Street Party

by Spiller

Copyright© 2001 by Spiller

Sex Story: The annual streetparty brings unexpected additions to this couple's sexlife.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Cheating   .

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What I'm going to tell now really started more than three months ago.

Every year we have a 'street-party' in August. Each house on the road takes out a table, chairs, plenty of food, rivers of beer and schnaps, and we party all afternoon and night. One guy is a prof. musician and his PA system is fed from a CD-player for a lot of dancing far into the night.

Well, this August I was a bit hard on the drinks, and around nine in the evening I had to tell my wife Britt, that I'd go home and rest for a couple of hours.

- Maybe I'll be back later, but I'm out for now.

- Yeahh, and maybe it'll start snowing in half an hour, she answered laughing.

- You just have a good time.

I kissed her on the cheek and zig-zagged home. In our upstairs bedroom I just shed my shoes and blacked out on our bed.

Later I heard voices coming up from downstairs, giggling and laughing. I looked at the clock - a little after midnight it was, and the music from the streetparty was still blasting, and in the street I heard people having a good time. I was just on the verge of getting up when I heard Britt coming up the stairs. I don't know why, but I closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep. I heard her push open the bedroom door.

- Are you sleeping, I heard her whisper. I didn't move an eyelid.

- John, are you out, she said in her normal voice.

- John, Jooohhnn, a little louder than normal, but I still feigned sleep.

She pulled the door shut, and I heard her go downstairs again, and a little later she said out loud:

- Like I said, he's out dead.

At this point my curiosity was blooming, and quietly I got up, opened the bedroom door again and walked ever so slowly out on the platform at the top of the stairs, where I could look down into the livingroom. Britt was sitting in the sofa beside Orla, the batchelor from 5 houses down the road, and Alice, our next door neighbour, was sitting in one of our armchairs. I heard Alice laughing:

- And my Peter is out too. Those two always get to much.

- And not much use they are right now, chipped Britt.

- Good thing our young batchelor can stay resonably sober, said Alice. - Can't you, Orla.

- Well, I wouldn't say sober, but I'm still walking, aren't I?

- And up to two horny housewives, are you?

This might turn out to be interesting. Very quietly I laid down on the platform so as not to be too visible, peeking down on the three of them.

Orla put his arm round Britt's shoulder and hugged her.

- Well, two is quite a lot in my present condition, but I shall do my best.

With my heart racing I saw Britt lift up her skirt starting to pull down her panties. Alice was smiling at her:

- My, you are horny, love. Your panties are all wet from what I can see.

- Oh, yes, I am. God, Orla, I want that cock of yours in me.

- You are finally going to try a new one, laughed Alice. But leave a little for me too. There was absolutely no finesse about all this. The women were half drunk and horny, and they just wanted to get it done.

Orla pulled down his trousers, and a long, fat cock jumped out. Britt held up her skirt and pushed her arse out on the edge of the sofa. With her legs spread wide she was one big invitation, which Orla was not going to let pass. He moved in on his knees, but just before he was going to put that cock into my wife Alice said:

- Hey, let me. She jumped over to sit beside Britt, and then she grabbed Orla's cock and guided it into Britt. I heard a loud, erotic moan as he sunk it to the bottom in one long push, and soon he was working my wife's cunt in long, hard strokes. Britt started moaning rather loud, and Alice put her hand on Britt's mouth.

- Hey, girl, control yourself. Do you want to wake him up?

- Oh, God, no, Britt panted. But this is divine.

- I'm going to help you come so there will be a little bit of staying power left for me.

With that Alice moved her right hand down to Britt's cunt, and totally amazed I watched her start playing with Britt's clit, masturbating her while Orla was fucking that big cock in and out of her. Britt had closed her eyes and her right hand was stuffed into her mouth to muffle the moaning and crying. What the two were doing to her she had never had done before, at least to my knowledge, and in a couple of minutes they pushed her into a very violent orgasm. She was whimpering and shaking all over for nearly half a minute. At last she pushed Alice's hand away and said:

- Your turn, Alice. God, that was awsome. Now I want to guide him into your cunt.

Quickly Alice did exactly as Britt had done: She hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties and got ready to be fucked. Orla crawled over to her and took up position between her widespread legs, and Britt grabbed his cock and guided it to Alice's dripping cunt.

