City Lights, Passionate Nights

by Janice Kirtley

Copyright© 2001 by Janice Kirtley

Incest Sex Story: Sandy and Jim promised on the plane to get together in the city of Paris. They do, and bring along her sister for a night neither of them will ever forget.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Cheating   Incest   Sister   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Sequel to 'Paris Fling'

Jim entered his hotel room glad to be in from the searing heat outside. It was mid July in Paris, and he never remembered it being this hot. The thought of a nice stiff drink entered his mind, but instead he opted for bottled water.

He removed his jacket, tie, and shoes, and flopped down on the monstrous king sized bed.

The air conditioning in the room felt great. All of a sudden, Jim felt exhausted. It was a long flight over. Oh, but he's had some marvelous company for the trip. Jim smiled to himself when he thought of Sandy. She was a breath of fresh air, nothing like the women who usually threw themselves at him.

She was sweet, and very passionate. She wasn't just trying to impress him. She was actually enjoying what he did to her, and didn't mind showing her appreciation.

Yes, he would definitely have to look her up once his meetings were over. She had his number at the hotel, and he hoped she would call him. He'd love to show her what a grand host he could be in one of his favorite cities in the world.

After all, Paris was the most romantic place he knew. What better way to get another go at her, than to chauffer her around town for a while, maybe wine and dine her to perfection.

Sandy's taxi arrived at the little apartment on 122nd Ave where she would stay with her sister for a while. Angela lived alone in the tiny 2 bedroom on the 3rd floor. She ran out to meet her sister, and threw her arms around her. " I'm so glad to see you,!" she shrieked. " Let me look at you." She stepped back and took a long look at her sister, whom she hadn't seen in 4 years.

"Baby sis, you look wonderful. I don't know what you ever saw in that jerk you married. It's definitely HIS loss," Angela howled.

They took Sandy's bags, and headed toward the elevator. Sandy couldn't believe her eyes when she stepped inside. It was gorgeous. For such a small place, Angela had made it a palace. Mirrors strategically placed on the walls gave off the illusion of more space. Heavy drapes on the windows blocked out the sun and made it look wonderfully romantic. There were candles everywhere. Deep plush carpeting made going barefoot a must. No one dared wear shoes when they could sink their toes in that.

" Your room is down the hall on the right," said Angela. "Let's get you settled in and then we'll go for some lunch."

They unpacked all her belongings, and when everything was put away, they were starved. "I know a great little bistro just down the street. Let's go there and we can do all our catching up." Hours later, they were still giggling, from the bottle of wine they had shared. Sandy had eaten very little on the plane, and it was easy for her to be feeling a bit giddy from the alcohol.

Almost as if Angela could read her mind, she asked " So how was the flight?" Sandy could feel her face and neck redden. " I did meet a man on the plane," said Sandy. "Oh yeah?" said her sister. " Give me all the details, and I mean ALL of them!"

Sandy told Angela about how Jim and she had become a bit 'close' on the flight over, and Angela clapped her hands and howled with glee. "You GO girl!" was her sister's only comment. "You might have to introduce him to me," she laughed. "He sounds like MY kind of guy." "I just happen to have his number where he is staying," said Sandy. "He wants to get together again before he goes back to Texas. How about I give him a call, maybe he'd take us both out." Angela winked at her sister. "I know what you're saying baby girl," said Angela. "Let's go call him from the apartment. Maybe invite him over for a drink."

The two ladies headed home, arm in arm. All the bad memories of Sandy's marriage were definitely on the way out. She was starting her new life, and what better way to celebrate.

Jim walked into the hotel room and slammed the door. He stomped over to the dry bar, and poured himself a double shot of bourbon, not even bothering to add ice. He downed the liquor in one gulp, that made his eyes water. He hated these damn meetings, and the ignorant people who presided over them. He swore every year he was going to make someone else suffer through them but every year he suffered himself. He pacified himself by remembering that one day of meetings, were to be climaxed by 2 days on the beach in the sun. That was his reward before going back into reality in Texas. A shitty job, and a crappy, no sex marriage.

Just as Jim was pouring his second glass of bourbon, the phone rang beside the bed. Jim cursed under his breath, knowing it had to be either the office or his wife. Unless...

Jim picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, Jim? This is Sandy Peterson. Do you remember me?" "Well how could I forget YOU, honey? How you doin, sugar?"

"Oh just fine. Listen dear, my sister and I were wondering if you'd like to come out tonight, that is if you're not too busy. We were talking at lunch today, and I told her about you, and she's really interested in meeting you." Sandy chuckled precoutiously. "She thinks you might be her kind of guy."

Jim's cock gave a jolt like it had been shocked with pure electricity. Well now. Maybe this trip ain't gonna be such a waste after all! "You damn right I wanna meet her Sandy. I wanna see you too. How would you ladies like to do it all up right? I'll hire a limo, and we'll do the town red!"

"Oh Jim, that sounds so much fun." Jim could hear Sandy telling Angela what he had said, and the two girls giggling to one another. "That idea appeals to us both Jim. We'll be ready in 2 hours."

They gave Jim directions to the apartment, and he promised to pick them up at 9 p.m.

