Birthday Celebrations

by StarryHorizon

Copyright© 2019 by StarryHorizon

Young Adult Sex Story: Teen gets more than she bargained for after getting drunk.

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Cheating   MaleDom   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Cream Pie   First   Pregnancy   Small Breasts   .

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. It involves elements of sex, alcohol and drugs, and questionable consent. All characters are at the legal age of 18 or older.

This wasn’t what Brianna had planned – she didn’t expect the ‘casual’ party to blow out of proportion like this!

Loud music was blaring throughout the entire house, and a countless stream of teenagers was littering every inch of the building. She wasn’t even able to return to the living room without having to squeeze through multiple groups, by the stairs and in the hallway. Sure it was her boyfriend’s home, but she knew that most of the clean-up would become her duty.

“Hey!” Brianna attempted to gain some attention of those around her. “Guys, could you,” she continued timidly before even she realized that her words were completely drowned out by the music. “Could you just ... could anyone turn down the music a little? Please...”

It was no use. She was forced to keep on trying to reach the living room and to lower the volume herself.

Truth be told, this was a mess of her own making.

It had been her job to make it a special event. Her boyfriend had asked her to help with the preparations for his little brother’s birthday party. But even he probably didn’t anticipate that Brianna would manage to gather a crowd of this size, certainly not on short notice.

Brianna loved helping people, always did. She was part of the school committee, she was the representative for her class members, and she was the head cheerleader. It wasn’t that she sought out those positions, they simply ended up in her lap. Helping others brought a smile to her face, and in turn, people happily relied on her. Her generosity was widely known and accepted.

So there was no question about it. When her boyfriend asked her to help out with the preparations, she did.

It took a couple of phone calls, but her friends were happy to party! But then those friends invited more friends, and then the circle just kept on growing. She hadn’t intended for the small birthday celebration to explode into a full-blown party. She didn’t even recognize most of the faces that were present! Hell, plenty of the unfamiliar guys looked old enough to be advanced college students. Which was weird, most of her friends had just finished high school or recently entered college. There was an unexpected wide range of ages present.

“Chris!” She finally spotted her boyfriend near the speakers, and gestured for him to turn the music down just a little. It took him a moment to figure out her signals, but then he obliged. It was finally possible to have a normal conversation.

“Thank you so, so much!” It was a blessing to finally be able to hear herself again. She pushed her way past a few more unfamiliar faces and then gave him a hug – mostly to reassure herself. His tall, muscular frame was like a beacon of safety and comfort in this mess.

“Wow, what’s up? You doing all right?” Chris looked down at her and brushed a few stray strands of dark hair from her face. They were a cute couple, and an exotic one at that. While he was a just your average Caucasian high school jock with skin as pale as a bottle of milk, she was of a more mixed origin.

She was a Latina, and a cute one at that. Her caramel skin, as well as her dark chocolate eyes, made her quite the treat.

“Yeah it’s just ... how is your brother holding up? I know he’s pretty shy so maybe this isn’t ... you know, optimal? I may have overdone it a little with the party? I think.” She reflected on her words and felt a pinch of guilt. It was meant to be a perfect event, but instead she perceived it to be chaotic. Her inner perfectionist was ringing the alarm bells.

“This is totally on me...” She sulked and briefly lowered her gaze. Chris however, gave a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“You did great, babe. I’m sure he’s having a good ... time... ? “Chris cut off his sentence after he spotted his little brother nearby. He was walking down the stairway with a camcorder in hand, with no sign of shyness.

“Is that Robbie?” He went for a quick double-take. They both turn to observe his little brother, who was in the process of celebrating his birthday by holding up his old camcorder and recording the multitude of drunken, scantily dressed high school and college girls. It was going to be a memory he wouldn’t erase anytime soon.

“That does remind me,” Chris added as he redirected his attention back to his girlfriend. “He’s been struggling to, uh ... to get laid ... do you think you could hook him up with one of your friends?” He paused as he realized how silly his own words were, but it wouldn’t be the weirdest favor he had asked for.

