Harry's Honey

by Inosolan

Copyright┬ę 2002 by Inosolan

Sex Story: A man wanders into "Hot Rags", apparently by chance, and Nikki persuades him to tell her his problems. They're pretty bad problems. Nikki to the rescue! But not till after Harry Tells Her Everything.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   NonConsensual   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


"Well, I can see how that might be a bit upsetting," Nikki said. "I mean, finding out in so sudden a way that your wife was unfaithful..."

"Well. I suppose so... it was exciting, too, though -- seeing her licking June's pussy that way, and June with that big shiny shaft sliding in and out of her red lips...

I thought that I ought to burst in and demand an explanation, and I almost hopped down off the stepladder to do so, when the doctor gently pushed June's head away from his crotch and began to walk around the couch, that huge hard cock sticking almost straight out in front of him.

It took me a second or so to realise what he must be about to do, so I was still standing there almost paralysed by the sight when he knelt behind my wife, and pushed her skirt up revealing her red panties and a red garter belt like the black one that June wore. I realised that he intended to fuck my wife (who didn't seem to be doing anything to stop him), and was about to jump down and run in there when, with almost a single movement, he pulled Mary's panties down far enough to reveal her pretty round white ass and then shoved his giant cock into my wife's asshole!

I was astounded. I still, somehow, expected that Mary would protest this -- that she would scream or fight or try to get him out of her ass. But she didn't; in fact, I could see that she actually spread her legs a bit and pushed back to make it easier for him to get all of that monster inside her ass.

With bulging eyes I watched as, with long deep slow strokes, he fucked my wife in the ass. This was incredible -- Mary had always refused to even consider anal sex with me; it was even "dirtier" than oral sex, and she wouldn't do it. But here she was, not only submitting to being sodomised by this stranger, but, as I could see, she was reaching back under herself and stroking her own pussy and clit in time to his strokes into her anus, as she continued to lick and suck June's twat as if it was the most wonderful-tasting thing she had ever found.

That was it.

I jumped down from the ladder, shoved open the door, and burst into the office, intending to yank him away from my wife and, probably, give him the beating of his life. I was halfway across he office when he looked up, smiled, and said a word.

I immediately stopped walking in confusion.

This was ridiculous -- what was the matter with me? -- Here I was at the doctor's office while he fucked my wife's ass and I was wearing all of my clothes!

I began to unbutton my shirt. The doctor watched me as continued his slow deep strokes into Mary's ass. I carefully hung the shirt on a chair back, then unbuckled my belt, unsnapped and unzipped my jeans, and stepped out of them, folding them and putting them over the arm of the chair.

I started to pull of my boxers, but the doctor raised a hand and said "Not just yet, Mr. Foreman. Just wait a moment, if you will, please."

Well, of course, I would wait. I stood there patiently, as June became more and more excited by Mary's lips and fingers in her cunt and finally came with a loud moan and excited pumping of her hips that smeared shiny pussy juices all over Mary's face, then slipped down and lay on her side, bringing her own face to Mary's crotch.

June began to fondle her own breasts with one hand as she raised her lips to Mary's pussy, which was dripping wet and wide open from her masturbation as the doctor fucked her ass; June began to lap at Mary's clit and pussy lips and then moved where she could also occasionally lick the doctor's balls where they hung as he fucked my wife.

Watching this obscene performance had my dick getting harder and harder but, somehow, I didn't seem to think of doing anything about it even as the front of my boxers was more and more stretched by it.

As Mary was obviously getting closer and closer to cumming, she lowered her face to June's crotch once more, and the two of them sixty-nined frantically, even as the doctor began to pick up his speed, pumping Mary's butt harder and deeper and faster till finally he was slamming the full length of his huge cock in and out of her and then, suddenly grabbing her hips tightly, made two last hard strokes and then shoved all he could up her ass and held her tightly against him as he groaned and came deep inside her.

As Mary and June continued their mutual oral loving, he slowly pulled out of Mary's anus, white cum dribbling out around his dick as he withdrew, and trickling down Mary's butt and running down onto her cunt where June carefully licked up every drop.

Unbelieveably, after that incredible round of buttfucking, his cock was still apparently as hard as ever -- ten, maybe eleven inches long, and though it was a bit slender for its length, still it had left Mary's anus stretched and loose, which I could see as I stood where I had been told and watched a little bit more of his cum dribble out of it.

We both watched my wife and her best friend's mutual oral lovemaking without speaking.

Finally, Mary and June came simultaneously with loud moans and gasps and collapsed on the couch.

"That was very tiring, wasn't it ladies? You should sleep for a while," the doctor said gently. Immediately the two snuggled into each others' arms, kissed each other tenderly and seemed to instantly fall asleep.

Then he turned to me.

"Well, Mr Foreman. I hadn't expected to see you until after your wife came in for one or two more sessions. You must be very susceptible." He walked over to me, and, as he continued speaking, walked slowly around me where I stood, carefully looking over my body.

"MM-hmm! Very nice, actually!" he remarked. "Not a 'jock', as I believe the term is, but in excellent physical shape and handsome enough."

He stood in front of me, then, and looked carefully into my eyes. As he did so, he casually reached down and took hold of my hard cock through my boxers and began running his fingers over it, apparently assessing its size and degree of erection.

"Very good. At least seven inches here, right, Mr Foreman? Oh -- you may speak to answer my questions, by the way."

