Wife's New Bff

by 57185-1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Ines meets Amanda, they become friends, have a holiday trip together and this leads to big changes - physically, mentally and in life for Ines.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Mind Control   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Size   Transformation   .

Suggested by a friend

A Vegvisir tattoo crowns my wife’s ass crack since we visited Iceland in 2016. Originally I had fantasized about a much larger tramp stamp for her but she would only allow something decent. So she’s got this in Reykjavik and when she’s on her knees and I am behind fucking her, it doesn’t take long until I shoot my spunk into my beautiful redhead.

I’m 49 and Ines is 53. We live in the bacon belt of a half-million inhabitants east German city. Actually we bought the house when prices were low. Nowadays these are through the roof. Our three kids are out of the house, living a good life splattered all over the country. We both have jobs ... good jobs. So life is free of worries except the lack of time for each other since I spend a lot of hours at work.

My wife is a very outgoing teacher/trainer. She teaches in vocational training. She’s quite on the short side with a very nice ass and slightly saggy D cups. Within the last three years her belly got quite pudgy and her former slender waist disappeared a bit. She wears her aubergine red dyed hair in a bob hairstyle. I’m a computer administrator and in my spare time I’m into wood carving. I still didn’t develop a pot belly yet, probably due to good genes. No matter what and how much I eat, it burns off quickly. So all in all we’re an average middle aged couple.

The incident I want to write about happened in spring last year. Ines company hired a new teacher. Amanda, a beautiful long haired blonde, 52 years old with a slender waist, notable bust and and an outstanding big ass, usually clad in skin tight jeans - she and my wife became good friends over the first weeks.

Teachers usually work from home in the afternoons most of the week. So did my wife over years and when I came home from work, she was often sitting at her desk doing her stuff. After three weeks of Ines being close to Amanda it happened more and more that I came home and nobody was there. My wife was out with the beautiful divorcee.

I didn’t mind much since she had joined a gym and was visiting the tanning studio now twice a week. Over the next months her tummy fat melted away. As the result she got her tight waistline and skin back, her ass tightened considerably, too and she developed a very nice seamless tan. Just her boobs seemed to shrink a bit. Ines also let her hair grow out that the tips of her bob now were below her shoulders. It looked very nice.

She also got more and more adventurous in bed. She even let me play with her asshole now which was an absolute no-go before. One time in summer when I came home later and she was already back from the gym, Amanda had just left. She had waved me a hello through her car window with a cute smile on her face. She’s a looker and she knew it. When I let myself in, I heard a moan from our bedroom. I stormed upstairs. The bedroom door was open. What greeted me from our bed was my wife in white garters, on her knees, head on the pillow, eyes closed and her ass sticking out. In her asshole stuck a little humming pocket rocket and from below she pleasured herself with a very thick and long black dildo. It was glistening with her juices.

“I’ve been waiting for you! What took you so long?” she moaned under heavy breathes.

“I need your cock!”

I didn’t think much, quickly got out of my clothes and in seconds I replaced the black dildo with my rock hard cock. Thirty minutes. three orgasms of her and one of me later we cuddled in the afterglow.

“What’s got into you to greet me this way after work?”

“Didn’t you like it?” she smiled.

“I didn’t say that, I just want to know the reason. Maybe I can intensify it that this happens more often.”

“Well, today in the gym, three young hunks were hitting on me and Amanda. Their thick muscles, glistening bodies and the bulges in their tight shorts let my mind wander. When Amanda gave me a ride home and we drank a glass of wine here, she told me about her own adventures with young well built guys and it didn’t help much to cool me down. She was raving about their stamina. So I thought it wouldn’t take long til you’re home and you’d be willing to help me out of my predicament.”

“So how can we intensify this? More young hunks? More sexy stories for you by Amanda? I’m ready to help out more often!”

“I have thought about this, talked with Amanda and she suggested something that would attract much more male stares and flirting which gets me in the right mood for you.”

My wife knows me well, i.e. that I like it when she dresses sexy and men are looking. She knows my little cuckoldish streak.

“What is it that Amanda has in mind?”

