Suzie's Dilemma

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Young wife is in a situation she doesn't know how to handle at first.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Group Sex   .

I’m Suzie and I’ve been married about six months. My husband calls me “Sexy Suzie” but I guess it’s because I’m the one he’s had sex with the most. My tits are small, my hips are narrow, and I’m not too pretty. He likes to fuck me though even though I wouldn’t let him until after the wedding.

My husband, Melvin is his name, has a childhood friend Jeff who is much more outgoing. They hang around a lot and that has gotten me in a situation I don’t know what to do with.

When Jeff doesn’t have a girlfriend he comes to our little apartment on Saturday nights to hang out. He brings beer or whisky and the men get drunk. I like wine so I have a little bit. One night Jeff brought this raunchy DVD and they were just hooting about all the screwing on the screen. I went to bed. Sometime later Jeff dragged my drunk husband in and I had to help get him in bed. He was completely gone.

Jeff said he was too drunk to drive. That’s happened before and he stays over. I snuggled up against Melvin but was surprised when Jeff stripped to his underwear and got in our bed behind me. He usually sleeps on the floor because our couch is too little. I was too tipsy and sleepy to object.

A few minutes later I felt a hand cup my small breast over my nightgown. It felt nice, especially when some fingers gently pinched and tweaked my nipple. My titties are small but they sure like attention. “OMG,” I thought, “Melvin is snoring so it must be Jeff. I think I can feel his erection against my back too.”

I didn’t move, paralyzed by conflicting thoughts. I was married and in bed beside my husband, yet having a hunk like Jeff finding me desirable was an unbelievable thrill. Plus, I was curious as hell. I was a wedding night virgin in every sense. Melvin hadn’t gotten to third base before the honeymoon. He’d fucked one other girl though.

Apparently my lack of resistance was taken as a sign to proceed because Jeff began stroking my whole body. It was gentle and sensuous. I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy get wet. Melvin was never this tender. When my buns felt a hand on them, I instinctively raised my upper leg over my husband, giving better access. I almost moaned out loud when those strange fingers pushed my panties aside and found my pussy. They really knew how to light its fire, stroking and probing.

When I felt a big mushroom cock head separating my pussy lips I had no thoughts of resistance left. I was so wet it took only a few ever-deeper strokes to fill me. I’d never felt so full. Was it the position? Melvin had never taken me this way.

It was difficult to hold still as the sensuous strokes gently continued and then there was the pulsing of that hard, hot shaft and I felt the spreading warmth of strange sperm filling me. I climaxed as quietly as I could.

Holy shit! He didn’t pull out and go to the bathroom to clean off! He’s staying inside and cuddling me. Wonderful! I dozed off.

A little while later I was awakened by more of those wonderful movements in my pussy. Damn, Melvin never did me twice either. This time Jeff reached around and diddled my clit so we both got off together. After a few minutes of soaking, he kissed the back of my neck and gently extracted himself. Quickly dressing, he left.

I let the sensations of what had just happened slowly fade away and got up to use the bathroom. I grabbed the turkey baster from the kitchen and flushed out Jeff’s cream after I peed. I looked at it floating in the toilet bowl. All those nice sperms. It was sad, but I couldn’t take any chances. Melvin would want my pussy when he woke up, like every weekend morning, and I wanted no clues about what had happened.

Sure enough, my husband started kissing me and groping my tits, then rubbed my pussy until it was wet enough for him to get between my thighs and put his dick in. It sure felt smaller. I guess I’d have to get Jeff to do it this way to know for sure. As soon as I thought that, I was both embarrassed, hotter, and only slightly guilty feeling. It helped me come when Melvin was in me. I usually got myself off when he went to the bathroom to clean off and shit.

All week I jilled twice a day thinking about what had happened and knowing Jeff was invited over again on Friday. I tried really hard to act normal.

This time he brought me some wine that I like and a soft-core DVD which I stayed to watch, sitting between the two men I had fucked. Jeff went light on our drinks and we got Melvin out-like-a-light again. This time we closed the bedroom door and sat on the couch, close together. I waited for Jeff to make the first move and he started kissing me with hands under my sweater real soon. Since I didn’t object he said, “I’d like you on top this time so I can see your whole body.”