“It would be one hell of a gift,” he continued. “I would owe you big time. He would finally stop mentioning how he wants to have his first time.” He briefly paused and scratched the back of his head. “You can imagine how awkward it is, when your little brother tells you about wanting to get laid. I’m not even sure if he’s picky anymore, he just wants to hump a girl.”

Brianna grimaced slightly – truth be told, she had already tried in the past to get Robbie into a relationship! Everybody deserves to be happy. So when she learned of Robbie’s bad history with the ladies, she tried to get him to date one of her friends.

But he was simply too reclusive and way too much into his computer and board games. Unlike his older brother, he also wasn’t in good shape physically. He was quite chubby and made no effort to improve that situation. If only there was some way to help him. She sighed.

“I don’t know. I guess I can give it another try, sure! Let me find some liquid courage first, though.” There was no need to stay sober for the entire duration of the party, she figured. People were having a good time, so why shouldn’t she try to do the same. Who knows what the day may have in store for her.

Robbie however, was pretty much in heaven. It didn’t take much for someone of his age to be entertained. He had never seen this many drunk girls in one place.

“Guys, are you seeing this? Jack. Pot.” He swayed the camcorder around and got a few more good shots of the surrounding girls – fortunately none of them recognized him or knew who the party was for. “Guys!” He briefly turned to ensure his two buddies were still following close behind.

“Come on, let’s keep looking!” Robbie didn’t have many friends, partly because very few people shared his obsessions for indoor activities. But Tim and Francis always had his back. Whether it was computer gaming, board games, or plain old Dungeons and Dragons. They kept each other company.

“What’s going on over he—ohh...” Robbie’s voice trailed off as he pushed past another couple of teens and had a look into the kitchen. Lined up along the entire length of the kitchen counter were bottles of whiskey, vodka and other beverages. Right next to those were like a dozen plastic cups full of freshly mixed drinks, with a few empty cups scattered across the floor.

This really felt like a wild college party.

What really caught the boy’s attention however, was a young couple near the corner of the kitchen. The dude looked old enough to be a college graduate, while the girl looked freshly out of high school. What drew all attention, was where the guy’s hand was planted – deep inside her pants! His digits were moving erratically and he was quite obviously finger-fucking her.

Oddly enough it didn’t coax much of a reaction out of the girl. She had her gaze averted to the ground with a glassy-eyed stare. Were all girls like this?

“He’s totally going at it! I’ve never seen that in real life!” Robbie feverishly tried to zoom in with his camcorder, but failed to record anything significant before a few more guys approached from behind and firmly pushed him right out of the kitchen. It was written all across his face that he wasn’t old enough to be anywhere near alcohol. Old enough to drive a car or own a gun maybe, but not old enough to drink booze.

In the meantime, Brianna had a few of those drinks herself, back in the living room. Aside from an unusually salty taste, they didn’t raise any suspicion. Maybe a bit strong on the alcohol content, but decent.

However, it took her only a few minutes before she began to feel funny. More than just drunk, she felt sluggish but without feeling tired. She also felt weirdly out of breath.

Chris noticed rather quickly that she was behaving very unusual. She was a lightweight, but the drinks shouldn’t do more than making her feel tipsy and giddy. They certainly shouldn’t make her so ... docile? She looked stoned rather than drunk.

“Babe, are you all right?” He could tell that something wasn’t right.

As soon as he said that, the wheels in his head began to turn and he had another look around. In the midst of all the music and commotion, nobody had even noticed that some girls were passed out on the couch, and a random guy was sleeping on the carpet.

It made him furious to realize that someone pulled an unacceptable prank. Someone had slipped drugs into the drinks. Maybe just sleeping pills, maybe a roofie. It didn’t make a difference.

“Ah, what the hell,” he muttered under his breath before shutting down the speaker system and raising his voice to draw the attention of his guests.

