My Ex Boss

by Lisa Peacock

Copyright© 2019 by Lisa Peacock

Erotica Sex Story: Laura embarkes on a world tour, he AO as they call it, but things dont go quite as they should, it was an adventure, but not `the normal kind

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Blackmail   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Slut Wife   MaleDom   Light Bond   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   .

Laura is just another girl ... who blossoms into womanhood ... a near sexual relationship, with one of her fellow college students, is just the start. She leaves on her big EO, spending time globe trotting ... taking work whenever and wherever she can ... meeting up with what she thinks is a very handsome ... very nice Nigerian guy ... she finds herself finishing up in a rather seedy outback town ... meeting up with some very unsavoury characters...

Prologue Just how far would you go to help your husband? Well I guess there would be many different answers ... some would go a long way, and some would perhaps do nothing. We would have to look at each individual circumstance. Ok here’s Laura Humphrey’s response.

Laura married Tony three years ago. It’s been a very happy marriage ... and most of all, devoted and in love

“If that was the case why did she do what she did?”

Good question, not too sure I have the answer ... perhaps it was that love and devotion ... and wanting to protect him that she did what she did. Anyhow enough from me ... here is her story just as she told it ... you be the judge ... would you go so far?

Charlie Lynch was a bastard ... a real smug arrogant bastard. Until a few months ago he’d been my boss ... as it happens he was, and still is Tony’s boss ... the creep. No, no not Tony ... Charlie Lynch.

You see Charlie and I go back, we were at school together. Back then he was a real good looking smooth kind of a guy. Women just fell over themselves, almost peeing their pants just to be with him ... and yes I confess I was one such young girl ... but whoow was he something.

Real good looks, thick mop of black hair ... like a god from Greek mythology, nothing like the man he is today ... no one would believe it was the same person, hair now thinning, a waist line that is expanding with each year, round face and jowl like chin.

The problem he has, is he still thinks in the past, thinks all the females are as eager to be with him as they were then ... sad news is Charlie they are not.

He does however have a couple of things on his side.

He married the boss’s daughter, a rather plain dowdy, sour faced woman, who rarely if ever smiles. No one could understand how a good looking guy that he was, married a girl like that ... she was the complete opposite to everyone’s expectations ... but marry her his did, and with it went a good job as manager for a transport company ... a very big transport company, perhaps that’s what the big attraction was. Of course we all thought it had been for other reasons ... you know, got her up the duff, but there never did follow any children.

As I was saying, he and I were at school together, and I like most of the others lusted after him, dreamed and fantasised about him.

He was slowly working his way through the girls, screwing one after the other, but once he’d had his way, that was it, it was on to the next one.

It was soon my turn ... the school dance was coming up, and he needed a partner, who better than Laura Singleton

“Hmmm yes she needs a bit of this” he thought to himself, rubbing his hard crotch, his mind running riot at the thought of putting it up me.

Naturally when asked if I’d like to be his partner at the dance, I had no hesitation in saying most enthusiastically yes.

At the dance itself, most of his attention was toward me, he still managed to find time to flirt with some of the other girls though ... I mean it was in his nature ... like that scorpion story...”Yeah I promise not to sting you...” Or a car salesman saying “Trust me I’m a car salesman” now that is a contradiction in terms ... sorry all you car people.

It was like all school dances, the sly alcoholic drinks, and the odd drag on a joint out back, trying to waft the smoke and smell away ... and keeping an eye out for patrolling teachers.

“Here let’s take a walk outside, get some fresh air hun ... what do you think?”

I thought it was an excellent idea ... and told him so.

The great big satisfied smile on his face told me what he really had in mind, and it wasn’t just fresh air We made our way to the exit, I was pretty sure no one had seen us, they were all far too involved dancing and having to good a time to see Charlie and I sneak outside.

The outside area, especially the entrance/exit area was well lit ... and well lit was not what we wanted ... not for what Charlie had on his mind.

“This way” he said, grabbing my hand and almost dragging me after him.

My short tight fitting skirt made it almost impossible to keep up with him ... my hi heels clicking and clacking as I stumbled along behind.

