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Fan Fiction Story: How a man got back at a cheating wife.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Tear Jerker   Cheating   .

What we need is a divorce. I found out that she is a cheating bitch. How did it happen? Well sit back and listen to my tale.

We have been working to many hours and not enough time with each other. As for me working 12 hour shifts 6 day a week for over 6 months now. It was only to be for a month. As for my wife she has been working long hours, but not showing any increase in income. She does work on commission with odd hours. Only day that she is not called into work is Wednesday. That is the one day she told company that she wants off.

Let me introduce ourselves to you readers. Myself, my name is Frank. I stand 6 foot even and weigh 210 lbs. greying hair and am 35 year old. And possess a 7 ½ inch cock and a set of fake balls. That happened back in High School when I was playing baseball and took a foul ball right there. Both ruptured and removed.

My wife Alice is Blonde, 5 ½ feet tall and is blessed with a firm body. 34 C chest, tight ass and flat stomach. We met in community college. I was there for auto repair certifications and she was there to start on her business degree.

After getting my certifications, I landed a good paying job. So I proposed to her. She did say yes but with a condition. She would not marry till she finished school in 3 years. Then she would say yes, but would wear my ring till then.

3 years later she walked across the stage and got her diploma and shouted out “YES!!!!”. Well we all heard that. Wedding was being planned for another 18 months. Work was steady, took on some overtime to pay for wedding But Alice was having no replies to job applications. Then it happened. Her father died suddenly from a drunk driver. Alice went into a shell. She stopped job hunting, stopped going out, almost stopped living. With the help of a therapist she did get better. What came out was that she was afraid if she went out the same thing would happen to her.

Her mom sold real estate and asked her if she would help out in her office. Just to start living again. Alice said she would do a few days a week. The second day there she had sold a house. The following week she sold 2. She got a commission check of $7200. Her mom talked her into getting her RE license and that is what she did. So instead of getting 1% commission she would be getting 4.5%. We were living very well now. We did save some money for those times when she was not selling. Hell, I think her longest dry spell was 3 weeks. Yes she was that good. I was also about this time that the way she dressed changed. Skirts a bit shorter, sexier blouses, more stockings than pantyhose, heels a bit higher, make-up also changed. I thought it was due to her mother’s insistence that she do it, as her mother dressed that way. Boy was I wrong.

One day the boss asked if I could do a parts run, regular kid was out. I said yea why not. Some fresh air would be good. Wish I had seen where I was going first. This distributor was a royal pain to get parts from. Always wanted to talk about everything and nothing. No wonder the kid liked him. Get paid to do nothing. I had work to do! So after 30 minutes of bullshit, I got the parts and headed back to the shop. Wait!! I know that car! It is my wife’s car! Wonder who she is selling to today. I’ll turn around and wait and see. Wish I had not done that. I saw her and a man come from a house. They were holding hands and very close together and I could see that she was no longer wearing the same outfit that she left home in. The skirt was shorter, maybe a few inches below her ass and the blouse was quite see-thru and several buttons were undone.

When I got back to the shop, I begged off for the rest of the day complaining of illness. I headed home and waited for her to arrive in case she changed there. She showed up at her regular time and was dressed as she left for work. She asked about work day as usual. I told her that boss let me go an hour early for doing the parts run. She replied in a monotone that that was nice of him.

The next day I left as usual and went to her office to watch and see what she did. I waited maybe 30 minutes and she arrived, dressed as she had been when I left home. After another hour she came out. Now she was wearing a very tiny and tight stretchy dress that barely covered her ass and barely covered her tits. No bra on as I could see them bounce. She had her purse and a bag with her. Wonder what she needed a bag for? So I followed her. She drove for about 20 minutes and stopped at a house, where a couple was waiting for her. She let them in and they were in there for about 15 minutes and came out and she was showing them the outside. She showed the front and then they went to the side thru a gate to the back yard. 90 minutes later they all exited the house. My wife grabbed the bag and went back inside. 10 minutes later she came out wearing a different outfit, denim shorts and a top that tied in the front. She got in the car and left. I went and explored the house. In the back yard I saw a Jacuzzi and water all on the ground. Wondered what she was doing with them in the Jacuzzi. Trying to figure all this out was a puzzle to me. Well, not really. I was hoping that what I thought she was doing she was not doing. I needed to do some research on this first.