“Party is over! Some asshole spiked the drinks, everyone out!” He then repeated himself once more while untangling a kissing couple that hadn’t paid attention.

The commotion had been enough to draw Robbie’s attention as well, who quickly approached his older sibling to offer his help.

“Just in time, here.” Chris pushed Brianna into his brother’s arms while his eyes were already going back to scanning the area. He wasn’t sure how to deal with the girls who had multiple of the altered drinks and were straight up passed out. Thankfully Brianna was still able to stand on her own, though she was not quite grasping what was happening.

“Get her upstairs,” Chris instructed while giving his brother a reassuring pat on the back. “I’ll take care of the party so just get her upstairs.”

Robbie hesitated and looked back at him with a surprised expression. Like a deer stuck in headlights. He had no idea that the drinks had been spiked so this was a confusing moment.

“Upstairs, to one of the bedrooms, what are you waiting for? I got my hands full here,” he instructed before he once more surveyed the situation. A couple guys stared at the drugged girls, so he started there and ushered the creeps out of the house. He certainly didn’t want to be the person who allowed girls to be roofied and taken advantage of at his own home.

It had all been so hectic that he didn’t even pay attention to his younger brother anymore.

Brianna still felt a little weird, less energetic than before. She kept an arm around Robbie while he led her upstairs. Her surroundings didn’t even register to her until she heard the door closing behind herself, at which point she turned to see Robbie staring right back at her.

There had been a colossal misunderstanding. As far as Robbie knew, his older brother had just set him up with his girlfriend. A favor for sure, but an incredibly weird one. In his eyes, it certainly made sense now why they both acted so fishy. He took another moment to contemplate the situation, and then he set his camcorder aside to approach her.

“So uh,” he began to say. “He really wants me to ... with you? Is that like, some kind of birthday gift?” Brianna gazed back at him with vacant eyes. It wasn’t that the situation was overwhelming her, she simply couldn’t motivate herself to think about it or the implication of his words.

Her thoughts were more occupied by a warm tingle in her crotch. A very special part of her was itching for attention and the moral implications didn’t cross her thoughts.

“I guess.” The response was half-hearted and she lazily lay down on his bed. It was a small bed, designed for just one person and with messy bed covers. This clearly wasn’t the bedroom of someone who ever had a girlfriend before.

She got comfortable nonetheless and buried her face in the pillow. For a brief moment, things were quiet and peaceful...

It didn’t remain like that for long. A pair of hands reached around to unbutton her jeans, and she instinctively groaned her lazy disapproval.

“What ... what are you doing back there?” She twisted herself around and onto her back to see those same fingers grasping the waistband of her pants and gradually pulling them down. Before she had a chance to object properly, her jeans were already halfway down to her ankles and revealed what she wore underneath.

Her panties were an innocent pair of pink, frilled cotton undies.

Robbie scarcely believed his own eyes, up to then he had assumed she was some kind of secret seductress. That she and his brother had some kinky relationship which they had been keeping hidden. That of course, she would be wearing something lewd like a thong. But no, apparently she was truly religious and ... prudish?

The old, washed-out fabric clung snugly to the shape of her vulva. Despite her unsexy taste in underwear, she obviously possessed a pussy – which was all that currently mattered to him. But if she felt conscious about her panties...

“I don’t mind, I guess they’re cute,” he mumbled while he gave her pants another tug and pulled them off completely to focus entirely on her underwear. Brianna was still barely reacting to his actions. She was quietly observing him. Whatever had been mixed into the drinks was keeping her sedated far beyond her control. It also didn’t help that she was feeling weirdly excited and aroused – another effect of the cocktail.

As far as Robbie was concerned, she was simply shy about this arrangement.

So when he touched her panties, grasped the soft fabric, and began to peel the material off her smooth skin, all he could think about was losing his virginity with her help.

It was a gradual process, he didn’t want to rush this considering how relaxed she seemed to be. Maybe she wanted this to be romantic, who knows.