He led me around the corner where there was shadow and darkness ... perhaps we should have gone further ... like around the back ... but Charlie was eager to get it up, and decided here was good enough.

He pushed me against the wall, and was at it straight away. His hands at the back of my neck, pulling my mouth and lips to his ... we were hungry, mouth and lips kissing with a ferocious lust, our tongues in each other’s mouth.

His hand found my breast, and began to squeeze and massage.

“Oh Laura ... Laura you’re fantastic ... just fantastic ... I’ve waited ages to do this” he gasped and then began to kiss again before I could answer.

He tugged my blouse from out of my skirt band, and his hand found its way up to my breasts, pushing my bra aside to feel the warm bare tit ... a tit that was now all firm and a nipple that was real hard.

“Awwww shit ... shit ... Laura ... Laura” he managed to mumble, as he sucked in some air before more lustful kissing. I was just as bad as he was, as I pulled his mouth and lips to mine, god my heart pounded, and I have to say I had a very wet pussy right then.

Forgetting my breast, his hand went under the hem of my skirt, working up my thigh, and down my panties, before finding what he was really after ... that very wet cunt.

“Ohhh god” he hissed, pushing his finger inside and finding it wet already.

“Ohhh my fucking god” he hissed again, his finger working furiously

“Oh god Charlie ... Charlie is this right ... I’m not too sure we should be doing this” I said.

“Ohhh sweetheart of course it’s right ... it’s gona feel good for both of us ... trust me ... you do trust me ... don’t you?” he said, his finger still working inside me ... fast and furious.

“Oh yes Charlie, yes ... yes ... I do ... I do ... its ... It’s just that I’m scared ... I’ve ... I’ve never done it before” I stammered, but that finger of his was making me feel giddy, I’d never felt or experienced anything like this before.

His response was to press his mouth and lips to mine and so we continued to kiss passionately.

Oh yes I was scared ... but I was also hungry for it ... and what he was doing, was making it very difficult, if not impossible to stop ... or say no. My fingers tightened around his thick head of hair, and I pulled and pressed my mouth to his, eating and biting, tongues delving.

He stopped his finger fucking long enough to tug and pull my panties down ... they were now around my knees ... then continued to finger fuck me.

Now it was starting to dawn on me, there’s a big difference between my fantasies and the real thing ... I was scared ... because in a moment or so he was going to get it up.

“I know you’re concerned my love ... it’s only natural ... it’s your first time ... but trust me ... it’s gona be all right ... I’ll be real careful”

“Oh god Charlie ... I don’t know ... you’ll be careful ... won’t you ... promise”

“Yea ... yeah ... I promise ... I wouldn’t do anything to harm you ... you’re the one for me ... I just want to protect and love you” he said, smothering any further response from me by further kissing.

I heard the zip on his fly as he pulled it down ... my body tensed, and my heart and pulse rate rose ... oh god this was it.

He placed the hard throbbing monster ... and I can testify that he did have a good sized dick ... on my stomach, pressing it into my soft belly, squirming and gyrating.

I was so confused that at first I thought he had put it up, but it was his finger inside me, not his dick.

He kissed and licked my ear murmuring, “I think you’re ready for it love ... I’m gona put it up now ... you ok with that?”

“Yes ... yes” I murmured

“Ok what I want you to do is spread your legs wide apart, as far as you can”

“Yes ... yes” I sighed “Oh god”

“Don’t worry it’s gona be great ... you just have to trust me ... and you do trust me don’t you?”

Once again I affirmed that I did trust him.

“Ok let’s do it” he said pushing back.

He had his cock in his hand, and teasingly pressed and brushed it over my thigh first, prior to putting it up ... he was just about to put it in ... I’m not too sure if I felt the hard head touch my pussy lips or not ... I’m pretty certain he did not get any part of it in, but that’s as far as he got.

Voices were coming from around the corner ... the voices of two teachers ... one male ... one female.

“God hurry ... put that thing away” I said in a hushed panicky voice, not wanting to be heard, and pushing him away.

