What a Wife

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Husband appreciates his wife's wide-ranging sexuality and is not threatened by it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Cheating   Slut Wife   First   .

I’m sipping coffee and listening to some very familiar sounds coming from a bedroom. My wife makes some distinctive noises when she’s being laid. I can tell how close she is to her peak even. This is the second run-up in a row, something I usually can’t do any more. The thoughts that the sounds stimulate are revitalizing my own love tool, exactly what she hopes would happen.

This is the second sex training day for the son of her best friend. I’ll remember yesterday for a while. Another memory to stir the ole stick.

Rebecca knew that my wife Katy had broken in young men before so asked if she’d initiate her only son. My wife can’t refuse a request like that, especially since she hadn’t had young cock for a while. As a treat to me, since she knew I’d been lusting for a long time, she’d made it a condition that Rebecca take care of me on the first day. Rebecca had been a “good girl” for quite a while but the temptation was too much. She agreed as long as her husband and son never found out.

I’m sure the son, Jason, didn’t wonder what his mother was doing during the two hours he was naked with my wife. He was exhausted but my hot wife was ready for more. I couldn’t help her until much later.

Rebecca is a slightly plump mid-forties blond. Big soft tits and sparse blond muff. By the time we got naked I could smell her aroused pussy so I gave it a taste. She bit her finger to keep quiet as soon as I licked her clit. Her husband rarely gave her that kind of pleasure any more. After I made her shiver I flipped over and enjoyed her big fun bags as she rode my rod. It was fun to just lie there and let her use me as she took various pleasures. Her pussy was tighter than my wife’s and had a different texture too. My cockhead kept rubbing her cervix on the deep insertions. That felt real good to both of us. Her husband rarely went that deep, she said.

She was tiring and said, “Shoot your sperm in me”. Subdued squeals happened when I did. We snuggled and listened to the noises from down the hall. She whispered to me how hot it was to hear her son getting laid. I told her it worked for me too.

After we had a short nap I was ready enough again for a scissors position screw. She’d never done that either. Her husband and the two other lovers she’d had always did her missionary or doggy. It was fun.

We finished up, had a shower, and were dressed when Rebecca’s son was ready to leave, although my wife told me he wanted to stay all day! He was scheduled to have a lesson every day this week with a Friday “graduation”. Rebecca wanted to come back every day too but my wife said only Friday.

This all happened in the morning. I work at home so about 3pm a naked wife was sucking me up for “tea and me” time. She straddled me in my chair and asked if I could feel her student’s juice still oozing out of her. She loves to feel a cock sliding in the pearly gift from the last one. The fresher the better but he’d left so much that it was still very noticeable, especially when you’ve had as much experience with it as I have. Katy is a master at verbal stimulation and I soon freshened the semen in her twat as she graphically described her activity.

Back to the present. The first day we’d abstained for 24 hours prior but today we fucked shortly before Jason arrived. Besides the pleasure of a fresh cock in fresh cum I’ve mentioned, there was a lesson here. As he ate her pussy she’d asked him if it tasted different than yesterday. Without any further explanation, she’d urged his penetration and asked him if it felt any different than he remembered. Both answers were affirmative so she laid it on him just why they were. She expected that the erotic shock would set off an already sensitive ejaculation trigger, and apparently it did.

He rolled off and conked out so she came to see me waiting in the kitchen. I knew what to expect so I slid the chair back and opened my robe. A very juicy pussy enveloped my steel hard cock. I whispered, “Damn, you are the sexiest cunt in the world, honey. Cum is running down over my balls.” She rode me to her climax but I held mine back. Then she stood up, bent over, and licked me clean before heading back to her “classroom”.

They talked a long time since a lot of good sex education is knowledge and attitude. I read the newspaper until I heard the bed being pounded again. Shortly after the shower stopped Jason emerged, shook my hand and went home. My robe came off and I knew Katy would be wanting me. It’s a good thing I love wet, freshly used pussy because that’s what I got.

“Sweety,” she said as I scissored our crotches together and began sucking on her firm nipples, “Right now I need my favorite cock to get me off. My student still has lots to learn about that.”

Although the silky sensation of fresh semen was quite enough to ensure that I as at full organ inflation, my minx got her verbal stuff going, probably because it did as much for her as me. I slowed down but made sure I hit her clit on each stroke and kept pleasuring her firm tits.

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