Mind-control Panties 07: Daughter's Dazzling Desire

by mypenname3000

Copyright© 2019 by mypenname3000

Mind Control Sex Story: A mother makes sure her daughter will dazzle in tomorrow's beauty pageant no matter what it takes.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

The figure slipped into the high-end boutique. Normally, it should stand out amid the wealth on display. The trophy wives and trust fund daughters who pursued through the expensive, name-brand clothing would shudder in revulsion at the sight of it. They were here for the chic. The popular. The outfits that quivered this or that current celebrity wore on the red carpet.

Not for the bizarre.

It was the perfect place to drop off the figure’s mind-controlling panties.

This one was an all black pair of panties with a single word written in sparkling, gold letters.


The figure was eager for this next game to begin. With a casual flick of the wrist, the figure deposited the pair of panties where a young girl would find it soon.

Precious Jordan.

No one noticed the figure slipped out of the store, least of all Precious. She strolled into the store like she owned it, almost shouldering into the figure. Though she was sixteen, she looked like she was twenty-five. Heavy makeup, her tits clearly enhanced already at her young age, her trendy top showing them off to their fullest, all gave the illusion of maturity to her underage flesh. Her vivacious, red hair swept about her face, her green eyes dazzling. She marched on stiletto heels like she’d worn them all her life.

She practically had.

She moved with the confidence and grace that could only come with practice. She strutted like she was walking on the runway, a model ready for the glitz and glamour of Milan or New York or London or Paris or Rome. Behind her, scurried her mother. Besides her daughter, Molly Jordan was plain, but she still was a woman possessing beauty. Brassy hair, breast as large as her daughter’s (though hers were real), and blue eyes that gave her an appealing cast. She possessed a curvy body, a wedding ring flashing on her left hand.

“Wow, look at these,” Precious said. She snagged up the panties, shuddering as the tingle racing through her. She turned around, grinning at her mother. “Dazzling.”

Her mother blanched. “Panties like those are not going to help you win. Go look at the thongs. Find something eye-catching. I want those pervy judges lusting for you. You are not taking second place again.”

Precious rolled her eyes. She thought she threw those panties back on the pile, but in fact, she kept a hold of them. She went to browse the thongs while her mother found her a delicious outfit for the upcoming beauty pageant. It was an expensive dress, but it went on her husband’s credit card. Her daughter would be a star.

Even if she had to force the girl into it.

No one noticed that Precious dropped the panties on the counter for the store employee to ring up. Nor did anyone notice the panties being slipped into the bag. Certainly, no one paid for it. They left the store with the rest of the clothing that Molly purchased for her daughter.

Precious was worth investing in.

Molly Jordan

“Come on,” I shouted. “We have to get your nails done. Hurry. We’re running out of time.”

There was always so much to do. The pageant was tomorrow, and the competition was fierce. That cunt Sapphire was competing. The blonde bimbo had beaten my daughter last time, but not this time. Precious would win. She would be crowned Miss Dazzling Bell.

My daughter was perfect. Everything that I hadn’t been at sixteen. Or even twenty-five. Large breasts, plump lips, flawless skin, and her red hair was such a fiery hue, not the brassy almost brown locks I had. Precious had even inherited her green eyes from her father, my husband Mark. Everything about the girl was perfect.

I had to get her to win. How else would she get famous?

Precious came down the stairs, wearing three-inch heels that were open-toed to show off the vibrant toenail polish she had. Her hair bounced around her shoulders, the thin straps of her negligee-style top shift on the thicker straps of the black bra she wore. She reached the bottom of the stairs, her hips swaying in the tight, white capris she wore.

“God, I’m ready, Mom,” she said.

I frowned, staring at her capris. I didn’t see a thong peeking out. “Turn around.”

“Geez,” she muttered. She turned, letting me stare at her ass.

I frowned at what I saw. I stroked up the edge of the outline, feeling a tingle as I caressed the line that her panties pressed into her tight capris. “What’s this?”

“The panties I showed you last week,” she muttered. “The cute ones. The ones with dazzling printed on it.”

I rolled my eyes, this hot tingle shooting from my finger down my arm through my body. My nipples hardened, my pussy aching. “You need more than just panties with the word dazzling on them to shine tomorrow. Precious, you need to always look your best. I can see your panty line. I should make you go upstairs and change, but we’re going to be late.”