Instead of revealing some perfectly smooth shaven pussy however, he discovered her neatly trimmed bush of wiry pubic hair. This discovery made her even more appealing! It was so predictable and yet it felt like a major discovery – she was simply a normal girl. She wasn’t some kind of porn star, of course she didn’t maintain her lady bits to be completely bare.

But even under the effect of alcohol and whatever else had been mixed into the drinks, she gradually felt her heart beating faster. Adrenaline began to pump through her at an alarming rate. Her mind began to grasp that she was about to have sexual intercourse with someone other than her boyfriend.

“Uhmm.” She paused for a moment. It was so damned difficult to gather her thoughts and think straight. How did she end up in this situation?

Her eyes wandered up and down the view in front of her. The way Robbie was removing her underwear. How his gaze kept fixating on her crotch. Something about this was alerting her. But just as her emotions began to take shape in more coherent thoughts, she felt another dulling wave of drowsiness washing over her.

She leaned back, and took a deep breath. Her head rested on the cushy pillow. She watched her boyfriend’s brother tossing her underwear away before standing back up to undress. She could vaguely recall the prior chat. About hooking him up with someone. Maybe ... she had volunteered? Perhaps she had agreed to help him out in a more direct way.

In her drugged state, it made just enough sense.

Her gaze was glued to him and his actions, she had never been with anyone but her boyfriend so this was new. Robbie was without a doubt on the chubby side. And as he took off his pants, she also noted that he wasn’t particularly well endowed.

But he definitely was excited and steadily growing. Brianna however, was still at the mere beginnings of feeling aroused, she knew that having sex in her current state would be unpleasant. So she reluctantly reached under her shirt, pushed her bra out of the way and began to caress her breasts. Some part of her knew that this would be the only foreplay she would get. As long as she could get herself wet enough to make his entry easy, she knew that her body would take care of the rest.

Simultaneously, Robbie held his semi-erect appendage in his fist and stroked it to life while watching her. He glanced back and forth between the motion underneath her shirt, and the triangle between her legs. The awkward teenagers continued like that for longer than either of them would care to admit.

Brianna eventually reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and away, discarding her last piece of clothing. Her small but perky breasts were crowned by stiff nipples, alluding to her own building excitement.

Her moral barrier was all but torn down, she was no longer conscious of the fact that she was about to cheat on her boyfriend. Unlike all the girls downstairs, she didn’t have anyone to keep her safe and to prevent her from committing a mistake.

Robbie joined her side, and the bed creaked bitterly in response. The rusty bedsprings weren’t made to endure the weight of two people. He climbed on top of her while supporting himself on his elbows, and his erection poked her belly button. He wasn’t even close to his target destination.

It coaxed a timid giggle out of her.

“Wait, I got this,” he uttered nervously. He readjusted his angle and reached down to grasp the veiny, firm surface of his dick. It felt harder than ever before, and throbbed in tune to his nervous heartbeat. He knew that he wouldn’t last long once he was inside her, but that didn’t matter.

The bloated crown of his appendage gradually slid down towards her crotch, accompanied by a very fine trail of pre-cum which clung to her chocolatey skin. It didn’t help that he was particularly aware of some fruity adolescent perfume that surrounded her and made her even more intoxicating to be with. Everything about her was feminine and attractive. All of this had been developing so fast that he barely had the time to fully process it.

But he wasn’t about to pause.

His member nestled in the midst of her pubes and he could feel his tip pressing against her skin. He gave it an inquisitive jerk forward, but merely lured a displeased groan out of her.

She felt him awkwardly applying pressure to her clitoris with that bloated head of his organ. He was still a couple inches away from his target.

“It’s lower than that...”

She waited another moment while he fidgeted with her genitals, before she reached down and wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft. The first thing she noticed was how warm his cock felt! After her initial surprise faded, she guided his purple cockhead down to the slit of her womanhood and towards the snug embrace of her labia. She directed his dick up and down until it was decently held in place by her own body, until it was wedged in place just in front of the tiny opening that would lead inside her.

