Ravage Revenge

by Arabian Knight

Copyright© 2019 by Arabian Knight

Fantasy Sex Story: How to help a friend from depression? By fulfilling his sexual fantasies on his birthday. By orchestrating the perfect revenge that included all his fantasies of dirty talk, anal sex, humiliation, cuckolding and above all a reality TV recording that is so genuine and credible that blew the viewer's mind.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Humor   Workplace   Cheating   Cuckold   Group Sex   Swinging   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   .

“Hey Ryan, Tammy is so white, I can see the blue veins in her boobs!” said the man in the untidy suit as he took his seat beside me in the glamorous Christmas party at the deluxe ballroom. “Tyler, no one cares about some blue veins!” I responded, “did you see a bit of her nipples? I bet they are so pink, just like that grapefruit shake!”. To that Tyler added “Oh they’ll come out clamato juice out of my mouth!”. We chuckled while looking at the huge party of some 500 well-dressed people. Though we were only seeing the sexy women who were wearing clothes that are tight, revealing and “so provocative”, Tyler quickly noticed my grim face. Only Tammy and talking about her seem to stir some interest in both of us.

“Tammy is showing more boobs than all the other lawyers, assistants, and their fuckin significant others combined!” continued Tyler, “She must be so hungry for some attention or should I say a good hard cock!” I chuckled just a bit, just to be nice. He continued to cheer me up, “hey get this, last night I kicked that new janitor out of Tammy’s office! I told him Miss Tammy has strict cleaning requirements hahahaha. Guess what? I found something so interesting in her stuff!”

Tyler and I are janitors in a law firm. To make our mindless jobs a bit fun, we go through the personal stuff of the female employees and gossip. Sometimes, we login to their computers and go through the browsing histories. We almost always stumble upon astonishing findings! However, lately, I’ve been bored with all that. I was diagnosed with depression and only Tyler knew. Our conversation continued with me saying: - Ryan: yea? like what? Dildo? Double dildo? Triple fuckin dildo? I’ve seen them all, man! Listen, if I can’t find shit from my shifts, you can’t either. My life is turning just fucking boring. This will be my worst birthday ever.

- Tyler: Not this time my grumpy old friend! Tonight, Tammy will break up with that new policeman cutie, what’s his name? Sam? She’ll be so pissed, she’ll want to have revenge sex!

- Ryan: Wow! What an imagination! Let me guess, she’ll choose you for her revenge sex, yea?!

- Tyler: OF COURSE! I’ll keep my eyes on her and when it happens, I’ll be there!

- Ryan: Hilarious! Or should I say opportunistic! Now why would she break-up with that Sam who happens to have a perfect body, perfect job, perfect manners, just fuckin perfect everything?

- Tyler: Are you blind? Can’t you see how he neglects her! 50% of her boobs are pushed up and out yet he doesn’t even glance let alone stare! I would worship those white juicy boobs.

- Ryan: 50%?! Hahahaha ... I’d say 40%, otherwise we’d see half of her nipples!

- Tyler: In the revenge sex, I’ll see 100% of those nipples and boobs and then 100% of her body. She’ll get wilder when I put on the camcorder and promise to send the recording to her loser boyfriend! It’ll be the perfect revenge sex.

- Ryan: What an amazing imagination! Before you go any further, why do you think he’s not looking at her boobs? No one gets tired of those white juicy boobs, and that cleavage.

- Tyler: Because he’s an idiot! I should’ve photo’d that diary of hers that I found deep in her drawer and show it to you. He’s taking her for granted. He’s had his share of her. He thinks there are plenty of fish out there. He’s just consumed in his own fuckin world. He’s also full of himself. He doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have her. I’ll make sure he fuckin regrets his fuckin stupidity.

- Ryan: by recording the revenge sex and sending it to him?

- Tyler: it’s not just sex, it’s the special things we do in revenge sex! Let me get another beer and I’ll educate you my innocent friend!

While indirectly looking at Tammy and her boyfriend, we both made our way to the bartender, greeting several colleagues along the way, order two more beers, withdraw to a quiet corner where we can keep an eye on the couple and we continued our conversation.

- Ryan: So, tell me, what are the so called special things that you do in a revenge sex?

- Tyler: First, I’ll be batman in the recording! I’ll put on that ridiculous mask and roughen my voice.

- Ryan: What?! Why?! That’s so funny! Actually, a great idea! I’ll search for batman in whatever porn I’ll watch tonight! Thanks for the great idea! Now I’m a bit excited on my fuckin birthday! But seriously, why batman?