"Oh, yes," I answered happily. "At least seven, maybe eight when I'm really hard."

"Ah. Very good," he said again. Stepping back a bit, he pulled a swivel chair over from the desk, sat in it and crossed his arms in front of himself and said "Very well -- let me see, please."

I reached down and stripped off my boxers, letting my hard-on spring free.

"Excellent. Circumcised, well-formed, good tight ballsack. Yes, Mr Foreman, I believe that I can find a use for you -- in fact, for you and your lovely wife."

At that, although I didn't move, my eyes turned toward the couch where Mary slept in June's arms, one of June's hands cradling her tit as I liked to do in our bed, this man's cum still oozing out of her asshole.

"Oh -- well, yes -- in that way, but in other ways as well. I believe that you and your wife are about to embark on a second career, Mr Foreman; one that will pay me, at least, quite well."

"Now, just to make things clear -- I like for my subjects to understand the situation, so that they will not begin plotting futily to escape my control before I release them, so you may speak, now, to ask me questions, though otherwise you will still be placid and calm."

"What have you done to me -- to us?"

"Ah -- to the point. I gained control of your wife's friend, and of your wife after her friend brought her to me, and through your wife of you, by means of a technique that combines hypnotism with a form of sex magic that I studied many years ago in the Orient.

"Your wife's friend was an excellent subject whom I completely controlled and dominated after only one session. Your wife was a bit more difficult, though I was well on my way to total control of her by the end of our first session.

"As a part of the first session, I emplanted a post-hypnotic suggestion in your wife's mind -- one that she should be uncharacteristically sexual with you, both to begin to prepare you for this encounter and to plant the beginning of a question as to what caused her to be so sexual after these sessions, a question that would eventually bring you to me."

At this, he reached out and took my cock gently but firmly with one hand and began to stroke it slowly. A shiver ran up and down my spine; it felt so good -- but to let a man do that?

But I couldn't move without his permission, so I had to let him go on. And it did feel good...

"By my second session with your wife, she was completely under my domination, and would do anything to please me -- and that was when I sent her to bring me you."

He paused, and, feeling that something was necessary, I asked "How?"

He smiled. "You remember your surprise night of hot sex in front of the television?"

"Yes," I said.

"Before she came to you that night, your wife slipped a special suppository into her vagina, one which, dissolved in her own fluids and mixed with your own semen, created a magical potion which penetrated the skin of your penis, entered your bloodstream, and caused you to enter a deep trance, one in which your mind was fully programmable by anyone who spoke to you and gave you orders."

As he spoke, I seemed to have vague memories of Mary standing in front of me in her hot pink shorty nightgown, her juices and my semen and saliva running down her thigh... standing there and telling me something... something important... but I couldn't quite seem to recall what it was...

He reached out, taking my hand in his, and led me across the room to his desk.

"You wife was instructed to instill in you two posthypnotic suggestions -- one, that you would become suspicious of her sessions with me and follow her, and, second, that every time I speak the word..." (Something happened; I knew he said that word again, but I still could not tell what it was... but I felt myself beginning to relax a bit more and lose the worries I had been developing as he spoke... ) "... in your hearing you will slip even deeper and more happily under my hypnotic control."

He stopped me near the desk, leaving me standing a couple of feet from it, and continued speaking.

"Tell me, Mr Foreman, have you ever engaged in sex or sex play with another man?"

"Of course not!" I answered.

"Have you ever wished to?"

"No."I said. Then, because I could not imagine being less than open and honest with a man I trusted so fully, I said "... well, I did have a friend in the Navy, a handsome guy with a big cock, and sometimes I wondered..."

"Did you let him know?"

"Well, no -- of course not. I'd have gotten in trouble."

"Well, you won't get in trouble for anything you do in this office, Mr Foreman, so why don't I invite your friend to step in here for a few minutes and you can tell him?"

"No -- he -- he's dead. Killed in a deck fire on a carrier..."

"No, he's not, Mr Foreman -- he's right here, and he's very glad to see you..."

Suddenly I realised that the doctor had somehow disappeared, but I wasn't worried, because here was my old buddy Jacko from Sicily standing there in front of me, looking exactly as he had ten years before.

"Hi, there, sport!" he grinned. "I hear you've got something to tell me?"

"Well, uh, yeah, uh, Jacko -- I wanted to tell you that, a couple times, in the showers, I couldn't help noticing that, uh..."

"Oh!" he said with an even bigger grin on his face. "You mean this?" he asked as he unbuttoned the front of his thirteen-button trousers and pulled out the big cock that I sometimes dreamed about, alone in the barracks in my bunk with my own cock in my hand.

"Uh, yeah..." I admitted.

"Hey, no sweat -- I thought maybe you noticed; no problem... come on over and have a taste!"

"I, uh, I shouldn't..."

"Oh, sure you should -- there's no-one here but us and those two whores on the couch and they're not gonna wake up till one of us wakes 'em up..." I looked where he was pointing -- two sluts from the Gut, the red-light district, were sleeping there in each other's arms, probably drunk or stoned out of their minds. The red-head wasn't bad looking, but I thought the blonde looked like more fun to fuck.

"Why don't we just fuck the whores, Jacko?" I asked.

"Later, he said, "We'll do that later. "But you always wondered, you know you did -- So come on -- have a little taste!"

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