“She said, we girls should spend a week at a beauty spa near Prague she knows and get a little makeover. Looking much more sexy for you after a week - how about? It’s not cheap but she ensured me, the 3,000 Euros would be a very good investment and that she’d personally make sure, they’ll change me into walking wet dream.”

“Wow, 3,000 for a week at a spa? That’s a lot.” I rested now on my arms half upright and watched her sparkling blue eyes.

“Of course, it is, but the results will be stunning - she knows from her own experience. And she’ll accompany me. We already asked our boss for the next week off and he agreed. Will you be man enough to survive alone from Sunday to Sunday?”

I laughed loudly about her obvious maneuver. “Yeah, I will. It sounds good to me to get you back as Playboy cover material next week. I’ll decide next Sunday if we will have to get our money back. Is that ok for you?”

“Great!” She grinned as well. “Amanda fetches me on Sunday noon and we’ll be back the following Sunday morning. You won’t be able to get in touch with me since there’s no mobile allowed at this spa in Czech Republic. But maybe I can get internet access somewhere to send you an e-mail to get you updated.”

“Deal. You can make it all up the following Sunday night.”

And that’s the point where the introduction is finished and our journey into the dirty swamp begins. Ines will describe the next week on her own. Read her story.

How we became friends

Amanda is a cutie. When she started working for our school, I was impressed by her good looks and her strong personality. I decided, this is someone I’d like to have as a friend. For her age of 52 she’s hot. Long blonde locks to below her shoulder blades, green eyes, cute little snub nose, nice large C cups, thin waist and a large, always tightly packaged bubble butt. Many of our young male students get their daily dose of looks from it in the morning and are motivated for the day.

We became good friends, talked about life, the universe and everything, even our personal little secrets. Amanda suggested to come to the gym with her if I wanted to get rid of my pudgy belly. The guys there are cute, she told me and a tanning bed is also available. Why not I thought and spent at least two afternoons each week, sometimes even three there. It was definitely successful. The fat is gone, I’m feeling really good. I’m now sporting a nice tan and men start turning their heads again - result.

Amanda also suggested that I let my hair grow out. She even gave me some growth accelerator. I use it each morning on my head and on my landing strip since it got a little sparse with age. When I told her, we had a really good laugh. I now have a 1” wide patch of really thick, bushy and long silky hair over my shaven snatch. Oh and the hair on my head also grew nicely over the last three months. The tips now touch the tops of my breasts. The dull brown of my roots is an annoyance but I’ll visit a stylist soon.

Then these three young guys started to hit on us in the gym one day. They obviously had a milf fetish. It was a pleasure for our eyes to watch their half naked trained upper bodies in muscle shirts when they sat down near our benches. They may have been in their late twenties. Their muscular legs were encased by tight speedos and it were no handkerchiefs which made the bulges in them. Otherwise a handkerchief could grow when Amanda and I started to put on a show after a wink from Amanda and we trained even more sexy by sticking our asses out and giving the guys looks over our shoulders.

When we were done, they started to chat with us and offered to dry our backs after the shower. We declined but offered them to spread sun lotion on our backs before we hit the tanning beds which they gladly accepted. So we laid down face to face, pushed our tops up, opened our training bra snaps and let their strong hands roam over our backs. I got wet between my legs and it was really about time that we said thank you and good bye and disappeared into the tanning booths.

I even played with myself there since I was so worked up. But when we emerged from the booths 20 minutes later I was even more aroused. Amanda drove me home and I invited her in for a glass of wine. I told her about my state and she started to tell me stories when she picked up young guys at the gym for a night or a week. She was divorced for more than ten years now, no kids and so she was free to enjoy life.

“They usually go five rounds a night.”

“Really? Mike doesn’t even gets it hard a second time.”

“I once had a cute 22 y/o latino boy. He had a normal 8” cock in length but his girth was unecxcelled by noone. He stretched me to my limits and he did it ten times over 24 hours. Then I was so exhausted that I had to give up.”

“So no way for for your backdoor which you enjoy so much?”

“God, no! When he was inside me, my butt plug didn’t even fit anymore at the same time. Btw, how did you progress with your own anal training?”