“No ... no I can get it up first, stop panicking” he replied, now angry.

“Don’t be stupid ... there’s a couple of teachers just around the corner ... they’ll be coming this way stupid” I said, still in a hoarse whisper, and hurriedly pulling my knickers back up.

“Don’t call me stupid you slack bitch ... I could have given you a good fucking before they come round here ... god what you like?”

“Give me a good fucking ... and slack bitch eh?” I replied “Is that all I am to you a slack bitch?”

“Of course ... you didn’t really take any notice of all that other shit I spun ... did you?”

I just stared at him, a little stunned, how stupid can a girl get

“Ha you did, didn’t you ... then you really are a slack bitch ... all I ever wanted to do was give you a good fuck ... that’s all slack bitches like you deserve ... a good fuck ... and don’t tell me you weren’t up for it ... because you were” he said chuckling and smiling I’d managed to get my panties back in position, my blouse tucked back in my waist, and my breast back into the cup ... then ran my fingers through my hair.

He in the mean time had tucked his cock back in his trousers as was zipping up his fly. We stood for a while waiting to see what the two teachers were going to do. They chatted and smoked, then went back inside.

“See ... I told you ... I could have had it up ... had a good fuck, and no one would know”

“Yeah well at least I now know how it really is between us ... you really showed your true colours eh?”

“And you now know your true pedigree, a cheap slut ... even a whore”

I guess it had been a near thing ... I shudder to think what it would have been like just to be another notch on his bed ... another cheap slut ... well he never got this cheap slut.

I had little to do with him from then on ... although he did claim me as one of his conquests, as I learned from other students ... well let him have his little fantasy ... he really wasn’t worth it.

From school I went on an overseas trip, adventure, and yes I did eventually lose my virginity to what I thought at the time was a very nice well presented Nigerian guy ... named Leo Ndigwi. He was well mannered and a gentleman, always courteous and was maybe about five years older than me.

I met him in London ... in order to make a living as I went, I took temping jobs for various companies ... we met up at the offices of Stine, Barford and Fleming ... an accounting firm. We had passed each other in corridors and offices and he was always charming and courteous ... I thought he was a little shy ... and was surprised when one day at the coffee dispenser, he plucked up the courage to ask me out, just a meal he said. But as it turned out we started to have quite a few meals out, and before long we had a pretty heavy thing going. I moved in to his flat, and we shared expenses ... which was great for a girl on a rather limited income.

When we had first met up, I’d told Leo what my plans had been, to get around the world and see as many places as possible before returning home ... he was aware of all this beforehand.

I was now at the point where I felt it was time to move on. I was surprised when Leo came to me and said

“It must be getting near to time for you to move on Laura?”

“Funny you should mention that Leo ... I was about to discuss it with you ... you must be a mind reader or something ... why do you ask?’

“Well my time here is about up also ... I too have to return home ... to Nigeria ... ever been there?”

I confessed that I hadn’t.

“Would you like to make a stop over there on your world tour?”

I admitted it had never been a country on my must visit list.

However there was a certain logic behind it, I got to visit a country I knew little or nothing about, but I did have a chaperone, in the form of Leo, who was from there ... first stop off was a major city, after all we both needed jobs. We decided on the city of Abuja ... a newer and upcoming city, where we thought we had the best chance in our search for employment ... we were right.

It was all new and exciting for me ... a job, a good man, places to visit and some good night life ... I really felt great and glad I’d come along for the ride. Alas just when you think it’s all going well ... it suddenly turns dark and stormy.

I’d sensed a change in Leo ... and when he came to me and said he’d like to go back to his home town ... that was the time it all as they say “Turned to custard”

He assured me that I would like the town, small by comparison to where we were now, but real people. He eventually talked me into going with him ... after all this was a place and area he was born, brought up in so it must be good...

After a flight of some 2 hours in an old two engined death trap ... we arrived, and my heart just sank ... god what had I come to. Leo of course was full of enthusiasm, pointing out the places where had grown up. We stayed at a rather dubious hotel ... apparently his family had moved away three years previously ... obviously for better pickings, and far better life style.

