Oh, Hell. Why Not?

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Wife fucks a drunk guy instead of rejecting him. That opens more than her thighs.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Swinging   Nudism   .

I guess I’d had too much to drink, or never would’ve gotten in the situation. My name is Marty and I’ve been married about 10 years to a pretty decent guy. Our sex life is infrequent and kind of boring and that had a lot to do with a decision I recently made.

It was Friday after work and some coworkers persuaded me to go bar hopping. My husband was watching some big ball game or other so he was fine with it. Some decent looking guy from another company latched onto me and I was enjoying the attention. He was a pretty good dancer too; another thing that turns me on.

So here I am, falling for the “Let’s get some fresh air” ploy and we end up in the back of his conversion van. I’m pretty horny, not having my husband’s cock for more than a week and with the booze and the dancing adding to that. So when he starts making out I figure “What the hell. Why not?” Thinking I can stay “No” if it goes too far. Wrong!

Once he got to my nipples I was a goner. By then my pussy was clamoring to be filled and I was really saying to myself “Oh hell, why not?”

He was a pretty damn good cocksman, even though I haven’t had anything new to compare since I was wed. I’d been around a bit before I met my husband and had forgotten how exciting a brand-new visitor between your legs can be. He was surprised when I wouldn’t un-clamp my legs after he shot his wad and insisted he keep on making me feel good. I got two more of mine before he squirted more cream inside. Thank heaven my tubes were tied, I thought.

When I got home I figured I’d better head for the shower right away but my husband’s team had won and he was all excited and horny. Damn! What shitty timing! I did persuade him that I would smell and feel better if I took a quick shower and he bought it.

I sure didn’t need any more cock but put on a good show while he got his rocks off. In spite of that, I laid awake for a long time thinking about what had happened and how I felt about it.

Kind of surprisingly, guilt wasn’t anywhere near the top. My husband hadn’t been using my pussy enough or wasn’t doing me much good when he did, so “Why not?” I wasn’t going to leave my husband or deny him my body or anything like that so I figured what I did was my own business.

Walter had given me his business card and after a few days I texted him with a good time to call. When he did he was very apologetic and said he hoped I felt okay about what happened. He was also married but horny so I guess our stars were aligned. I asked him to meet me after work for a drink in a public place and he happily agreed.

That started a once-a-week meeting and we discovered that we had a hell of a lot in common. Our wedding anniversaries were only a week apart even. His marital sex life was in about the same shape as mine so at the end of our second meeting, he took me to the parking structure where he kept his van. My pussy was tingling in anticipation. This was much better than a traceable motel and a lot cheaper too.

So we got to fucking twice a week and both reported that our home sex life was better because we were instigating some action there more than we had been. But our spouses just didn’t seem to come around the way we liked and we didn’t like feeling dependent on each other for our main satisfaction. What the hell could we do about it? That was the big question.

We’d talk a lot, naked and satisfied, and in the throes of wishful thinking hoped we could get our spouses to branch out a bit. We were, of course, in no position to ask, or even want them to be completely monogamous any more, but of course to be responsible about it, like we thought we were. The ideal seemed to be that we could become a foursome, swapping for some fun every now and then.

Our wedding anniversaries were only four months away and since the tenth is a biggie maybe we could leverage that somehow.

The easy part was finding a resort that we could both book into. Since we were the ones that usually made vacation arrangements, that was easy. Now to plan a scenario to somehow “meet” each other and eventually get our spouses naked and screwing. We decided on an adult resort which neither of us never been to, but wasn’t too far away and had lots of amenities. Getting them naked around each other would certainly be a good start.

When my husband asked about our anniversary I told him I had planned a surprise so just do as he was told and he’d have a wonderful time. He asked questions from time to time but I only gave vague and titillating responses.

My husband and I still got it on once a week and it was rarely on the same day that I had Walter in my pussy. My lover was certainly in my thoughts though as my husband did his thing and that helped me get satisfied from the routine screwing I got. In my fantasies I wanted Walter to watch my husband copulate with me and then have my husband see me take on my other man which hopefully would arouse him for another go. Hopefully Walter would want seconds, or would they be fourths? I didn’t think about that happening with Walter’s wife who I didn’t even have a mental image of.

Even as my husband and I drove to the resort, Walter and I did not have a plan on how this would work beyond just making acquaintances early on as somebody we knew from work and trying to do things together, getting naked as quickly as possible and seeing if that could set anything off.

The first part worked. Walter and his wife were actually right next door to our room. That was more luck than planning but couldn’t have been better. We acted surprised to see each other and introduced all around. I’m a small blond with proportional tits and decent hips for a mother of two. Walter’s wife, Mindy, was a tall redhead with big breasts and matronly hips. I thought, “My husband always told me how hot he thought redheads were so this might help.”

The first evening we explored the place, had a nice dinner and Walter suggested the big hot tub in a secluded corner of the swimming pool area. The sign said that swimsuits were not permitted so my husband looked at me to see what I thought of that. I shrugged my shoulders and started taking my clothes off. Everybody else followed and we got into the bubbles. I’d noticed that Mindy only trimmed her pubes like I did. My husband also likes that and I noticed he had a hard time tearing his eyes away from her.

I scooted over by him and reached over to find his fully filled erection under the bubbles. I leaned over and whispered, “Enjoying the sights?”

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