She Said It Was Just Sex

by oldgrump

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Drama Story: When I confronted her, she said it was just sex. It was more than that to me.

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Author’s note: All references to the inventions are fiction, as is this whole story.

When I confronted her, she said it was just sex. It was more than that to me.

I am Gary Thurston, and I met Jane Winston when we were both in college. I was 19, a senior studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer programming. Jane was 21 and was a junior studying pre-law. She wanted to be a lawyer. I was and am just a nerd tinkerer; a ‘VERY’ successful tinkerer.

I filed for my first patent when I was 16 and a senior in high school. By the time I met Jane, I had seventeen patents for things like an improved rechargeable battery that weighs less than Li-Ion and is less prone to fires. It is also nonhazardous so when it wears out it can either be recycled (recommended) or thrown in the trash. I needed more money like the ocean needed more water but I got paid very well for the licenses.

Some of my patents were taken over by the government, I was paid very well for them but other than the prototypes no one outside of the alphabet agencies and the military has an example of any of them. Even the local and state law enforcement did not have them (yet). I have several of the miniature cameras, and six of the bird size drones that have the cameras mounted in them. The drones also have several very sensitive and very directional microphones with recording capabilities. These microphones can pick up conversions from several hundred feet in the air. I was allowed to make more, but only for my own use. I could not sell any licensed devices.

All of this success was not without problems, as when I started I was a minor, a security clearance was hard to get, and as I did not completely trust my parents with that much money, I hired an attorney, and gave him instructions to set up a trust to park my money and possessions until I was of legal age. When I turned 18, he formed a corporation to handle my patents. We decided to give the privately held stock a par value of $10 per share, and to issue 500 shares. As I was now over 18, I could be an officer, and on the board as well as a stockholder. I owned 10%, my parents, my lawyer and my accountant owned 1% each; and my trusts 86%. I hold proxies for all of the shares of the trust.

Back to Jane Winston, one of her business ethics professors had helped me with a couple of business problems. He introduced us and told Jane that she might want to use my business as an example of an ethical business success, and also to demonstrate profitable corporate practices.

Jane looked at me and started laughing. I got up, thanked the prof for the try and walked out. I went back to my home and began working on some other ideas that I had.

Two days later Jane ambushed me and asked to take me to dinner. I asked why when she found the idea of me owning a business so damned funny. I turned and walked away very quickly.

I went to my last class of the day, and she was waiting outside. I looked at her and said; “I’ll give you an A- for persistence, but I don’t need your looking over my shoulder when I am in your eyes clearly a ‘little boy’. I have managed to do fine without your laughter, and I think I will continue to do so. If you would please leave; I have my toe nails to clip; so, I could not possibly have time to listen to you condescend to me more then you have.”

She got a very contrite and sorrowful look and walked away.

The next day the prof called me and asked that he be allowed to mediate between his student and me. As I owed him for his previous help I agreed.

When I arrived at the office of the professor, Jane and he were talking. I waited for them to acknowledge me, as I didn’t want to interrupt. After almost five minutes, I just got up and left. As I was driving away, my cell rang. I pulled over and looked at the number, it was one I did not recognize, so I called it back. The prof answered, and I hung up and shut my phone off.

When I was done with my classes for the day, I went toward my car to drive home. The two of them were both standing by my car. As it was locked, and there really wasn’t anything they could hurt, I grabbed my phone and called a cab. I had the cab pull up next to my car and got in and told the cabby to drive around for fifteen minutes and then take me back to my car.

They were gone. I got in my car and drove home. I was royally pissed. I decided to do something that I never wanted to do. I wrote a nasty letter.

Dear Professor and Miss Winston;

As I demonstrated today, I will not play games. I tried being polite and not disturb your conversation when I arrived in your office. However, when you two decided to ignore my presence, I removed that presence. Were your actions ethical?

Professor, as a person who teaches ethics, do you think that the games you two are playing on me are ethical?

Then after you pulled that stunt you then tried to ambush me at my car. It may have been to apologize, but after the actions the two of you had already taken concerning me I was not sure you did not intend more ridicule. I called the taxicab to avoid a situation that in my anger I could have escalated the situation.

Miss Winston, first you laugh at me, then you participate in a game to embarrass me further. Is that ethical?

From now on, I will only accept written correspondence and it must go through my corporate attorney’s offices. Professor, if you choose to ignore this instruction, I will take my complaint to the professional ethics committee and make it formal.

Miss Winston, I do not understand how you would even want to correspond with me after the way you acted when you thought that I could not teach you anything about business because of my age.

I want you to know for the record, I am a dean’s list senior, who is also a CEO of a corporation that owns several government and commercial contracts to produce items for licensing. I am not saying this to brag, but to point out that you need to investigate people you may need to work with.

I was told that you, Miss Winston intend to go on to Law School. I hope you either do not become a trial lawyer, or else learn to prepare better. I would be willing to bet that you never asked the professor for information about me.

Have a nice day both of you.


Gary Thurston

CEO Thurst Inc.

Well of course that is not the end of the story. I received written apologizes from the prof and Jane.

Jane went so far as to schedule an appointment to meet me at the company headquarters. When she arrived, I showed her to our conference room. After she took a seat, I offered her coffee or tea.

She declined. She started to talk. “I wanted to do more than a written apology. I wanted to tell you in person how wrong I was. The professor was trying to teach me some ethical mistakes and was using you as a guinea pig. We never intended to destroy your relationship with him. Your attorney informed him that he was no longer an ‘as needed’ consultant. The money your company paid him for his help was more than his teaching income, so it will hurt him for a long time and in the pocketbook.

“I know I said it in the letter, but I am very sorry I laughed at you. You obviously are a successful business man. I would like to learn from you. Could we begin again?”

“What do you mean by ‘begin again’?” I asked. I then went on before she could answer; “I would like to have a person like you as a friend and colleague, but laughter is not the way to make friends. I may come off as a ‘whining baby’, but several companies have found that pissing me off is not good for their bottom line. I do not take insults or slights nicely. If you are truly sorry, just leave me alone.”

When I was finished with my tirade, Jane looked shocked. So, I said; “Now you know how I felt when a respected professor asked me to help a student with real world business ethics examples, and I get laughed at. Then the next stunt was designed to show me how insignificant I was, even though I did not ask for the meeting. Your professor has learned a costly lesson. Don’t make your resident help angry. Do you understand?”

Jane didn’t answer, she just got up and left.

After a couple of days of thinking about it, I thought that I may have gone overboard with the piling on. I sent Jane another letter.

Dear Miss Winston;

I realized that my actions toward you as you were attempting to apologize were cruel and ‘piling on’ to use a football term. Therefore, if you are still interested in learning some of the ins and outs of ‘Corporate America’, I will be more than happy to assist you.

I would like to invite you to apply for an internship for the summer and a part time position as my Administrative Assistant. Neither of these offers will conflict with your school scheduling. I hope you will agree to at least apply.


Gary Thruston

CEO Thrust Inc.

She did apply, and when she showed up for the interview was surprised that I was the interviewer.

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