Bees Out of the Same Hive

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: The story of 3 women who are involved in the sexual adventure of one individual - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Orgy   Swinging   Interracial   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

Rick was certainly not in the best of moods, the entire day so far had been a disaster. It had involved from an act of total frustration when for the first time in decades he had fucked his wife, not with a period of loving foreplay but a rough shove over the side of the bath and a ramming, doggie style of her cunt, a cunt that hadn’t embraced his cock for a long time. That had developed from a statement that a friend made some time before that a Chinese herbal shop sold ingredients that could increase the sexual desires for both sexes. He had located that Chinese business and purchased the power and was told that to give the woman a spoonful a day, mix it with meals till the herb was complete and then, going by past examples the woman would be so randy she couldn’t get enough prick. However, that hadn’t happened, his wife still remained hostile to any form of intimacy so this morning he threw caution to the wind, seized her as she turned the shower on, pushed over the bath and rammed away, emptying his nuts and then with a snarl snapped. “Next time it will be your bum you miserable cunt”. He then left her still over the bath with her backside raised to the ceiling, that was a few hours ago, now he had just dropped Eliz off at the local Mac’s.

Eliz was a woman he had known for a number of years, but was now just labelled ‘friend’ but a friend that was also becoming a burden, one that was taking the ‘friend’ to a point of making demands without any rewards, for she had once been very accommodating. Fucking and sucking were very common that was till he met her sister who once she knew he was married told her sister that sexual conduct with a married man was immoral and since then Eliz had jammed shut all previous adventures and it was only that lingering hope that she would revert back to the obliging woman she had been that he continued to keep in contact. “Thank you Rick”, she said as she alighted from the vehicle. “I’m having lunch with a friend. You have not met her, her name is Kay”. He gave a wave and drove off. He had one more visit to inspect an old bike that a woman from the organization he belong to had asked if he could give an opinion on whether it was worth repairing or just dump for the next hard rubbish day. It was just after two in the afternoon when he arrived to inspect the bike, he hadn’t returned to his abode since leaving just before nine.

It was just after midday when a car pulled up outside his abode, two men, black as coal got out for Rich had no idea that his wife had met these men through the committee for refugees that she was a member off, nor did he know that his wife had invited them around for a morning tea some time before or did he know that his wife had found them interesting and informative or did he know that she had said that if they were in the area to give her a ring and come around for a visit. Sex hadn’t been involved but for these men her interest and her invite to them was an invite to fuck, an invite they were determined to push to the limits. They knocked.

It had taken some time for the wife to stagger out of the bathroom; her mind was in a collision of thoughts that were just a chaos of total confusion. Nude she wandered in the bedroom and fell onto the bed. Somewhere in her fogged up mine the knock did register but not enough for any activity therefore she didn’t know that the door when her husband had stormed out had not locked and the knock had opened it. The men entered, only silence greeted them. “Mrs. Green, Alice”, one called. “It is Ade and Cheja we met you at the refugee meeting and you said if we were in the area to drop in” Again only silence. “Maybe she is in her room I’ll check, you drop into the kitchen, maybe there is a drink we could have, I don’t think she will mind after all she was very keen on us that was the reason for the invite”, Ade said as Cheja headed for the kitchen. Ade entered the bedroom and even before Cheja had reached the kitchen Ade called. “Now I reckon this is one invite that we won’t be saying no too”. Cheja joined him and just gave a mutter. ‘Boy Oh! Boy you are right Ade she is nude and her invite says ‘fuck’, so let us not disappoint her.

A nude white woman always managed to enlarge and thicken any black cock and these men were not small, within minutes both were starkers. “Alice, Mrs Green we are here to accept your invite”. Ade said as he separated her thighs, pushed her up so that heavy haired triangle was level with his throbbing erection, he rubbed the head up against the lips of her crack, inserted and thrust and Mrs. Green or Alice from somewhere in her fogged mind or maybe because of the weekly Chinese arousing herb was finally working gave forth a ‘Oooooo! And her whole being vibrated, her tits wobbled and maybe from a long denied sexual emotion, now released began to buck, rising to welcome the length that in two thrusts was up to his balls. He pulled out and thrust again and Mrs. Green rose to receive the thrust and again her cry echoed till Ade said as he anchored himself. “Stick your cock in her mouth for if she yells any louder we will have the neighbours lining up for a service.” A suggestion Cheja was not going to knock back and as Mrs. Green opened her mouth to voice another cry, her head was pulled forward and into her open mouth was shoved a throbbing erection and there as her head was pumped and her backside rose and fell to the ravishing her cunt was receiving, she began to suck her first cock, gradually taking half of the length somewhere down her throat.

Ade gave a thrust and his balls sent gush after gush of hot cum deep inside her, slowly he pulled out. “That is another bucket load of hot cum to make a hundred black and white babies. I love to make the bitches pregnant, now want a turn, she is ripe and ready”, he smiling said as he pulled out, wiping his cum coated cock over that now moist triangle of hair. This invitation Cheja was not going to knock back; “I will pump another load up her”, he grinned as his cock slid into a lubricated crack and the fucking began and Mrs. Green responded her ‘Ooooo’ and ‘Ahhh’ were only outdone with the noise of the thrusting as Cheja drove his cock to the utter depths of her sex and as he pumped, she clawed at his skin, her backside rising and falling, matching his every thrust but when his balls exploded she gasp ‘more, more black boy, don’t stop, Oooo! Keep ... keep fucking’ echoed around the room and she clung onto to him as his buried cock send spasm after spasm of hot juice up that throbbing cunt.

Inspecting the bike hadn’t taken much time and he dropped into the Mac’s where Eliz was dropped. She was still there and he was introduced to her friend and when she got up to go to the conveniences he mattered. “Now your friend Eliz is my sort of woman, plump, heavy breasted and a nice large backside. I reckon if she bent over those slacks would fall down they don’t seem to be able to be pulled up, her stomach is stopping that”. Eliz smiled she didn’t say anything but later that afternoon he was to receive a phone call naturally thinking it was from his wife who was absent when he arrived back at base, however it was from Kay inviting him for dinner that evening for his comments to Eliz had been passed on and he didn’t know how she longed for a male friend.

Rick arrived at his base mere minutes after his wife; dressed only in a dressing gown had been persuaded into accompanying these men. She had wandered out of her room, naked and with the seed from their exploding balls still dripping down the inside of her thighs. Although dressed the men were still eager to enjoy her, especially as she smiled and recognized them. They didn’t repeat, just gave her tits a mauling and a fingering of a cunt still full of their seed. In the back seat Cheja had her head buried into his groin and as she sucked, he squeezed and pulled her nipples and all Ade said as he drove. “I think she is enjoying that” and all Cheju did was nod his head.

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