“The competition’s tomorrow,” she muttered. “Let me just have these. Okay? I promise I’ll do my best, so stop being such a bitch.”

I sighed, letting her have her little spat. I guess those panties wouldn’t harm anything. It wasn’t like the judges would see her today. Good thing, too, because those capris she wore weren’t the best thing either. She should have a skirt on, something feminine and naughty. Something that would give those pervs sitting on the judge’s panel a cheap thrill when they saw her walking in it, hoping for an upskirt shot.

Precious played on her phone the entire drive to get her nails done. She chewed on bubblegum, a habit I thoroughly disapproved of. But if I tried to get her to stop the day before a competition, I just knew it would affect her tomorrow. We had a fight about it before her loss against that cunt Sapphire.

What was that girl’s mother thinking? Fourteen and wearing such a scandalous outfit? Some mothers had no shame.


The word echoed through my mind. My daughter had to dazzle. Shine. She had to stand out from the other girls. How to do that? There had to be a way. Something ... exciting. I studied my daughter as the manicurist, a chatty Thai woman, worked on Precious’s nails. I pondered ideas. My daughter was perfect. Her tits, a birthday present when she turned fourteen, were just ripe and plump. Her hair was flawless, her eyes such an enticing shade of green.

There was just something missing about her...

A naughty tingle raced through me. A shudder that started in my pussy and rippled through my body. My idea was perfect. Something that would make her stand out against all the other contestants. I shuddered, wiggling in my seat.

My daughter looked up. “Mom? Oh, no, what are you thinking about?”

“We have another stop to make after your nails.”

“I thought I was having singing lessons next.”

“You sing fine. This will make you sparkle.”

“Sparkle?” Precious asked. “What are you talking about, Mom?”

I shuddered. It was such a wicked idea I had.

While the Thai woman finished up my daughter’s nails—making them long and beautiful, each one painted a vibrant shade of red to complement the dress I purchased for her last week—I pulled out my phone. I googled my idea. I’d never been to one of these places, so I was surprised by how many there were. There was one just up the street.

I shuddered, it was so close. I knew just what to do. This wicked tingle raced through my pussy. I would make sure my daughter dazzled.

“Where are we going?” Precious asked after her nails were finished. She held them out before her, knowing not to touch anything until they were dry.

“We need to get something special,” I said as I started up my Porsche. I backed out, eager for this. My daughter gave me a weird look. She only grew more confused when I pulled up before our destination five minutes later.

“What are we doing here?” she asked. “Mom? I thought you said these things were tacky.”

“You’re not getting a tattoo,” I said. “You’re getting your nipples pierced.”

Her jaw dropped. “What?”

“You heard me,” I said, climbing out of the car. “Now let’s go, young woman. The judges are going to see you dazzle!”

She climbed out of the car and stared at me in shock. “Do you want me to show my naked tits to them?”

“Honey, do you want to win?”

“I’m not going to flash my tits at a bunch of old pervs,” she muttered. “Do you care at all that they’re staring at me? There bunch of degenerates lusting over my underage flesh?”

“It doesn’t bother me one bit,” I said. “Men like looking at young things. Beautiful things. Dazzling things.”

She sighed as she followed after me into the tattoo parlor. A little bell rang. I looked around, grimacing at all the pictures on the wall. It was covered in all the terrible things people would draw on their bodies. Skulls, hearts, thorns, angels, demons, flames, unicorns, rainbows, shamrocks, and so much more. Some were cutesy, some look tough, and some just made me scratch my head in confusion.

“Help you?” a man asked. He peered a curtain of red beads. “You got an appointment.”

I shook my head. “My daughter needs to get her nipples pierced.”

He glanced over at her. “And? Got an appointment?”

I shook my head. I took a step closer to him. “Listen, I’m willing to pay anything to get it done right now.”

His eyes flicked up and down my body. “Anything covers a lot.”

“Oh, trust me, I can cover it,” I purred. “You should see the credit limit I have on the cards my husband gave me.”

“I was thinking about a different line of credit,” he said.

“Well, that can be arranged,” I said, the tingles from my pussy burning through my body. I would do anything to see my daughter win.