“I want to take you out tonight, show you off and show you some of the places I used to visit in my youth”

Yeah how exciting, I thought to myself ... what could possibly be interesting here?

We turned up at ... well a rather sleazy bar. “The Mustard Pot” “Yeah I know it looks nothing from the outside ... but I assure you, you get the best fried chicken meal here in all Nigeria” adding “If not the world ... it belongs to a friend of mine ... Rick Chukwa.

“Yeah whoow I am impressed” I think my sardonic response was lost on Leo As it turned out he was right, the chicken was the best, but I had to question the class of customer, and the working staff, well I mean scantily clad women, mixing with the customers, draping themselves over them ... it was quite obvious what it was all about.

“Yeah I know” said Leo, indicating to the women, and knowing what I was thinking.

“But they make good money ... there’s a gold mine and an oil field not too far from here ... tonight is a quiet night, but when the miners and drillers get time off this is where they make for”

“Yeah ... I can imagine” I replied A booming voice resonated across the room

“Leo ... Leo my very good friend ... hi”

I turned and saw a big broad shouldered Nigerian guy striding toward us.

It was like two brothers meeting, handshakes and man hugs.

He was very black, no surprise, and he was very, very good looking, he had that “IT” factor, a girl couldn’t help be feel a tingling down there ... whoow. He was dressed in a fine linen suit, open neck shirt, and smart shoes ... it didn’t come from a Target store ... and must have cost a fortune.

Leo introduced us ... but the way he looked me up and down, kind off worried me ... his eyed scanned me top to bottom ... and that smile, disarming ... but could be dangerous ... but then what was I scared of?

Hi Laura ... I’m Richard Chukwa ... Rick to all my friends ... I hope I can be your friend Laura” offering his hand

“Yes of course Richard ... I mean Rick” taking his hand.

His eyes bore into me, and his hand held mine longer than it should have.

“Barman drinks all round” he shouted, and inviting all of us to sit There followed a session of drinking and questions and answers ... where was I from and how had I met Leo ... but all the time his eyes never seemed to shift from looking me over, whenever I crossed my legs, his eyes were there, looking at my thighs ... I guess I did stand out, white, with tanned skin and blond ... a hot and sought after commodity in these parts.

By the time we left, I was quite light headed, and needed the support of Leo to get me back to our hotel ... we made hot delicious love that night.

After a month I was starting to get restless, and there wasn’t any work forthcoming, Leo was paying the bills, it couldn’t go on.

Leo found a job which was part time, didn’t pay much but it did help. It kept him away from me for a few hours during the day, it was becoming boring, as there was little to do in the area, most were working in the oil fields or mining ... in the mean time people just went their way ... whatever that may be. It wasn’t as if it was an interesting little town, never on the tourist list. Having wandered the main street, time and time again, I was becoming a little bored with the routine, this was not what I intended for an overseas trip.

“The Mustard Pot” came into view, as I sauntered up the street.

Perhaps a cold drink, spend some time in there, kill the boredom, all came to mind.

I pushed through the door and a cold blast of air from the air-conditioning hit me.

Hmmmm this was better already, as I made for the bar, and hitched up on the bar stool. I ordered a fruit juice ... cold. It wasn’t the busy part of the day ... a couple or three of the regulars ... a girl or two hanging around and hoping to score.

I ordered an orange juice ... cold

“Well ... well ... look who’s here”

It was Rick ... never one to miss an opportunity.

I gave him a cordial smile “Hi Rick, and how you doing?”

“Oh much ... much better now that you’re here” he replied, scanning the area before adding “And no Leo ... so where’s Leo?” a very cheerful grin on his face.

I took a moment to ponder, and look him straight in the eye ... what was going on inside him ... as if I didn’t know.

“Well Rick he’s working ... someone has to keep the cash flow going ... and at present it’s him”

I saw a smile on his face, and that mind of his working overtime, “Yeah well we should really do something about that ... don’t you think ... I mean get you some work as well ... perhaps a business that you both can work”

“Oh yeah ... and what did you have in mind?”