The bed squeaked as he suddenly lunged forward and buried his length inside her vagina with a single push, just like he had seen in porn. His inexperience was painfully obvious and she suffered the consequences of being his first.

Brianna inhaled sharply and tensed up. Despite being wet enough for his entry, she hadn’t been prepared to take in everything at once! Her boyfriend had never pushed into her like a savage, it had always been a slow and gradual process to open her up.

“This is amazing,” he spoke breathlessly, his voice heavy and sultry. Simultaneously he was still wriggling his hips forward, and fully ignored the way his pubic bone was already grinding against hers.

Brianna hadn’t even noticed the way she had instinctively wrapped her legs around him – it felt like someone had shoved a scalding metal rod into her privates and was still trying to push it deeper.

“I think ... it’s all inside.” Her response was a mixture of half-hearted wit and dumbfound frustration. She knew well enough that she would be sore for the following few days after such a callous entry. Her vagina wasn’t built for such rough treatment. The silken walls were involuntarily clenching down on his member but unsuccessful in expelling the invader. She could feel herself stretching to accommodate his manhood, adapting to make room for him, allowing him to become a part of her.

Just like he had seen on the internet, he began his slow withdrawal followed by another push back inside her. He copied the motions to the best of his abilities.

A slippery squelch escaped her womanhood, and a faint blush crept across her cheeks. It was either her own arousal, or an ample serving of pre-cum which helped to lubricate her pussy. Either way, it paved the path for him to pick up a clumsy pace of burying his entire length in her, pulling out, and repeating the process.

Throughout it all, she remained fully aware of the heat his cock was emitting within her tight sheathe. Each time he buried the thing inside her, she could feel it like fireworks going off against her delicate flesh. The heat, the texture of his erection, the veiny shape, she felt it all as he repeatedly drove it home.

Every other slap was more deliberate than the last, and soon the sounds of his skin slapping against hers echoed throughout the small room each time his crotch impacted with Brianna’s. Her small breasts rocked back and forth in tune to the rhythmical motion of her body, the petite girl was like a doll while under the mercy of his actions. This wasn’t the romantic love-making that she was used to, it was an act with a singular goal in mind.

With little else to do but to bear the sensations, she grasped the bed sheets more tightly and dug her fingers into the fabric.

She also unwrapped her legs from around his back and placed her feet back on the mattress – this was an encounter she did not intend to repeat. She wanted him to do whatever he desired and to get it over with quickly.

And yet despite her mental struggle, she found herself feeling playful, almost giddy. A part of her was enjoying the knowledge that her body brought him such joy. She also felt desired and appreciated beyond anything she felt in the past. Perhaps with a bit more foreplay, she thought, this might have felt amazing even for her.

“Do you ... do you like it?” She asked those words bashfully while her innocent eyes gazed back up at him as if seeking his approval. As she lowered her view back down to her crotch, she could see as well as feel the way he kept pulling his hungry cock nearly all the way out of her – leaving her with a sensation of emptiness inside her – and then slamming back into her. Each impact coaxed another stifled sigh out of her, it was all she could do to prevent herself from moaning.

She still believed that her friends were hosting a party downstairs. She didn’t want to create any noise.

“Fuck,” he cursed as he felt the tightness of her cunt squeezing down on his cock. “Yea-yeah,” was all he could muster in response as he kept on focusing entirely on that wet hug of her pussy. She kept tensing up, he could tell. Voluntarily or not, it felt incredible to have her flesh so tight around his shaft. Every clench of her flesh just heightened his pleasure, driving him on to make this last for as long as he could.

It was his first time, however.

Wet perspiration was collecting on his back, his muscles were aching and shivering from exhaustion, and all he could think about was that paradise between her legs. His basic instincts were urging him on to claim her completely in whatever way possible.