My left hand reached out, my wedding ring sparkled as I pressed against the tattoo artist’s crotch. He was a rough man. Strong. I felt his cock hardening through his jeans as my gaze flicked up and down his body. He had sleeve tattoos racing up his muscular arms, flames and scrolls and chains all intertwined. He had a thick, handlebar mustache giving him the dangerous look of a biker. I felt his dick harden beneath my touch.

He was bigger than my husband.

“Mom!” gasped Precious. “What are you doing?”

“Why, paying for your piercings,” I said. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything, honey.”

I fell to my knees before the guy. “I hope a blowjob will be good enough, right? I can still pay for the piercings.”

“Fuck,” he said. “Sure, it won’t take long to pierce her.”

“Mom!” Precious gasped again as I unfasten the heavy belt. He had a silver-plated belt buckle with a snake slithering out of a skull embossed on the front. “What about Dad? Geez, we can go to another piercing parlor if it’s that important.”

“We have to do it now,” I moaned. “We need to make you dazzle.”

The need itched in my brain. I couldn’t stop.

I wrenched his belt open and then tore at his fly. His fastener popped. His zipper rasped. I yanked down his pants and boxers, his cock popping out. I was right there in the lobby of a tattoo parlor about to suck a stranger’s dick.

I didn’t suck my husband’s cock unless it was his birthday, or I wanted another diamond tennis bracelet. But now...

I salivated.

I grasped his thick cock in my hand, fisting up and down the shaft. He was so much larger than my husband. I opened wide and sucked the tip of his dick into my mouth. My lips sealed tight. My cheeks hollowed. He groaned, his eyes fluttering for a moment. He snorted, ruffling the black whiskers of his mustache.

“Goddamn, ain’t she just a rich slut,” he growled. “You see your mama, girl?”

“Yes,” my daughter groaned, her face red. She squirmed beside me, her nipples poking at the front of her negligee-like top. “I can’t believe she’s doing this.”

“Relax, women her age get horny. Your dad just got a limp dick, so she needs a real man. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you when we’re done.”

“Not like that,” Precious muttered.

I bobbed my head, working my lips up and down his thick shaft. Precum spilled over my tongue. I groaned, my pussy getting so hot and molten between my thighs. I squeezed them together, my clit throbbing and aching. A line of drool ran down my chin and my sucking made such sloppy sounds. So wet and nasty. I shuddered. I did feel like a rich slut.

A rich, married slut.

My tongue swirled around the crown of his cock, tasting his salty precum. A whimper rippled out of my throat. A hot shudder raced through me. He tasted so good. I couldn’t wait to feel him spurting into my mouth. To enjoy his cum shooting over and over into my mouth. I bet it would be incredible. I bet he would make me swallow every single drop of his jizz like a complete whore. I always spit out my husband’s spunk when I would blow him.

Today, I hungered for this man’s spunk.

“God fucking damn,” he groaned. “Your mama’s hot for it. She is sucking like an oil rig. She’s hungry for my spunk.”

I moaned in agreement around his cock.

“I don’t know what the fuck is up with you right now, Mom,” Precious said. She swayed back and forth on her heeled feet. She seemed on the verge of fleeing, but couldn’t quite seem to look away. Her wide, green eyes were locked on my lips sliding up and down the tattoo artist’s thick cock. I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

My hand drifted down the front of my body. I reached lower and lower, crossing my stomach. I pressed the fabric tight into my crotch. Into my pussy. I shuddered as I stroked myself through my skirt and panties. My clit throbbed, tingles racing through my body. I felt so naughty right now.

I was a stage mother doing everything possible to make sure her daughter dazzled.

Pleasure rippled through me as I sucked on the tattoo artist’s dick. I didn’t even know his name. I rubbed my pussy through my skirt and panties, delicious tingles rippling through me. My daughter watched, seeing how dedicated I was to her success.

My tongue swirled around the tip of his cock. I gathered up more and more of his precum. My pussy clenched as I ached for his cum to flood my mouth. I just had to please him. My daughter crossed her arms, watching with flushed cheeks and wide, green eyes.

“That’s it,” growled the tattoo artist. He grabbed a fistful of my brassy hair. “Pay for your daughter’s piercing. Damn, you have a mouth on you.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this, Mom,” Precious moaned.

I would do anything for her.

