Charlie and Janice, Who’s Baby?

by Curbstonesetter

Copyright© 2023 by Curbstonesetter

Erotica Sex Story: Description: Young guy seduces his older brother’s wife. She tells him that she is already pregnant and he didn’t need to worry about using a contraceptive. His Mom show him the picture of her baby and he wonders about who the Daddy of her baby really is.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Pregnancy   .

Author’s Note: This story is a complete work of fiction from the get go and is intended solely for the readers to enjoy. My thanks to EasySpeak for the work of editing this story so that it makes sense and makes it easier to read and understand.

Charlie or Chas as I was called by my family and friends was 20 years old. I was about to enter my second year in college and I was looking for someone with whom I could ride back to my college campus to start my sophomore year with.

My Mom asked me when I was going to be leaving for school that fall and when I told her she said that she and Dad were planning to travel out to visit my older Brother, Andy and his wife, Jan, short for Janice. Their trip was planned to begin a week before I had intended to return to campus for school.

My Brother, Andy, had been married a couple of years earlier and he and his new wife, Jan, moved to a town in a western state about 600 miles away from our home town to begin his new job. That town was about 400 miles further past the town where I went to school and the college town was on the way to my Brother’s house.

My Mom told me that they were going to be leaving about a week before I had intended to leave and it would be very helpful to my Dad and to her if I could ride along with them and do a good bit of the driving for my Dad since my Mother didn’t drive a car.

I told them that it would be a good idea for me to go with them and spend the week with them visiting at my Brother’s house. I could visit with Andy and Jan and then return to campus at the end of that week. That way my Parents could drop me off at my school campus on their way back to our home town.

My Parents planned to leave home well before daylight and intended to arrive at my brother’s house on a Friday late afternoon or early evening. They then planned to leave the following Friday to return home which was perfect timing for me. They could drop me off at school and I would have the weekend to get ready for school beginning on Monday of the following week.

We arrived late afternoon actually in the evening just before sundown on Friday at my Brother’s house where we found Jan at home. My Mother had called ahead and told them of our arrival and Jan was expecting us. Jan greeted us warmly when we arrived and immediately invited us to come into the house and relax from our long road trip.

However, she told us that Andy had been sent out of town on business for his company earlier that week. She brought us into the house and told us that Andy was expected to be back home late on Saturday or possibly even on Sunday. We said that was Ok since we were going to be there over the coming week and we could visit with Andy when he got back on Saturday or even on Sunday.

We brought our luggage into the house and put it into their individual designated bedrooms. The bedroom that I was to occupy was at the far end of the hall and the bedroom that my Mom and Dad were to be in was adjacent to my bedroom. Andy and Jan’s bedroom and master bathroom were across the hall from the other bedrooms.

We visited with Jan for a while and then she began to prepare supper for us with my Mom and me helping her somewhat in the kitchen. All during the time that Jan and my Mom were preparing our meal I kept my eyes glued to Jan and her beautiful tanned arms, legs and her very shapely body.

Her cute round ass also helped to keep my attention focused on her during that time, too. She also returned my gaze now and then as her activities permitted during the meal preparation and as she could without being too obvious during our meal.

We enjoyed our meal and talked and visited during the meal. After we finished our meal Jan and my Mom cleared up the kitchen and we all went into the living room to relax and continue our visit.

Since it was a very comfortable cool early fall evening we decided to go sit out on their screened in porch. There we could relax and enjoy the cool night air, drink some beer and continue our cordial visit with Jan.

About 10:00 PM my Mom and Dad decided that it was time for them to go to bed saying that they were very tired after their long trip. They left the porch and went to their bedroom and went to bed.

Jan and I remained on the porch sitting on the glider together, drinking beer and generally having a good time talking with one another and flirting as we were about the same age as one another and had a lot in common.

As the night wore on and the beer began to have its way with the both of us, we each began to develop our own amorous feelings. Our conversation continued to be a lot of flirting and we each moved closer to one another on the glider sitting intimately next to each other.

The gentle swinging of the glider also contributed to each of our amorous feelings for one another. I soon began to feel those familiar sexual urges in my loins and I could tell that Jan was having similar feelings as well as she seemed to be somewhat nervous as she continued to shift in her seat. I figured that her titties and nipples were very hard and that her panties had probably gotten pretty wet too.