And just as that thought crossed his mind, he could feel himself approaching his peak. An explosion of pleasure that concentrated in his loins. He shoved his entire weight against and into her. He deliberately wanted to share this moment with her, all of it, forcing it on her.

So when a familiar tingle was spreading from his crotch all the way to the tip of his erection, he made sure to keep it buried as deep in her little twat as she could take it. Her vulva kissed the base of his cock. She had taken every inch. They were one.

His orgasm began with a single pulse at first.

It was also right then, that Brianna fully comprehended what felt so different this time, compared to sex she usually had with her boyfriend. Today she was acutely aware of the shape and heat of her partner’s erection because it was not engulfed by a thick layer of latex, she realized. There was no condom!

For the first time in her life, she was committing to unprotected intercourse. And to make matters worse, it was with someone other than her boyfriend. Those pink walls of her pussy had been in direct contact with a naked, uncovered cock. It was the first time that she had sex completely bareback and as nature intended.


Brianna inhaled sharply at that, like something had just touched the very end of her love-tunnel. A sickeningly strong spurt of ... wetness. That thought didn’t prepare her for the following squirts, which felt twice as intense – her mind made the connection with a super soaker as it was emptying a blast inside her! It felt strong and masculine as it washed into her.

It was weird, but not nearly as bad as the discomfort it caused. Those pumps delivered the payload of cloudy sperm right up against her cervix, coating the smooth organ with a fine slathering of creamy seed. She flinched each time he injected another serving of baby gravy against that uttermost sensitive part inside her.

His member kept jerking against the vulnerable walls of her cunt. It was a huge load.

“You can’t...” she mumbled. “You gotta ... you can’t cum inside me.” Her words were incoherent, and it was also too little, too late. His organ already delivered nearly a dozen spurts directly into her. Even Brianna understood that much.

Up to now, nobody had been allowed to ejaculate inside her. Not even her own boyfriend had gotten to enjoy that privilege. This had all been intended to be a one-sided deal, that she would help Robbie to lose his virginity. But instead it had turned into a mutual exchange, in which she was allowed to claim his virginity, and he would be allowed to claim her bareback virginity. Her excited pussy got its first taste of semen, and would without a doubt, never forget its first unprotected conqueror.

“Ahh ... no...” It was part of her mother’s advice, which had been repeatedly drilled into her head as soon as she had her first period. The women in her family were incredibly fertile, and she should not be taking any risks until she was absolutely ready to become a mom.

All of her sisters had at least one pregnancy scare, too. Despite combining multiple birth control methods.

Brianna had no doubts about it. That stubborn triangle between her legs would be more than happy to accept any lucky sperm, and to put her right on course for an early motherhood.

But yet here she was with her trembling legs wide open like a wanton slut, and a real penis throbbing to deliver the final watery spurts of sperm into her battered cunt.

It was almost as if he was seriously trying to inseminate her defenseless vagina. To give her a baby bump and to ruin her prospects of remaining a cheerleader. She could feel herself clenching down on his erection at the thought of that, and in response, his member flexed aggressively against the walls of her cunt.

Just like a mare, she thought, she had been mounted and potentially impregnated. Like she was nothing more than an animal. Her family would never forgive her if they found out she made such a mistake, nor would her boyfriend...

“What am I supposed to do now... ?” Everything inside her felt gross and slippery. Each time he moved even an inch, she could feel his organ moving inside the puddle he dumped inside her. She might never again feel clean. Her pussy had gotten its first creampie, the most intimate event a girl and a boy can share with one another.

Followed by a bitter sigh, she plopped back against the pillow with her legs still open and her lover sheathed inside her vagina. More of his weight was resting on her now, after he had deposited his cum in her and had lost his strength.

There was little she could do now that he already came in her, and her mind was weirdly at ease with the thought. Still, she knew of the risk. She also knew she didn’t want to get knocked up at such a tender young age.

All that adrenaline, which coursed through her veins like never before, helped her to temporarily form a more coherent thought.

