Favor For Janet

by BiggerJim

Copyright© 2002 by BiggerJim

Sex Story: My wife asked me to give her sister, Janet, a hand. I gave her that, and more.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   InLaws   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

My wife, Missy, and I live in Northern Connecticut, so I was a little put out when she asked me to drive to her sister's house in Pennsylvania. Janet, her sister, lived in a nice brick colonial that she got when she divorced her asshole husband, Gerald.

Janet had called Missy and told her that the garage door had come off the track, and that she couldn't get the car out of the garage. "She can't get anyone to come and fix it until sometime next week," Missy said. "Why don't you load some tools in the car and drive down and see if you can help her?"

"Well," I said, "I thought that you wanted to spend Saturday at the Mall?

"I do," replied Missy. "I'm staying here. I want to do some shopping, and I have a few projects, for work, to review this weekend. Go by yourself. You can listen to what you want to on the radio, stop where you like, and not have to worry about entertaining me on the ride. Plus, you won't be lurking around the house, bothering me, while I try to do some work."

"Ok, ok, I'll go. I'll leave after breakfast Saturday morning, get there around 1:00 or so, fix the door and whatever other projects she has, and be home by 11:00 or so," I said.

I managed an early start and made great time. Janet met me at the door. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she exclaimed as I walked in. "I can't tell you how glad I am that you're here. It's nearly noon, can I make you a sandwich?"

"Sure," I said. "I always work better when I'm kept fed and happy."

"I'll feed you," she teased. "We'll see about 'happy' later." Shaking her ass at me she disappeared into the kitchen.

"While you're working on lunch, I'll survey the damage." I shouted as I walked into the garage. One of the rollers had snapped off, and would need to be replaced before the door would work again.

I broke the news to Janet over a beer and sandwich lunch. "I'll go to the hardware store and get what you need."

"Can I go with you? I have a few things to pick up at the store," she asked.

"No problem. Let's go."

Unfortunately, the hardware store didn't have the part, but could order it from the warehouse and have it in later that afternoon. When we got back, I called Missy and told her that I would probably be spending the night.

"No problem, I'll be fine. Have a nice visit. I'm sure that Janet has more projects for you to work on." Missy said.

After jerry-rigging the door enough to get her car out, Janet and I drank a few beers and reviewed the balance of the work list.

The only other job involved fixing a leak under the kitchen sink. Lying in an awkward position really kinked my back and shoulder. Drinking another beer after I finished I told her about it.

"Take off that shirt," Janet said, "and I'll rub your shoulder."

I'm no dummy. I never pass up the chance to get a back rub, so off the shirt came. I lay facedown on the floor and Janet straddled my back on her knees. I groaned loudly as she dug her kneading fingers into my sore muscles.

"Boy, you're really tight," she exclaimed. "I'm going to have to get you to loosen up." Hopping up she trotted off to the bedroom and came back with a large vibrating massager. She plugged it in and ran the soothing device all over my upper back and shoulders.

In moments, she had me reduced to a mass of quivering jelly. "Ahhhh..." I moaned. "That's nice."

"Roll over, and I'll do your chest," she commanded.

Repositioning herself across my upper thighs, she worked my chest. I almost fell asleep until she hit my nipple. The jolt of electricity shot directly to my cock, which, up until now, had been behaving itself. I was embarrassed as my obviously swelling cock pushed up into her crotch.

"Hey, you better stop that," I warned. "Things age getting a bit uncomfortable."

"Oh!" she asked innocently, "Do you mean this?" Rocking her hips back and forth she ground her jean-clad crotch onto my stiff cock.

"Jesus! That's exactly what I mean!" I replied.

Laughing she took the massager away from my chest and reached around behind her and applied it to my balls. "Is this any better?"

Arching my back, I bucked her off my throbbing rod. "Janet! What the fuck are you doing? Don't get something like this started. I'm not sure that I could stop if you do. Consider this fair warning." Had I not been drinking all afternoon, I'm sure that better sense would have taken hold and I'd have loaded up the car and left.

Don't get me wrong. Janet was no pig. She was a bit plump, with a narrow waist and broad hips. She had average tits and a pretty face. I just never had any desire to cheat on Missy and especially would never dream of doing so with her sister.