Went to the library and looked up tracking devices, spy cams and other devices. Looked up where to purchase them in one stop, I hope. Wait! That name, Rick, I did some side work for him and saved him almost a couple grand on his car. So I went over to see him. You got it; he remembered me and wanted to know what I wanted and how I wanted it done. Told him I needed a tracker on her car and some way to see what was in her phone. No problem on both he told me. Give me a few days and I will be in touch.

I returned to work and thanked the boss for the time off and was ready to get cranking. And crank we did, it got busy at the shop then. A few days later Rick called me and said that he was all ready to go. Car tracker would be installed and same with phone. He asked me for her number and it would be installed with a text message. I gave him her number and he would send her a text tonight along with a text to me with instructions.

At home, I heard her phone chirp, so I know she got it. She told me she got a strange text and that it was for free cosmetics. And yes she opened it. I told her that was how people send virus to phone. So I told her to run the virus scan. Came back clean. I got a text later with the instructions on how to use the car tracker and how to use the phone spy.

Next day I tried the car tracker and her car was at work all morning. During lunch she went to a store and back. The next time she moved it, it went home. The phone turned up nothing exciting except a few inquiries on some property. That was Monday. On Wednesday her car moved around a bit. Shopping and other stores. What was revealing was her phone text messages.

Alice: Can you talk?

Matt: Give me 15 Alice: k Matt: free now Alice: How is little Matt ;) Matt: Waiting for you Alice: 20 same place Matt: c u then WHAT THE FUCK???? Time to track the car. Her car is not moving. It is home. WTF?!? Need a reason to call her. SHIT!! It’s Wednesday. Shopping and errand day. Wait! Her cell phone. Damn, we get dumb sometimes. Called her and it went right to voice. Damn-it, her phone is off. Well, I’ll figure something out when I get home.

Home and her car is here. Let me go in and see if she acts any different. Hello! Anybody home! No answer. Wait what’s this note.

Honey, Something wrong with car, running very rough so I am out with Shelia getting things done. Car started running funny on way back from market. Did not want it to die on the road. Love me.

Well that explains why the car was here all day. Let me see if she is telling truth. Go out and start it and sure enough car is rough. Look and see a shorted spark plug wire. Easy to fix. Quick hop to auto part store and back. Done in less than an hour. She comes out and I show her the problem. Hey, shit happens. She looks normal as if nothing happened today. But what was the text about? Have to check my phone and see if there is anything else there.

Hey, Hon! Dinner in 20. OK?

Yea sure just going to clean up first.


So I go into garage and wash up quick and check my phone. More text sent and received. Let me look.

Matt: You were gr8 today.

Alice: So were u.

Matt: always want to please a lady Alice: u mean your slut.

Matt: not slut ... cock whore!

Alice : true tomorrow same?

Matt: meetings not till fri.

Alice: shit!

Matt: use frank and think of me Alice: not the same ... u know y

What are they talking about? Why am I so different then him? Size? Length? How long? Have to find out! Wait the other messages.

Alice: I need u Matt: anytime Alice: tonight?

Matt: kids tonight Alice: baby sitter?

Matt: no have plans fri sorry Alice: shit!!!

OK she wanted him tonight but will wait for Friday to get him. Need to find who this guy is. Wait maybe Rick can get that for me. Sent him a text to call me in 30.

30 minutes later my phone rings, Rick calling. Quick chat on his end and I kept it going on mine. When I hung up I told Alice that Rick was stuck at the market with a dead car. Back shortly. So I headed over to his house. When I got there I gave him my phone, and he did his voodoo with it and soon I had his number and his name. Matt Prescott. Rick did some digging around and found out he was a mortgage broker that did do some work with the real estate firm.

Frank: Rick, can we also put a tracker on his car?

Rick: For you buddy no problem. Just remember that if he is stealing her from you, to sue him for a tidy sum.

Frank: Hey! That’s right I can sue him.

Rick: Let me put the tracker device on him and some other things also.

Frank: Like what?

Rick: Don’t worry about that. Less you know the cleaner your nose will be.

Frank: OK. Nothing known, stay innocent.

Rick: Correct.

So I went home and told Alice he had a bad battery wire. No big deal.