“Hubby didn’t notice that I wear the small butt plug each day at work. I just let him play with my asshole yet and it is a nice feeling to have his thumb wiggle inside me when he licks my clit.”

I refilled the wine glasses and Amanda made a suggestion.

“Since you’re so aroused from the three hunks, how about we prep you for Mike’s arrival? Show me your lingerie.”

“You sure?” I was already pretty light headed. “Hell, why not.”

We went upstairs to the bedroom and opened my closet. She grabbed white garters and stockings.

“Get naked and put these on. Where do you hide your toys?”

“In the lower night stand drawer.”

She came back with my little red vibe that I take on trips with me and the thick black dildo I don’t use often because of its sheer size. I was already naked, rolling the stockings up on my legs. When I was done fastening them to the garter belt, Amanda let me turn around myself.

“You would look really hot as a blonde. Did you ever consider this?”

“I had my hair this colour for a while. When we go to the spa next week, I can try it again. That reminds me, I didn’t tell Mike yet.”

I was tipsy and still very aroused. Amanda came very near to me, grabbed me with one hand around my waist, the other started playing with the little bush of freshly grown hair between my legs. I was taken by surprise since I never had any lesbian experience yet. Still, it was not unpleasant what she did to me. She whispered into my ear.

“We could look like sisters. Two blonde milfs with big hot asses. We could twist all the young well built stallions around our fingers. We could get laid side by side and taken by young fat cocks.”

She started to rub my clit and cover my neck with light kisses.

“Imagine uncounted orgasms by young hard bodies, heights of pleasure you never expierenced yet. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. Let me share it with you. How about? You just have to let me guide you through your makeover next week without any intervention.”

I moaned a “yes” with my eyes closed shuddering in lust from her fingers and her lips, not thinking much further than the muscular hunks at the gym playing with me.

“Aaaah good decision Ines. I already know what will look beautiful on you. I know what will make young hunks fall for you. I know what will make them shove their hard cocks into that sweet pussy of yours, into your lucious ass, your wet warm mouth. Imagine the three guys from the gym inside you. One after another? All at once? Three hard young cocks sliding in and out of you. All night. I can make that come true since you gave me the power over your transformation.”

Amanda rolled my clit now between two fingers and I was gently whimpering and my legs got unsteady.

“But for now get on the bed on your knees.”

She withdrew her hands. I whined since I was on the verge of orgasm.

“On your knees on the bed ... now.”

I did what she told me. Amanda caressed my ass cheeks, pulled them apart and pushed the little red vibrator into my asshole after wetting its tip and switching it on.

“This is cock number one.”

Then she took the big black dildo and pushed it into my pussy from below.

“And this is cock number two. You have to move it until hubby comes home and takes over as cock number three. I’m going now. Don’t stop until he’s home. And tell him that you’re gone with me next week, that I’ll transform you into a walking wet dream. Call me in the evening. Bye sweetness.”

She gave me a slight kiss on the ass and was gone. Gladly it only took about ten minutes until Mike appeared in the bedroom door. You know the rest.

Is this a beauty spa?

I called Amanda in the evening and told her that my hubby now had the information and he was ok that I was going to be at her mercy. The next days until Sunday I packaged my stuff. Amanda recommended to put some too large dresses, tops and pants in the suitcase. I also should pack a pair white high heels. Not sure why but I did. Sunday came quickly and Amanda parked on our yard at half past eleven a.m.

“Do you want a quick bite?”

“No, we can eat on the ride. I want to be there before four p.m.”

“Ok, I’m on my way. Just a minute...”

I kissed hubby goodbye, threw my suitcase into Amanda’s trunk and off we went. It took about three hours until we really were hungry and the gas was also running low. Amanda stopped at a gas station in Unhost near Prague. We ate some sandwiches in the car and had a coke. Amanda produced a little nondescript white pill from her pocket.

“Here, take this.”

“What’s that?”

“Since you want to enjoy our stay, this is a little mood enhancer. I already had mine when I was at the bathroom. Trust me, it’s fun and it doesn’t make you addicted. I usually take one when I go on the prowl for years now and I’m still no junkie.”