- Tyler: First, I don’t want to be in trouble with a policeman duh? But I won’t say that to her! Instead, I’ll say to her this: if he sees my face, he’ll just blame me and that’s that. But if he doesn’t know who I am, he’ll only see the sex and the things we’ll do that’ll eat him alive and that should drive you Ms Tammy to a series of explosive orgasms. You should also tell him that I’m one of his buddies so that he begins to doubt all his buddies. That’ll hurt him for life. So mean, isn’t it?!

- Ryan: You’ve really thought this through! And you are driving me crazy with the things you say that you’ll do in the revenge sex. What are these things. Tell me already! You know what? I’ll search for them in whatever porn I’ll be watching later tonight! How pathetic is that!

- Tyler: ha ha ... I got you all interested, you can’t wait to hear all about it, can you huh?!

- Ryan: now you are just toying with my feelings son of a bitch. If you won’t say right now I’ll just leave, I swear.

- Tyler: OK OK OK but can you guess at least.

- Ryan: Guess? Hmmmm ... you’ll fuck her upside down?!

- Tyler: What? No! We are not monkeys! Try again.

- Ryan: I don’t know man ... you’ll fuck her so hard, she’ll moan so loud and she’ll - Tyler: Wow wow wow ... You can’t just jump to fucking, man. It’s the journey and the destiny. Start with undressing her!

- Ryan: Just rip her clothes off!

- Tyler: No, man! First, we’ll face the camera. We’ll take turns talking to the camera meaning talking to him, calling his name. I’ll be behind her undressing her slowly. I’ll be kissing and caressing as I remove every piece of her clothes.

- Ryan: That’s so mean!

- Tyler: That’s the whole point.

- Ryan: And when she’s all naked, she’ll do the same with you?

- Tyler: No, man! It’s not the same! Who wants to see my ugly saggy body?! I’ll tell her to get on her knees, unzip my pants, pull my cock, swallow the crown, turns to the camera and try to talk to him!

- Ryan: that’s fuckin humiliating!

- Tyler: exactly. She humiliates herself to punish him.

- Ryan: Will she accept?

- Tyler: for revenge, she’ll do anything.

I paused for a moment and thought about what Tyler said. I remembered my therapy counselor saying when people are in pain, they’ll do anything to get rid of their pain at once and at any cost. Not just physical pain but also psychological pain. At this point, I began to see Tyler’s point about revenge sex. If Tammy was hurt so bad, she would want an immediate relief. This immediate relief wouldn’t come from alcohol, dancing, flirting or any game in the party. This pain can be relieved by sex, by revenge sex, and by doing anything out of the norm. I found myself so interested, I wanted to learn more. Our conversation continued.

- Ryan: And then what?

- Tyler: I’ll pull her up, turn her back to the camera, open her ass with my hands and tell him what I will do to this sweet ass, how idiot he is to lose such a sweet ass ... I’ll tell her to suck my middle finger, make it very wet because I’ll stick it up her...

- Ryan: stop man ... I’m getting so turned on - Tyler: wait until you watch the recording - Ryan: You sound so sure - Tyler: Oh yea, look at them now, they are exchanging some nasty comments - Ryan: yes, they seem tense - Tyler: It’s happening, I’m telling you - Ryan: Can you lip-read?

- Tyler: She’s saying fuck you!

- Ryan: hahaha aside from that, what else is she saying?

- Tyler: literally man, she’s saying fuck you - Ryan: Geez you are right, he’s leaving ... Where’s he going?

- Tyler: Like I said, he’s ditching her, thinking she’ll run after him, what a fuckin idiot - Ryan: so now is your move? Tyler?

Tyler was on his way to Tammy who looks so broken and wounded. I walked after him, positioned myself close to him to hear him talk to Tammy.

- Tyler: Tammy! You look stunning! But why the long face?

- Tammy: he ditched me, can you believe that? He ditched me!

- Tyler: what a fuckin idiot! Why did he do that?

- Tammy: I have no idea! He just said so many things and just stormed out. Something about hating lawyers and their smart ass talk and their arrogant attitude and blablabla...

- Tyler: I guess he got intimidated by such a beautiful, smart and successful woman like you.

- Tammy: Fuck him, I hate him, I wish he burns in hell.

- Tyler: He’s embarrassing you in front of all your colleagues, he’s trying everything to hurt you, what a fuckin mean monster - Tammy: I don’t know what to do, do I storm out too? Do I stay and try and enjoy the party?

- Tyler: I have another idea, it’s out of the box, it’s crazy but it’ll teach him a good lesson and it’ll be so much fun for you.

- Tammy: what is it? Spell it already?

- Tyler: OK I’ll just say it: revenge sex!

- Tammy: huh? With who?

- Tyler: yours truly!

- Tammy: you? You’ll have revenge sex with me?

- Tyler: Oh yea! I’ll book us a room right here in this hotel right now. I’ll wear a mask so that he doesn’t see me but only sees the revenge you give him. Oh it’ll be the best revenge ever.

