Crazed Cunt

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: What we don't know about our spouse might be a lot of fun to discover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Gang Bang   .

Cathy was struggling to act “normal” as her husband came home from a long workday. Hers had been amazing but she couldn’t share it with him or even have him be suspicious. It was the very first time anything like that had occurred in their twenty-four-year marriage or any other time in her almost forty-year life.

It was about sex, something she had never before been overly concerned about. There had been a stereotype wedding night first time, basic honeymoon fun, tapering frequency with two now-grown kids resulting. Ralph was a steady and dependable guy and sex was rather regular in style and frequency.

Then there was Brian, the eighteen-year-old boy from down the road that her husband hired to do yard and garden work that he couldn’t find time for. Of course Cathy was in charge. A nice boy who was a school athlete and could easily handle some of the tougher jobs.

It was him stripping down to some work shorts in the warm weather that started the situation that had Cathy in an emotional uproar. The view triggered some basic responses she’d long forgotten about. Then a visual shock set her off. Brian was spreading compost on the newly-tilled garden and she happened to look out of the house when he pulled out his dick and peed in the pile. Now that was a good thing, she knew, since urine is an excellent fertilizer. It was seeing the length and thickness of that hose which wasn’t fully hard that figuratively grabbed her cunt. “Damn,” she thought, “I didn’t know God made them that big!” She’d never had a comparison to her husband before. She jilled herself off for the first time in who knows how long before she went outside again. Her eyes kept being drawn to his crotch bulge.

Her husband wanted sex that night, not unexpectedly, and her imagination went wild so it was a struggle to act as usual. She jilled again after he rolled off and went to sleep. What could she do to get Brian interested in an old woman like her? Should she? It was all confusing and new to her.

It was a hot one the next day so she pulled on a loose t-shirt and left panties off under her loose gardening shorts with generous leg openings. They’d be down planting, or one at a time anyway, since it worked well to have one down on hands and knees and the other bringing the seeds or seedlings from the cart. They’d switch off jobs from time to time.

Brian took his shirt off soon and hers got sweat-soaked quickly, clinging to her full matronly breasts with nipples that were standing out more than usual. If she could just get hers off he might get interested, she thought. Was he getting any peeks up her short’s legs when she was hen one down?

When they took a break she had an idea. “Brian, come over here. I’m just burning up. Would you hose me down. Can’t hurt these clothes and would feel good.” She laughed as he did it and he wanted the same treatment. She made a point of spraying his crotch and it made him laugh. His eyes were on her chest a lot today, she happily observed.

Later, when the job was done, she took him back to the hose which she handed to him. Gathering all her gumption she asked, “I feel dirty so I want to take shower right here.” She pulled off her t-shirt and he rinsed the dirt and sweat off. Then she dropped her shorts and twirled around for that part. He was fascinated and didn’t stop until she said, “Now your turn.”

He faced away from her as he dropped his drawers until she insisted he rotate. The hose shook in her hand as the big male part, more inflated than she’d ever seen it, swung into view. She walked closer so she could hold the hose over his head and was in arm’s reach of that magnificent tool. He flinched a little as she wrapped a hand around it and gave a big groan which startled him.

“Ms. Cathy, are you alright?” he asked.

“Never better! This is the nicest one I’ve ever seen. Do you mind?”

“No. Why should I?” A pause, then “Can I touch you?” Her other hand pulled his to her protruding breasts. That was just for starters. Out there in the barn she found a soft spot and the next hour was exploration time culminating in the careful entry into her welcoming cunt.

As he moved in and out she babbled her sensations, so different than any copulation before. He’d ejaculated not long after entry but she kept him captured with her strong legs wrapped around and he didn’t wilt much. The second time was relaxed and prolonged with kissing and touching and even a position change without withdrawal. She liked being on top much more than her husband did so Brian had a tit-party with them hanging above him, easily accessible to hands and mouth.

After Brian’s third ejaculation, something she had never experienced before in one coupling, and her fifth, they lay together damn sweaty from a different kind of planting. “Brian,” she asked, “have you done this before?”

“Yes, ma’am. But only with two girls my age. Never with someone like you. I really liked it but you’re married!”

“I know and it’s the first time with anyone besides my husband. You just now turned me on more than ever in my life. I hope you want to do this again sometime.”

He pulled out his relatively limp hose, still as big as her husband’s best, and said he had to get home. Was he working tomorrow? She nodded and he left. She showered and rinsed her pussy out so she wouldn’t smell like all the sex she’d just had. What would she do if hubby wanted some tonight? Not likely two nights in a row. Time to get busy with supper.

As they ate, Ralph asked her how the planting had gone. She coyly remarked that Brian was a good planter and had buried a lot of seeds. Her cunt tingled at that double-entendre remark.

Lying next to her husband later she tingled with the idea of having him moving in her cunt this day too. But would he be able to tell she’d already taken on a bigger one? Someday she’d find out, no doubt.

The next day cock and cunt were eager to start the day with play. When the work was done there was time for a more leisurely second screw even though they were hot and sweaty from the weather. That became a pattern, even on rainy days. Cathy loved fucking outdoors, something her husband had never even suggested. With the rain pouring down on them she was blissfully balling. A nearby lightning strike gave her an orgasm with the flash and the body-shaking boom.

That night she expected marital sex and had to play-act. He gave her sensitized genitals a stronger orgasm than usual, aided greatly by how they had been treated earlier by Brian. She regretted having to hold back her external responses because she felt damn sexy with two screws in the same part of the same day.

Brian didn’t question the gifts from her groin, happily doing whatever she wanted and as often. Her emotions were wilder than any previous time in her life. As she felt closer to Brian who was a great student of this new knowledge, she found layers of her sexual onion peeling away to show new things. It became easy to gleefully fuck one at one time and the other later on in the day. Her womanliness grew.

Ralph’s plant had a power failure and, since it was mid-afternoon, most everyone was sent home. When he walked in the kitchen she wasn’t there. That wasn’t surprising. What was a shock hit him when he looked out the window to the garden area. His naked wife was bouncing up and down on Brian on the ground next to the equipment shed. His breath caught and he watched, almost paralyzed, for a couple of minutes before turning to the fridge to get a beer.

A while later Cathy came in the kitchen door from outside, holding her clothed in front of her and wanting to take a shower before putting clean ones on. She was the one paralyzed this time, confronting her husband at the kitchen table holding a beer with a couple of empties nearby. His voice slurred, “I thought the seed planting was done a while back.”

She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. He could hear the shower running. In a while she came out in a robe.

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