Brie Falls Behind the Eight Ball

by Warthog

Copyright© 1999 by Warthog

Erotic Sex Story: A newly wed man makes the mistake of listening to his wife when she suggested he take a pool bet on his virgin bride. He lost.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   virgin wife gang banged.

Brie could not be happier. She sat next to her brand new husband Billy as he drove their convertible sports car down the highway. She admired her husband's handsome face and hard athletic body for probably the millionth time. She was very much in love and she felt lucky to have snared such a handsome guy.

Brie shouldn't have worried about finding a husband. She had the pick of a long list of men and Billy was very grateful to have been at the top of the list. Any man would have died to be with a woman like Brie. Her body could only be described as luscious, her face bordering between beautiful and cute. Cute was more a description of her manor. She was young, 19 years old and naïve. It would only be time before the experiences of life turned her into a sophisticated beauty.

They had been on the road for about an hour. It was Saturday and they had been married shortly after noon. They attended the reception after the wedding and then hit the road. Their honeymoon plans took them from their home town in Louisiana to Florida with a stop somewhere in Mississippi. Billy couldn't wait for that night when he could introduce his virgin bride to the joys of sex. Billy, who was two years older than Brie, was not greatly experienced sexually himself but he had learn a few of the finer points from his best friend's older female cousin.

Brie was not totally ignorant of sex herself although she had insisted that she and Billy wait for their wedding night to have intercourse. At Billy's constant badgering she did concede to give her husband to be oral sex although she wouldn't allow him to go down on her. Over the year before the wedding Brie had demonstrated a natural ability at oral sex and had found that she loved to perform it on Billy any chance she got.

That was precisely what popped into Brie's mind as they sped along down the highway. Billy had suggested they take the back roads so that they could enjoy the countryside. Brie was now glad he suggested that for a different reason. The road wasn't very crowded so Brie figured she could have a little fun with Billy. She slowly leaned across the console putting her left hand behind Billy's neck. While she scratched his neck with her manicured bright red nails she snuggled her cheek against his.

Billy turned and smiled at his beautiful new wife. Brie gave Billy a quick peck on the lips before he had to return his attention to the road. She wasn't finished with him yet. Brie began to nibble at Billy's face and neck. She hoped that she could distract her husband while her right hand began to work on his zipper.

"What are you doing babe?" he asked sweetly.

"You'll see," was Brie's reply.

Soon she had her right hand in her husband's pants. With skilled hands she guided Billy's rapidly hardening cock out of his pants. In the year that she had known Billy's cock she had fallen in love with it almost as much as she loved its owner. To Brie it was huge. To many women it would be considered large at seven inches. For Brie, it was all she knew and she couldn't imagine a cock larger than her husband's cock. This added to her attitude of being a lucky girl to have married Billy. Not only did she love his company but she loved his body as well.

Brie kissed her way down to Billy's lap. He straightened in the drivers seat to give his bride more room to work. She quickly latched onto the object of her desires. Billy had already hardened to full length and Brie went right to work on her deep throat technique. She knew that this really turned Billy on to have his cock buried deep in her throat. Brie had learned over the months that she seemed to have a natural talent for taking Billy's cock down her throat without gagging. At first she gagged a bit but her enthusiasm and plenty of practice had resulted in a very good technique and plenty of pleasure for Billy.

It didn't take Brie long to put Billy over the edge. Plenty of licking and sucking, not to mention that exquisite feeling of Brie's throat clutching his cock started Billy's cum on its journey from his large balls to his wife's warm and inviting mouth. Brie excepted the load with glee. She was amazed at first when she found that she loved the taste of sperm. She had heard from her older sisters that sperm was foul tasting. That may have been their experience but Brie was happy to learn that they were wrong in her case. She sucked down all Billy had to offer. She then worked the tip of her tongue into the piss hole of his cock looking for leftovers.

Having accomplished her task she licked Billy's cock clean and tucked her favorite part of her husband back into his pants. Billy was grateful to his wife for her service. He was also grateful that he had managed to stay on the road during her expert blow-job. He looked at her with a mix of adoration and admonishment. He said, "Baby that was great but next time let me pull off. It was all I could do to stay on the highway."

Brie dropped her head and said, "I'm sorry, Billy, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm so happy now that we are married. I just wanted to make you feel as good as I do."