My clit throbbed and ached. I had to touch my bud directly. I shoved my hand beneath my skirt, sliding up my thighs fast. I reached the satin fabric of my panties. They were soaked with my juices. I shoved them to the side. My fingertips slid through my silky pubic hair. I gasped as I found my hot folds. I rubbed my thumb against my throbbing bud and thrust two fingers into my pussy.

My depths clung tight about them. I groaned, my eyes fluttering as I plunged my digits in and out of my twat. Pleasure rippled through me. I masturbated with a frantic need while moaning around the tattoo artist’s dick.

“Fuck,” he growled. “Work that mouth, bitch.”

“Yeah, she is a bitch,” Precious muttered. “I don’t even want to get my nipples pierced.”

I didn’t care what she wanted. I was her mother and knew what was best for her.

I thrust my fingers in and out of my twat faster and faster. I rubbed my thumb in wild circles around my clit. Pleasure rippled through me. My cunt squeezed down on my digits. My body shuddered. I groaned around his thick dick. It filled my mouth. It was such a wild thing to enjoy.

He growled. His cock throbbed in my mouth. I sucked on him, his precum spilling over my tongue. That flavor grew saltier and saltier. He growled, his face twisting with pleasure.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. His cock erupted in my mouth. “Swallow every drop, you married slut!”

I gulped down the tattoo artist’s jizz. I trembled, my fingers plunging faster and faster in and out of my twat. My silky flesh squeezed down on my digits, increasing the friction. I gulped down his salty seed. It poured down my throat. I whimpered, feeling it warm my belly. The wicked thrill drifted lower and lower. It reached my twat.

I groaned, dizzying waves of pleasure shooting through me. I churned up my twat. I plunged my digits hard and fast. It was incredible. My eyes fluttered. I sucked and sucked, drinking down load after load of his salty jizz.

“Oh, yes, that’s it,” he growled.

I whimpered. Another spurt of cum fired into my mouth. I gulped it down as I shoved my fingers deep into my twat. I was such a good mother. I was doing everything for my daughter. I was sacrificing so much.

I came.

My orgasm surged through me. My reward. I squealed around his dick as my flesh spasmed around my fingers. Juices bathed my digits. My hand. My clit throbbed beneath my massaging thumb. Sparks flared, adding to the heat rushing through my body.

My thoughts blaze.

The tattoo artist ripped his cock out of my mouth. As he shoved it back in his pants, I moaned, “yes, yes, Precious! Oh, Precious, I’ll do anything for you. You’re going to win!”

“Come along, girl,” the tattoo artist said, taking my daughter by the arm as I came like a whore in the middle of his parlor.

Juices soaked my fingers. My pleasure burned through my mind. I hovered at that pinnacle. I quivered there, my married twat spasming a final time around my fingers. I panted. Groaned. That hot tingle rippled across me. It reminded me that I was doing the right thing. I smiled, gasping for breath.

I pulled my fingers from my twat and rose. I sucked them clean, tasting the delicious flavor of my sweet pussy. I stumbled through the curtain of beads and found my daughter sitting in a padded chair. She had her blouse and bra already off, her large breasts on display. They were so ripe and plump and firm.

“Damn,” the tattoo artist growled. “How old are you?”

“Sixteen,” my daughter said.

He glanced at me. “Sixteen and with implants?”

“She has to dazzle,” I said. “Now pierce her.”

He shrugged.

My daughter gasped both times. The needle gun pierced through her pink nubs one after the other. Then they were being threaded with silver rings. Each had little metal balls that screwed the ends together. They look cute on her. Impressive. How many other girls competing would have them?

Just my sparkling Precious.

The tattoo artist flicked one, my daughter shuddered.

“Why don’t you check them out, slut,” he said, undoing his jeans. “You play with them while I collect the rest of my fee.”

“I thought I was going to pay for them,” I said. “The blowjob was just for the lack of appointment.

“I told you we were using a different type of credit,” he grinned. He pulled out that big dick of his.

My pussy tightened.

“Mom!” my daughter gasped as I seized her large breasts.

My fingers dug into them, feeling her silicone implants. I studied her nipples. “They don’t seem swollen at all,” I said. “I thought they’d be tender or something. They look fine.”

“Normally,” he said. “It usually takes a few weeks for them to heal but...” This weird look crossed his face. I felt this tingle zapping from my fingers gripping my daughter’s tits while she whimpered. Her eyes fluttered.