I saw a moment of hesitation in Tammy’s face but quickly disappeared as she felt the pain of rejection and almost immediately replaced all the pain with the passion for retaliation.

- Tammy: I like it! I hate this fuckin party anyway. I hate everyone here. Yes, let’s do it right now in this fuckin hotel.

- Tyler: Let’s go.

Tammy and Tyler walked side by side as I watched them leave in total disbelief. I was shocked on how Tyler’s prediction all came so true. My brain was racing in imagining what he’ll be doing the next couple of hours. I even wished that Tammy didn’t breakup with her boyfriend so soon so I could continue talking to Tyler and get some ideas. I found myself talking to myself: - I can’t remember any of my past birthdays I was this much excited.

- He’ll send me the recording!

- Will he?

- I’ll ask for it! He trusts me. He enjoys sharing with me his escapades. We are best friends.

- But wait! Will he even do the recording?

- with that hot woman, I doubt he’ll remember anything he said or promised - No, he said he’ll do the recording. He sounded so confident and determined. Besides, it’s, as he stressed, for a perfect revenge sex.

- Yes, he’ll definitely do the recording and definitely will share with me.

- Will he share it right after they finish? In the morning? May be on Monday? May be he’ll forget! Nah, I’ll remind him! I should remind him at midnight. No, I should remind him now. I’ll text him. As he prepares his cell for recording, he’ll see my text! Nah, I doubt that. When a lucky guy is getting to fuck a hot chick like Tammy, he won’t see anything but her juicy boobs and ass! He’ll be too busy talking to her, ravaging her. What a lucky fuck.

I tried to mingle, walk around, say hello to some people, but my brain was again back at Tammy and Tyler.

- By now, they should be in one of the rooms of this hotel.

- By now, they are fucking hard. Doggy fucking most likely!

- By now...

My cell in my pocket began to vibrate. I was receiving a notification. Whatever it was I just wanted to silence it and get back to my imagination about Tammy and Tyler. To my surprise, the notification is from Tyler about whether or not I accept live streaming! My fingers were shaking with excitement as I was trying to tap on “Accept”. The anticipation to see live steaming of a revenge sex, was shaking me to the core. I spend hours searching the internet for real sex, not acting, not pornography, but real footage of sex. My knees became so weak, I had to sit. The app was loading and establishing connection, I put on my wireless ear bugs and kept saying to myself: - the son of bitch kept his word!

- Not only he’s recording it, he’s live streaming it.

- I can’t wait, I’ll see live action, oh god I can’t wait - This is NOT PORN - These are not porn stars - They are Tyler and Tammy, they are my friends, my colleagues, oh gosh I can’t believe what I’m about to watch, my heart is pounding so hard, it’ll jump out of my chest!

- Let the show begin, let the show beg...

I was interrupted by a very tipsy colleague.

- Colleague: Hi Ryan! Long time no see! How have you been? Is this a great party or a great party huh?

- Ryan: Oh hi Jim! I’m sorry but I’m in the middle of something right now, excuse me...

I got up to rush away but Jim stopped me and asked: - Jim: I’m concerned buddy, is everything alright?

- Ryan: yes man everything is just fine, I just have to deal with something right now, I’ll talk to you later. Cheers

I rushed to the bathroom. My eyes were glued at my cell phone. I sat on the toilet seat, closed the door, locked it and not once did I remove my eyes from the screen. A face wearing batman mask appeared. I can recognize Tyler’s face under the mask. He began to talk with a rough voice just like batman: - Hey Sam, hey mister policeman, thanks for taking this livestream! Is the livestreaming working for you? Is it clear? Guess who’s here with me? Who did you ditch at the Christmas party tonight, huh? Do you want to know?

Batman slowly moves away revealing Tammy standing behind. Batman goes to her and says to the camera: - Who is this?

- Is this Tammy?

- The beautiful lady you want to breakup with.

- This angel woman you want to hurt?

- This successful smart proud future lawyer you want to hurt and humiliate before all her friends and colleagues?

- Well, tonight she’ll grant you your wish and much more - This angel will turn to a bitch, a whore - She doesn’t mind the spotlight, she welcomes the publicity, she loves the attention, she’s a lawyer remember?

- But what about you? Can you handle all that?

- Look how beautiful she is - Look at this beautiful blond hair, these beautiful blue eyes, this beautiful dress, beautiful jewelry, just everything - What a loser you are, Sam. What kind of a policeman you are, Sam?

- Only losers lose such a treasure, such a beauty - Hey Tammy, before I begin to play with you, do you want to say something to your boyfriend the policeman?

Tammy: - Hey Sam, you think I won’t do it? You think I won’t fuck on camera? Think again dumb shit.