When he took his pants off I could tell right away his cock was bigger than my husband’s. He had me kneel over his head and I found out that tongues are awfully good to pussies. What I’d been missing! After I came, he moved me down and put his hands on my skinny hips. I looked him straight in the eye this time as my vagina took his big pecker all the way in. Again he shot in me twice and I had to clean it out after he left.

I worked afternoons and he could get some mornings off so we agreed to him coming over once a week. He wanted to spend some more leisurely time naked with me and now I completely agreed with that!

We’d fuck one to two hours each week. I soon figured out that I was more than just a pussy to dump cum in. We talked a lot and he really did care for Melvin in spite of what it seemed like. He was a sexual mentor to me and we wanted to figure out ways to show my husband the things I was learning.

Less than a month into this arrangement he cautioned me about thinking I was in love with him. “You are infatuated with lust right now. You love Melvin and I am a friend-with-benefits. When you have sex with him it is ‘making love’; with me it is fucking or screwing or banging or call it what you will. He will continue to be in your life. I will have other women which is no reflection on you. You have become very sexy, I want you to know. It’s not about your face or tits or pussy, it’s about your attitude and enthusiasm. You are developing both of those just fine.”

I kissed him hard and simply said, “Fuck me again before you leave!”

Gradually I suggested, with words or actions, things I wanted Melvin to do. He was very compliant and I slowly became more and more assertive. Finally, after I had given him some oral sex before we fucked, he asked me, “You keep trying different things. Where do you learn them? Are you fucking someone else?”

I dodged a direct answer, not wanting to lie, by changing the subject. Jeff had gone into Melvin’s computer browsing history and found some porn sites. He also showed me some better ones which I learned a lot from. Anyway, I answered my husband by telling him, since he asked, I’d read some of the erotic stories and watched some videos on his porn sites.

He got red and embarrassed. I took advantage of that, demanding why he didn’t do some of those things with me. They looked like fun.

Poor Melvin, he stammered something about he thought I was too innocent and pure to be interested in such stuff. I simply said, “Try me! Let’s start with you getting your mouth between my legs. I’ve read that it gets girls off real good. Do it!”

He wasn’t anything like Jeff but I encouraged and guided him and I did get off. “Oh, honey, that was so good. Now I want you to fuck me doggy style. I’ve read that is really fun.” He huffed and puffed and got the job done.

That was a huge breakthrough. We surfed porn together and tried lots of things. Jeff was pleased too, especially since I kept fucking him. He’d picked up a new girlfriend but she was only available on weekends.

Our first anniversary was approaching. I got an old broom handle and sawed about a foot off. Using vegetable oil, I greased it and my ass up and gradually got to where I could take six inches of it pretty easily. That was going to be my present to Melvin for trying so hard to please me. I didn’t get his pussy cherry so I wanted to get his anal one.

I just had to be direct when I got out the whiskey and olive oil. After a few drinks I started my plan. “Honey, another woman had your cock in her pussy before me but I want your cock in my ass tonight. Put some oil on it and push some inside me with your fingers. I’ll let you know if it hurts, OK?”

Melvin’s pecker wasn’t too much bigger than the broom handle I’d practiced with but felt a lot better. It was real tight for him and filled me up too. I had to rub my pussy to cum but he got his OK. We both thought pussy was better.

We went to a nice hotel for dinner and then out to the pool late at night. When we were alone, or so we thought, we peeled off our suits and skinny-dipped. We didn’t notice the other couple who had come there to do the same thing until they slipped in the water with us.

I thought it was cool but Melvin was embarrassed because his cock started to harden when he saw the other woman’s big tits flopping around. They swam over by us in the dim light and introduced themselves. We swam around for a little while and got out to dry off. Both guys were hard and Melvin’s was smaller.

Frank, I think he said his name was, told us it was their anniversary too and asked a favor. Would we watch then screw? Nothing else, just watch. Of course, we said yes and they got it on using one of the poolside loungers. It was very sexy, better than a video, and I fondled Melvin’s dick as they banged away. Unfortunately, we couldn’t return the show, which I was all ready to do, because Melvin shot his load all over the pool deck and wanted to leave.

He wouldn’t go down to breakfast the next day because he was afraid they might be there. They were and I had a nice visit with them. They were checking out too and I got contact info.

Back in our room I quizzed Melvin why he had shot off so easily last night. He told me that it was because of the first time he got laid. I had to pull the story out of him and it went like this.

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