Before long my inhibitions faded from me with the help of the beer that I had drunk, I reached over and pulled her closer to me and kissed her passionately on the lips. Jan responded by kissing me back with an equal level of passion. I wondered how much wetter her panties got as we continued to make out.

Pulling her over across my lap, I cradled her head, neck and shoulders in my arm and continued to kiss her passionately as before and she responded as she did previously. While we were kissing I began to fondle her soft natural titties through her blouse and bra and she was very softly purring with her acceptance of my fondling her titties.

For her personal comfort Jan was wearing a pair of loose leg blousy short shorts with very open legs as she thought they were cooler to dress in that warm climate. I put my hand on her leg and began to feel the soft, smooth, tanned skin of the inside of her thigh and up to the leg hole of her shorts.

When she did not object to my advancing hand, I slipped my hand up the loose leg of her shorts to her crotch and fondled her pussy through her very well dampened panties. She instinctively spread her legs to give my hand more room and better access to her pussy with my warm searching hand.

Once I had slipped my hand up the leg of her shorts, onto her pussy and fondled her, Jan flinched noticeably and quietly moaned. Jan had become nervous, she was trembling and, her breathing had become noticeably quickened.

She said that it felt so good and that she had not been touched that way since Andy had been out of town on business. Having said that Jan got up off the glider, turned to go into the house and I thought that was the end of our amorous touchy feely fondling session. When she got to the door, Jan stopped and turned to look at me and asked me if i was going to come inside the house with her.

I sure as hell didn’t have to be asked twice, I immediately got up off the glider and I and my hard dick quickly followed her into the house and into her bedroom. Jan very quietly closed the door so as not to awaken my Mom and Dad.

Jan told me that we had to be very quiet as my Mom and Dad’s room was right across the hall and they would be able to hear us otherwise. She quickly turned to me and immediately began to undress me taking my shirt and shorts off of me leaving me standing there in my briefs.

Following her lead I began to quickly remove her clothes as well. I swiftly unbuttoned her blouse, removed it and gave it to her; she immediately laid her blouse on the dresser. I then unbuttoned her shorts, pulled them down to her ankles and she quickly stepped out of them, picked them up and put them on the dresser also. I stood there in just my briefs looking at her beautiful tanned body in her bra and panties.

As she was standing there in her bra and panties I couldn’t get over how good she looked in just her bra and panties and I knew that she would look even better when I got all of her clothes off of her leaving her standing there completely in the nude.

Her body showed no tan lines and I knew that she sunbathed in the nude regularly. My dick took no time in becoming harder, bigger and longer. I feasted my eyes on her beautiful body and I could not wait to get her into her bed and slip my hard dick balls deep into her sweet wet pussy.

I immediately reached behind her, unclasped her bra and slowly removed it from her beautifully tanned, natural, 34C titties. With her bra off I lowered my head and began to kiss each of her titties and suck on each of her rock hard nipples. Jan was softly purring to me as I did.

Jan could feel her pussy begin to release a lot more of her love fluids. Her pussy was, in fact, dripping wet in preparation for what was about to occur as she was looking at the tent in my briefs with the wet spot in them from my dripping precum.

She watched as I was pulling her dripping wet panties down to her ankles and she immediately stepped out of them too. As her panties were laying there on the floor I noticed that her panties had become thoroughly soaked with her love fluids.

I slipped my hand between her thighs and could feel the heat and the large amount of love fluids dripping from her pussy. Jan grabbed my briefs and pulled them down and off of me. Then she grabbed my granite hard dick and began to kiss and strongly suck on the head of my dick.

After a couple of minutes of her sucking on my dick she turned to the bed, pulled the sheet and cover back and grabbed my dick to pull me into the bed with her. That is when my dick became so hard that a cat’s claw couldn’t scratch it.

At that time Jan’s face was flushed and her breathing had become rapid and shallow. She motioned for me to lie on my back and she took my dick into her mouth again, licked around the head and sucked and took as much of it into her mouth as she could until I shot my entire load into her mouth. She quickly swallowed every drop of my huge load of hot cum and then slipped up onto my chest to kiss me.

After she finished sucking my dick she kissed me and I rolled her over and laid her on her back. I started by kissing her titties and sucking on her hard nipples. From there I proceeded to kiss her in the crease of each of her legs next to her pussy. She started gasping and moaning each time I kissed her in each of her leg creases.

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