A Moment in Submissive Training

by Kinechage

Copyright© 2019 by Kinechage

BDSM Sex Story: A little story I wrote for a submissive I'm training. A lengthy writing prompt. Anyone who feels the urge is welcome to send a response. :D

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Fiction   Vignettes   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Anal Sex   .

“I think it’s time to go to bed ... Sir,” you quietly tell me as we sit together. Having said Sir, you have voiced your last bit of free will until I choose release you.

I calmly stand and pull you to your feet by hair. You knew it was coming but you craved that first little pain. “Position,” I order. You lift your arms so I can peel the clothes from your body. You hold still but for when I tap your knees to step out of your wet panties lying at your feet, your feet coming to rest with your legs spread apart. I step back and you hold your eyes forward, your back straight as I assess your body.

“Rules?” I prompt.

Without moving or even glancing at me, you comply. “I shoul...”

You are cut off immediately by a hard slap on your left tit. “I?”

Remembering yourself, you say “Thank you” for correcting your error.

“Slut must be ready to use. Slut must obey. Slut must earn pleasure. Slut must thank Sir for correction.”

“Good, Slut,” I praise you. “Now, recite how you must be ready.”

You gasp as I begin to pinch your nipples hard, twisting and pulling, hard enough to make it difficult to hold still or concentrate.

“Slut must be clean. Slut must keep her cunt smooth. Slut must have a buttplug in when her ass is not being used so that she is ready.”

Releasing your stinging nipples, I roughly grab you between your legs, feeling the smooth and slick outer lips. I slide my hand further back and feel the base of the plug inside of you.

“Very good. Prepare the space.” I pick up the soaked underwear on the floor and jam them in your mouth.

You walk to the exit of the room, then kneel and begin to crawl through the kitchen. You know that I enjoy watching your ass as you crawl away. Behind you, you hear the shower turn on, so you hurriedly begin to move into the bedroom. You clear the bed and pull back the top linens. You set out a towel and place the collection of dildos, straps, and paddles neatly lined up. You select a dildo and climb onto the bed. Thrusting it deep inside of you, you put on the blindfold. You attach the clamps to your nipples and place your hands down so that your ass is close to the edge. From the other room, you hear the water shut off. You tremble to hold still while you wait, listening for steps approaching.

After an age, you hear the padding of someone walking into the room. You flinch and squirm as you feel the sharp crack of a hand across your raised ass.

“Did Slut just move? That won’t do at all.” You hear quietly in your ear, “Is Slut’s cunt so needy that she can’t hold still tonight?” You nod. “Hmph. Needy cunts must learn to wait.”

You gasp through your panties as I yank the dildo out of you abruptly. You try not to move as you brace for what is coming.

You feel the cool thin rod of the crop slide between your wet lips and your legs start to try to come together. “Oh my, Slut is useless tonight.”

You feel the band wrapped around your left thigh. A slap on the inside of your right thigh tells you to open your legs wider, then a cuff is put around your right leg. You can’t feel it, but you know that there’s a bar between the two hold you open. A flush of arousal and shame races through you, as you haven’t needed the training bar in weeks.

“How many times will I have to beat that needy cunt tonight, do you think?” I yank the panties from your mouth so you can respond. You know I hate it when you mumble.

All you want to do is whimper but you say quickly “Ten, Sir?”

“Hmm, no, I think you need to feel this one for a few days. Fifteen.”

One of your tits is grabbed, squeezed hard and yanked down. “Do. Not. Lose. Count.”

You feel me push your head down into the bed, indicating you should drop your front half.

WHACK. You feel the sharp sting of the crop on your labia. “One. Thank you for teaching my cunt.”

You feel a rapid set of harsh slaps now and hope that you counted right. “Two, three, four, five and six. Thank you for teaching my cunt.”

You feel a much harder impact now, and you know I’ve switched to a paddle, slapping it hard. You feel the blow move you forward. “Seven. Thank you for teaching my cunt.”

The next several beatings are hard, and you know you’ll feel bruised and used after this. “Eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. Thank you for teaching my cunt.”

The last crack against your wet and tormented lips is hard enough that if you still had been upright, it might have knocked you down. “Fifteen. Thank you for teaching my cunt.”

“Now,” I say as you feel the straps around your thighs being undone. “Do you remember what lesson we’re still working on?”

“Slut’s throat needs more training.”

“That’s right. Get in position.”

You flip over and put your head close to the edge of the bed as you’ve been taught, leaning your head down, the back of your head supported by the mattress, your legs bent so your feet are on the bed, wide apart. You feel the blood rushing into your head again as you open your mouth to receive a cock.

I take one of the dildos that is slightly larger than my own cock and push the head into your mouth by a few inches. I roughly yank one of the clamps on your nipples, and as you gasp, I shove the whole thing in your mouth. You fight to not gag as it pushes into your throat. You try to calmly not breathe as the blood pounds in your ears. You count in your head, “one, two, three, four” all the way to “fifteen” before I pull it out, letting you gasp for breath again. After you take two gulping gasps, your throat is stuffed again. This time you lose track after “twelve” as you start to feel dizzy.

“Very good,” I say as I pull it out. “Good Slut, you’re improving. No gagging.” I put the dildo aside and position myself in front of your dangling face. You’re still dizzy, but you happily whimper as I oh so slowly push my cock inside your mouth. “We both know that you have a much harder time when I go slow. Show me you deserve a reward today.” As the head of my cock presses against the back of your throat, you begin to gag a little and fight to hold it.

“As much as I love you to feel you gag around me, get it under control,” I command as I twist one of the clamps. You struggle, but you relax. I slide deeper into you, and this time you keep it together. Slowly, you take all of me into your mouth. “Very good, that’s much better, Slut.”

This time, as you count in your head, you feel the heat of my hardness inside of you. You make it to “twenty” and start to feel like you’re running low on air. Twenty five. Thirty and you’re not sure if you’re going to pass out, but hold still. I pull out entirely and you rapidly drink deeply of air again.

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