David's Exotic Family

by Hotline

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Erotica Sex Story: David's Aunt, Uncle and 16 year old Cousin come to visit him. He hasn't seen his cousin for years, but when he does, a lust comes over him. Little does he know, his wife has the same idea with his uncle. However, he is less lucky, and he has to force her into submission. There isn't a very happy ending... Everybody cheats on each other! Featuring a frantic kitchen sex scene and a rape scene between two family members. What could go wrong?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cousins   Petting   Pregnancy   .

David sighed and ended the call before placing his phone down on the table. He slumped down onto his sofa while his wife Julia walked into the room, biting into an apple as she joined him on the sofa.

“What’s up?” She asked cheerfully. “You’re looking a bit under the weather.”

David sighed. “Ugh, it’s not much really.” He said, biting his bottom lip as he turned to meet her gaze. “My aunt just called. You know, the one from India?”

Julia smiled exitedly. “Of course I do! Your mother’s sister, right? Why did she call?” She asked happily as she took another bite out of her apple.

“Well, they told me that they bought tickets to Heathrow, and they’re going to visit us next week.” He said, slightly annoyed.

Julia smiled again. “Really? Well thats fantastic! Why do you look so annoyed?”

David looked at her as if she just asked him to shoot her. “You seriously think that this is going to be fine? I haven’t even met Aunt Ananya for years now!” He said, exasperated.

He recalled the time in his head. He visited his Aunt and Uncle with his parents about 15 years ago in India to see their new baby girl, who they named Aesha. David loved Aesha. She was a little bundle of joy when he met the little one year old child all those years ago. It even made him consider having a child of his own with Julia, although Julia hated the idea of having a child. ‘Too much bloody work!’ She would always say.

Julia nodded. “Yeah, I understand. It would be a little awkward at first, wouldn’t it?” She said as the took a final bite out of her apple. “But it will be ok afterwards! You could catch up with your Aunt and Uncle and little whats-her-name ... Aesha! You could meet Aesha again. She would be what, 16 now?” Said Julia, trying to reassure him. “She must be very pretty.”

David nodded. “Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t be that bad after the first day.” He said as he placed an arm around his wife’s shoulder, reaching for the television remote. “How on Earth did they get tickets to England anyway? They live in a village in the middle of nowhere!”

“Ah, don’t get caught up in their financial lives. They probably borrowed it from another rich family member.” Julia pondered. They both sat and watched TV until sleep consumed them both, and they both fell asleep in each other’s arms as the dim light of the TV filled the dark room

The next day, David got up and brushed his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror as he thought about what to do next about the whole ‘Aunt coming over’ thing. David was about 36 years old, although he could safely say he looked about 30. He had jet black hair that he combed over his head, and his face had black stubble on his upper lip and around his chin. His nose was small and slightly upturned at the end. He had smallish ears and quite a slender body for a 36 year old. His wife always teased him about it, telling him that he needed to work out a bit more or maybe even put on a little weight. He didn’t mind though. His wife was only just kidding with him. Speaking of Julia, he noticed that she walked into the bathroom. He smiled as he looked into the mirror, seeing his dear wife yawn and stretch as she placed a kiss on David’s light olive skin.

“Morning, Sweetie.” She said groggily as she washed her face in the sink.

Julia was David’s everything. They both met years ago and it was love at first sight. They both married each other 15 years ago, when Julia was only 19 and David was 21. What could they say? They knew that they belonged to each other ever since they first met. Julia kept her outstanding beauty throughout those 15 years. She had a slender body that captivated David every time he lay his eyes on her. She also captured his gaze whenever she smiled, her beautiful thin lips curving to form a dazzling smile that revealed her teeth. She had a cute nose, smooth white skin and prominent cheekbones. And who could forget her deep blue eyes and her flowing dark brown hair? Although her hair is definitely not as luscious as it was 15 years ago, it was still captivating. She cut it short so it reached her shoulders, but David still loved to play with it. She was a beauty. She was his beauty. He often jokingly called her Miss Wilde, as he always thought that she made a striking resemblance to the actress Olivia Wilde. In fact, they were stopped once in the street by a teenager who asked for an autograph, simply because he thought that Julia was the actress. However, Julia’s stunning beauty came with a catch. She was often catcalled in the street whenever she walked alone through town, which really put her off going outside. People often even stared at her, which made her extremely uncomfortable. Julia and David had their wedding in India, after they were invited to have it in David’s Aunt’s small rural village. It was where David met little baby Aesha when she was just a year old. He thought it was a little weird. At the time his Aunt Ananya was about 45 years old, and his Uncle Bilal was about 48. Definately too late to have a child in David’s standards. Now they were both over 60, raising a 16 year old girl. It definitely was a little strange, but David knew that Both Ananya and Bilal would give her everything. They really were caring people.