- This man is gonna fuck me so hard and I’m gonna love it - Do you know who this man is? Yes, you do! You know him so well and he knows you. You two are buddies. I chose him because he’s one of your buddies.

- Curious to know who he is? Hahahaha - Try to think of all your buddies, who among them would gladly fuck your girlfriend on camera? Huh? Think Sam think!

- I promise he’ll remove his mask briefly while fucking me when his cock is deep inside me - He’ll remove his mask briefly to give you the shock of your life, the trauma that you’ll live with for the rest of your miserable fucking life - I’m just not sure in which of my holes he’ll decide to remove his mask!

- May be when his cock is in my mouth, he’ll remove his mask briefly.

- Or maybe when his cock is deep inside my pussy?

- Hey may be he’ll want to fuck the hole that you always wanted to fuck - Yes, son of a bitch, he may want to fuck my ass and I’ll love it ... and while he’s in my ass, he’ll remove his mask briefly to let you know how one of your close friends is fucking your girlfriend up the ass you piece a shit - So, don’t blink, don’t miss a second of this show, and let the fun begin

Tammy turned to the masked man (batman) and ordered him: “Begin”! Batman ran his fingers in her hair. She closed her eyes, feeling his fingers. He lifted her hair up and planted a kiss on the back of her neck. She let go a slight moan. He began to kiss more moving towards her mouth. He let go of her hair. His hands held her neck as he was kissing her mouth. “stick out your tongue” he ordered. While looking at the camera, Tammy stuck her tongue out and he sucked it.

As they get more intense, I suddenly noticed yelling and shouting was breaking out at the bathroom. I was so annoyed with this disturbance but then it turned to fighting. I can hear punching, pushing, kicking, wrestling and lots of swearing. I was just hoping all the fighting will fade away and I can go back to watching the live streaming. However, to my dismay, more men rushed in and more fighting and shouting took place. I knew I had to get out of that drunken place. I was just hoping I could leave without anyone noticing me. Unfortunately, the fighting was so intense, I had to stay where I am. I heard security officers were coming and police. It took about a good 15 minutes until the situation was brought under control and a voice with authority was addressed to me “Sir, you can come out now. The situation is under control.” I opened the door to see a policeman and blood stains in many spots of the bathroom. I thanked the policeman and rushed to my car at the parking lot of the hotel. I sat in my car and rushed to my screen. I knew I missed so much of the action. I was just hoping they didn’t finish or nothing went wrong. The first thing I saw in the screen was so shocking, I jumped in my seat.

It’s shocking to see a respectable, conservative, talented and beautiful friend like Tammy in a sexual position let alone a humiliating position. Though so demeaning but her face was filled with pleasure of revenge. She was saying “Sam, look at the perfume you bought me on Christmas, look where it’s going!” She was naked on the couch on four but one hand was pulling one cheek of her buttocks to face the camera and Tyler was behind her holding the bottle of perfume and inserting its tip in her anus. “Deeper!” she commanded as she pushed her buttocks against the sexy design of the perfume bottle, “I want the whole fuckin thing inside”. As the small bottle of perfume went all in, “step back” she told Tyler. She let her buttocks face the camera. I was seeing strong contractions on her anus. Slowly the anus began to open and in one go, the bottle of perfume jumped out. “Perfume my ass” she said with a relief. I couldn’t have ever imagined how revenge can be so outrageous and how it can turn someone so polite like Tammy into a maniac.

“It’s still hungry”, spoke Tyler with the rough voice. He pointed to Tammy’s anus and said, “look at her gaping asshole?” He poked the rim and the anus winked. He did it again and her anus winked more. He was like a little boy, so amused with a new toy! He then turned to the camera and placed his two middle fingers at the entrance of her anus. Slowly, he pushed them inside. She began to moan “Oh yes, finger-fuck my ass! I love it!” She turned to the camera and said “Are you happy Sam? His two fingers are up my ass, up the ass of your girlfriend, how does it feel to see one of your buddies have his two fingers up the ass of your girlfriend huh?” A minute passed with Tyler’s two fingers throbbing inside Tammy’s anus. Tyler’s other hand went to his mask “Now is the time to know who I am!”. Tammy responded while pushing her buttocks towards his two fingers “Yes, now is the time to tell that loser when two of your fingers are up my ass, tell him, show him your face”. As Tyler was lifting his mask, “Wait!” Tammy yelled, “do you want to fuck my ass with your cock?” Tyler was a bit reluctant. Tammy quickly continued “I’ll cleanup well for you babe.” Tyler was still a bit hesitant. “I’ll give you the best blowjob ever! I’ll do anything, please” she was begging. “I didn’t realize how hungry you are Tammy!” said Tyler “Sure! I’ll fuck you up the ass with my cock!”

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