I wasn’t too sure about drugs but took it since I didn’t want to be a spoil. We left the gas station and drove further into the country. Maybe ten minutes later, in a village that was funnily called Amerika, we drove into the woods. It was quite a long way on a dirt road until the woods finally opened to give view on a large two story mansion. There were four or five expensive cars in the parking lot. So expensive that Amanda’s Beamer SUV almost looked like an ugly duck beside them. A young broad shouldered guy appeared. He and Amanda kissed and hugged like old lovers.

“Oh Amanda, it’s so good to see you again!”

“I missed you too, Mateusz.” While Amanda smiled and said this, she caressed the obvious hardon in Mateusz skintight black pants.

“I already read that you will come and was very excited. What are you here for? Enhancing your beauty even more?”

“Actually after more than a year I need a touch up of some certain areas. But most of all I’m here to lead Ines that she goes all the way. She needs a complete makeover. The doc already knows what I planned for her. We phoned on Friday. He’s waiting for us for the initial examination.”

I was making a step towards them and gave Mateusz my hand. Instead of shaking it, he pulled me to himself, bent down, grabbed my waist and my head and gave me a long wet kiss. While he did, I didn’t try to push him away. Instead my head was spinning and I became more and more aroused. Especially since his hands began to wander on my body from ass to left tit and back. He felt me up. I felt myself grinding my hips at the impressive bulge in his pants that Amanda had massaged before. When he finally stopped, I was breathless and totally in the mood for more.

“If Amanda loves you, I do as well. If Amanda doesn’t mind, I’m at your service during your stay. I’m Mateusz, Ines.”

“No, I don’t mind as long as Roman is also available.” Amanda said with a grin and a gleam in her eyes. Maybe we all can team up after dinner for a few good night drinks.”

“Yes, Roman is here of course. He was also waiting for your arrival. And since we live in the house, you know we’re available 24 hrs a day. But now let me grab your suitcases and guide you two beauties to your room.”

He fetched our stuff from the trunk, Amanda closed the car and we walked hand in hand behind Mateusz into the large house. Ogling him from behind was fun. His tight t-shirt showed every muscle movement. He had short straight black hair, blue eyes and really large hands. While we were on the short walk, Amanda pointed at Mateusz in front of us, then into her lap and then she showed with her hands the size of his cock. If I was right, it was nine inches long and more than two inches in diameter. Frightened I put my hand on my mouth and made big eyes. I gush of fluid rushed into my panties. Amanda’s broad smile told me, she knew that I urgently needed sexual relief now.

We had one spacious room with a king size bed in the centre. I thought that we would sleep in separate rooms and I would enjoy some privacy now, but no.

“Leave the suitcase, we can unpack later. For now we take a quick shower together and then we need to be at the Doc’s office for your examination. The Doc wants to go home then. All other clients will arrive tomorrow, he’s making a big exception for us.”

Under the shower, Amanda started to soap my back. Her hands got even more adventurous and also soaped my front side. They dipped between my legs while I leaned against her until Amanda was massaging my already aroused clit. From behind she whispered into my ear.

“Mateusz is a tiger in bed. He’s the best here. His cock will reach areas in your pussy that no cock ever has seen. He’ll wear you out until you’re too loose for him. Then he’ll slowly explore your ass, stretch your hole til his monster fits and then he’ll fuck you into your shithole until your pussy is tight again. He’ll fuck you tonight til you’re nuts while I lay beside you two fucking my boy Roman and watching you two. I probably will also make a video of you. We need some footage from before your makeover that we have the comparison next week.”

“Me starring in a porn movie?” I moaned, nearing my orgasm, not taking Amanda seriously but I felt frightened and excited at the same time just from the thought.

“Oh yes and it won’t be your last. Imagine a porn movie title “Hotass-Milf Ines’ Gangbang” where Mateusz, Roman and the other young guys here fuck you for hours into all your holes. Just do what I tell you and you’re ready for it on Thursday night. And now, CUM!”

