The John

by Lekhiket

Copyright© 2003 by Lekhiket

Sex Story: She thought it was one of the best fucks of her life, even if it was in a men's room stall. Or maybe it was special because it was in a men's room stall. He thought she was crazy, but he never could tell her no.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Cheating   Rough   Oral Sex   .

They were on their third drink, crowded around the end of the bar, having a good time. A group of friends, and friends of friends, in their late twenties and early thirties. Some were couples, some friends of couples, some lovers and some ex-lovers, some were strangers to each other, but they were all having a good time.

She kept seeing the same picture in her mind, feeling the familiar pressure. Finally, her bladder told her she couldn't wait much longer. "I'm going to the john... Want to come?" she whispered in his ear as she brushed against him in the crowd of tightly packed bodies. He said nothing, but after a few moments he drifted in the same direction. They were not a couple, but had been lovers years before. Each of them was here with a significant other in the crowd.

He followed her at a discrete distance around the corner and down some steps to the dim hall where the bathrooms were. She opened the door marked "Men" and looked in. It was empty, so she went in, and he followed. Grinning widely, she took his hand and pushed open the door to the wheelchair access stall, which had lots of room inside. Hiking up her skirt, she slid her panties down and sat on the toilet, releasing a long, loud stream of pee into the toilet. He entered the stall and latched the door behind him. She delicately stepped out of her panties and stuffed them in her purse.

As she was wiping herself, he unzipped his pants. When she got up, he raised the seat, took aim at the bowl and released his own urine. Years ago, they had shared a bed and a bathroom, and more than once, a public facility. This little ritual was very familiar, though they had not been intimate in years. She unbuttoned her silk blouse, exposing her small breasts. As he was peeing, she teased him with her nakedness, brushing her large, hardened nipples against his bare arm. After he shook the urine from his semi-hard penis, she sat back down on the toilet seat, and took him into her mouth.

She flushed with excitement as she felt his cock grow larger and harder in her mouth as she sucked him. It had been a long time since she had been with a man of his size, and she had almost forgotten just how much she really loved his size and hardness. It only took a minute before she began to feel the familiar tingling between her legs.

The door to the hall opened loudly, there were hurried footsteps, a zipping sound, urine splashing for a long time, and then the loud flush as some drunken guy staggered out of the room.

He was surprised and amused, but he was very pleased that she was sucking his cock again. She had always been a passionate and impulsive lover, prone to wild and crazy things like this. But she had been a little too impulsive for him. He was a little too inhibited and predictable for her. So each had moved on to someone else, but they had stayed friends. He was very pleased that, apparently, she still appreciated his cock. Of course, they were both slightly drunk.

"You know what I want." she said as she stood up, turned around, and bent over, spreading her legs and bracing herself against the wall with her hands. She felt him raise her skirt and push it up over her butt. She heard the clank of his belt buckle as it hit the hard tile floor. She fingered herself with one hand as she felt the head of his cock brush her ass, and then slip down towards her cunt. She shivered in anticipation of the shock she knew as coming. Compared to him, her vagina was tiny. It was part of why he always made her feel so good.

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