Collateral Damage Book I: The Vengeance

by DeeBee

Copyright© 2019 by DeeBee

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Suspense Sex Story: A young man accepts an administrative position in a small bank and moves into a small, rural town. He notices a young woman, fancies her, and soon they are married. A fairy-tale come true? Except that after a while it starts to look as though nothing is what it seems; not even the aftermath, once the dust settles.


I stared at the single coffin waiting there in the rain, and felt absolutely nothing. It was like that part of me had been cut away, permanently. Yet, I could sense that all the other people there were avoiding any contact with me and even his coffin, as though they were afraid that any glance or touch would cause something drastic to happen. I made it easy for them by turning away from everybody, and walking alone towards the gate. The only wetness on my face was from the rain, as there were no tears left.

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