And I came like a train from her experienced fingers while my brain was showing me images of myself naked surrounded by young muscular hunks. I was stroking their big hard cocks while from below one fucked me into my pussy and from behind another tried to enter my asshole with its tip already inside. With wobbly knees I finished my shower while Amanda already dried herself and went into our room.

When I came out of the bathroom, still a bit groggy, she was standing there in a white see through robe with white high heels.

“That’s the uniform for customers here. Here’s your gown and I already put your white heels out.”

I put on my gown after the high heels. “No girdle?”

“Nope, you’re here to show off and impress the males.”

I already felt myself getting wet again. The little pill must be working to the fullest now. I didn’t even spend a single thought at Mike, my husband. I was itching to present myself to every male on this spa. I wanted to be wanted.

Doc’s orders

We went one story down. The floors were quite empty. When one hot young guy, again in tight black pants and t-shirt which showed off his muscular body, with a food cart opened a door, I had a peek inside the room. On the bed a beauty with long black curls rode a guy. When she turned, I saw her face. She must have been in her mid fourties. The guy on her bed was easily twenty years younger. She saw me and smiled, then ordered the waiter to park the cart and get naked. Then the door closed.

What I saw didn’t calm me down. And so I was quite aroused when we entered the Doc’s office. He and Amanda kissed and hugged as hello.

“So you must be Ines. Nice to meet you. You can just call me Doc. Of course I have a name but it doesn’t matter since we do some pretty new stuff here to bring out your inner beauty.”

“OK, Doc.” He was a beautiful man in his late thirties with already greying temples.

“Put your gown there and then we can get started. I already know what Amanda has planned for you. Your fee for the week won’t cover all the costs but Amanda already suggested a different way to earn the money. So don’t worry, I’m happy to give you your makeover. Please stand straight that I can take your measurements.”

It took about an hour to fill out all forms and questionaires, sign agreements, take measurements and get a vitamine shot as he called it. I questioned Amanda with my eyes but she only nodded with a slightly hard and knowing grin.

“That’s it for today, Ines. For tomorrow, you’re scheduled at 10 a.m. Don’t be late. I know, the first night here is always a bit exhausting but don’t be late. For today I have just one order for you. Enjoy your evening and the night without any worries. I need you in a good mood tomorrow. But I know, Amanda will make sure you’ll have fun. Don’t forget, you have to do what she orders you. I’m off, good night.”

He gave Amanda another kiss and a hug. He also hugged me. It didn’t feel bad, he had strong hands. When I was out of the door, I could hear him say to Amanda in a low voice. “She’ll be dripping wet in 30 inutes from the ‘vitamine shot’, feed her meat.”

Amanda closed the office door and said,

“I’m starving. Dinner? It’s 6 p.m.”

The late afternoon sun was still shining through the curtains.

“Yes, why not. On the way to the restaurant you could tell me what you have planned for my makeover, please?”

“Oh no my dear. I won’t tell you. I just can promise you, your hubby will no more recognize you, when he sees the new you. But when he will know that it’s you, he’ll worship your feet. He’ll be your slave for the rest of his life. He’ll let you do whatever you want, he’ll even will bring you fresh young cock to fuck you and guide it into your holes just to see you satisfied and happy. Apropos fresh young cock. Look at the restaurant entrance, Mateusz and Roman are waiting.”

My stomach was turning when Amanda reminded me on my marriage and that I would be philanering. Philandering ... I’ve never been unfaithful to Mike yet. I never had a different cock all the years. Philandering ... never a different cock? It is about time! That’s what Mike owes me at least for being faithful. Let’s see if I can make that young hunk there hard. I was wet. I was ready. I held my gown open for Mateusz to take me in his arms so that I could feel the strong hands of the 25 y/o on my naked skin. He eyed me from head to toe, then like a wolf his grabbed and kissed me. His hands mauled my ass and breast. I had one hand in between our bodies. It found his cock and massaged it hard through his pants. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Amanda and Roman, a tanned athlete with blonde locks do the same like me and Mateusz for the greetings. I could have made out with Mateusz much longer but he broke the kiss.

“Time for dinner. I’ll lead the way.”