David’s mother was from India and his father was from England. They both met when they were young, because his mother was rich enough to attend school in England. This was where they met each other. They fell in love and married soon after they graduated, with both of them living in England. They had David, who was an only child. His mother was a Muslim Indian and his father was a Christian Englishman. It was definately uncommon, but he loved both of them dearly, and they both still care for him to this day, although they both moved to a small village in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of London. Although both of his parents were religeous, he saw himself as an atheist, but he stil respected everybody’s beliefs. His Aunt Ananya and his Uncle Bilal were both muslim too, meaning that he had to be careful about what they had to prepare for dinner.

Julia and David spent the next two days cleaning the house and buying gifts of chocolate and trinkets for the visitors from India. They spent hours getting everything ready for the visitors, including sorting out dinners and the guest’s bedroom. By the end of the two days, they were completely exhausted. They both worked extremely hard. They completed the finishing touches at 11PM and fell into bed with all of their clothes still on.

“Are we done?” David asked, clearly tired.

“Uh huhhh...” Julia groaned, her eyes shut tight as they both lay on the bed without a blanket on, their arms sprawled out. David smiled and stroked the back of Julia’s head with his fingers, running them through her soft hair. Julia relaxed and smiled as she kept her eyes shut.

“Mmmm ... I love it when you do that.” She sighed happily. David lifted up a few strands of her shoulder length hair and kissed her slim neck softly before nibbling on her ear with his teeth.

“Stop that, I’m tired!” She giggled softly before making a half-assed attempt to stop him with her hand as she stuffed her face into a pillow, trying to sleep. David smiled gently and ran his hand along the back of her smooth white leg, caressing it gently as he continued to peck her cheek and neck.

“Are you sure you aren’t in the mood, honey?” He asked as he slowly moved his hand up her black skirt, rubbing his hand against the rim of her pink silk panties.

Julia groaned. “No, David I’m really much too tired to be in the mood for it. So stop trying.” She said, muffled under the sound of the pillow as she brushed his hand away from under her skirt. David sighed happily, respecting his wife’s wishes. He lowered himself and hugged her as he closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. Julia sighed contently and pressed her head against David’s chest as they both drifted into the land of dreams.

They both woke up late the next morning, feeling incredibly bad when they woke up in their casual ‘going out’ clothes as they were too tired to change last night. They both scurried around the house, getting ready for the long awaited guests, making last minute changes as they rushed around. Once they finally finished, they slumped onto the sofa, waiting for Aunt Ananya, Uncle Bilal and cousin Aesha. They watched TV, huddled together as they both waited. David wore an orange T-shirt that revealed his long arms, along with a pair of blue jeans. He combed his hair and shaved his stubble a little more so it didn’t look unattractive and messy. He placed his arm around Julia, who sat on the sofa next to him. She wore a pair of skinny jeans and a blue long-sleeved shirt that was almost one size too big for her, so it hung off her slender shoulders, where the tips of her dark brown hair softly rested. David liked it because he said it looked ‘cute’. About half an hour later, there was a ring of the doorbell. Julia jumped up exitedly.

“Oooh, they’re here!” She said as she walked to the door, turning around to check if everything was in place. David stood up and walked over to Julia, who was just about to open the door to their new visitors from rural India.

Julia put on a smile as she turned the doorknob and opened the door. On front of her stood a tall, quite muscular man. Next to the man stood a woman, who looked quite old. Julia smiled her perfect smile and moved out of the way, outstretching her hand towards the house. The man walked in along with the woman. The man was wearing a white polo t-shirt that showed off his quite muscular arms, as well as black trousers with a shiny black belt around his waist. He had a black, clean shaven beard and dark olive skin. His hair was jet black, although there was a lot of white hairs visible on his head. He was about as tall as David, but he was much more well built because of all the work and labour he does on his farm. He held out his hand and smiled. He had a warm aura around him, as if anyone around him immidiately would forget their worries and be happy. His face was kind and perpetually happy.