"Fair is fair," Janet pronounced. "You worked on my house, and I want to return the favor. That's all it is, a simple business transaction. No love, no commitment, no bullshit. Just a good fuck that we'll both enjoy and never talk about again. So, are you game or not?"

Try as I might, I couldn't argue with the logic.

Walking to her I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. "Ok. I can live with it. Why don't you get busy then?"

Leading me to the bedroom, she knelt in front of me and unbuckled my pants. Pulling them down, my cock sprang free and stood out proudly. Grabbing it at the base, Janet gave it a firm squeeze and a pull, and milked a few drops of pre-cum from the tip of my dick.

"Mmm," she said. "Looks good enough to eat." Flicking her tongue out she lapped the juice from the end of my swollen cock. Taking big, wet licks; she ran her tongue up and down my shaft as my legs quivered.

Pulling my pants off, she instructed me to lay on the bed. On my back, she spread my knees and nestled between my legs. What followed was perhaps the best blowjob I've ever had.

Pouting her lips she slowly fucked me with her mouth. With each dive, she gobbled more and more of my stiff pole until she finally hit my balls. Bobbing her head rhythmically, she slurped and sucked until my head spun.

Taking the occasional break Janet licked and sucked each of my balls in turn. What really blew my mind, though, was when her tongue flicked across my asshole. She lapped at it steadily until it was awash in her spit. Turning her lips back to my cock, I was aware of the sensation of pressure as she slid her finger into my tightly clenched ass.

"What are you doing?" I asked-like I didn't know!

"I'm going to make you cum." She said matter-of-factly.

With my cock rapidly pistoning into her mouth, and her finger reaming my ass, it was only moments until I felt the orgasm approaching. As my dick swelled and my balls tightened, she furiously massaged my prostate.

Stars burst behind my eyes as my straining dick erupted. Hot, sticky jism pumped into Janet's mouth and down her chin. Like a hungry kitten, she lapped at my cum-slicked cock and balls as her finger rooted in my throbbing asshole.

"Enough!" I moaned, as she pulled her finger from my butt.

Janet crawled up next to me and said, "That was a nice start, wasn't it?"

Start? I thought to myself. I'm done! Janet, however, was just getting warmed up. Shucking her clothes, she straddled my chest and started tweaking and pulling her nipples. They firmed into nice, peanut sized buds as she ground her wet snatch into my chest. Grabbing my hands she guided them to her tits and I started pulling on her nipples as she groaned in delight.

Still holding on, she slowly slid forward on my chest until her pussy was at my mouth. I could see her hooded clit buried in the folds of her hungry cunt. I licked her wet slit and was rewarded with a dribble of pussy juice on my chin.

Lapping greedily I worked my way up and down her creamy pussy. I even returned her earlier favor and rimmed her puckered asshole, which drover her crazy.

Riding my face, with my tongue buried in her deep wet hole, Janet slipped a finger down onto her red, ripe clit. She frigged her joy button with a wild abandon as I face fucked her in long deep licks.

"Oh-my-God!" she screamed as the first wave slammed into her. Bucking her spasming cunt onto my face she rode the orgasm over several successive cycles. Eventually, she lay spent at my side and we fell asleep.

I woke to an empty bed and the sound of the shower running. Walking into the bathroom, I could see Janet's outline in the shower door glass. "Hey!" I called. "Need someone to scrub your back?"

"Sure!" she laughed. I joined her in the steamy shower and grabbed the soap and washcloth that she offered.

Soaping her up, I worked the cloth across her shoulders and down her arms. When the rough material scraped across her nipples, they stood up. I paid special attention to them, to make sure that they were really clean.

Janet moaned as she shifter her weight from foot to foot in a little dance. Turning her I scrubber her back, as promised. Working my way down I made sure to pay special attention to her pussy and clit, polishing both until I was sure they shined.

Grabbing the soap from me, Janet set to work on my chest and arms. Turning me around, she scrubbed my back and ass. Janet reached around, and crushing her wet tits into my back, she paid special attention to my cock and balls. Boy, I have never been so clean in my life.

Working up a hand full of lather, she drilled first one, then two and finally three fingers up my ass. "Hey," I asked. "What's up with that?"

"I'm just making sure that you're really clean!" she laughed, as she corkscrewed her fingers in and out of my throbbing asshole.

"Enough!" I demanded, before she managed to ram her entire petite hand up my butt.

"What's' the matter? Can't take it like a man?" she teased.

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