He looked away from me and said “Well I have a business contact who is good with small businesses, a business broker, a bit of an expert in his field ... I could give him a call ... he could have something on his books, you and Leo could have a chat with him ... see if what he’s got suits you”

I eyed him suspiciously. “You’re kidding aren’t you? Why do you want to help Leo and I”

“Well Leo is a good friend ... we go back a ways. Brought up around here ... and besides I like you” his face beamed ... he had a smile ... but so did the crocodile.

He moved in close ... too close. My heart began to pound, this guy was dangerous ... I wanted, yet didn’t want him ... I feared him ... not the terrified fear ... it was the power he seemed to have over me ... could I control it ... that was the question.

He slid one arm around my back, drawing me close, holding me tight. The other hand went behind my neck, and drew my mouth to his, my lips upon his lips. I made no resistance, my arms flew around his neck, pulling his mouth to mine, our kissing was passionate and filled with hunger and lust ... our tongues pushed and delved. The hand behind my back, slid to my ass, massaging and squeezing it, when he pressed against me, I could feel his hardened manhood ... his hips gyrated, making sure I got the message ... oh I got the message all right.

With great effort I pushed away ... I was gasping for air.

“No ... no ... god no” I eventually managed to gasp. “I can’t do this”

He merely smiled, giving a wicked chuckle. “Of course you can Laura ... you want it ... I want it ... we both want it to happen” he said stepping close again, grabbing me back into his arms, and crushing his mouth and lips to mine once again, and again I responded ... hungry and lustful.

One of his hands was on my ass, squeezing, as the other hand slid between my thighs, rubbing my pussy area.

“Come on ... let’s go into my office it’s nice and quiet, big desk for you to bend over and a big couch ... you’d like that wouldn’t you?, let’s go?”

Taking my hand, he led me toward the office, with that big desk, and big couch. My stomach churned, my heart and pulse raced, my legs felt weak. As we approached, the door was wide open, I could see the desk he wanted me to bend over, and then the couch came into view ... I pulled free.

“No ... no ... I can’t do this ... it’s not ... it’s just not right”

Turning back toward me he said. “Of course it’s right honey ... it’s what we both want ... you want it just as much as me, I felt it in your kiss ... you’re hungry and eager for it ... come on love, the desk beckons” a smile upon his face, his hand outstretched, fingers beckoning to me. “Come on love ... come on” he said his voice calm and [censored].

My feet were frozen; I just stared at him, unable to move, like some animal caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. I had backed away some distance. He took a step closer, his fingers still beckoning me, his voice calm quiet and calming.

“That’s the way ... we can do this, you and I ... it’s going to be magic ... and an experience you’ve never had before ... you’ll see ... I promise” another step toward me, hand outstretched.

My eyes centred on the big desk ... images passing through my mind, my body bent and stretched over it, my naked ass and legs wide apart, Rick coming up behind me, assuring me it was all going to be good ... then the feel of his big hard cock as he enters me ... it’s fullness ... ohhhhhhh.

I shake my head, clear the images, and back away.

“No ... no ... no ... I can’t, I won’t” I say to him, and continue to back away.

He laughs. “No dear ... no you want it ... we both know that ... it’s no good denying it”

“Nooooooo” I said firmly, “Never” and turned toward the door.

“You can run Laura ... but you can’t hide from your emotions ... sooner or later you’ll be back ... you’ll see” continuing to laugh Outside I supported myself against the warm brick of the building, my heart still pounding. I took deep, slow breaths ... trying to calm myself.

God how could I ... he was right, I had wanted it ... in that moment we were together ... I really wanted it ... my pussy had been wet, was still wet at the thought ... in fact still was wet. I could quite easily at that moment gone back in and beg for it, but I kept strong ... and on shaky weak legs I walked away.

I took refuge in our dilapidated hotel room ... the place we called home these days. The temperamental air-con was doing its best to keep the room cool ... at least is was better than the outside temperature...