Billy returned, "Believe me baby, you've made me feel like I'm in heaven. I get turned on just looking at you, you're so gorgeous. I'm a very lucky guy." He added, "I'm looking forward to tonight when I can return the favor and give you the pleasure that you've given me for so long."

Brie blushed, "I can't wait for that myself. I'm sure that it will be wonderful."

Billy said, "Baby, you are wonderful. I'll probably have to spend the rest of my life keeping guys away from you."

Brie smiled sexily and said, "Billy, you don't have to worry about other guys. This woman is all yours and I'll do anything to make you happy."

Billy smiled and leaned over to kiss his wife. They spent the next hour enjoying the scenery. When they reached Mississippi they continued the journey on the coastal road where they stopped at a particularly appealing beach. Brie had been hoping for this and was prepared. Under her top and shorts was a two piece bathing suit. Billy had been equally prepared. They parked the car and wiggled out of their shorts and shirts.

Billy loved to watch his new wife in a bathing suit. They had known each other for two years. He was always taking her swimming or boating back home. She created quite a stir in her hot bathing suits. Brie didn't disappoint Billy on their honeymoon either. Under her clothes she wore a very brief bikini that showed off her 35D-24-35 figure. They played in the surf for a while, kissing and groping each other from time to time. Billy thought about taking his beautiful wife right there on the beach but unfortunately the beach was not deserted.

After cooling off they headed down the road again. As dark neared, the couple entered a small town in Mississippi and stopped at a motel. As much as Billy wanted to take his new bride to bed he felt that he could wait for a little while until after they had had dinner. He asked the motel manager about a nearby restaurant. The manager suggested a place about a mile down the road.

Billy and Brie unloaded the car and settled into the motel room. Billy filled Brie in on the restaurant and she disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed. Billy pulled on some jeans and a button down shirt and waited for Brie.

Ten minutes later Brie emerged and Billy dropped his jaw. She was wearing a lacy red bra and matching thong panties and nothing else. Her dark brown hair had been fluffed up and her smoldering brown eyes begged her new husband to take her bed. Billy had never seen his wife in such a state of arousal. He got up immediately and took her into his arms. Billy kissed his wife passionately tasting the red lipstick on her full lips. Brie moaned with pleasure. It had been hard to resist going all the way with Billy before they were married. She knew painfully that she had a healthy sex drive. She usually required the assistance of her hand at least twice a day.

The overriding fact about waiting was that Brie was not on the pill. The last thing the couple needed was a pregnancy before they were married. Now that they were married there was no worry of scandal. In fact, it was their hope that Brie returned from the honeymoon pregnant.

Brie now had Billy in her arms and she knew he would take care of her needs. As the newlyweds continued to kiss, Brie heard Billy groan. Unfortunately, it wasn't a groan of passion but a groan coming from his stomach. Brie broke away from her husband and regarded him with a concerned look on her face.

"What's wrong," Billy asked?

Brie replied, "I'm sorry baby, you're famished aren't you?"

Billy answered, "I'm OK Brie, just a little hungry, that's all."

Brie retreated to the bathroom and grabbed her shorts and top. Billy followed her and grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. He kissed her neck trying to regenerate the lust she showed before his stupid stomach started to growl. Brie would have nothing of it. Billy knew that it was that mothering instinct that most southern women had. A man's stomach came before anything else. Billy also knew that despite her sweet and naïve persona Brie had a stubborn streak as well. She had made up her mind that they would get dinner before they consummated their marriage.

Off to the restaurant they went, Billy with his hard cock painfully arranged in his jeans and Brie with food for her new husband on her mind. The restaurant turned out to be a more of a bar than a restaurant. The newlyweds parked the car and entered the place a little concerned about finding a decent meal. The place looked a little run down on the exterior but the inside was not unlike the place back home that Billy and Brie spent many a weekend having a good time. As the juke box played country music several patrons consumed what appeared to be decent food while others played pool on the other side of the bar.

Brie pointed the pool tables out to Billy and smiled. Billy smiled back as he recalled the fun he'd had playing pool back home. Billy was quite a pool player and had paid his way through college with his winnings. Billy pointed out a sign that directed them to the bar to place their order. A rather rough looking character was tending bar. He regarded Billy and Brie as they approached, especially Brie. Her tank top hugged her large breasts and ended above her belly button. Her denim shorts were equally snug and ended high on her thighs in cuffs.

