Chapter 3: Revelations

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Historical Sex Story: Chapter 3: Revelations - This is set twenty years after the events of "In the Navy". The lives of Anthony Carter and his family are turned topsy-turvy by the arrival of Ellen, a young shepherdess. Follow the lives of the Carters and their friends and relatives during the late regency era and explore foreign countries and cultures with them. History is not necessarily dry!

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Historical   Tear Jerker   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting  

When Ellen had left, Eleanor sat down on Richard’s bed.

“Wasn’t that kiss a lot better than forcing her?” she asked calmly.

Richard’s smile vanished only briefly.

“You are right, Eleanor. I almost forgot that. That kiss, it was so sweet! She seems to care for me even after what I did to her. She is wonderful!”

“Ssh, Richard, you need to be careful! Of course, she is very grateful to you. But don’t make her do things that she may have to regret later. She’s a shepherdess, and you are the son of the squire. It is not like you could marry her.”

“Why are you saying this, Eleanor?”

“Because I don’t want either of you hurt, especially you.”

“In the right dress she could easily pass for a lady,” Richard insisted stubbornly. “Her speech is without fault, and she moves like she has always worn dresses like yours.”

Brother and sister stared at each other.

“But of course, Richard! You are right! I did not notice, but of course! She is no uneducated, wandering shepherdess. There must be more to her. Don’t worry, we’ll find out. Let me talk to mother. She will know how to do this without hurting her.”

In the meantime, Ellen had reached the door to Sir Anthony’s study. She knocked reluctantly, not sure what to expect.

“Do come in,” the Admiral’s voice sounded from within.

Ellen opened the door and stepped in. Sir Anthony was sitting in a comfortable, leather-covered armchair, but he rose when she entered and offered her a seat in a second chair. Without thinking, Ellen sat. She briefly wondered at the satisfied smirk that passed between her host and Lady Carter who was standing at a high window, overlooking the garden.

“My dear girl, let me first express my regret over yesterday’s events. I am not doing my duty of protecting those depending on me, and I apologise to you.”

“Sir Anthony, I can hardly expect you to keep a watch over me all the time. I am grateful for the way you and your family rushed to my rescue. Please accept my deep gratitude.”

Sir Anthony nodded.

“As things are, my dear, and with the two scoundrels still at large, I cannot allow you to live out there by yourself. We could never console ourselves if something happened to you. We would therefore ask you to stay as our guest until the Tremonts have been apprehended.”

“But Sir Anthony, that could take weeks and months!”

The admiral shrugged. “I have a large house, and what is one more mouth to feed? Besides, you do not eat all that much,” he grinned.

“But how could I, a wandering shepherdess, intrude on you and your family?” Ellen asked, fencing for time. She tingled all over from the prospect of living in this household.

“Well, my dear, this is no problem at all, since you and I both know that you are no wandering shepherdess.”

Ellen’s heart sank.

“What do you mean by that, Sir?” she asked.

Lady Carter came over and took her hand.

“My darling girl, we hear you talking, we see your posture, we observed you while you ate. I wished my own daughter were as well behaved as you are. I see your skin, your fingers, your feet and your teeth when you smile, and there is no way on earth that you have spent the eighteen or seventeen years of your life under the open skies. Just a few moments ago, when my husband offered you a seat, you accepted with the perfect grace of a young lady. We did not want to embarrass you, but you did not fool as even for ten minutes.

“Now it all depends on whether you trust us or not. If you were to tell us your real story, I promise that we will not divulge anything to anyone. But I have a son who cares deeply for you, my dear, and I don’t want him hurt.”

Ellen looked at the Carters for a minute before she made up her mind. In a small voice, she said.

“I trust you. What do you need to know?”

“Let us start with your real name,” Sir Anthony suggested.

“Ellen Trilby,” she answered, and she noticed that Lady Carter’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. The name meant something to her.

“Why are you masquerading as a shepherdess, Ellen?”

Ellen took a deep breath.

“Because my stepfather wanted to marry me to one of his friends. Maybe that is the wrong way to say it. I was to be given to his friend as payment for a gambling debt.”

There was a sharp intake of breath from Lady Carter.

“Tell us all, Ellen!”

“My father, Major George Trilby, fell at Waterloo. My mother remarried when I was ten years old and I grew up in the household of Major John Meadows, one of father’s comrades. Everything was fine until my mother died two years ago. He was always nice to me, but Mother’s death devastated him. He took to drink and gambling. A year ago, he was in heavy debt. His main creditor, a gambling crony, offered to forget the debt if I would marry him. He is at least fifty years old! My stepfather agreed and one evening when he and his cronies were at our house drinking and gambling, I was called into the salon and the engagement was announced in front of a group of drunkards. The old lecher even kissed me to the rude comments of the others. That night, when they were all drunk and slept deeply, I took my savings and travel clothes and ran off. I knew they would try to track me down. My would-be husband is wealthy enough to hire detectives, so I took to the countryside. After a few days I met an old shepherdess on a meadow, and she let me stay with her. For half a year, she taught me shepherding. Then, one morning, she would not wake up. She had died in her sleep. I buried her and carried on. I never expected it to be so hard during the winter.”