I could not but help think about what had almost happened that afternoon ... it wasn’t so much I was scared about Rick ... it was about me ... I was scared about what I was capable of doing when this guy was near me.

When Leo eventually finished his work and returned home, it was hard for me to settle. I fidgeted and could not keep still, I just did not know if I should tell him ... or how to go about it ... eventually.

“Hey sweetheart ... what’s up ... you’ve been jumping around like a cat on hot bricks ... something wrong ... you can tell me?”

Of course he knew something was wrong ... how could he not ... with me acting as I was.

“Oh shit ... oh shit, I just don’t know how to tell you this” I replied, staring out of the window.

I admitted everything ... left nothing out, from going in to coming out.

“But I swear ... that’s a far as it got ... we never... (Pause) we never did actually do it”

“You mean fuck ... you and he never fucked, is that right?”

“That’s right we never got that far” I murmured

“But you wanted to, didn’t you?”

God what could I say ... if I was to be truthful.

“Yes ... yes I did ... I was tempted” then adding “But I never ... I never went that far”

He looked away from me, deep in thought, before turning back.

“Ok ... ok I believe that ... I should have known Rick ... he always did want to prove a point ... even when we were kids, everything I had he wanted, especially women, like he had to prove a point ... we’ve been mates for years ... like brothers, but he never changes ... like the scorpion ... now he wants’ you”

I wasn’t too convinced he believed me ... and to be fair ... I could understand if he didn’t ... but the truth was I hadn’t.

I should have known Rick wasn’t going to give up. I made a point of not going to his bar; I guess I didn’t trust myself as well as him ... I kept the temptation at arm’s length.

The flowers and notes were left at the reception, and Rick no doubt, knew the receptionist wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to read the messages therein.

“Sweetheart that was the best sex, and most memorable afternoon I have ever spent with a woman ... we must do it again sometime ... soon”

The next day again similar message with more flowers

“Oh god what can I say each time the sex just gets better, love you xxxxx”

Three days, three bunches of flowers and three messages, and all implying I had sex with him ... well he must have a very long dick to reach all the way from the club to our room.

Then one night Leo came to me

“Hey Rick has offered us a business proposition”

“Yea what kind of proposition” I asked.

“Well one we can run ourselves ... pretty easy money ... and let’s be fair we need the cash”

“Yeah but what’s the deal, what do we do ... and I don’t have the cash to invest into any business deal” I replied.

“No ... no there’s no upfront money ... Rick can take care of all that ... we can pay him back from the profits”

“Yeah well I’d feel a lot happier if I knew before hand what the deal is”

Somehow I knew if Rick was involved it was a scheme that would involve me ... the fox at work, wanting to get to the chickens.

“We have to meet up with him tomorrow ... at the bar, he’s got his guy he wants’ us to meet ... explain all about it”

I still wasn’t happy about it ... but agreed to go along and meet this guy Rick was his all charming self ... like the wolf or smiling crocodile. It was supposed to be a business deal and Leo had me dress nice, black dress, short, and black stocking. I should have known then what this business deal was all about ... I’d never worn stockings out here ... so why now ... well it was business, and we had to put on an impression ... crossing my legs in front of Rick brought an all new meaning.

“I have someone for you and Leo to meet Laura ... through here” he said standing and offering his hand.

“Er where are we going” I asked

“You’ll see ... he’s the guy who is gona make you and Leo a lot of money”

“What about Leo. Shouldn’t he be in on this as well?” I asked “After all if it’s a business deal”

“Yeah ... yeah sure he is ... but we’ve er split into two groups ... I show Leo the figures first, Toad ... well that’s his nickname ... real name Larry Iwhoha ... he’s good ... he wants to show you the other side of the business.

I looked at Leo, who just shrugged and said “Well I guess so”

I went with him down a passage to a room ... the room was quite large and furnished with three chairs and a large couch, along with other suitable pieces of furniture, as we entered a man stood and greeted us. He was black, large in stature, and rotund and sweating, even the big rotating ceiling fan couldn’t keep him from sweating He quickly introduced himself as Larry Iwhoha, better known as Larry (The Toad) ... and the name suited him well, that’s exactly what he looked like ... a big fat toad his shaved black head was just plonked on top of his shoulders, no neck ... there was a brief conversation between this Larry the toad and Rick ... all in Nigerian, so I had no idea what it was all about.