What was I asking about?

I stared down at my daughter’s nipples, her full breasts clutched my hand. I squeezed them as she squirmed on the tattoo chair. I leaned down, this naughty thrill racing around my skin. Electric. My tongue flicked out, batting one of her nipple piercings. If flicked up and over her nipple, twisting through her nub. Her face writhed with pleasure. She whimpered, squirming.

The tattoo artist chuckled as he flipped up my skirt. Then I gasped as he ripped my panties away. The fabric tore with ease, but I didn’t care. I spread my legs as I licked my daughter’s piercing again. I played with that ring, loving how it would dazzle upon her.

“Mom,” she whimpered.

The tattoo artist’s cock drove into my cunt in a single, hard plunge. My married pussy squeezed down on his girth. I shuddered at his side and whimpered as his balls smacked into my clit. I latched onto my daughter’s nub, sucking hard as he drove his dick in and out of my pussy.

Pleasure rushed through me, my hips undulating from side to side. I stirred his cock around inside of my twat, my adulterous cunt rejoicing at the thick feel of his dick in me. It was incredible. I whimpered about my daughter’s nipple. I sucked on it so hard.

“Oh, my God, Mom!” Precious moaned, her face twisting in pleasure. “Yes, yes, that’s good. Maybe ... Maybe these are nice!”

“That’s it,” the tattoo artist groaned. “Make sure your daughter’s pierced nipples are perfect,” he growled. “Damn, how small is your husband’s dick? You are tight.”

I shuddered, my mouth full of my underage daughter’s nipple so I couldn’t answer him. The tattoo artist’s dick was huge. He stretched me open as he drove into me over and over. It was incredible. My eyes fluttered. I moaned around my daughter’s nub as he drove into me again and again. The silky friction built and built me towards another orgasm.

I popped my mouth off her right nipple and leaned over to lick the left. I flicked her piercing back and forth, making her gasp and squirm. Her firm, large breasts jiggled in my hands. I squeezed them. Kneaded them. I groaned as that huge dick plunged into my cunt over and over again.

I engulfed her left nipple.

“Mom!” she gasped. “Oh, my God, my nipples are so sensitive now. Holy shit!”

I sucked and nibbled on my daughter’s pierced nipple. I kept playing with it. It was so exciting that she was going to dazzle. That she would shine with all her youthful passion. I trembled in delight. The big cock plunged over and over into my pussy, the tattoo artist’s crotch smacking my rump. I moaned around my daughter’s nub.

I clenched down on that dick. My orgasm built so fast. I savored my reward for being such a good stage mother. My eyes squeezed shut as I let out a throaty moan. My daughter shuddered on the chair, the leather creaking beneath her nubile body.

“Finger the little slut’s cunt,” snarled the tattoo artist. “Your daughter deserves to cum, too. She’s just as much a whore as you are.”

Precious was. It was how she would dazzle. It all became so clear to me at that moment where we needed to go next.

My hands shot down from groping my daughter’s large, fake tit. I slid across her stomach and shoved into her capris then into her tingling panties. She gasped as I cupped her shaved pussy—my girl didn’t have any nasty pubic hair down there—finding her sixteen-year-old cunt wet and hot. She trembled as I stroked her. I rubbed up and down her juicy flesh as that big cock was rubbing my twat.

“Mom,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, Mom! Oh, yes, I’m going to dazzle!”

“Oh, yes, you are,” snarled the tattoo artist, his dick drilling deep in me. His balls smacked hard into my clit.

My orgasm came closer and closer. I shuddered, on the verge of that wanton eruption. I thrust two fingers into my daughter’s twat. I shuddered as I sank my digits into her cunt. She always lied when she claimed she was a virgin during competition. I let her have a little fun. So long as she won, she could do whatever she wanted. She had to be the best. My daughter didn’t lose.

She would win me so many glories.

My fingers churned up her twat. I thrust them in and out of her fast and hard. She gasped, her tight cunt squeezing around my fingers. My tongue played with her nipple piercing between my hard sucks. I groaned, my pussy clamping down on that huge dick.

“Oh, Mom, yes!” she moaned. Her juices soaked my digits as they plunged in and out of her. I felt so connected with my daughter. We were both going to dazzle. “I’m going to cum!”