“Hello, you must be Julia! My my! You certainly have grown since we last met.” He said happily as he shook her hand. Julia nodded.

“It’s so nice to meet you again!” She said, lowering her gaze to view his body. She couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit jealous of Bilal’s wife. He walked further into the room, and he hugged David tighly, who hugged him right back with a smile on his face. “Uncle Bilal! It’s so nice to see you again, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” He said as they both gave each other a manly pat on the back.

“It’s nice to see you too, kid. You two have grown so much! But you still look handsome, kid.” He smiled, turning to Julia. “And you too, Julia. Still as beautiful as you were all those years ago!” He laughed. Julia smiled, blushing ever so slighty.

Behind Uncle Bilal was a woman who was about the same height as Julia. She was Aunt Ananya. She was a very elegant woman, with a headscarf wrapped around her head with a few stray strands of hair poking out from the top of the scarf. She had a warm smile, much like Uncle Bilal. She also had dark olive skin like Uncle Bilal. She happily walked up to Julia and bowed before shaking her hand. “Hello dear! It is so nice to see you again!” She said warmly before placing her hand on Julia’s head as a sign of respect. Afterwards she walked up to David and hugged him, although not as tight as Uncle Bilal, as Aunt Ananya was much more frail than Uncle Bilal, who toiled away endlessly in the fields of rural India. She kissed David’s cheek before speaking. “How are you my dear boy?” She asked as she stroked his cheek. David nodded and smiled.

“I’m fine, Aunt Ananya. I feel great, and I can’t wait to show you around London!” He said happily. He talked with Uncle Bilal and Aunt Ananya as Julia waited at the door for the last person to walk through.

After a few seconds, Aesha walked into the room. She was truly a beautiful sight to see. She was a little shorter than David, about 5’ 5’’. She had a slim, slender body that almost seemed to shine in the sunlight. Her skin was light olive, unlike her parent’s. She wore a black skirt that showed off her smooth, almost enchanting legs. She also wore a red blouse that reached down to her skirt. It had beautiful patterns of flowers and gold embroidered onto it, which perfectly matched her body style. Aesha had small breasts, but it didn’t make her unattractive. Her waist was nice and small, and her torso was heavenly, like she could become a belly dancer. Her silky smooth black hair was straightened recently, flowing down her shoulders as the tips of it reached her upper back because, unlike her mother, she didn’t wear a headscarf. Her face was simply gorgeous. Her skin seemed to emit a glow. Aesha had deep brown eyes that were shaped like almonds. Her nose was thin and small and her lips were perfect and natural. Her ears were small and cute, and her beautiful black hair formed a nice fringe that covered her forehead. On top of it all, she had a pair of black glasses that rested perfectly in the bridge of her nose. She honestly looked adorable, like she could become a teen model.

Aesha looked around the room before resting her gaze on Julia. Her perfect lips curled into a cute smile, revealing her dazzling teeth. “Aunt Julia!” She recognised happily as she leaned in to hug her. Julia hugged her back, looking over at David.

“David honey, come over here and see your cousin!” She said happily as she started chatting to Aesha. David nodded, finishing his conversation with Aunt Ananya before walking up to his cousin. He stared in awe at Aesha, who was busy talking to Julia. She was gorgeous...

Aesha noticed him and turned around, her eyes wide as she jumped into him and hugged him. “David! It’s been so long!” She said as she rested her head on David’s shoulder while they hugged. David stood motionless, still trying to comprehend how much she had changed. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her, pressing their body’s together as they hugged even tighter.

“W-Wow, Aesha,” He stammered “You’ve grown so much since we saw you last time.”

Aesha nodded happily as she let go of David, smiling up at him. “Yep! I’m 16 now.” She announced happily.

“Wow, you were only 1 when we held you all those years ago during our wedding in India.” Chimed in Julia from behind them. “Now she’s a beautiful young lady” She added before leading them all into the guest bedroom. David watched as the crowd of people walked away, although he stood still, admiring the way Aesha walked from behind. She didn’t have big buttocks, in fact they were quite small, but she was still perfect. David shook his head.