She shuddered involuntarily. Sir Anthony cleared his throat.

“What would you say, Miss Trilby, if I had one of my men take care of the herd until you decide what to do with your life? Until then, you will stay as our guest. I may add that I speak not only for myself but also for my wife and especially my son.”

“Why would you do that for me?”

Harriet Carter pulled the girl up from the chair and looked into her eyes.

“I too was once married to a man against my will. I hated my first husband with every fibre in my heart and my marriage was a torture until a gallant man killed him in a duel. I will do whatever is needed to prevent you from marrying a man you do not want. Is that a good enough reason?”

Instead of an outright answer, Ellen put her head against Lady Carter’s chest and hugged her. Harriet Carter looked down at the mass of golden tresses and she felt the sobbing of the girl in her arms. She smiled at her husband with brimming eyes, and he smiled back encouragingly. After a while, she set the girl down into the chair and went to ring the bell. When a maidservant showed, she sent her for hot chocolate. Whilst they waited for the drink, Lady Carter caressed Ellen’s hair and spoke soothingly to her under her breath. Sir Anthony had wisely left the room to give his wife a better opportunity to calm the girl down. When the chocolate arrived, Harriet sat down opposite Ellen and bade her drink. The hot drink calmed Ellen and she regarded her hostess with gratitude.

“This was the first time I could cry on somebody’s shoulder since my mother died. Thank you for your kindness, Lady Carter.”

“Let’s not speak of it. One more thing I have to ask you though. Have you truly and honestly forgiven my son? Are you comfortable with living under one roof with him?”

Ellen considered briefly, and then a smile lit up her features. Harriet Carter held her breath for a moment. She was not impervious to the charms of beautiful women, and on a few occasions, she had given free rein to this trait. The smiling Ellen Trilby was a sight to behold and Harriet felt a tingle.

“After I had a chance to get to know him over the last weeks and after what he did yesterday, I have no reservations. Truth be told, Lady Carter, I care for him in no small way. Isn’t that strange?” She noticed the empty stare of her hostess. “What is the matter, Lady Carter, are you well?”

Harriet snapped from her dazed state.

“I am sorry, Ellen. I just realised how truly beautiful you are. You know, you have the power to make men happy beyond measure or desperate beyond hope. Use that power wisely, Ellen, and please, do not hurt my son!”

“How could I hurt him?”

Harriet shrugged. “Simply by withholding your smile from him.”

Ellen swallowed. “I promise never to hurt anyone in your family.”

Once again, the two women hugged. Just then, the dinner bell rang and they quickly dried their moist eyes before they left the study. Eleanor watched her mother and Ellen curiously, but refrained from asking what they had done for almost two hours in her father’s study.

When dinner had been served and the maid had left, Lady Carter spoke to her daughter.

“Dear, could you please help out Ellen with a few clothes until we find the opportunity to have her fitted at Elisabeth’s? Ellen will be staying with us for some time. Under the circumstances, we do not see fit for her to return to shepherding.”

Eleanor looked at Ellen and gave her a friendly smile.

“Certainly, Mother. There is more to this, isn’t there?”

Lady Carter smiled at her perceptive daughter.

“Yes there is, but it is not my secret to divulge. And don’t you pester Ellen about it. She will tell you when it is right for her.”

Eleanor looked at Ellen and received a shy smile and a nod. ‘Later, ‘ Ellen mouthed.

“Or she may tell you later this evening if she so wishes,” Harriet Carter smiled.

“Can we tell Richard, Mother? He is worried about her going back to her herd.”

“Of course he needs to know too.”

After they had finished eating, the table was cleared. Whilst the elder Carters were looking forward to whatever Mrs. Blacket had conjured up for dessert, Eleanor and Ellen were fidgeting on their chairs until Lady Carter relented.

“All right, you two. Go then. I will have your dessert sent to Richard’s room.”

Eleanor paused only briefly to kiss her mother before she grabbed Ellen’s arm and dragged her out. They could hear the girls bounding up the stairs.

“It’s good for Eleanor to have a girl her age in the house,” Lady Carter remarked.

“If not, we can always search the countryside for a shepherd,” her husband chuckled.

Richard Carter had finished his supper of chicken broth. Mrs. Blacket had served him in person, a rare privilege in the Carter household. Technically, she was only the housekeeper, but she was a force to be reckoned with. She was on a first name basis with Lady Carter and nobody who had ever managed to make her angry had stayed with the household. To the Carter children she was more like a favourite aunt than a housekeeper.

Now she had left him with the promise of a chocolate mousse for dessert. He knew that this was a lot of work to prepare and that she had only made it for him because it was his favourite.

The door opened and Eleanor shuffled in, followed by Ellen. His sister looked heartbroken as she dragged Ellen to his bed.

“Richard, Mother has seen you two kissing, and now Father will not allow her to graze her sheep on our land any more.”

Richard’s breath stuck in his throat and shame washed over him.

