Natasha and Cory

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: A mother notices strange holes on her son's clothes.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

Natasha Red was a mother and a homemaker. She cared for her family and did a great job being a mother. Her child was older and didn’t need as much attention as he once did.

She missed when he was little but enjoyed getting to know him while he was a teenager. He was popular and had many friends. Her house was the flophouse where they all gathered. Her son liked having parties. Natasha liked keeping an eye on her son.

During the summer, her son had so much laundry. He must have changed his clothes every hour. She couldn’t understand why he had so much wash. While she was doing the laundry, she couldn’t help noticing that her son’s underwear was ripped in the same spot on every single pair.

She went a step further and looked at his pants. There was that rip again. It was always in the crotch area. She went into his room and looked at all his shorts and jeans. The rip was on all his clothes.

Natasha was imagining that her son had a monster-sized cock. She would have to accidentally walk into the bathroom when he’s showering to get a look at him naked. She would make up some excuse and check his body out.

She wondered if he was bigger than her husband. Her husband’s dick was on the small side. She was getting excited thinking about her son’s cock. She was imagining that his cock was ten inches long. She knew it was wrong thinking about her son in that way but looking at his clothes and underwear made her think he was quite blessed in that department. Her son was eighteen so it wouldn’t be that taboo thinking about him in that way.

Natasha went into the kitchen to fix herself a pitcher of margaritas. She figured she’d get a little tipsy and make a move on her son. She hadn’t had sex in a while and felt like being naughty with her son. She knew he wasn’t a virgin, because he always brought girls home.

Sometimes the girls would stay the night. They always looked disheveled when leaving. Natasha poured the margarita drink into her glass and went into the backyard. She slipped out of her bathing suit and went into her jacuzzi naked.

She put her legs over the side of the hot tub and turned on the jets on strong. The water felt amazing on her clitoris and pussy. She fucked the stream of water that came out of the head of the jet. She drank her margarita and got turned on thinking of her son Cory’s cock. She imagined his dick was the size of her arm. She humped the water jet and screamed in pleasure while she orgasmed.

About an hour later, Cory came home and saw his mother humping the water jet. He giggled and spied on her. He was turned on watching his mother have orgasms in the hot tub. He always found his mother to be quite hot. She was Hispanic and had brown skin. Her hair was long and curly. She had a nice rack and a curvy waist. Her buttocks were round and quite full. Cory liked watching his mother have orgasms. She wasn’t quiet when she came which really turned on Cory.

He was so turned on and pulled down his athletic shorts and stroked at his dick. Cory was quite huge in that department. He watched his mother hump the jet while moving his hand up and down his erect cock.

He wanted to fuck his mother bad and figured he’d just walk over to her naked with an erection. How could she say “no.” She was fucking a god damn hot tub jet.

Cory removed his shirt and walked over by his mother.

“Hey, mom. Looks like you’re having fun! Want to fuck? I’m hard, mom!”

“Cory! You’re huge. Fucking hell! Your laundry was making me wonder about your cock. You might need some new clothes. Wow! Your cock is so big. Please join me. I’d love to ride you.”

Cory giggled and joined his mother in the hot tub. He sat down and his mother climbed onto his lap. She planted a kiss on his mouth. Her son kissed well. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths where they shared spit.

Cory played with his mother’s melons while she positioned her pussy onto his cock. He was huge and it felt amazing in her pussy hole. Her husband was small, so this was amazing to her. Once his cock was inside of her, she rode him hard screaming curse words in Spanish. She was not quiet in any way.

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