He took my hand and followed Amanda and Roman to our table. We were the only guests. I could feel my pussy juice drip on the floor while I walked. The first bottle of champagner was already on the table. The stuff went down like water. I emptied three glasses while chatting with the others and fondling and kissing and playing with my young hunk. Since I sat between Roman and Mateusz, I sometimes had two strong hands roaming the inside of my slightly spread legs. One time the two guys spread them wide and played together with my pussy lips, dipping their fingers from time to time into my wetness. Amanda was taking photos of the situation with her mobile. Then came our food. I must have given the young waiter a view he not often sees. Half laying, my legs over the arm rests, one finger of Roman and one finger of Mateusz in my pussy, stretching it to the sides while Mateusz also sucked on my right nipple. Hard breathing I watched the guy serve our food while Amanda had gotten up and filmed the whole scene with her camera. He locked eye with me and smiled.

“Enjoy your meal!”

“Thank you!” I moaned when I felt two more fingers from each side enter my pussy and stretch it even further apart.

Before I sat up and ate I had to use a tissue to remove the puddle of pussy juice from my chair. The food was great, the champagner as well. I even shared a hot wet kiss with Amanda. Roman made a picture of this. The nearly full third bottle of bubbly in Mateusz’ hand, we went upstairs to our room. I was more than ready for Mateusz’ cock. I needed to get fucked now. Amanda too. She dragged Roman to our door, threw it open, run to our bed and kneeled on it.

“Fuck me Roman! Fuck my pussy with your fat cock!”

In no time he had it out of his pants and was behind Amanda pushing that really fat thing into her and fucking my 52 y/o girlfriend. He removed his shirt without stopping, pants around his ankles and Amanda cried her first orgasm into the settling sun. I had no time for closing the door. Mateusz was all over me, nearly shredding my house gown. He pushed me besides Amanda and fed my pussy his monster cock. I arched my back when he had it all inside me and started fucking in earnest. My orgasms went off every other minute. When we made a short pause and he threw me on my back, I saw Amanda filming again.

One hour of straight fucking, that was the time it took until Mateusz was ready to shoot his first load. And what a load it was. He came inside me. It was so much that his semen gushed out of my strained pussy at the sides of his cock. We fell on the bed and I slept for some time, completely exhausted. When I awoke, the sun was gone, the lights were on, the door still open and beside me was Amanda sandwiched between Roman in her pussy from below and Mateusz fucking her ass from behind. Her face was a bliss. Mateusz noticed me being awake and said,

“Hey love! Please go and take a shower. We laid out some things in the bathroom for you to use. When you’re ready, come back here please.”

I didn’t ask, just got off the bed and since I urgently needed to pee, I run to the bathroom. When I sat on the loo, I saw the utensils I should use. There were an enema douche, oil and a large butt plug. A wild thought crossed my mind. I behaved like a slut today. I fucked the first cute young hunk I met, hours after I arrived. I cheated the first time on my hubby. I wasn’t sure if it was the result of Amanda’s pill or if it came from inside myself but I savoured it. I really savoured the attention of a muscular young man, his thick cock in me, his stamina to fuck me an hour long and give me countless orgasms.

What would Mike think or do? I didn’t care. I did care about my transformation within the next days. If Amanda kept her promise, it would mean more young stallions with beautiful bodies and long cocks. It would mean more orgasms. And I was anxious about what Amanda had planned for me that I would really get more young cock. And I did care right about this moment when I would lose my anal cherry this night. Did I want it? Yesss. For two months I had been wearing butt plugs increasing in size every other week. Amanda had been so crazy about anal sex in the stories she shared with me that I decided, I wanted to try it myself. And tonight was right ... more than right!

So I used the enema douche three times until I was clean on the insides. I squirted a lot of the soothing and numbing oil into my anus to be prepared for the things to come. Then I got under the shower and got rid of the sweat and body fluids from my first extramartial fuck session. After drying I applied more oil to my asshole. When I combed my wet hair in front of the full length mirror, I noticed it being again a centimeter longer, now reaching nearly down to the nipples of my slightly sagging C (pre-gym D) cups. What I saw in the mirror was a 1.52 meters short, very average looking 54 years old milf with a trim waist and a newly flat tummy, trembling from the lust to get cock in her ass in the next minutes. I couldn’t let her wait any longer. I grabbed the oil bottle and got back to our room.