“No. I can’t be thinking about my cousin in that way...” He whispered to himself. After all, she was SIXTEEN and he was thirty six. Not to mention the fact that she was directly related to him. He sighed and shook his head as he caught up with the others in the large guest bedroom. It had two beds, one large one for Aunt Ananya and Uncle Bilal, and a smaller seperate one for Aesha. They all chatted and admired the room for a while. During this time, Julia could not help but keep glancing at Bilal. He sure was a macho man, even for his age. She shut her eyes tight, trying to get rid of the idea that she was even slightly attracted to her husband’s Uncle, who was over 60 years old. Both Julia and David were in quite a situation...

“How long will you be staying for, Uncle?” Asked David as he helped his Uncle and Aunt unpack their belongings in their guest bedroom.

“Oh, just three or four days. We want to visit your mother, too. We really haven’t seen her in a while.” He answered as he sorted his backpack. Aunt Ananya nodded.

“My sister hasn’t talked much to me, so I have to check on her to see if she’s alright.”

David nodded, happy for them to stay for as long as they needed. As David helped unpack, he quickly stole glances at Aesha, who was lying down in her bed, kicking her slender legs in the air as she chatted happily to Julia, who was sitting beside her. However, Julia was hardly listening, as she was too easily distracted by Bilal, who was busy unpacking. This became a common occurance between both Julia and David, who started to become more and more interested in Aesha and Bilal.

Later that day, the whole family finished packing, and they sat down at the large dinner table to eat before going to bed. It was late evening, so the beautiful orange light shone through the windows and bathed the room in a calm atmosphere. It was the middle of summer, and although summer in England is not nearly as hot as India, it was still warm and sunny outside. Uncle Bilal, Aunt Ananya, Aesha, Julia and David all sat around a rectangular table. The three guests sat on one side of the table while Julia and David sat on the opposite side. There was a large roast chicken in the centre of the table, with several other dishes around the sides for all of them to eat. They all sat with their cutlery ready as Julia finished placing servings on everyone’s plates. Before they were about to eat, Uncle Bilal announced that he had something to say.

“We should take this time to thank David and his beautiful wife Julia for serving us this food and letting us stay with them. You two are really something else.” He said happily, smiling at both of the hosts. Julia blushed a tiny bit, but thankfully nobody saw. David nodded.

“Don’t worry about it, Uncle. We are glad to welcome you here.” He said as both Aesha and Ananya thanked them. Finally, they began to eat. They all chatted and talked, sharing stories and food as one big happy family. While Aunt Ananya told everybody an anecdote about David, but he couldn’t listen. He glanced at Aesha as she elegantly ate her dinner, inserting the spoon into her mouth before wrapping her lips around it. She took the spoon out and chewed before swallowing the food down her slender neck, like an elegant swan. She put her finger up to her face and pushed her glasses up her nose, as it kept slipping downwards everytime she leaned her head downwards. She was truly mesmerising.

“David?” He heard a voice call. He quickly looked up to see everybody looking at him.

“Did you hear what I said, David?” Aunt Ananya said, looking at him as she ate. David shook his head, embarrassed. “No, Auntie. I’m afraid I zoned out.” He said, annoyed for letting himself get distracted again by his own teenage cousin.

“Sorry, I still can’t beleive how much Aesha has grown.” He said as he tried to explain himself. Uncle Bilal smiled as he ruffled her hair, messing her fringe up slightly.

“Yep, she’s a wonderful young lady now.” He said proudly. Aesha smiled at David, her lips curling once more into the beautful shape that is her smile.

After dinner, David cleared away the plates and washed the dishes. He walked out of the kitchen and saw Aesha talking to his Aunt Ananya on one couch and Julia giggling and talking with his Uncle Bilal on another couch. He smiled to himself, happy to see everything was working out fine. As he approached them, Aunt Ananya stood up.

“I think it’s best if we go to sleep now. After all, we all have jet lag.” She laughed. David smiled and hugged her again, before kissing her cheek.

“Goodnight, Auntie.”

“Goodnight, dear.” Ananya replied as She and Aesha walked into the guest bedroom. Uncle Bilal ended his conversation with Julia, who was left giggling. He hugged her goodnight before walking up to David, patting him on the back.

“Goodnight, kid.” He said as he walked away into the guest bedroom to join his daughter and wife. David turned around to Julia, who was wiping tears from her eyes after laughing so hard. David smiled at her, curious.

“What did Uncle Bilal tell you that’s so funny?” He asked as he gently hugged Julia. Julia shook her head as she finished giggling.