“That’s it,” growled the tattoo artist as he drilled his dick in and out of my cunt. “Make the little slut-daughter of yours explode. Such a wicked mommy.”

“She is!” My daughter trembled. Her pussy squeezed so tight around my digits. I thrust a third in her.

The slut took it with ease. My three digits plunged in and out of her. I pumped them faster in and out of her. I ground the heel of my hand against her clit. Her little bud throbbed while my mind drank in the impact of the tattoo artist’s heavy balls. This was so wild. So perfect.

“Yes!” my daughter moaned. “My nipples are so sensitive I ... I ... I’m cumming!”

Her pussy convulsed around my three fingers. Her hot juices gushed out, bathing my hand. I trembled, the tingles from her panties rippled up my arm as her flesh convulsed around my digits. I whimpered, sucking hard on her nipple as she thrashed.

“Fuck,” the tattoo artist groaned.

He buried to the hilt in my married twat. Spurt after spurt of hot cum flooded into me. I whimpered, betraying my husband for the good of our daughter. I had to do it. I had to cheat on him, cuckold him, so our daughter could win tomorrow. I sucked so hard on her nipple as my own orgasm exploded through me.

My thoughts melted into the waves of bliss washing out of my cunt. My twat spasmed around the tattoo artist’s big dick. I melted. His cum flooded me while he grunted and groaned. His hands caressed my body through my dress. He squeezed my tits, gripping them hard as he spilled all his seed in me.

“Mom,” panted my daughter. “Oh, my nipple piercings are amazing.”

My orgasm peaking, I popped my lips off her nipple and moaned, “See, your mother knows what’s best. She knows what will make you shine. You’re going to win.”

“Yes!” she moaned. Then she kissed me.

I shuddered, my tongue dueling with my underage daughter’s. Her lips tasted so sweet. I felt her love. She finally understood. She finally recognized what I was doing for her. That I knew what was best for her. This was what I had always dreamed of.

I broke the kiss and moaned, “I know where we have to go next to ensure you win. I know what we have to do.”

Her eyes were wide. “What?”

After we freshened up from our fun, the tattoo artist smacked us both on the rump as we hurried out twenty minutes later. It was a shame my daughter was wearing those ugly capris, but there was not much to do about it now. We had to act fast. What if another stage mother thought of this? I bet that slut, Sapphire, would do this. Her mother was just such a tramp.

Unlike my daughter and me.

Precious bounced in her seat the entire drive. She gasped when she saw where we were pulling up to. The Grand Sheraton rose up above us, the hotel possessing a large conference hall. There was a sign out front declaring: “Proudly hosting Miss Dazzling Belle 2019.”

The moment I handed over the keys to the valet, I sent a text to the head judge, Mr. Mason. “I’d like to talk to you about making sure my daughter wins. We’re both downstairs. You can do whatever you want to us. My daughter is such a whore.”

“Room 1213,” popped up a moment later.

“Yes,” I moaned, showing the screen to my daughter.

“Oh, yes, that’s perfect,” she said, her eyes wide. “My panties are tingling so much. I just know this is what I need to dazzle. I want to shine for the judges.”

I nodded to her as we rode the elevator up to the twelfth floor. My pussy was so juicy. The cum leaked out of me, dribbling down my thighs. I didn’t have any panties on, the scrap of cloth left behind at the tattoo artist. I still didn’t know his name. I didn’t care. All that mattered was my daughter dazzling tomorrow.

My orgasm was just a bonus.

We reached the hotel room, knocking hard. A moment later, it opened. Mr. Mason stood there, a tall man with graying hair. His eyes flicked up and down, smiling at the sight of my daughter. Her pierced nipples poked hard against her tight top. She hadn’t put on her bra. That was my decision.

“Well, well, well,” he said. “Mrs. Jordan and her precious daughter.” He grinned at his little joke. “Come in, come in. Were are all very intrigued by your text.”

“Damn,” groaned Mr. Greyson. He was a black-haired man with a big nose. Did that mean he had a big cock?

“Fuck, me,” Mr. Kennedy growled. He was a Black man with a shaved head, his skin a rich hue of ebony. He was muscular and fit, younger than the rest.

“Are her nipples pierced?” asked Mr. Reeve, a short guy who was unfortunately balding.

“Show them, Precious,” I moaned.