“Welcome back love!”

They were sitting on the bed relaxing, Amanda still flushed from her DP. They got up. Amanda took me in her arms and kissed me while the guys got busy with their hands from behind, caressing my ass crack and pussy while grinding themselves on my skin. I was in the middle of three hot naked bodies. My nipples sprang to attention and the arousal was back when a first finger entered my asshole. They were guiding me towards the bed. Amanda broke the kiss and the boys laid me on my back getting busy with my tits and pussy. They had setup a tripod with a camera. Amanda switched it on and came pack on the bed. She piled the pillows and the boys rolled me on my stomach on top of them. They were attacking my asshole with their hands now seriously. Adding more and more fingers, twisting and turning them and widening it by stretching it apart. In between they squirted more oil into me. I liked what they did. It didn’t hurt much and Amanda had her fingers on my clit playing while she laid beside me and whispered into my ear.

“You will now lose your anal cherry. In a few minutes you will be impaled on Mateusz’ hard young cock. You will feel its tip pushing into your bowels when he fucks your cute little ass. You will feel so full. And your pussy will be aching coz it’s empty.”

I could feel Mateusz spreading my legs more and him getting between them. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and positioned the tip of his cock at my back entrance. Then he started to push in, slowly but with pressure. Many little pushes, each with more pressure.

“Can you feel it? Can you feel how this young trained hard body wants into your ass? He wants to use you for his pleasure. He wants to shoot his sperm into your guts. He desires you as his ass fuck toy. You should see the beautiful rock hard cock. It’s dripping from oil and pre-cum. You’re the ass fuck toy of this cock, only existing tonight for satisfying its dark male appetite. The head is nearly through your anal ring. One more push and it’s inside you!”

Amanda had intensified her play with my clit and really, one hard push later The cock head had disappeared in me. I felt stretched. Mateusz gave me some minutes to accomodate. Amanda whispered more niceties into my ear.

“An ass fuck toy is something special. Pussy - pah, blowjob - pah, every woman knows how to deal with that. When you took Mateusz’ 9” and milked it dry with your sphicter, you’re able to outperform every other female. You’re an ass whore then. When I’m finished with you at the end of this week, when I finished your transformation, you’ll be a walking wet dream, a walking wet asshole on heels, ready to fill your ass to the rim with any young virile cock you may meet. You’ll be stealing the boyfriends of teenaged girls. You’ll be taking away the husbands of young wives just with a wiggle of your ass. And that ass will now experience nine inches of hard young cock meat. You’ll feel how it slides into you, how it re-orders your bowels. It will make you a real ass fuck slut now. Feel it...”

Mateusz had started to slowly go deeper into my anus. Each push by him filled me more and more and when I felt his shaved pubic bone on my backside, I knew I had taken it all, the whole nine inches. My orgasm had been building all the time and now it run over me like a train. I whined, I cried, I yelled and shouted while Amanda fingered my clit and Mateusz never stopped ramming his adorable hard meat into my asshole. I needed a break ... and I got it.

“I would like you to ride me now, my love, Ines.”

Mateusz pulled his cock out of me with a plop and laid on his back. His feet were pointing to the camera, his cock sticking straight up into the air. He squirted more oil on it.

“I’d like to see your beautiful little ass when it takes my fat monster. I want to remember how innocent and cute it looks before your your makeover. I want to compare it with the wet fantasy it will become.”

So I positioned myself over him facing the camera. Amanda guided his cock head while I lowered myself onto it. I slowly let disappear its full length and felt myself getting filled more and more until I sat on his lap.

“Lean back, get on your arms and then ride me!” Mateusz ordered.

I did. I moved my pelvis up and down.


I did. And while doing it, I came hard for a second time. This time nobody stimulated my clit. It was just from riding a young hard cock while getting filmed by a camera. Amanda was right. An ass fuck is just as satisfying as a normal one. I could get used to this. Mateusz stopped me.

“Wait a second, Roman will come and help.”

