from the open bar and went over to the table and sat down. It would be at least an hour before the dancing would begin and I could pull my little surprise. I was watching Steff and sipping my vodka tonic when the first test of the evening happened. Two guys were heading for my table and I glanced around and saw that the empty chairs at my table were the only empty ones in the room. I knew both of the men; I had met them at previous company picnics and parties, but would they know me?

"Mind if we join you? You seem to have the only seats in the house."

I waved at the empty seats and they sat down and introduced themselves. I lowered my voice to disguise it a little and told them my real first name. Tom asked me where in the company I worked, but before I could make up a lie I got my first surprise of the evening. Steff got up to go to the ladies room and my jaw dropped. Her blouse was cut so low that her tits were almost completely on display, she was wearing the shortest skirt that I had ever seen and she had on CFM's with five-inch heels. She looked like a street hooker trolling for business. Larry saw where I was looking, "She's something, isn't she?"

Tom chimed in, "It looks like someone might get lucky tonight."

"What's that mean?"

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