“Ok ... I’ll leave you two to sort it all out ... sing out when you’re done”

“Would you like a drink?” he offered

“Er no ... no thank you ... I prefer to get on with this business deal” I replied.

He swirled the ice in his glass, then swallowed it and the whiskey in one go.

He just sat there staring at me ... not saying a word, his eyes looking directly at my legs and short skirt.

“Yes ... yes ... good let’s go” he eventually said

“Go where?” I asked

“To conclude the business ... you do want to conclude the business don’t you?”

“Yes of course, but why elsewhere why not here?”

“Because I have all the things we need in the other room” his reply He stood and offered me his hand, I refused it, but followed him out, and down the hall to another room. After opening the door bid me to proceed, and quickly followed

“Ladies before gentlemen” he quipped.

When I entered I could see this was not the kind of deal that I had in mind ... a room with a bed and a chair ... and the bed had cuffs attached top and bottom, bondage ... the room was set up for bondage ... wooden crosses, chains, cuffs and gags ... it was all there.

“Hey what is this?” I said, turning toward him

“Oh come on sweetheart ... this is the business you said you wanted to conclude ... eager to finish you said”

“Yeah but not this ... I’m not into bondage ... and I’m not a prostitute either”

“Oh come on of course you are ... I know all about you, and I know its all part of the game ... playing hard to get eh?” he said, making toward me, placing his arms around my waist and crushing me, like he was a big bear. “Rick has explained it all to me ... I understand ... it’s all part of the role play eh” he said winking

“No ... no I can assure you I am not role playing here fella”

His hand slid to my ass, grabbing a hand full of flesh.

“Hmm nice butt hun” he said He obviously wasn’t getting the message.

“How many times do I have to tell you buddy, I’m not up for sale ... I’m not a prostitute?”

“Yeah ... yeah whatever ... hey why don’t you get out of your clothes, lay on the bed and let me slip those cuffs on you eh ... then we can have some real fun?” his hand now between my legs, working it’s way up my skirt, his hand was hot and sweaty on my thigh ... his pudgy fingers were trying to get at my panties and pull them off. Being grappled and groped by a bear, and trying to get free was not easy. This guy obviously thought that I was indeed a prostitute, and that I was trying to role play my reluctance ... what I did not know was that Rick had told him this is how I played the game, real hard and to take no notice of my pleas to stop. He genuinely thought this was all part of it ... and the more I tried the more he enjoyed it.

Oh yes I’d been played beautifully, a real good set up, but so had this guy as well, which obviously made it so perfect. If I didn’t come up with an answer ... well, things were going to happen, that weren’t worth thinking about.

“Ohhhhh feel that love ... you’re good at this ... I’m hard ... feel it” he said, pressing his erection against me ... then he kissed me, his mouth and lips were wet, as he forced his tongue into my mouth.

I had to get out of here ... as he had now managed to get my panties down around my thighs, as I struggled to free myself, but he was strong, and big. He held me tighter, and lifted me bodily of the floor, twirling me around until I felt dizzy, and then walking me back toward the bed. I felt myself falling backward, crashing on to the bed, he landing on top. I was pinned, trapped beneath this great heavy hulk, and I was still dizzy. I tried again and again to get him to see this was all a big mistake ... that I was not what he thought I was ... a whore.

“Ha yeah sure, I know how this game is played ... oh you’re good, real good” he said, as he tugged and pulled my panties down past my knees.

Oh shit, not good ... not good at all ... now I was beginning to panic ... really panic His hand was hot and sweaty, slowly stroking and working up my thigh, a fat podgy finger slid inside me, working fast and furious.

“Ohhh yes, yes oh honey that really feels good” he said with a great sigh “Ohhhhhhh”

Hell I was losing this battle ... wasn’t I? with this ton of lard pressing down on me, pinning me on the bed.

