by Smirkin

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Erotica Sex Story: Young woman is out in the middle of the night to browse the internet using free wifi and finds more than she bargained for.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Vignettes   Rough   Cream Pie   Public Sex   .

It’s dark out, it has been several hours since the sun has set. The only light is from the fixtures on the building that I’m parked in front of and the minor glow from the screen of my phone. I needed to update my device’s operating system and needed Wi-Fi to do so, was bored so figured now would be a good time to do so while they’re closed and no one is around.

I decided to watch several videos on different media sites to try to pass the time of this slow update since the signal seems weak. There’s a nursing home next door, not close enough for anyone there to be bothered by my presence but close enough for me to hear their muffled voices when they come out side laughing and talking ... on their breaks I suppose. I kind of feel anxious each time I hear one of them or even when I hear a vehicle. At first I worry it’s someone nearing me or something then I feel relieved to see it’s just next door, and relax a bit again.

I swear though ... I swear I keep seeing a shadow out of the corner of my eye. But when I face that direction I don’t see anything except shrubbery. I think it’s just me being over here alone, in the dark has me just a little paranoid inside. I swear I even keep getting whiffs of something in the air. I’m not certain what I’m smelling, I try to study it each time I catch it again. It has a bit of a car smell. Like maybe oil, with hint of gasoline and dirt.

I try to shrug off the paranoid feelings again but now I have a new feeling. I need to pee! I guess I’ve been out here longer than I had thought. I look around and check the mirrors to double-check that no one is around while grabbing wet wipes from my purse. I see a fairly large bush by the corner of the building where there’s some light, which sort of comforts me. There’s that smell again though, I scan the parking lot once more before getting out of my car.

I try to walk to the bush calmly, trying not to stand out just in case for any reason someone across the way to the next building can happen to see me. I try to swiftly step behind the bush but that’s shot to hell as I walk right into a web. I attempt to stay calm while freaking out inside. I start searching the area in front of me to see if the web is still there or if its stuck to me! Thankfully all I did was break the web some and still see the spider in it, whew!! That’s a relief. I go around the other side, glance about before undoing my pants and sliding them down just enough as I squat to urinate. Ever realize when you’re trying to be quiet everything you do seems so much louder? This trickle sounds like a waterfall!! I try to hurry up, as I feel the air on my bare cheeks. Not exactly a feeling I like! I open the pack of wet wipes and clean myself up as I get an eerie feeling of being watched. I shake my head to myself while pulling my pants back up.

“Get it together girl, there’s nothing out here,” I try to reassure myself, as I head towards the trash receptacle to toss the wipe.

Feel like my head is on a swivel, I just keep looking around, like a scared little person and for nothing! This is ridiculous!! I think to myself. I Make my way back to my car and see my phone has finished downloading the update, it just needs to install now. Forty-five minutes to install ... What in the world is on this update??

I hear a rustle from a bush maybe twenty feet away, I tell myself it’s the wind since a breeze is blowing again. That damn smell is back again but stronger this time, I can smell it all around me I realize. I begin to smell my shirt, and my hands thinking maybe it’s on me, perhaps I touched something and didn’t realize it. But nothing, it’s not me.

I set my phone on the dash of my car since its rebooting and lean back into my seat, close my eyes and try to relax while letting out a long sigh. My sigh gets cut short as something covers my mouth pressing my head further against the head rest of my seat. I frantically open my eyes and reach up to my mouth to feel a hand just as I look into the rear view mirror and see a figure behind me!

I note the smell on his hands is the exact odor I have been smelling the entire time! They must’ve gotten into the car while I was in the bushes. He leans his head next to mine while I feel him touch something cold against my throat and he whispers. “Move or scream and I’ll cut you like butter. Understood?”

I feel frozen at that moment, all I can do is stare into the mirror at him holding my mouth and seeing how helpless my reflection is. He squeezes mouth and jaw firmly and hisses, “Do you understand?!”

I try to nod my head and say ‘Yes’ as it comes out just a garbled sound, in that moment I begin to tear up frightened at what may happen next. All I know is I don’t want to die.

I catch a glimpse of what is at my throat in the mirror and see it’s a knife, I get a better view of it as he trails it down my chest until it reaches a button. With a simple flick of his wrist he slices the threads holding the button and it falls away, out of sight. Seconds later another button is gone, followed by several more. He takes the blade and pushes my blouse open, exposing my breast nestled in my bra. They don’t stay that way long as I feel the cold blade against my skin sliding under the front of my bra, he begins a small sawing motion and moments later my breasts are fully exposed and bare in the breeze. I take a few deep breaths as I see him put the knife away, I tried to hold it scared he’d cut me if I unintentionally moved.

His other hand is back in view as it gropes one of my breast, kneading it. I begin to cry realizing what is going to happen. I look back into the mirror and barely recognize myself. He turns my head to face him and leans into kiss me while continuing to fondle my breast, rubbing my nipple. He digs his fingers into my face just so it causes my jaws to open as he sticks his tongue into my mouth. He tastes foul, and his hot breath is even more putrid than I would’ve imagined. I cry that much harder trying to contain it, trying to give him what he wants, I just want to live, I want to make it out alive. He moves his other hand from my face to my other breast and begins to caress it and play with my nipple. I can tell by the sensitivity that they’re both erect, but I can’t tell if it’s due to the cool breeze or him playing with them.

He bites my bottom lip just before pulling his mouth away.

“Don’t you taste sweet, baby? Hmm!” He says in a playful tone. He retracts his hands and sits back, smiling at me in the mirror. I try to close my blouse but all I can do is hold it to my chest as I stare at his reflection, hoping this is done and he’s just wanting to scare me and leave.

I feel relieved when I see him getting out of the car. Thinking to myself this is done, I try to start my car but as I’m reaching for the keys to the ignition I’m beyond disappointed to see they’re not there and start feeling around in the passenger seat trying to find them. All of a sudden I hear them by my ear and he’s holding them outside.

“Please, let me go, I won’t tell anyone, I won’t ever mention this, just let me go! Please!” As I begin to cry loudly.

“Shut up! And get out of the car.” He lowly hisses, dropping the keys into his pocket, while motioning with his other hand as the light glimmers off the blade in his palm once more. I grip my shirt tightly while slowly getting out of the car, and quietly shut the door. He motions with the knife for me to go towards the back of the car. From there he walks up behind me, placing his hands onto my hips. Guiding me the rest of the way, centered to the side of the trunk.

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