Billy interrupted the bartender's stare by requesting a menu. The man handed Billy two menus and directed them to a booth on one side of the bar. The service was no frills but the food was good. Billy was amused a little by the fact that the bartender/waiter seemed to always talk to Brie breasts. She noticed too and blushed. The man was a bit crude with his behavior but otherwise seemed harmless. They finished their meal and returned to the bar to pay the tab.

As they turned to head for the door, Brie asked Billy if he would like to pay a little pool. Billy whispered into Brie's ear, "I'm sorry, but I have a date back at my motel room with a hot woman."

Brie grinned at Billy and teased, "Play me one game and I'll make it worth your while."

Billy rolled his eyes and said, "OK, but lets make this quick."

Brie jumped with excitement causing her chest to bounce out of control. Billy just shook his head. Brie acted very naïve but Billy had a suspicion that she knew what she was doing. Brie got the rack while Billy went to the bar to pay for the table and get the billiard balls. Brie set the balls in the rack. Brie wasn't nearly as good as Billy but he had taught her to be a decent player. As a handicap Billy would have to sink his balls twice when they played eight ball. He also had to break and if a ball fell in it was considered Brie's. She always had the first shot. In this way it made the games more even resulting in Brie winning about as many times as she lost.

Billy soon realized what Brie meant by making it worth his while. She strutted around the table with each shot stretching her voluptuous body over the edge of the pool table with each shot. Billy didn't know whether to look at her cute round ass or dangling swaying breasts. Billy wasn't the only one. Several of the bar patrons had notice Brie's act as well. If she had known about the other men watching, she would have been paralyzed with embarrassment. As it was, she ended up teasing Billy into losing the game. She jumped up and down again as the cue ball stroked the eight ball into the appropriate pocket.

Before Billy and Brie could leave, a man approached Billy and asked if he would like to play a friendly game. Billy politely declined. The man offered to play a game for fifty dollars. Billy was tempted. This would pay their motel room bill and leave them more money to spend in Florida. On the other hand he had this exquisite female creature on his arm that he knew was aching to have wild sex with him. Billy politely declined again. Before the man could say anything Brie whispered into Billy's ear, "Fifty dollars for only a few minutes work."

Billy looked at Brie and saw that she seemed eager for him to play pool. Both Billy and Brie knew that Billy would win. "What's another ten minutes," thought Billy.

Billy racked up the balls and allowed the challenger to break first. Billy easily won in short order. The man paid off and before Billy could leave with his knew bride the man offered to play another game for $100. Billy was surprised that the man would want another game. Again Brie urged Billy to play and again Billy won the game easily. Billy was tempted to decline when the man asked for another game but the man called for double or nothing. If Billy won again over this clearly inferior pool player he would leave with an extra $250. Brie smiled and urged him on. Again Billy won.

By now, several men had gathered around to watch the action. They all made sure that they got a good look at Brie as well. Finally the man had had enough. He paid Billy his winnings. While Billy counted the money another man offered $250 to play Billy. Billy declined the offer and started heading for the door. Brie again urged Billy to play, her mind filled with ideas of how they would enjoy their honeymoon with all that extra money. They started with $500 dollars for the week. Now they had $750 but another $250 would be even better and Brie knew that Billy would win.

Brie convinced the reluctant Billy to play one more game. To his relief he again won the game. Now, Billy just wanted to leave before these guys got angry. The second opponent grudgingly paid Billy the money he lost. As the man handed over the last bill he said, "I tell you what, hotshot, lets quit fooling around. Lets play one more game for $2000."

Billy's eyes widened with disbelief. He looked at Brie and then back to the man. Billy politely declined the match claiming that he didn't have $2000 dollars. The man held his hand up and asked, "How much are you short, hotshot?"

Billy replied, "About $1000."

The man said, "I'll make you a deal hotshot. My $2000 against whatever cash you have and one other thing."

Billy asked, "What's that?"

The man returned, "Your lady. I figure she's worth $1000 dollars."

Billy looked confused. He asked, "What do you mean 'my lady'."

The man said, "This woman here. The one you came in with. If I win I get your cash and your woman. If you win then you get $2000."

Billy's face turned red with anger as he said, "I can't do that to my wife. She's not mine to bet on a pool game."

