Simple Sweetheart

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Loving but naïve wife poses some sexual challenges.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Sharing   First   Nudism   .

Innocenta lived up to her name. She was still a virgin at nineteen, her Latino parents keeping a close watch on her. Other things than sex were more interesting to the sweet girl who was not the brightest candle on the cake.

I, Eduardo, was on the “good list” of boys from known families and was allowed to escort her to carefully selected functions, but never alone. Being two years older and not subject to such rigid restrictions, I was somewhat experienced in the carnal arts, having encountered several females who sought the pleasures my eighteen centimeters of male firmness could provide. Most of them requested repeated samplings so I must have some inborn skills.

Although Innocenta was quite shy she slowly relaxed in my company and we became close as friends. Our parents noticed and encouraged that. With my sexual outlets I had no urgings to pressure her for any physical intimacy, something also noticed by her parents who regularly quizzed her on my actions when not under their direct scrutiny.

One of my sexual partners, and a confidant, was her second cousin Manuela who was a year older than me and pursuing a career that demanded college. She had no desire to marry until she had accomplished that goal so her sex needs synchronized with mine. She was close to Innocenta’s family so could provide “intelligence”.

She reported, as we rested between couplings, that the family thought highly of me and wished for me to become Innocenta’s husband. I had graduated from a trade school, an accomplishment of note in our family, and was employed as an automation technician by a multinational company. The pay and benefits were excellent but I was expected to travel from time to time to work on various projects.

Manuela and I fucked two or three times a week when I was local. I knew she had other partners and never forgot the adjustment I had to make when I discovered that. She was honest so I couldn’t pretend I was her only lover like some other girls had allowed. We had had some serious discussions while I was buried between her legs and it was certainly a pleasurable way to learn a difficult lesson.

She insisted on testing my acceptance that a woman owned her own body, not the possessive male of the moment. If she shared it, that was a gift to be treasured if it was with you, and if it was not then you should not take it automatically as a rejection or insult. I had discovered a number of times her pussy already wet and slick when I went there, with her telling me that another lover had “prepared” it a very short time earlier. Her sexiness did make my cock tingle I must admit.

In due time Innocenta and I were wed with all the pomp and partying that Latinas can muster. The night before, Manuela gave me a lusty sendoff from singlehood and expected me to do the same when she made that transition. In spite of Catholic teachings, Manuela had convinced the parents that birth control, at least for the first year, was wise to let the couple settle in before dealing with a baby. Her mother agreed, wishing she’d had that blessing.

Fortunately for both of us newlyweds, Manuela had counseled my bride and she was more curious than fearful about the wedding night. There was the expected brief pain but her passion was quickened and, although she didn’t orgasm her first time, it was at least pleasant. In the night she awakened me with kisses and groping for my tool and then she did achieve that special pleasure. We spent four nights at a beachfront hotel and she asked to buy a bikini to replace her “old lady” suit when she saw what the other young women were wearing.

My concern about marrying a virgin rapidly faded as she took to womanhood readily. Oblivious to guys looking at her exposed body in her new swimsuit, she didn’t notice my ogling other women either. When she read in the hotel literature that there was a nude beach within walking distance, she absorbed the health benefits that they claimed for the practice and asked to go there.

I was, “naturally”, delighted with her open-mindedness, not yet realizing how much her innocence influenced her judgements. She looked at the other sun worshipers with their all-over tans and said that’s how she wanted to look. Off came her suit, exposing her firm c-cup tits and black curlies for all to see.

I dropped my trunks, hoping that the sex we’d had before venturing here would keep me “polite”. My concern about arousal wasn’t from looking at other naked women, I’d seen a few and not all of the ones there were especially attractive, but from having other men look at “my” woman. This woman had a tighter connection to me than any previous one. I guess my anxiety kept my willy under control.

My sweetie was enthralled with the freedom nudity gave her. She was not a bit self-conscious as she visited with men who were drawn to her above-average looks and casually lounged with her pussy on clear display when she sat or laid down to soak up the sun. I went to get some drinks from the beach bar and on returning was introduced to a young man who was spreading sunscreen on her front, having already done her back. I hadn’t done it and she asked him when he struck up a conversation, probably hoping for some attention. I don’t think my wife even noticed the erection that his hands on her body had produced. Her nipples were relaxed so it wasn’t sexual to her anyway.

That was our last day there and she hoped we could return for a vacation and she could get more of the sunshine. I was horny as hell when we got back to the room and she remarked how the rays had seemingly inspired me. I didn’t explain.

Over the next two months our sex life prospered. She accepted new things that I gradually introduced and reached a point where she was initiating coitus as often as I did. Wonderful! Manuela invited me to visit her bed every other week and checked on how things were going from my viewpoint. She and Innocenta were in touch too and the feedback I got was good. Manuela and I did not tell my wife of our previous or ongoing relationship.

My company sent me on my first away project since the wedding and my new wife was distraught. “What will I do for ‘loving’?” as she referred to our naked fun. I had taught her how to masturbate so I said that was something to do until I returned. She pouted and I had to agree it wasn’t nearly as good. What I didn’t say is that there were sometimes married couples assigned to the projects and some wives would earn extra money by satisfying the unaccompanied men. Management “didn’t notice” since it kept them away from local prostitutes or other amateur outlets that sometimes got messy.

Now that I was married I paced myself with these wives at a lower frequency. Most of them I’d done before. They were usually not lovely but were comfortable and skilled from much practice. One who I knew the longest was aware of my new status and asked about it. She was a friend as well as a piece, kind of like Manuela.

I kept in frequent touch with Innocenta as you might expect. I’d set up Skype and she showed me her naked body as she jilled and watched me jack off too. After the first week of this month-long project her complaint=s about getting laid increased markedly but then dropped back with no explanation. When I couldn’t hold back my wondering I asked her about it. She smiled sweetly and said that she’d found something that helped more than masturbation. She hadn’t been looking for this solution but it just happened.

There was a nice young man at church who paid her attention and offered to help with some tasks with our apartment and car. She enjoyed both his help and his company since he would stay and visit after the tasks were done. She was both lonesome and horny. When she showed him our wedding pictures and told about the nude beach he was VERY interested so she showed off her swimsuit and he persuaded her to demonstrate how she looked at the beach with her all-over tan.

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