Meating the New Couple's Wife

by Tom Land

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Tom Land

Sex Story: Tom and Lori become intimate lovers when it's obvious that her husband, Joe, isn't giving the sexy young bride the attention she needs.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Voyeurism   .


I can't remember now how I actually came to meet Joe and Lori. Joe was a young Army captain going through some training in the Newport News, Virginia area in the late 1980s. If you're out there reading this, Joe, yeah, you just about to find out that I was fucking your sexy young wife Lori on the side during the day while you were off being trained. You bet. Your sexy wife Lori was not only laying out beside the apartment complex pool in that fucking sexy two-piece swimsuit but she was also joining me inside in your marital bed in your apartment and she was fucking and sucking me like you thought she was only doing with you. Wrong, wrong, old buddy. Lori was a very hot sexy young woman and you weren't giving her all the attentions she badly needed.

I do remember meeting Joe and Lori who were relative newlyweds and I invited them over to my place where I cooked out on the grill for our dinner together. Joe was of Italian descent although I think he had been born in the U.S., and I think Lori must have had some other cultural background but she seemed very in love and enamored with her muscular virile young Army helicopter pilot husband. But, I thoroughly enjoyed myself that first evening and I visually checked out Lori in every way possible in sizing up the possibility of getting into her panties while she and Joe lived nearby me for a few months. I knew this was only temporary and it was either make my move on Lori now or forget it as far as seducing and fucking her.

As I mentioned, Joe was the typical stocky, muscular guy and I'm sure Lori was hot to trot for her darkly attractive young husband. Lori was beautiful and I actually found myself wondering how Joe had managed to get her to marry him. That night when Joe and Lori came to my place, I noticed that she was wearing a nice pair of shorts and a button-up blouse that fit her breasts tastefully but just right in order to emphasize that this sexy young bride had at least B-cup sized breasts. I found myself lost in imagining Lori knocked up and pregnant. I found myself wishing I was the horny man who could have the chance to knock her up behind Joe's back. I loved eyeballing Lori all that night and then only a couple of days later, I managed to get out to where Lori and Joe lived and checked her out during the day as she lay there beside the pool catching some sun. When I went by Joe and Lori's apartment, I didn't want to actually let Lori know I was checking her out, but I got close enough to get a very good look at her in her rather skimpy and very revealing bikini. Now I knew there was no way I could resist making an effort to fuck Joe's sexy young bride. Lori had short dark hair that framed her very gorgeous face just right, her breasts were nicely shaped and rounded, and in the bikini she was wearing, much of her breasts was uncovered and visible as she lay there sunbathing. Her ass was totally awesome and the bottom to her bikini was definitely a thong. When she'd get up and put on more suntan lotion, I could see the string of her thong until it disappeared in the luscious crack of her fine asscheeks. Oh yeah, Lori was definitely a sexy thing to behold.

I finally got my chance with Lori one night a few weeks later when Joe went out of town for the entire weekend with a cross-country training mission in the helicopter he was getting checked out in. I'd known Joe was going cross-country and I'd thought about making my move that weekend. Instead, on Wednesday, I got a call from Lori and she asked if I could come over on Friday night for dinner. She overtly mentioned that Joe would be gone and she said, "I want to repay you, Tom, for all the kindnesses and the good meal you've provided for us." I could feel my cock hard in my pants just listening to Lori's sexy voice and again envisioning the first night I'd seen Lori and then that morning when I'd checked her out by the poolside.

When I got to Joe and Lori's apartment on Friday, I could hardly believe how sexy and hot Lori looked. I was pretty sure she'd worn her outfit for the purpose of seducing me. Here I'd thought that i was going to be the one getting her into bed with me; I was a few years older than her and Joe and I felt that she was attracted to me as an "older man" even though I wasn't that old. And when I saw how Lori was dressed, I quickly realized it was going to be a race to see which of us was actually seducing the other one. Lori was braless -- I could tell by the fact that she had on a white blouse that was nearly transparent and it was only fastened in the front by the loose ends being tied at just above her waist. This blouse was also such that she was showing a few inches of midriff in the day before midriff-baring tops had become as popular as they are now. And, Lori had on a pair of pants that were so sexily tight that it was pretty obvious she was panty-less as well. I was right on both counts.

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