An obvious idea occurred to her.

A simple solution to this mess, thanks to modern science. Unlike her mother or her grandmother, she wasn’t completely at the mercy of her partner. A single accident wouldn’t permanently doom her, she couldn’t allow that to happen, she wouldn’t.

She extended her arm as far as it would go and pulled her discarded clothes close enough to retrieve her phone. Her sluggish mind was whirring and spinning while she stared at the bright digital screen, until she remembered her password. She navigated her way to the calendar and created a simple reminder; Purchase plan B, ASAP.

Even if it took a day, even if it would take two days, she would be fine. It was a relief. She wouldn’t have to endure a baby growing inside her and she sure as hell wouldn’t have to endure weeks of morning sickness just because she once forgot using a condom.

Throughout it all, Robbie remained on top of her. Her breasts did little to cushion the way he was pinning her in place. He was truly spent now that he had thoroughly enjoyed his birthday present.

She placed her phone on the nightstand, uttered a weary sigh and closed her eyes. She could still feel the vastness of cum that was swirling around inside her vagina. It was so warm and sticky, distinctly different from her own wetness. It didn’t feel right. She felt tainted and dirty. There was a very good reason for why she had never permitted her boyfriend to soil her insides like this.

Even the thought was obscene – that she currently carried millions of his little swimmers inside her twat. Wiggly little sperm tadpoles. Each one with the single goal of ruining her teenage years, by forcing her into an unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes, being a girl certainly sucks...

And every now and then she could feel her pussy twitching around his shrinking shaft, as if to make up for the growing emptiness within her. Everything about this felt too intimate. She could scarcely believe it, but it almost felt like her vagina was falling in love with the bareback sensation. She grimaced at the thought, but nonetheless felt a warm pressure in her loins. A deep satisfaction. If he wanted to go for another round, she would probably let him.

The room was quiet ... she couldn’t even hear the party downstairs anymore. It was fairly tranquil and serene, she thought. Caught by the sullen silence, the two teenagers were moments from falling asleep, entangled as they were.

Until the door handle twisted, and turned.

The bedroom door opened. Tim and Francis – those friends of Robbie – entered the room only to change their expressions from ones of curiosity, into ones of surprise and shock.

“Are we interrupting? We’re interrupting,” Francis said while already being in the midst of trying to close the door again.

“Wait,” Robbie answered. He was still surprisingly out of breath. “It’s cool. She offered to help me lose my ... uh, my virginity. My brother made it happen, I guess. So it’s all good. She isn’t cheating or anything ... what are you doing here anyway? Wait, did he ... did he send you?”

The situation was weird without a doubt, and Robbie had no intention of remaining completely naked in the presence of his buddies. He rolled over to cover himself with the bed covers.

Which left Brianna with the feeling of how his softened member slipped out of her, with a slick pop, after which a tendril of warm spunk drooled out of her violated womanhood. Everything down there felt swollen, tender and sticky. Since she wasn’t making an effort to move, her senses were acutely aware of how all that cum was gradually escaping her. It began to leak out of her slit more richly, oozing down the cheeks of her bum and pooling underneath her.

“Well ... he did send us, yeah. But he said something about checking up on everyone. I don’t think this is what he meant...” Francis surveyed the situation. “But hey, I’m not gonna pass up on this. If she’s all right with it? And if you don’t mind either?”

“Yeah sure, go for it.” Robbie had his share of fun. He didn’t mind sharing the experience with his closest friends, as well.

None of the guys asked Brianna, who still lay on the bed. Considering how widely known her helpful attitude was, the boys simply assumed this was all part of her charity. That she offered herself to be used for their entertainment however they saw fit.

Who knows, maybe this was even some fetish she had, Robbie thought to himself. She did seem completely at ease with everything, other than that little accident inside her pussy. But even that unwelcome cream filling didn’t seem to bother her much at all. It gave him a newfound motivation to indulge in what he assumed to be her kink.