- Push in, she whispered.

As soon as Orla started fucking Alice I was treated to the highly erotic sight of my wife masturbating our next door neighbour while she was fucked real good. Soon Alice was the one who had to push her hand in her mouth to muffle her screams, and Britt was smiling wickedly as she put a real effort into masturbating her. Orla groaned:

- I'm going to come soon. That's a couple of great cunts I've been in. My God, Britt, can we make her come before I do?

- I'll do my best, Britt panted. She leaned closer to Alice, breathing into her ear and said:

- You like that, don't you? It's great to have a strange cock in you. And you love for me to masturbate you, don't you?

- Oh, yes, yessss, Alice groaned. This is the best fuck for years. Those two drunks don't know what they are missing. Oh, my God, I'm coming now. I'm going to come now, Orla. Just fill me up with all you've got.

She was almost whining when she started shaking, and at the same time Orla pushed all the way in, crushing Britt's hand against Alice's pubes. I could see him spurt 8 times as his arse was contracting with every spurt. Alice's legs went limp and fell to the floor the minute he pulled out of her.

- God, this was great. She turned towards Britt.

- You know, I have never been touched there by another girl. But I sure loved it !

- I haven't either, said Britt, and I loved it too.

Then Orla got up from the floor and pulled up his trousers.

- Yes, you are right, Alice said. You have better get out to the party again, we don't want them to talk about us.

- Sure, said Britt, but it was great for us. She got up from the sofa and threw her arms round Orla and kissed him.

- But you know, this was a first and only, right?

- Well, said Alice. Maybe if the chance comes along we might do a repeat.

- I'm not so sure, said Britt. It was great, but I don't want to risk anything.

- I get you, ladies, said Orla. I shall never tell, and I shall not try anything unless you ask me to, OK?

With this he quietly left, and I heard the garden door open and close. Britt and Alice stayed in the sofa for a while.

- God, that was wild, said Britt.

- I was really only joking when I started this, said Alice.

- Me too.

- Don't get mad at me if I ask you something?

- Sure, no. What is it, said Britt.

- Can I try to touch you again? I have never done it before, and I want to see if I like it without the cock.

- I was afraid to ask you to do it, Britt groaned. - God, I am horny again, and I want to feel your fingers one more time.

Alice leaned over and let her hand fall down on Britt's cunt. She slipped a finger down to her clit, and slowly this time she let it circle round Britt's clit. They were very quiet for a little while. Then Alice asked:

- Well, do you like it?

- Can't you feel it? It's the wildest ever. My cunt is flowing right now. She pushed Alice's hand away.

- I want to try you too, Britt said. She let her left hand slide up along Alice's thigh, and Alice willingly spread her legs wide to give her access. Britt started frigging her, and in a second Alice was moaning.

- Oh, my God. It's so perverted and horny. You are going to make me come in a second.

- You sure are wet. All that sperm is seeping out of you now.

- A pity it's going to waste. Alice smiled wickedly at Britt.

- Don't tell me you want me to lick it out of you, she gasped.

- Feel free if you would like a taste. God, I don't think I have ever had better sex in my whole life.

Britt slipped down from the sofa and I was almost exploding when I watched her take up position between Alice's thighs. Alice on the other hand grabbed under her own thighs and lifted them up high towards her chest, and with a loud moan Britt dived in. Alice squealed, muffled by her hand again, as Britt sucked her cunt and moved her head from side to side. Suddenly she stopped.

- Oh, God, no, Britt. Don't stop, don't stop.

Britt got up and leaned over Alice, and then she said the most incredible thing:

- You are going to have a taste too. She brought her mouth up close to Alice's and with a hungry move Alice raised her head and they kissed, apparently with Britt pushing some of Orla's sperm into her mouth.

- Oh, no, this is out of this world, Alice panted.

- Please, suck me off right now and I'll do the same to you.

Quickly Britt resumed her position between Alice's legs, and a minute later Alice had the most violent orgasm. She was thrashing round on the sofa, and Britt had trouble keeping her mouth on her cunt.

Alice was still shaking in cramps when she pushed Britt over.

- And now you. I want to taste your cunt.

Britt jumped up on the sofa and spread out as wide as Alice had done. With one hand between her own thighs Alice started sucking Britt, and it was evident from the movements of her shoulders, that she was fingerfucking Britt while she was licking. I have never seen Britt come that fast. Just a minute had her whimpering and panting.