Indeed, this tanned blonde mountain of muscle with his cock thick like my forearm kneeled between my legs and slowly pushed his monster into my pussy. I held my breath. Then the guys started to fuck me into both holes. This triggered a never ending series of orgasms. Amanda had taken the camera from the tripod and came around, catching every second of my first ever double penetration. Some minutes into getting banged, I fainted. I didn’t notice Mateusz squirting his semen into my guts. I didn’t notice Roman shooting his seed into my womb. I didn’t notice Amanda cleaning their cocks with a blow job. I didn’t notice them go and Amanda putting a blanket over me, switching off the lights and kissing me a good night. I slept deep and dreamless into the first day of my makeover.

Renewing, puncturing, painting

This alarm sound is disturbing. I’m tired. I’m sore all over. My ass and pussy hurt. Where’s this nagging mobile? I want to sleep...

“Hey my little anal queen, get up! It’s 8 a.m. and we need to prep you for the first day of your makeover!”

“Sometimes I wonder why I choose you as my best friend.” I moaned with closed eyes. Amanda finally switched the alarm off.

“How about an Aspirin, a shower, strong black coffee and breakfest? In an hour you’re back to life. You’ll sleep the half day either while the procedures are done. So don’t whine about your lack of sleep. I think you enjoyed last night and as our parents said, if you can party, you can also get up in the morning.”

Amanda gave me a pill with a glass of water. I gulped it down, not checking if it really was a pain killer or one more of these mood brighteners that take away all inhibitions. I went to the bath room and peed. I squeezed the last semen out of my pussy and ass. It smelled like bygone sex in the room. Examining my privates, I noticed a worn out, swollen red pussy and a still slightly gaping red asshole. ‘The doc will have a good laugh.’

The shower felt good on my skin and the aches were fading. Probably it was really Aspirin. I put my grown out hair into a little pony tail, found my glasses I left on the sink last night and in a better, more awake state I returned to the room. The choice of clothes was easy: white heels, white see-through gown, no rope to close it, ready. I was glad, Amanda had pressed me into tanning twice a week. My skin tone contrasted nicely to the white.

Pictures and reminders of the feelings of last night flew through my head on our way to the house restaurant. The young waiter of last night, he may be 19 or 20 y/o with light brown hair, broad shoulders and a tight round ass filling his black skintight slacks was welcoming us. His broad grin told me, he knew what I had experienced last night.

“Good morning ladies. I hope you had a short sleep and an eventful evening. If you need me, just ask for Martin. I’d be glad to satisfy you in every way you want.”

Amanda smiled at him. She dragged me near to Martin, took my hand and laid it on the bulge in his pants. While she caressed his cheek, I kneaded and massaged the cock and I felt it growing under my touch. Amanda spoke to the waiter.

“You are quite new here. I haven’t seen you here last year. Otherwise I’d have already sampled you. But now you are Ines’ discovery. You’re hers. Remember this face and body. On Thursday you won’t recognize it anymore.”

While she said this, I took my robe off and made a slow seductive turn in front of him. If my hubby could see this, would he die from jealousy? The gown back on, I caressed his cock again and Amanda whispered into Martin’s ear.

“I know, you would like to take her to the storage room right now and fuck Ines’ brains out. But no, you have to wait til Thursday night. Then you can sample her. I’ll transform her into a beautiful ass fuck toy over the next three days. Be well prepared.”

Amanda took my kneading hand away from heavily breathing Martin’s lap and with a last promising look back over my shoulder at the poor boy, we went to our table. Breakfest was abundant and at 9:45 we stood at the reception desk in the Doc’s office. A beautiful young lady with long brunette curls welcomed us. Her boobs were impressive. They were at least EE cups. They stretched the tight black shirt to the limit. She ushered us inside. The doc kissed and hugged Amanda again and this time me as well. I liked his strong arms around me, still being a bit aroused from the scene with Martin. I took my gown and shoes off and laid down on a couch as he ordered.

“So Ines, as I can see, you did follow my orders to enjoy last night. Both of your holes are slightly sore. That’s a good sign.”

I blushed but he smiled.

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