I was so happy with my daughter as she didn’t hesitate to pull off her negligee-like blouse. Her large, fake tits spilled out, both plump and beautiful and topped by those silver piercings. The adornments looked so delicious as they contrasted with her pink nipples. She hefted her tits, shaking them, the rings twisting and shifting. They flashed in the hotel light.

The four judges all groaned in delight. They licked their lips, salivating over her underage flesh. My pussy grew wet as I saw my daughter dazzle. She had that beautiful smile on her plump lips, her green eyes sparkling.

“Well, that is delicious,” Mr. Mason said. The older man licked his lips, salivating like a hungry wolf.

“Indeed,” Mr. Reeve said. “Just delicious.”

“As you can see,” I said, reaching out to tweak one of my daughter’s nipple rings. I twisted it, her pink nub stretching. She gasped, a whimper of delight. “My daughter deserves to win this contest, doesn’t she?”

“It’s a shame she can’t show these off during the actual competition,” Mr. Kennedy said. He ran a hand over his shaved-bald head. The Black men grin. “But ... Seeing her in person.”

“She’s got my vote,” Mr. Greyson said, his big nose twitching.

“Indeed,” Mr. Mason said, stepping up. The head judge boldly cupped my daughter’s breast. I smiled as his lecherous fingers dug into her youthful flesh. My daughter quivered, trembling. She didn’t hesitate to lift her head as he leaned down. He claimed her lips, kissing her with hunger.

I beamed with motherly pride.

Mr. Reeve came up behind my daughter, staring down at her rump. At the visible panty line through her capris. One hand rubbed at his growing erection while his other hand groped my daughter’s ass. He squeezed her sixteen-year-old tush and grinned at me.

“Firm,” he said. “Damn, Mrs. Jordan, your daughter is a hot piece of ass.”

“By all means, rip off her capris and see just how gorgeous that ass is naked.”

“I think I shall,” Mr. Reeve said, giving me a leering grin. “What a loving mother you are.”

“I know,” I said.

My daughter groaned, her tongue dueling with the head judge’s. While Mr. Mason kissed my daughter, Mr. Reeve slid both his hands around Precious’s waist. He unfastened her capris and yanked down those white pants. Her black panties came into sight, the word Dazzling appearing in gold, sparkly letters. He ripped those down in a flash, exposing the peachy rump of my daughter. My pussy clenched as he squeezed my daughter’s firm tush.

“You ever taken a dick back here before?” he asked, his finger dipping into her butt-crack.

“I don’t know if she has,” I honestly answered, “but I’m sure she’ll enjoy yours. Just lube up.”

He laughed.

“You are a loving mother,” Mr. Kennedy said, amusement in his voice.

I turned to face the Black man. I grinned at him, saying, “I just want my daughter to win. I’ll do anything for her.”

“I bet you would,” he said, his eyes flicking me up and down.

“I got to eat that ass out,” Mr. Reeve groaned. He fell down to his knees, his hands parting my daughter’s perky butt-cheeks. I groaned as he buried his face into her crack. My daughter whimpered into the kiss with Mr. Mason, her youthful body trembling. My own asshole tingled. What would it be like to have my backdoor rimmed? It was a lewd delight I’d never even considered.

Mr. Reeve clearly loved it.

“Damn,” Mr. Greyson said, his belt buckle rustling. I shuddered as he opened up his charcoal slacks and shoved them down. His boxers followed a moment later, his large cock popping out. He stroked it as he watched my naked daughter trembling beneath the two older men’s lecherous touches.

It made me wet.

“How hot is your pussy, Mrs. Jordan?” asked Mr. Kennedy. His hand touched the hem of my sundress. “Are you getting a hot cunt watching your daughter whore herself out?”

“Watching her dazzle,” I corrected. “And, yes, I’m getting quite juicy down there.”

He laughed. “I bet you are.” He let out a throaty groan. “How would you like me to eat your cunt out? I’m not like those pervs. I like my women a bit more ... mature.”

I shuddered then nodded my head. I was so glad I douched myself before leaving the tattoo artist’s parlor.

He ripped my dress up my body and over my head. I gasped as it flung off me, my large breasts coming into view. I, too, hadn’t donned my bra. My tits weren’t as perky as my daughter’s, but they were all natural. His ebony hands seized them. I groaned as he kneaded them.

