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The Deal

by wendyk52

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True Sex Story: We are both in our fifties, I guess you could say he has let himself go a bit, but I've kept myself fit, Active and attractive and I have a zest for life and adventure.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Blackmail   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

Life throws things at you from time to time, and this little story certainly did with me. I’m Wendy married to a wonderful man but of late our paths have gone different ways.

We are both in our fifties, I guess you could say he has let himself go a bit, but I’ve kept myself fit,

Active and attractive and I have a zest for life and adventure.

I love my job as a guidance counselor keeps me active but sometimes it’s all work and no play and I

Yearn for that something a bit different.

Paul, my husband is an executive at a big company so when he is here he is locked in his office and

When he isn’t, he is out of town on business.It’s an old cliché but I guess I loved him more as a friend than a lover, the sexual side of our marriage had long since gone and I really missed that side of things, I’m a sexual woman with a real drive for sex, thank god for vibrators that’s all I can say.

The story began when we decided to have an office built on the side of the house. Paul had an office in the house and needed more space also I had plans to use the room to have some freshmen students stay if they needed accommodation.

We had chosen a local building firm, Briceson owned the firm and came around on time to give us a quote, he was a well-built charming black guy early 40’s tall with a wicked twinkle in his eye all the time he was here he seemed to be flirting and joking with me which felt good.

“when can you start Briceson, we need this done pretty soon” I asked, “well Mam I’m pretty busy but I could get my lad and his mate in as early as next week if that suits, I will drop by from time to time to supervise them make sure they are doing everything properly. “Great next week it is” I agreed.

On the day Briceson builders arrived it was a cool day, 3 of them turned up including Briceson, who dropped the boys off and left.Briceson’s younger son Junior was around 18/19 and stood over 6ft tall like Briceson but fit and lean I guess from all that manual labor his skin was dark and had a healthy glow to it, the other lad was the same age as Junior, his name was Marky, Marky was also a black guy slightly shorter and stocky in his build, he had a slightly quieter personality that Junior.

I laid down a few ground rules.

‘They could come into the house to make a tea help themselves or use the washroom’

‘No boots or mud or dirt’

‘No disturbing my husband if he was home’

‘The job needed doing in a fortnight’

Briceson listened “yes Mam the lads will work to that, any problems let me know, I’ll be straight over”

The first few days the lads worked away digging the ground work trenches and kept to the rules; Junior liked to have a laugh and was always laughing and joking when I was around. I noticed he had a roving eye and would often watch my ass as I walked by.

On the third day Bill was out of town and Junior and Marky were working and I needed to drop into work to collect a few bits of paperwork so would be gone for an hour.

I slipped upstairs into the bedroom to get changed, I liked to look business like, even for an hour, it seems far more professional.

I slipped out of my tee shirt and slacks and put on my work suit, skirt, blouse, stockings and nylons I checked myself in the full length mirror, I was pleased with my looks, my slim legs glistened with the black color nylons, my breasts were firm and upright and still have great shape, my brunette hair sat around my shoulders.

As I turned around to leave the room, I thought I caught a glimpse of someone on the stairs but there was no one there.

The two lads were taking a break and looking at junior’s phone as I left. They looked startled as I

Spoke to say I was leaving. Junior quickly hid his phone behind his back with a guilty look on his face.

“Looking good Miss, you off to work” juniors enquired, “you look really good” Marky echoed to

Sniggers from Junior.

“thank you, boys” I said, am I missing something here, why the compliments” intrigued I enquired

“Is there something on that phone you guys were looking at”

Juniors look changed his eyes narrowing into a hard stare, “hey Marky Miss would like to see what is on my phone shall we show her” “think we should show her junior before you hit that send button and send it around the internet”

Confused I looked as Junior held his phone up and hit the play button. The video played it was me getting changed slipping out of my old clothes and putting on my stockings and work suit.

Junior looked at me “you’re a mighty fine lady, I don’t think that video does you justice and we’d like to see a little more of you” unless of course you want us to hit the send button and this will be all around your work and your friends.

I stood in silence “boys don’t be silly; I appreciate the comments about my looks but you don’t really want to send the video off”Junior stood closer to me I stood at 5ft 6” and he towered over me, “oh we do you’re a mighty fine lady, look at these beautiful titties” he said and brushed his hand across my blouse and over my tits.

My heart skipped a beat he was almost menacing but he came across that he knew what he wanted.

“Drive to work and get your paperwork while Marky and I finish this little job and when you come

Back, we will have a little fun to break up the day”

As I had a million things were going through my mind, was I being black mailed? To do what? give a couple of young lads a little thrill, show them my tits, flash a little stocking top, I dismissed it as a stupid game.

As I returned and pulled up the drive way, I noticed the blinds had been pulled in the living room, as I came into the house Junior and Marky were sat on the sofa watching a film and drinking beer from the fridge.

“Hey Babe come in we’ve been waiting for you” Junior beckoned with his hand as he spoke.

“You can’t do this, it isn’t right” I protested Junior took his phone out and tapped away at the screen.

“Okay your choice” he said his finger hovering over the screen.

“Okay okay” I replied what do you want from me? I was resigned that I would have to do something

To please these lads and play their game besides I wanted a little adventure.

“Come and stand in front of the TV” Junior said switching the TV off. I moved over as he requested

Marky watched my every move.

“Ah nice your looking pretty dam hot today Wendy, how about you loosen a few buttons on that

Pretty blouse of yours”

I paused my mind racing before eventually I thought you know what they want a show, I’ll give you a show you won’t forget, I’ll play the game.

I slipped off my business jacket and laid it on the chair.

My fingers slowly undid the buttons on my blouse, I could feel my nipples stirring into life and pushing against the material on my bra. I couldn’t understand how this situation was arousing me but it was.

I started at the bottom button and moved up one by one slowly I opened them up, teasing with little glimpses of the white skin of my belly. The boys had gone quiet now and I watched as their eyes traced every movement of my fingers.

Finally, my blouse fell open to reveal my black lacy bra; my nipples were pushing out as I watched the boys undress me with their eyes.

“fuck your pretty hot Miss Wendy” Junior said “let’s see a little more of that beautiful body”

I turned my back to the two boys just to tease them a little more I reached my hands behind my back and unbuttoned my tight black skirt and slowly undid my zip, the room was that quite that I couldHear the sound of the zip slipping down my ass. I wriggled my ass a little suggestively as I slowly lowered my skirt, my mind was imagining those young black cocks bulging in their briefs and I was beginning to feel the stirring of my pussy juice deep between my legs.

“Oh fuck that’s one sexy ass, what a sexy little slut we have here Marky” Junior said, Marky had been

Quite but replied “fuck yea man I’d love to fuck the dirty bitch”

My skirt dropped to the floor and I stood with my back to them now with just my black bra and panties and black nylon stockings.

I ran both my hands across my ass pinching the material of my panties I lowered them slightly revealing the crack of my ass before teasingly pulling them back up, I was enjoying listening to the boy’s reaction and giving them a show to remember.

“Hell, man this woman is fucking hot, she knows what she is doing, fuck I’m hard” said Junior.

I turned around to face the boys and stood with my hands on my hips, I looked at Junior sat in the chair grinning he was cute and a real character. “Wow Mam you are really earning your way to have this video deleted”

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