“Go ahead,” he suggested as he climbed off the bed while keeping the covers wrapped around his lower half.

The two teenagers still stood a good distance away. After a brief moment of contemplation, Francis shrugged his shoulders and began to strip. He was surprisingly fit, with mildly toned muscles underneath his clothes. He wasn’t short on confidence either, he was the only one in their small circle of friends who had an easy time with the ladies.

And so while Robbie and Tim retreated with chairs to a corner of the room, to watch the show, Francis approached the bedside.

“I always thought you were the prettiest.” His eyes wandered over her curves. Her tanned, beautiful skin was free of any marks or imperfections. He reached out to give her tit an inquisitive squeeze.

“The real deal, sweet. I kinda prefer girls with bigger breasts, but it’s not like you’re offering a boobjob anyway.” His gaze moved up and he briefly looked into her eyes. He could see a trace of confusion and fright, locked behind the entrancing shade of hazelnut of her iris, as if she was trapped inside her own mind. He recognized the look, it was the same one all the intoxicated girls downstairs had.

She was fighting a losing battle, certainly. Each little rush of adrenaline had less of an effect to free her mind, she was rapidly succumbing to the alcohol and whatever else she ingested.

“She had a bit too much to drink, didn’t she?” He contemplated the situation for a moment, but it wasn’t his fault that she got herself into this mess. This would be an easy way of teaching her a lesson, while he and his friends would get to have fun. It was harmless anyway, he figured, it’s not like they were harming her.

He knew nothing of the trouble that was brewing in her loins, with more cum trickling towards her cervix.

Brianna still looked up at him, dazed and intoxicated as she was. Each time she breathed in, she grew more aware of the vile scent of drying sperm and her own vaginal juices that seeped into the air and filled the room with the smell of unprotected sex. All she could hope for was an opportunity to fall asleep and to rest.

She simply wanted this to be over, even her own arousal was giving her little more than embarrassment and shame. She took no joy or pride in the fact that everyone currently in the room knew what her cunt smelled like when she was in the mood for another cock. Her pussy was pleading for another dick to own her.

But instead, Francis moved his hand toward her cheek and beyond, grabbing the pillow her head was resting on. With one swift tug, he pulled it away and she uttered a displeased groan in response as her head plopped onto the firm mattress.

It was the beginning of something new, as he relocated the pillow and pushed it underneath her buttocks. One strong push and it was in place. It raised her crotch, higher up than the rest of her body and much easier to access.

Francis climbed on top of her.

“Tell me that I’m your boyfriend,” he instructed her as he reached for his erection, and used this grip to rub the blunt tip of his cock against the shrouded little point of pleasure, just atop her slit. Her dark patch of curly hair down there had gotten sticky with a mixture of fluids, but he knew where to find her clitoris nonetheless. His cockhead applied a gentle pressure on it, just enough to make her curious.

“Ah ... ahnn!” Brianna released a tender moan, and her soft voice helped to coax more life into his erection. “My ... my boyfriend?” She had never felt anything like this. Sex had always been something she would do just to get it over with. It had never even occurred to her, or her boyfriend, that sex could be pleasurable for both of them.

And it was her religious upbringing which had taught her that everything between her legs was a no-no area. So many sensations were flooding her brain, her body was more than amped up to receive more attention.

“You are ... my boyfriend?” She weakly repeated his words, though she didn’t care to understand their meaning. She simply wanted this moment to continue. Free of shame and stress, this was the first time that she discovered a new side of herself. And despite her frail and tired mind, she suddenly felt a new rush of energy to urge her onwards.

“That’s right.” He drew small circles around her pleasure button, and a dab of his pre-cum smeared all over its smooth surface.

When he was finally pleased with her growing need, he pushed his cock down to knock against the entrance to her juicy cunt. The battered lips of her pussy were drenched, it was either a mess of her own creation or leftovers from Robbie’s deposit inside her twat. She was about to accept the second unprotected dick of her life into her body.

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