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All the World Is a Stage

by Softly

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Erotica Sex Story: Husband and wife bored with their stale sex life try new things

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Light Bond   .

After five years of marriage, sex with Marsha had become stale, John thought. With his eyes closed, and his hands clasp behind his head, some of Marsha’s comments the last few days ran through his mind. She, he was sure, had come to the same conclusion about their ho-hum sex. She hinted, more and more, that she wanted to try new things. He wondered just how far that she would go.

That night he told her that he wanted to tie her to the bed. To his surprise, she gladly agreed. She did not protest when he put a blindfold on her.

Seeing her lying there helpless, with her tits and pussy exposed, gave him the hardest hard-on that he had experienced with her in a year. He played with her tits. He was really enjoying this, as he sat there with the light on examining her pussy, while running his fingers in and out of it. He was caught off guard when she bucked her ass in the air, thrashing as she cum.

With a wry smile, he opened her dresser drawer. She had a black cock shaped vibrator. All of it was buried into her snatch. Soon she was bucking and thrashing again. His cock replaced the vibrator.

Later, as they lie side by side in bed, Marsha stroked his forehead. She kissed him. Softly, she said, “That was really nice tonight. I’ll try any new ideas that you think of.”

New ideas? John thought.

Two days later, he could tell that Marsha was really horny.

“Okay cunt, on the bed.”

“Yes Master,” she said in mock reverence.

Once tied and blindfolded, he whispered in her ear. “You need this. I’ll be gone for a few minutes. Then, your pussy is going to get a real workout.”

She heard the door open and close.

John went to the bathroom. He covered his short hair with a wig. He doused himself with cologne unlike any he had ever owned. He carefully wrapped his cock with soft rubber, which doubled its girth. He covered it with a large condom.

Laughing to himself, he returned to the bedroom. Checking the time, he turned on his “voice note recorder.” In exactly four minutes, his voice would be heard coming from the area of the easy chair across the room saying; “Put it to her, Danny!” Lastly, he picked up a string that was tied to a chair. He lay the end close to Marsha’s lovely body. Now, the fun was to start.

Marsha was lying with a bemused smile on her face. John got onto the bed. Kneeling between her legs he started to nibble around her pussy. At two minutes, her clit had been nibbled and licked. A smile played on John’s lips as he noted, upon looking at Marsha’s face, that she had a serious look, and her lips were parted as though she was about to say something. Yes, Marsha, a person with long hair is eating you. Your John keeps his very short, John thought.

At exactly three minutes and fifty-seven seconds, he pulled the string making the chair slid across the oak flooring on the other side of the room. Marsha tensed. Someone is on the bed! Someone is across the room! Then John’s voice could be heard, huskily, sexually aroused, from across the room saying, “Put it in her, Danny.”

A thick cock was pressed into Marsha. The “Fucker’s” long hair dangled on her face. His body would lift clear of her, and then slam down driving that cock deeply into her. Marsha knew. She absolutely knew that a stranger was fucking her, as her husband sat across the room cheering him on.

Her pussy was in need of a hard, wild fucking. The licking and biting of her cunt had her on the edge before she was entered. There was no holding back now. Stranger or not, Marsha’s body shook with an orgasm that started in her stomach, and progressed to her tits, ass, legs and toes. She pulled, twisted, and bucked against her restrains as the cock continued to stretch her cunt. Suddenly all was still. Slowly he got off the bed, as the chair across the room also made a noise. The door opened and closed. Marsha was alone, with a lot to think about.

John took a quick shower. He hid his attachments in the garage. Wanting a second fuck, he mounted Marsha when he returned. Easily, he slid into her still soaking cunt. Lazily, he stroked the full length of his cock in and out of her, as he had done five hundred times before. Marsha clamped her cunt tightly around his cock. Well, I know one thing, he mused to himself. She is not pissed.

Finished, he untied her. Naked, propped up on her elbows, she stared at him as though seeing him for the first time.

“Did you enjoy the evening?”

Slightly flushing, Marsha answered in a whisper, “Yes.”

That was not the answer John expected. Instead, he thought that she would ask if it was really a stranger. Who was he?

Strangely, the next day, Marsha did not ask about who had fucked her. John completely misunderstood why. Marsha had lain awake all night thinking of her husband bringing a strange man into their bedroom to fuck her, as she lay helpless on the bed. The excitement of it grew and grew as she pictured in her mind any number of men that John might have picked to do this. Was his name really Danny? John had not told her who it was. Was that the way it would be? Was that the only way that John would allow another man to have her? She hungered to be had, yes ravished, again.

For John it was a finished deal. When Marsha failed to ask who had fucked her last night, John took it to mean that she had figured out that it was he. Certainly, he had no intention of letting another man fuck his wife. When Marsha shyly mentioned how much she had enjoyed the mystery of the sex the other night, a few days later, John responded, “I’ll bring Danny or one of his friends over one of these days to give you a proper fucking again”

Her mind raced; Danny, friends, proper fucking? Oh, Oh, what was he planning? It was so exciting not knowing. She knew that John would not let anyone hurt her. Sometime during each day, she would stop her work, take off her panties, close her eyes, and finger herself as her mind pictured men opening her legs while their cocks dangled between their legs. She would moan, as the imaginary man would slide his cock into her. That usually brought her to orgasm.

John, who was busy with his work, plus playing golf, which he dearly loved, let the whole thing slip from his mind, or so it seemed.

John’s company had its three-day fellowship retreat starting July 20th. It was held at the “Royal Gardens” resort outside Cleveland. Singles and couples from all the offices located in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan were to attend.

One of John’s best friends, from an office twenty miles from John’s, Marsha knew as “Buzzy” Johnson. They met him when they entered the lounge for the “Happy hour.” Upon seeing Buzzy’s nametag, Marsha felt herself flush, as her pussy got wet. It read, Daniel “Buzzy” Johnson. He had to be the Danny! He had to be the man her husband had arranged to fuck her. It was a natural choice. Living far enough away to not interfere with their daily life, a friend. It all fit, or so she thought.

As the night progressed, Marsha could not take her eyes of Daniel, most especially his groin. Several times he caught her looking at his crotch. Danny had fucked his share of women. He knew when one was on the make. He knew he could fuck her. John being a friend or no, he decided to aggressively go after Marsha. Later that night, he got his chance. John loved to play poker. Daniel knew that at these retreats, a poker game would start at ten PM, which would last until three AM. He observed John leave with five other men to start the game. From across the room he studied Marsha. She was tall, with a nice figure, if you ignored the fact that she did not have a tit to her name. She would be considered pretty by anyone’s standards. From what he remembered from chatting with John while playing golf, they had never had children, so her pussy would be tight.

From across the room, he caught her looking at him. He turned to squarely face her while his eyes held her gaze. He grinned as he saw her flush. She was new to the game, but had the moxie to maintain eye contact. He smiled. She returned his smile. Daniel knew that it was a done deal.

Picking up his brandy, he sauntered across the room. Marsha’s eyes never left his face. She was sweating. Her knees were weak. She trembled. Her pussy was wet. Though not a complete thought, as such, she understood that she would allow this man to have her, as she had fantasized so often. It was finally going to happen. She too had seen her husband join the men for poker. John must have told Daniel that he could have her for the next several hours.

“Care to join me for a little walk?”


It was a short walk to his cabin. In the center of the room, he kissed her. She noticed that his hair was not very long. “Have you shortened your hair?”

Thinking about the fact that he had done so three years ago, Daniel answered, “Yes.”

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