- Oh, you horny bitch, she snarled. - You like that cuntlicking, don't you? My God, you are making me come again.

- Yeeeooowww, Britt yelled, and she went into a wild orgasm. Alice stopped licking her, but continued fingerfucking her all the way until the orgasm died out.

Alice got up and crashed out in the armchair. For a little while the two women stared at each other.

- You really look fucked out, Britt grinned at Alice.

- You don't look half bad yourself, old girl.

- Wow. I never thought I could do this.

- Not me either.

- I wonder what John would do if he could see me now.

- I think Peter would either kill me or jump me, Alice giggled.

- And I think John would jump me or kill me, Britt sniggered.

- Do you think he could stand it?

- I really don't know. He has been telling me some wild fantasies, but I'm not really sure he is serious, so I haven't dared to take him up on it.

- Is he such a horny bastard?

- He is horny all right. How about Peter?

- Well, he has tried to talk me into some swapping, but like you, I'm not really assured he is serious.

- You know what? I think we have better clean up a little and get out to the party again.

- You are probably right, though I really feel more like going on!

- Contain yourself, old bitch. I'll have to take a washrag and wash out that wet cunt you've got there.

Britt got out a washrag from the kitchen drawers, and I could hear them giggle as they were apparently washing each other. A little later I heard the front door open and close. That's when I found out I had come in my pants without even touching myself. My head was spinning, and I didn't really know what to do. Alas I felt too weak and too drunk to go back to the party, so I just undressed, cleaned myself up a little bit in the bathroom and took on a pair of fresh shorts. I then crashed out on the bed again.

Next thing I knew was Britt coming into the bedroom. In the grey early morning light I watched her undress, and just before she pulled her nightgown over her head I said:

- You know, you are still one damn pretty woman, Britt.

She stopped dead with her hands over her head and turned to me.

- John, you nearly killed me. I thought you were dead to the world.

- Yeah, I have been, but right now I'm not at all dead, I'm looking at one naked and beautiful woman.

- Soft words will get you nearly everywhere, she smiled at me. - Do you want me to come to bed naked?

- I sure do, that was the general idea.

- Well, are you sure it's such a good idea? I'm half drunk right now, and you know what that means.

- Yes, and I'm half sober, so I think we're about even.

Her hint at being half drunk was, that usually she is VERY demanding when she has had a drop too much. Very often she wants me to masturbate her to a lot of orgasms before we fuck, and I really love it.

She slipped down beside me and stretched out with her arms above her head.

- Take off those silly shorts, I want to feel your cock on my thigh, she groaned. And I complied.

With my left hand I gathered her wrists above her head and held them down and then I wound my legs around her's, so her thighs were locked in a tight grip.

- Ahhh, this is good, she whispered. - But tonight I don't want you to tell me anything - just play with my cunt until I faint.

And that is just what I did. Her cunt was wet from the first second I let my finger slide down into her crack and when I had touched her clit for just a few seconds I tried to imitate the way I had seen Alice do it to her. That resulted in a loud moan from her.

- That's a new way to do it, oh, my, that's horny, she whispered.

Only a few minutes brought her over the edge, and for the next ten minutes she was like a firecracker, going from orgasm to orgasm, some violent, some minor. My cock was raring to go, and very abruptly I stopped masturbating her, rolled over on top of her and spread her legs with mine.

- Oww, John, I wanted a few more.

- I don't care a shit. Now I want to have my cock into that wet cunt, and I slid into her all the way in one hard stroke, and stayed bottom deep.

- Aaaahhh, that's good, she groaned.

I moved a few times in her, and she was positively alive inside.

- If I didn't know better I'd say you feel almost as if you have been fucked.

She stiffled a second, then she said:

- No, Silly, I'm just horny from dancing with all those men tonight. You wouldn't know how many stiff cocks I have had pressed into my belly.

- Yes, and one at least you have had pressed up into your belly, I thought. The picture of Orla fucking her on the sofa returned on my inner screen, and in a violent rush of horny memories I banged into her for a couple of minutes before I exploded in a wonderful come deep inside her.

- Wow, you horny man. Did you like me saying that I have felt many stiff cocks into my belly while I was dancing?

- Oh, yes. That kicked me over, I groaned.

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