“Hey come on ... let’s get those cuffs on you” he said.

Oh shit now I was in real trouble. He reached for one of the cuffs; I heard the rattle of the chain as he brought it down, and then grabbing my wrist he forced it up to the cuff.

“Damn ... damn ... It’s too short love” he said annoyed and frustrated. “You’ll need to shuffle a little further up ... here I’ll give you a hand”

Like fuck you will buddy, I said to myself, not if I can help it. If he got that cuff on my wrist I was done for ... literally. Getting the other one on would be that much easier for him ... then easier still to cuff both my ankles, I’d the be spread-eagled, and ready for him to do whatever he wished, oh god I really didn’t want that.

“Hey ... hey ... let’s slow down a pace ... yeah maybe I have overdone the role play just a little ... I promise I’ll comply from here on in ... let me see that cock of yours ... let me hold it ... work it in my hand ... I think you’d like that eh ... but promise not to cum before you’ve given me a good fuck eh?” I said I thought he’d gone for it when a broad grin spread over his face.

“Awww great, I knew you were only role playing the part ... hey Rick said you were good at it ... hell you had me convinced ... and I can promise not to cum before I give you a good fuck ... hell I can go forever if I have to ... you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

I nodded enthusiastically, “Oh god yes, yes I would ... make it last sweetheart”

I could smell the sourness of his stale breath as his wet mouth and lips closed upon mine.

I took a handful of his hair and pulled his mouth and lips to mine, engaging in a hot and passionate kiss ... I felt sick.

When we broke apart he just gasped for air. “Oh my god you’re so hot ... let’s get those cuffs on” taking hold of my body and nudging me further up the bed ... closer to the cuffs.

“No ... no ... no, not yet, I want to feel that big cock of yours in my hand, please ... let me feel it” God the last thing I needed was for him to get the cuffs on me ... not now.

He reached for the first cuff; I felt the cold steel around my wrist ... but no click ... if I heard the click it was all over ... it was going to be a “Long hard night” no pun intended.

“No ... no ... listen to me, I really do want to feel and fondle that beautiful hard cock of yours ... I can feel how good it must be right now as you press it against me ... even through the fabric of your pants ... god it must feel great to hold ... please” I said, trying to keep the tremble out of my voice.

He stared through me not at me, as he thought about it ... considering it.

“Yeah just imagine ... my hand giving it a good jerk eh?”

“Yeah ... sounds good” he replied coming out of his trance.

“Take your pants off ... I want to feel that hot body of yours next to mine.

“Yeah ... yeah ... just a minute”

He didn’t get off me or the bed; instead he just rose up a little, unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his fly, then pushed and shuffled the trousers off, all the time making sure I could not move ... at least I didn’t hear that click.

I silently breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ok go for it ... let’s feel that hand of yours wrapped around it” I slid my hand to his hard erection; I must say I was impressed, any other time ... well.

Slowly I began to jerk him back and forth, he gave great pleasurable sigh “Ohhhhhhh” and at the same time he pushed that podgy finger of his back into my pussy, me jerking him, and he finger fucking me. I was starting to get a little horny myself ... maybe it would be fun ... but I just as quickly knocked that on the head ... no way.

“Do you like that love ... does it feel good” I asked

“Ohhh yeah ... yeah” he moaned

“I bet you have big balls ... don’t you, big and full of cum eh?”

He chuckled and said “Oh yeah I do that sweetheart ... full of cum and all for you” he laughed. “Gona fill that sweet pussy of yours real good” continuing to chuckle

“Hmmm well perhaps I should fondle them for you ... let me feel how big they are ... and I can imagine them full of beautiful, hot sticky cum eh?”

“Yeah great idea ... go on ... go on, fondle them”

They were indeed big and I knew they would be full of cum.

I was gentle, squeezing and massaging.

“Ohhh fuck yes ... ok god you’re good ... real good” he said Then his sighs of pleasure turned to screams of pain, as my hand crushed them like a vice. I kept on, squeezing them, and like a terrier never letting go. I wanted to tear them right out of the sack.

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