He called the front desk and gave them his request for a limo to be delivered to him. "Stock it with the best champagne, caviar and whatever else you can find. Yes, that's right. Make it snappy too."

Jim hung up the phone, and fixed himself one more drink. He headed to the shower. This was gonna be a night he would never forget.

The limo pulled up in front of the apartment building and Jim climbed out to see two of the prettiest ladies he'd ever seen approaching him. Sandy had said they would meet him out front, and he arrived just as they came down.

"MMMMMMM," said Jim as he eyed his dates for the evening. "Ya'll look good enough to ear right NOW. Sandy, is this sweet, gorgeous thing your sister? Ya'll are the prettiest things in the whole city." Angela gushed and held out her hand to Jim. "I'm Angela. So nice to meet you," she breathed.

When she said the word 'nice', you could hear her Virginia drawl still within her. He had noticed it too when he first spoke to Sandy on the plane. Two southern gals on his arm for the evening. Life was just too damn sweet.

He escorted the ladies to the waiting limo. "Your chariot, my ladies," he crooned to them. He helped each one inside, and then slammed the door shut after he got in. Everyone looked fabulous. He was wearing his best tux, and his cowboy boots. He didn't think they went together, but to hell with it. He never went anywhere without his boots. He wouldn't be caught dead in some fancy schmancy shoes.

He dug the ice cold bottle of champagne from the ice bucket in the corner of the limo. He reached for three tulip glasses from the overhead cabinet, and handed one to each of the girls.

He popped the cork to the delight and squeals of both of them. He poured each of them a full glass, and then himself. "To the most gorgeous ladies this Texan has ever seen," Jim said as he raised his glass. The clinked them together and Jim downed his in one gulp. He was sitting across from the girls, and had ample sight of the view before him. Sandy's and Angela's legs seemed to go on forever in the little skimpy dresses they had on. They almost matched except for the color. Sandy's was powdery blue, and very short and tight. Straps off the shoulder meant there was no bra. You could see her nipples harden under the clingy fabric. She had on smoky black pantyhose, and black spiked heels. Her toes were polished red. God help him.

Angela's dress was similar to her sister's except it was black, and had no straps at all. That also meant no bra. Unless it was a strapless one, and this dress was just too tight, no lines showed. She wore no panty hose at all, and since there were no lines about her ass, he assumed she was also pantyless. He licked his lips at the thought.

The girls giggled because they saw Jim looking in their direction, but not saying a word. "What are you thinking about darlin?" They said in unison.

Sandy looked at her sister and winked. She set the glass down and got up in the cramped quarters they had, and moved over next to Jim, who by the way had still said nothing.

She ran one red nail down the side of his cheek while she never took her gaze from his.

She let her tongue circle her lips, teasing Jim into kissing her. She let her hand drop to his thigh when his arm encircled her waist, and brought his mouth to hers.

Angela picked up the phone that signaled the chauffeur. "Just keep driving until we tell you to stop honey," she said. "It doesn't matter where you drive, just drive."

Angela settled back on the seat and poured herself another glass of the sparkling wine. She drank deeply and watched her sister on the seat across from her. Jim and Sandy were really getting into it. Their tongues were intertwining with each other, and their hands were roaming all over each other's bodies. Jim had his hand just under the hem of Sandy's tight dress, and slipped it up until he could caress her ass. He lifted her slightly off the seat and pulled her over into his lap. At this point, she was straddling him as if riding him. Her breasts were at his eye level, and he slipped the dress down over her shoulders to reveal her tits to him.

He cupped them in both hands, squeezing them together. Her nipples hardened under his touch, and he brought them to his mouth, licking and sucking them one by one.

Sandy threw her head back and moaned. She could feel his cock pressing against her pussy through his pants. She squirmed in his lap as and tried to get his cock centered in her little tight place. The feeling was delicious, but she wanted more. She reached for his zipper, daring not to disturb what he was doing. With some help from Jim, she managed to free his cock from his straining pants.

All the while she was doing this...Angela had decided she didn't want to be left out. Her hand had quietly slipped down between her legs, which were now spread wide, and began to slowly and deliciously massage her own clit, as she watched Jim get it on with her sister. She was very wet. She slipped a finger inside her pussy, and massaged her clit with her thumb. While she enjoyed watching and participating in this way, she knew it wouldn't be long before she had to join in.

When she felt the first waves of her orgasm, she quickly withdrew her finger and sucked the juices off of it. She didn't want to cum just yet. She wanted it to build, until it rocked her very being. Then the other ones would take longer, and she would enjoy every one of them.

Jim was watching her every move. His eyes met hers, and signaled for her to come over into the seat with he and her sister.

Angela removed her dress over her head, and was now totally naked. Jim was right, no bra, and no panties.

The windows on the limo were darkly tinted, but no one would have cared if they weren't.

Sandy crouched on the seat, and removed what was remaining of her clothing also. She didn't have on pantyhose, but a garter belt and stockings. Jim urged her to leave those on.

He loved a woman in a garter belt.

Jim had removed his pants, underwear, and his shirt. All that remained was his socks.

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