Next Door Nookie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Older folks can help each other out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

Characters: Tony - Early 70s, married, narrator. Don - mid 50s, neighbor husband. Kathy - Early 50s, neighbor wife

I was getting new neighbors next door. Since it was a small rental house, this happened fairly often. Folks outgrew it or moved away for some reason.

From the glimpses I got, this couple was older than the average renter. He rode a Harley, a big cruiser that was decently quiet. Good.

That evening they seemed to be settled in so I grabbed some cold beer and knocked on their door. I figured a biker would like that. Right on! His eyes lit up when he saw what I was holding, introduced himself as “Don” and invited me in. The place was littered with boxes and stuff.

The woman who was unpacking boxes straightened up as I was introduced. Kathy and Don were both wearing running shorts and t-shirts. It wasn’t hot enough for air conditioning so they’d worked up a sweat. Her t-shirt was wet in places and clung to her smallish rounded breasts, showing off her nipples. She seemed quite unselfconscious.

She perked up when she saw the beer, “Time for a break. I’ll find an opener and chips.”

We sat cross-legged on the floor because the chairs were piled with stuff. When I looked over at Kathy I got clear glimpses of dark fur up her shorts leg. No undies and not much modesty. Hmmm, she could be an interesting neighbor.

They were co-drivers of a big rig who were getting tired of the road. They also wanted a warmer climate than the upper Midwest so decided to move to the mid-south. Better weather for biking too.

Kathy was a nurse while her husband had construction experience. Both skills were in demand around here. We talked a bit about the possibilities for them since I’d been a resident of the area quite a while. I made some suggestions that they wrote down.

A few days later they invited the wife and me over for dinner. They thanked me for the advice and both had found work. He went with a small contractor doing residential work and she got a second shift plant nurse position at a food processing plant.

I have a home office so am around most of the time. When the weather permits I like to work in the nude. The times that the rental house is vacant or the renters aren’t home I can even go out in the yard au naturale. There are no other neighbors anywhere nearby since we are at the end of a long driveway shared by both places. So no traffic either. The quiet is really nice.

I like to water our plants with my pee ever since I found out it is almost a perfect fertilizer. Not too close to the plant though. It needs to be diluted by rainwater.

My wife is gone a lot during the day. She is retired and has gotten active in local politics and the church. That’s good for both of us so we have some “space”.

When Kathy found out that I was there during the day she asked if I’d like to share lunch with her sometime. “Sure,” I said, “Food is always welcome.”

She had a small table and chairs on her deck where we enjoyed our repast. With wine even. Again, she had only minimal clothing on. She was short, about 5’ 2”, with short hair which was salt and pepper dark brown. Her face was often smiling which made her more attractive than her rather plain features otherwise allowed. Not homely, but far from cute. Her body was solid, not fat. Not much of a waist below the aforementioned smallish breasts which she seemed to never think needed a bra. Her legs were reasonably trim.

We sat next to each other at the table so we both faced the nicest view of the woods. She got touchy as we talked, putting her hand on my arm and even my thigh from time to time. Her demeanor was quite animated. She was a great conversationalist and had many stories to tell. I have a medical background so nursing “adventures” could be appreciated.

We repeated our lunch get-togethers a couple of times a week. I hosted sometimes too. We were becoming friends and very comfortable around each other.

I have a couple of security cameras outdoors. One of them has a pretty good view of the part of the rental house deck that isn’t visible from our house. I opened the screens one day and was immediately at full attention. There was Kathy on a lounge chair tanning completely nude. I watched her for a bit even though the cameras weren’t the zoom type. I could clearly see her furry pubes as well as her upturned tits. My lust indicator started to rise.

After a bit I said to myself, “What the hell. An opportunity lost can never be regained. Besides, she isn’t the shy type anyway.”

I put on some loose shorts and walked very quietly around her house to the deck. As I caught sight of her I said, “Oh, there you are! I was looking for you.”

She lifted her head, obviously recognizing my voice, and retorted, “Well, you’ve found me!” She made no move to cover up.

I sat in a nearby chair and said, “I was going to invite you to lunch.”

“You can’t text?”

“This is a lot more interesting. Mind if I join you?”

She looked puzzled so I stood up and dropped my shorts. My half hard pecker saluted her. She laughed and rolled over to face me, not the least bit uncomfortable with the new situation.

“You look pretty good for your age,” she commented, “Your voting member must think that I do too. Bring it over here.” Then she added, “Please.”

I stood by her face. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it. Smiling at me, she commented. “This is the first different one I’ve touched in quite a while.” Letting go she continued, “Before we go too far too fast, let’s have that lunch. I’m OK staying undressed.”

We had lunch and I went back to work. It took a good cock pull before I could focus on my work. In the video camera I saw her diddling herself on the lounger. She bucked noticeably when she got her nut.

We were both interested in enjoying this new level of friendship so we were thinking up “legitimate” ways to touch the other person. An obvious one was applying skin lotion and sunscreen. And we showered together, applying soap to the other one.

Kathy would come to my office and give me shoulder massages while pushing her soft tits against my neck as she stood behind me. Seeing my erection standing in my lap one day, she turned my chair around, knelt down and put her mouth over it. After a while I said gently, “I can’t usually get off that way. That’s enough for now. Let me reciprocate.”

She was squirming all over the chair as I put my head between her thighs to suck and lash her twat. Her crotch fur was thin and not at all in the way.

She panted, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!”

I didn’t, but jacked off on her pussy lips. She licked my cock head off and we decided that was enough for today.

Two days later we were naked on her deck. She asked, “Did I taste OK the other day. Don and I hadn’t screwed for a while.”

I said, “Lucky you. It’s been years for me.”

Kathy opened her legs wide and said, “I’d love some more of your tongue.” Being a gentleman, I could not refuse a lady’s request. After she got noticeably aroused she stopped me and said, “Go back to your chair and close your eyes.”

I figured she was going to blow me again. Then I felt her straddle my waist and something wet, warm, and wonderful dropped down to envelope my rod. My eyes popped open and she gave me a totally hot kiss. She held it as she began moving up and down.

She was panting as she rode me. Then came the clincher, “Cum in me! I never get too much of it. Don did me early this morning. I want yours in there with his!” She got it. I came so hard it hurt. She wailed one out too and slumped her head on my shoulder.

After a brief rest we disengaged and she lay on the lounger in the classical position. I climbed on, my cock still firm enough for insertion into the wet welcoming place. We just stayed together. I knew I couldn’t ejaculate for quite a while. Didn’t need to. The closeness itself was wonderful.

She looked up at me and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had two men make love to me so close together. Thank you. I hope we can do it again soon.”

We were like kids in a candy shop, banging every chance we got which was almost every day.

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