Waiting until Friday, is a long wait. 48 hours, well 29 hours to be exact. Will let everything go till then and dive into my work. Thursday boss again ask me to do a parts run. I tell him if I get same benefit as before. OK he says. So I am on my way to get parts from different company. Take an about of the way route to get there. Yea I went by his office and just so happen to see Rick there, talking to some guy in a suit. Kept going and would ask him about it later. At the parts store I called Rick and he told me that while he was putting the tracker on Matt’s car, Matt came out and was wondering what he was doing. Rick explained that he dropped his phone and kicked it under his car. Matt did move his car and Rick did get his phone. All very innocent. SUCKER!

Later Rick sent me the link to his tracker. Now I could track them both.

Friday! Time to go fishing. Let me see where car is, at her office and Matt’s is at his. Check text messages.

Alice: time?

Matt: lunch client meeting at 10 Alice: BB?

Matt: Fertile?

Alice: safe Matt: cool

So that is what “u know y” was about. She cannot afford to get pregnant and wants to feel him cum in her. Time to check on something I heard about from the ‘net. A certain drug that will delay a woman’s period by maybe a week, and also how to get fake positive on a pregnancy test. Come on Google and give me the answers. Hot damn! Got them! Seems a drug called Norethisterone, will delay a period for up to 17 days. 7 day delay cost $33, and now I need to do an online Doctor call. As for a false pregnancy test, male urine after eating asparagus will do the trick. Now all I have to do is figure out her periods. She does keep track with her calendar. Now to find the calendar, that will be fun. Is it home, purse, car work? Work would be hard to get hold of.

Ok back to tracking cars. Her car is still at the office and his is on the move to her office. So lover is picking her up. Now I need an excuse so I call Rick and have him call me. He calls and I go see boss and tell him that wife’s car broke down and she needs to be somewhere for a showing. He tells me to go. Dam nice guy, he is. Will explain everything to him later.

Follow the tracker wondering what motel they were at. A house!?! WTF! Sign out front with her Mom’s office. So an empty house is the love nest. No motel receipts. No paper to trail. Ok, let me try Google maps to see what I can of the layout of the property. Fence around backyard but also houses all around. Well, it was an idea. Let’s wait and see what develops. After about 90 minutes the ‘happy couple’ comes out. And again she is in a different outfit than what she wore to work this morning. A black mini-skirt and a sheer top, can’t tell if she has a bra on or not. Nothing she would wear for me. Matt must be something special to her. Wonder what he has that I do not? Bigger cock? More money? Yea probably. Fancy car? Yea he has one. Have to investigate him. East to follow him with the tracker on his car. So of course that is what I did, and I followed way behind him. He stopped at a big house and it was gated. SHIT! Moving on down the street, I stopped and checked Google maps again. His house with, I guess, a fence all around and woods surrounding it. Well now I know where lover boy lives, just need info on him.

BUZZ ... BUZZ ... BUZZ ... wife calling ... Frank: Hey hon!

Alice: You on your way home?

Frank: Just have about 20 minutes left here then out for 2 days.

Alice: Can you get milk on your way home. The one I got is sour.

Frank: Sure can. See you soon.

Alice: Bye Ok, so I might as well head home and yes, get milk. Tomorrow she will probably be working so I will start investigating then.

Saturday finally! Up and down to grab a bite to eat and hope she has to work. Walking into the kitchen I see her grabbing a bite to eat and saying she had an open house and a showing today, so will not be home until about 5 PM. Ok, and good luck, I said to her. Perfect, now I can do all I have to do. First look up one Matt Prescott. Seems that he is among the top mortgage brokers for his bank, divorced, (look into that later) one brother who is a lawyer, parents deceased. OK. Now I know a bit about him. Now to look into the drugs. Find the site and set up an online appointment. Tell them that I am going on a second honeymoon and do not want it ruined with my period that should start that week. Dr. says that she can do onetime 7 day scrip for me and it will be sent out once payment is made. So I fill out the info and get a confirmation that the meds will be sent out and should arrive in 2 weeks. They also sent an email so I can track the package. 2 items down, several to go.

Let me track her car. Several stops made on way to open house, a coffee shop, party supply shop, and the office. Her car is now stopped at a house. I check on the listing and sure enough, an open house from 10-1. Well let me do some work around house so she does not think I sat on my ass all day. Mow lawn, trim, pick up yard. I also ran the vacuum over the rugs. Now back to checking things out. Car still there at house, now 12:45 so she should be leaving there soon. Let me check on text. BINGO!

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