Billy felt Brie nudge his side. He turned to look at her and she stretched up to whisper in his ear, "You can do it Billy. Just think what we could do with $2000." The possibility that her wonderful husband would lose never occurred to her. It occurred to Billy.

Billy whispered back, "What if I lose baby. This guy means business. He'll expect you to do everything he says. That means sex and who knows what else."

Brie considered his words for a moment and then whispered, "I know you Billy, you won't lose."

Billy looked into his brides eager eyes and shook his head. Brie's eyes took on a harder look. Billy couldn't believe the pressure his bride was putting on him. He wanted to make her happy. He reviewed what he knew about this guys game. He was very confident that he could beat the guy but he didn't like the stakes. He declined the offer. Billy noticed that Brie actually looked upset with him. It was breaking his heart.

The man said, "You drive a hard bargain. Let me make another offer. How about $5000 against your wife. You can keep your cash."

Billy looked at Brie and saw that eagerness in her eyes again. He really didn't want to see that look of disappointment on his wife again. Reluctantly he agreed to the wager. Brie began to jump up and down with excitement. "Boy is she stubborn," thought Billy.

The group of men whistled as they watched Brie's heavy breasts wobbling around. Billy's naïve bride was oblivious to the affect she had on the men. The man who was called Jones by some of the men stated for the record, "I want to make this clear. If I lose this pool match I will pay the young hotshot hear $5000. If I win then his wife is mine to do with as I please. Do you understand?" Brie eagerly nodded her head still completely faithful of her husbands' abilities. Reluctantly, Billy nodded his head.

Jones suggested that they move the game into the back room considering the stakes. They left the main room and crowded into the smaller back room. Jones produced a stool for Brie to sit on. He also handed her $5000 in cash. The winner of the match takes both her and the cash. Brie delighted in counting the cash as the room full of men ogled her sexy body.

The match started well for Billy. He was very nervous about the stakes but that made him focus. When he realized that he had the match in hand he let his focus slip and little. He missed a shot. His opponent seemed equally focused as he began to sink shot after shot. After the first two shots Billy felt a twinge of concern. After the next two balls fell the twinge had turned into a knot. After the next shot found the pocket he realized that he had been hustled. It had been a setup from the start. He looked at his bride and saw her anxious face. She had yet to realize what was happening.

When only the eight ball was left, Brie looked up at Billy and saw the concern on her husband's face. She now realized how foolish she had been. Jones easily sunk the eight ball. Brie sat there in shock. She had made her husband wait until their wedding night to have sex with her. That night had come but she wouldn't be giving herself to the man she loved. Instead it would be an old and crusty stranger.

Billy asked Jones, "Will you see to it that my wife is safe?"

Jones said, "I always take care of my property."

Billy nodded and said, "When will you return her?"

Jones replied, "I never said anything about returning your wife."

Billy exploded in anger and rushed at his opponent. Before he could reach the man two large bar patrons grabbed his arms and held him in place. Billy struggled but he was out sized.

Jones continued, "I'm a reasonably man. If your wife follows my instructions without hesitation and pleases me then you'll have her back Monday morning. Now if you'll behave yourself, I'll even allow you to stay tonight for the party that I'm throwing to celebrate."

Billy relaxed but the two large men holding him stayed close at his side. He understood that they would grab him if he tried anything.

Jones said, "Good. Now its time for a little pleasure." He turned his attention to Brie and asked, "Honey, what is your name?"

Brie answered with a croak, "Brie."

Jones smiled and said, "A beautiful name. Now Brie, you understand that you must do whatever I say."

Brie nodded.

Jones said, "Very good. Now the first thing I want you to do is hand me that money."

Brie complied.

Jones continued, "Now the next thing I want you to do is let us get a good look at you. Stand up and turn around slowly."

Brie slowly got off the stool, apprehensive of what was coming. Jones gestured for her to spin around. She complied in a rather jerky fashion.

Jones interrupted, "I'm afraid that won't do." Jones asked for some music and then said, "Why don't you do a dance for us."

As the room filled with music Jones gestured for Brie to dance. He suggested, "Make it sexy Brie."

Brie looked embarrassed and was hesitant.

Jones said, "Now Brie, you don't want me to get ugly, do you?"