“Oh no, Ellen, what did I do again? But where can you go? The Tremonts may be still after you.”

“Oh that?” Eleanor grinned. “Father thought it best that she stayed in our house and gave up those sheep. Their smell is not becoming anyway.”

“You ... you... ,” Richard fumed, “wait until I can get up again! You will pay for this!”

Eleanor laughed openly, clearly unimpressed with the threat. Ellen hesitated though. For a moment she was worried about Richard; he had turned as white as a sheet and had been mortified. Only when he began to laugh at himself did she join in the fun.

“He did not complain about the smell yet,” she huffed playfully.

“And never will I,” Richard assured her with only a trace of mockery. “By the way, did you have dessert yet? Nadine has made chocolate mousse.”

“We’ll have dessert with you. We thought it better to give you the news immediately.

“You could have killed me, you know that?” Richard grinned. “For a moment, I thought I had ruined everything again.”

At this moment, the dessert arrived, again brought by the petite housekeeper.

“Ah, you ‘ave lady friends wizz you? It is lucky I brought zzree ‘elpings of ze mousse,” she smirked.

“Thank you Nadine,” Richard smiled. “But I am not sure that I will share my three helpings with them.”

“Shame on you, Master Carter, it is not nice to let ladies go ‘ungry.”

“That would be a valid point if there were any ladies present beside you, and I trust you sampled the mousse beforehand.”

“Now you are lucky to be invalid, brother of mine,” Eleanor grinned. “Shall we leave the ungrateful cur, Ellen?”

Ellen shook her head. “No, I want to try this mousse. I had hot chocolate this afternoon, and I have never tasted anything remotely as delicious.”

Nadine Blacket nodded at the implied compliment. “I add ground red peppers to ze cocoa to make ze chocolate spicy.”

“Nadine is a treasure,” Richard stated. “Whenever I visit friends at their houses and taste the food there, I notice how lucky we are to have her.”

Nadine grinned; she liked the flattery, but she also knew the reason for it.

“I am sorry, Master Richard, zere is nuzzing left of ze mousse.”

“Oh, my brother brown nosed for nothing,” Eleanor giggled delightedly.

“No, ‘e did not. I vill make hot chocolate for all of you. It vill help you sleep, eh?”

“You are the best, Nadine,” Eleanor smiled. “Richard is right about that.”

When Nadine had left, the three young people were at a loss for words for a few moments. It was Ellen who broke the silence.

“There is something that I need to tell you both. Your parents already know.”

“Don’t tell me that you are really a princess, but an evil witch cursed you, and now you have to wander the lands as a poor shepherdess,” Richard quipped.

“It’s something like that,” Ellen admitted. “Not that I’m a princess, but I am no shepherdess either.”

She repeated the story she had told their parents. When she finished, Richard grinned at his sister.

“I told you, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did, Richard,” Eleanor conceded. “He told me this afternoon that with your behaviour and the way you talk, you could easily pass for a lady. That’s when we realised that there was a mystery to you.”

“You are not mad at me for this deception?”

Eleanor shook her head vigourously, but Richard did not answer. He had a faraway look in his eyes. Eleanor nudged him.

“A penny for your thoughts, Brother.”

Richard snapped back.

“Er, nothing, I was just, er, thinking.”

“That you were, Brother. I’ll wager that I know exactly of whom you were thinking!” Eleanor grinned.

Over the next two weeks Richard made a complete recovery. The scar on his upper arm still needed some attention, but he was able to move about freely.

A tutor from London arrived, and a room on the second floor was cleared for the lessons. Eleanor and Ellen were on the same level of knowlegde, and Ellen quickly began to appreciate the lessons. Richard was more advanced in his studies, but the tutor, Mr. Rawling, had been hired for a more specialised education. It had been decided years ago that the future of Richard did not lie in the Royal Navy. The Navy was on peace establishment, his grandfather, Admiral Lord Lambert, had retired, and there was no career to be made for a young man. Besides, Richard was the only son and destined to take over the estates owned by his father. Therefore, the tutor had been selected for his prowess in agricultural and commerce matters, and in this direction Richard was educated.

Nevertheless, he took up fencing with his father, and he quickly learned the difference between the lessons he had taken at school and the purposeful swordplay of mortal combat. After practice, Sir Anthony would always go through the motions again to show Richard where he could improve. He showed an infinite patience with his son on those occasions, always maintaining that a sword was most dangerous to its owner unless he mastered the weapon. Being a healthy young man with quick reflexes, Richard took to the sport like a duck to water and more than once Sir Anthony was heard to praise his son for his progress.

As another topic of his involvement with his son’s education Sir Anthony taught him gentlemanly conduct; how to maintain and defend one’s honour, and how to avoid hurting other people’s feelings. He did not shy away from the subject of duels, but he spend a lot of time telling his son how to avoid such situations. Sir Anthony had fought one duel, but not for almost twenty years. For once, he was a renowned swordsman and an excellent pistol shot, something the notorious duellists rather avoided. Secondly, he took great care to never give offence. A duel, he told his son, would always hurt both sides.

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