He darted down and latched onto one of my nipples. I shuddered as he suckled. Heat surged through my married body. The Black man worshiped my nipple while I watched my daughter squirming nearby. Mr. Reeve feasted on her asshole while Mr. Mason now had his face buried between her big, fake tits.

“Oh, Mom, I’m gonna win,” Precious moaned, her eyes fluttering.

“Yes, you are,” I groaned, my nipples throbbing in Mr. Kennedy’s hungry mouth.

His hands stroked down my sides, his touch electrifying. I groaned as his thumbs hooked into my panties. He shoved them off my hips, the material rolling down my thighs. I shuddered, my married pussy on fire. This was all so exciting. Such a wicked rush.

My husband could never find out even though I was doing this for our daughter. I had to cheat on him so she could win. I had to satisfy these judges. My daughter needed to shine.

I gasped as Mr. Kennedy fell to his knees. His strong hands, larger than my husband’s, gripped my butt-cheeks. He pulled me forward, his dark lips nuzzling into my brassy bush. I gasped as his tongue flicked out. He lapped through my folds. I groaned, my back arching. My large tits jiggled. His tongue was incredible.

It darted through my folds. He brushed my clit. My moans mixed with my daughter’s. I glanced at Precious, smiling at the huge grin on her face. Mr. Mason was sucking on one of her nipples while his fingers played with the other, twisting her piercing. She shuddered, her butt-cheeks clenching about Mr. Reeve’s face. We were both experiencing such pleasure.

We were both dazzling.

Mr. Mason dropped to his knees before my daughter, groaning, “I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these underage sluts for so long.”

“Enjoy,” I moaned, Mr. Kennedy’s naughty tongue swirling through my folds.

Precious gasped, her fake tits jiggling as Mr. Mason pressed his face into her shaved twat. He licked and lapped at her cunt. It was clear she was receiving the same bliss that the Black man was giving me. I reached out, taking my daughter’s hand. She clutched tight to me, her head turning. Her green eyes were glassy with pleasure.

“God fucking damn,” Mr. Greyson groaned, stroking his thick, long dick. “Shit, she’s just a fucking little hottie.”

“She is,” I moaned.

Precious shuddered, her hips undulating. She was getting eaten from both ends. Her hand tightened on mine as her moans grew louder and louder. I whimpered, Mr. Kennedy’s bold tongue diving into the depths of my married cunt. The Black man swirled his tongue around inside of me. I shuddered, my hips undulating from side to side.

I smeared my pussy across his hungry mouth. The pleasure grew and grew. This was so hot. I clung to my daughter’s hand as he feasted on me. My large tits swayed while my daughter’s fake tits jiggled. Her nipple rings flashed. Her back arched as her moans grew louder and louder.

“Mr. Mason! Mr. Reeve!” Precious moaned. “Oh, my God, I’m going to cum!”

“Of course you are, you’re a dirty slut,” growled Mr. Greyson. He fisted his dick. He stared at my daughter with such wolfish hunger in his eyes. He craved her underage flesh.

They were all such pervs. They wanted my daughter.

I would give her to them.

She would win. Everyone would know that my daughter was the best. The most beautiful. Most dazzling. I shuddered, my clit throbbing as Mr. Kennedy’s bold tongue flicked over it. My own orgasm built and built with his every stroke.

“Yes, yes,” I groaned. I stared down at the hunky Black man feasting on me. “Oh, I’m gonna cum in your mouth.”

“Good,” he growled. “But not as hard as you’ll cum on my cock.”

“Anything so my daughter wins!” I moaned.

He chuckled. “You can tell yourself any lies you want about why you want to ride my big dick.”

I shuddered. I was just doing this for my daughter. I was a good wife. A good mother.

He sucked hard on my clit while his fingers dug into my butt-cheeks. He squeezed them, pulling me tight against his hungry mouth. I gripped my daughter’s hand, electricity tingling between us. I whimpered as my pleasure built and built. The dizzying pleasure swept through me. I came closer and closer to my screaming orgasm. My moans mixed with my daughter’s passion.

“Mr. Mason!” she gasped. “Oh, fuck, Mr. Reeve!”

“Yes,” Mr. Mason groaned, “bathe me with those juices. Teenage twat is the best.”

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