Brie shook her head and slowly began to sway. Jones suggested that she put her arms in the air as she danced. She complied causing her breasts to push out. Jones walked around behind Brie and before she knew what had happened he pulled her top over her head. The crowd of men whistled and hooted at Brie's pretty red lace bra. Jones then reached around her waist and then lifted his hands to cup Brie's breasts. He lifted her heavy breasts showing the men how big they were. Jones buried his face in Brie's beautiful hair and began to kiss her neck. Despite her reluctance to be with this man his attention made her nipples get hard.

Billy could barely stand to watch. He watched the man work on his wife and wished that he had left the bar when he had the chance with his wife on his arm. Now he watched Jones do what he had longed to do, have sex with Brie. Jones had now worked Brie's shorts off exposing her matching panties. He asked Brie to slowly turn so that all the men could see her front and back.

Jones led Brie to the pool table and hoisted her up. He gestured for Brie to remove her bra and panties. She either didn't understand what he wanted or she didn't want to comply. As a result Jones roughly pulled Brie's bra down off her breasts.

Brie croaked, "OK, OK let me." She then removed her bra and panties.

She looked at the men around the room as they stared at her naked body. Her eyes landed on Billy and he said, "I'm sorry Brie."

Brie shook her head and said, "No. Its my fault."

Jones pushed Brie onto her back and positioned her exposed pussy at the edge of the table. He then lowered his pants and pulled a sizable cock out of his shorts. Jones stroked himself several times causing his cock to twitch and grow. A drop of precum oozed from the head and he rubbed it over Brie's pussy. To Jones' delight Brie's opening was damp with her own arousal. He mistakenly thought that her arousal was for him. Actually it was left over from the earlier time with Billy. In any event Jones began to stroke his big cock into Brie's mound.

Brie knew that he would soon enter her. She whined, "Oh Billy look, he's going to put his cock inside me and he's not wearing a condom." Jones continued to rub the head of his cock against Brie's pussy lips. He was a little surprised that she didn't try to move away. He knew that she didn't want to be fucked but he also detected a passion in the sexy woman that would likely betray her better sense. He continued to tease the hot wife as his own anticipation was building to a peak. Jones had never had sex with a woman as incredible as this woman. She was damn near perfect with her beautiful face and totally fuckable body.

Jones studied Brie's pink folds as his cock pushed them aside. He noticed as did Brie's husband that her hips were now rising in an effort to trap Jones' cock in her cunt. Despite herself she wanted to be filled. It was time. Without warning Jones pushed about three inches into the wet hole and met some resistance. "She's a virgin," he thought. Jones suddenly realized that he must have gotten to this hot little lady before her husband or anybody else had. How very ironic and lucky for him. He recalled her comment about a condom. "An unprotected virgin," he thought. Jones delighted in the thought of giving this hot little slut his seed.

Jones plunged through the barrier and began to teach the little bitch what getting fucked was like. He looked at her face and noticed that she was looking at him in the eye. He sensed the hate from the hot bitch but that urged him on. He was ruining this bitches life but it was her own fault for being greedy. She could have walked out of this bar and been fucking her husband right now. Fortunately for Jones, she had urged her husband into his hustle. Now she was getting her first fuck from the winner. Jones realized that this hot woman could have be lying still like a dead fish. Instead she was fucking him back. Her pelvis arched to meet his thrusts and her eyes continued to look into his. The look had changed now to lust. Gone was the hate. The bitch was now truly his.

This fact was reinforced when Brie locked her legs around Jones' back pulling him closer and deeper into her hole. Brie said nothing but her moans gave away her feelings about what was happening. Her large tits wobbled wildly with each thrust of Jones' cock. Now that Brie had locked her body to his, he was able to grab Brie's firm mounds and pull on her swollen nipples. Despite her anger and reluctance to be in this situation Brie's body continued to betray her mind. The sensations were too great, the stimulation too wonderful.

Jones continued to pound the new wife but something was missing. He stopped long enough to climb on the table with the hot female. Brie moved back to give him room. Her legs clamped once again around Jones' ass pulling his cock back into her well-fucked hole. Billy watched with horror as she pulled Jones' head down and passionately kissed his mouth. Jones collapsed his body against Brie's softness and began to drive his cock deeply into the horny girl's body. He was surprised that she had given herself over to him totally. He regarded her as a natural born cock slut. How else could one explain the way she was acting toward him with her husband in the same room. These thoughts began to overwhelm Jones' mind.

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