It's Tahm Ah Lernt

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Hillbilly guy gets his first piece and it's a doozie. That's just for starters.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Sharing   Gang Bang   First   Pregnancy   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since Ah have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies, if you are old enough to know who they were, and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

It’s me and Paw and two older brothers out here in dirt poor country. Ma run off when Ah was ten with an ensiklapeedeah salesman sayin she wanted to be with smarter people fer a change.

This here story is about when cousin Sarah Jo came to visit. She’s Paw’s cousin and real old, like about thirty. Said she wanted to get away from her big city husband fer a while and remember her roots. She remembered Paw from when they were kids and used to fool around a lot.

Sarah Joe has real nice clothes and her hair is fixed up and all. She cooked real good too. Paw said she’d sleep in my bed because it was time Ah learnt about women. Ah wasn’t sure what he meant but he were the boss.

The first night she was there Paw got some fresh shine and Ah even got a little taste. After a while he took Sarah Jo to his bedroom and Ah heered the creakin and moanin like him and Ma used to make. Sometimes he’d bring some woman home and they’d make them noises too.

Sarah Jo came out in a robe and took my two brothers to their room fer a while too and there wus lots more of them noises.

By now it was bedtime so she came to my room and took off her robe. She was nekkid underneath! Ah’d only seen pictures and she were better than any of ‘em. Her titties stuck out real nice and she didn’t have no hair down where she pisses. That surprised me cuz all the older girls round here had it. Ah’d seen em when they’d squat down to pee when we wus walking.

Well, Ah sleep nekkid too and when she got under the covers she said, “Whooeee! Good thing I got loosened up.” Ah don’t know if it was perlite or not but my boner was a pointing at her when she said that.

She run her fingers over it then she give me a little kiss and said, “I’m too tired to handle that right now so I’ll do it in the night.”

Ah wasn’t sure what she meant so Ah just said OK and went to sleep. Ah usually rubs my tallywhacker until the white stuff shoots out but that don’t seem perlite to do in front of company.

A while later Ah was having a dream that somebody was foolin around with my pecker. God damn, it was Sarah Jo! She was a holdin my balls and her mouth was right over the head of it. Ah never felt something like that and it was real good. She looked up at me in the moonlight and commenced to doing other things with her mouth. My pecker started to get that feeling just before it shoots and Ah told her so. She just nodded cause her mouth was real full and kept on sucking so Ah just let it go.

When it was all done shooting she stopped and said, “Boy, you taste real good.” Ah never thought to taste that stuff but then she moved up and give me one of them French kisses and Ah got to taste it too. It was shore different.

Ah usually stays hard after shootin so Ah can do it agin raht away. Sarah Jo had another idea. She moved up over me and all of a sudden my boner was up inside her crotch right near where she pees. Hot damn! That felt even better than her mouth. She started movin up and down and a moanin like with Paw and my brothers. After a while Ah felt the juice a shooting up my pecker and it felt different and better than ever, maybe because it was being gripped so nice. Sarah Jo started really moaning and shaking and Ah got worried. She laid down on my chest after it got over and said real quiet, “That was some damn good fuckin!”

So THAT’S what fuckin was. Ah’d been wonderin for quite a whal. Ah knew folks wuz a wantin to do it all the time. Ah asked her real polite, “Kin we do it agin? My boner is still hard.”

She laughed a little bit and said, “You’re going to have to do the work this time.” Didn’t seem like work to me.

She rolled us over and helped me to git between her legs. “Here, let me show you how to put it in my pussy.” Then she grabbed my buns and made me to move the right way while she just laid there and made happy noises. After Ah shot more juice in her we slept for a while.

Ah asked her if this was what she’d done with Paw and my brothers before she came to my bed. She said yes and Ah said she was the nicest cousin ever. That made her smile real big.

At breakfast Paw asked her if’n it went alright. “Alright, hell! I enjoy all of you but he’s got the biggest tool I’ve ever had. This is a great vacation and it’s just started.”

She asked me to take her swimming at the crick and we took a lunch. Even before we swum she put me on the blanket and got on top like last night. Then she showed me how to make her big titties feel good and Ah especially liked sucking on them like a baby does.

After we swum a bit another cousin of hers stopped by and she fucked him “doggy style”. Ah understood why it was called that. After he shot his juice and left she said he weren’t near as good as me but she was bein polite and now Ah should do her that way too. Ah could reach around and play with them nice titties hanging down and swinging when Ah pumped.

Ah told her that Ah guessed sex was easier for girls since they didn’t have to get their sex parts all hardened up to do it. She laughed and said that pussies sometimes got sore but it took quite a few peckers to do that to hers. This visit had that possibility. At home she didn’t get enough to matter. Ah guess there wasn’t much family around to help her husband out.

So all week she fucked the four of us a lot and Ah took her over to visit some other family and an old boyfriend. She usually had me watch with them so Ah could learn things to do to her later.

Ah was sad when she left. She kissed me and squeezed my pecker in my Big Smiths, “Don’t you worry hon. I’ve told a few of your women kin about your equipment. Now you know how to use it too. I’m going to invite you to visit me the next time my husband goes on a business trip. I’ll tell him you are good at fixing things. You sure are, big boy!”

Ah ain’t never been out of the county or ridden on one of them Greyhound busses either. Ah hope it happens soon. In the meantime my brother’s girlfriend has been slippin into my bed after she fucks him to sleep. She says she hopes Ah don’t mind if her pussy’s slippery because my pecker goes in easier. Ah told her Ah’m used to it and that keeps me from shooting so fast.

Some girls and a married lady at church have been talking to me a lot and inviting me to visit. This fuckin business takes more time and energy than Ah figgered, but it shore is fun.

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