“Oh, nothing. Nevermind about it.” She said, kissing David on the cheek.

“You did great today, honey. The Guests are all happy.” Praised David as he continued to hug her. He pulled away and walked into their room before stripping to his underwear. He lay in his bed, slowly drifting into a deep sleep. Julia finished in the bathroom before stripping to her bra and panties. She joined David in bed, yawning and stretching her arms as she closed her eyes. She thought about Bilal. About his face. About his body and muscles. Soon, she couldn’t help herself. She led her smooth hand towards her panties, inserting her soft fingers into her vagina as she imagined having sex with her husband’s uncle. She let out uneven breaths as she slowly moved her fingers around inside her. Soon, she became tired and she pulled her fingers out. She smiled as she wiped her wet fingers on David’s underwear. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

The next two days went by in a flash. They all went sightseeing around London together, and they felt more closer than ever before. They all had great fun and a real good time. Julia and Bilal got even closer, quietly discussing things together while everybody else chatted away loudly. However David felt that he wasn’t really getting anywhere with Aesha, which dampened his mood slightly. Something else that made them all sad was the fact that the guests would all be leaving the day after tomorrow. Julia and David both secretly wished that they would stay for longer. The day before they would leave, David decided he would take Aesha and Ananya to the park, as they seemed bored sitting around all day. Plus, he wanted to spend a little more time with his cousin before she left for another few years. They all got ready, apart from Julia and Uncle Bilal, who both insisted that they stay behind to prepare dinner. David nodded at them before closing the front door, rushing outside to join his Aunt and Cousin as they all walked to the park together. Meanwhile, back at the house, Julia was excited. She finally had some alone time with Bilal. It was exactly what she wanted before they left to go to David’s mother’s house.

Julia was busy in the kitchen when they all left to go to the park, waiting for Bilal to come to help her prepare the cake for dinner tonight. Julia wore a pair of skinny jeans again, as well as blue blouse which she tucked into her jeans so it wouldn’t get in the way of her cooking. She was busy mixing the cake mixture in a bowl with a wooden spoon, humming happily to herself. Her beautiful shoudler length brown hair was tied in a ponytail at the back of her head, as she didn’t want her hair to get messy during her cooking. She looked behind her and smiled as she saw Bilal walk into the kitchen. He was wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt, however he rolled up his sleeves because he didn’t want his shirt to get dirty. This revealed his well built arms. His legs were also revealed as he wore a pair of grey shorts. The weather was hot, so he didn’t want to wear anything uncomfortable. He walked up to the kitchen counter and leaned against it, admiring Julia, who was busy mixing the cake mix. She chatted with Bilal for a while, giggling at every one of his jokes as they both worked away in the kitchen happily. Julia stared at Bilal as she mixed the cake mix. He was busy cracking eggs while she stared at him from behind, wanting him desperately. Suddenly she felt a cold splat on her cheek. She quickly snapped out of her day dream, realising that she got some of the chocolate cake mix on her smooth white cheek.

“Aw man.” She said as as she searched for a tissue. Bilal chuckled and walked up to her.

“Show me your face.” He said gently as she looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes. He used his finger to wipe away the cake mix from her cheek, all while staring into her eyes. He placed his finger under her chin and lifted her face up as he wiped it all away with his finger. He then placed the cake-mix-covered finger into his mouth, tasting it. He pulled his finger back out of his mouth, smiling as he kept his gaze on her.

“It tastes great.” He chuckled, smiling softly at her. Julia turned bright red as she blushed, but all the while she never took eyes off him.

‘Oh fuck it. I can’t hold it anymore.’ She thought to herself before shutting her eyes. She thrusted her face forwards and crashed her sweet lips into his, making contact with his lips for a second before pulling away, blushing as she stared at him. This time they both moved their heads towards each other, their lips pressing together again, but this time for longer. Julia furiously shoved her wet tongue into the older man’s mouth, wrestling with his tongue as their breathing quickened. She swallowed and exchanged warm saliva with the man. Bilal reached up to her hair and pulled out her pony tail, causing her hair to tumble elegantly down to her shoulders. Bilal pushed Julia’s slender body backwards into the kitchen counter, causing her to drop the cake mix bowl onto the floor, but she didn’t care. Running her slender fingers through his white hair, she let him dominate him. She breathed heavily into his mouth as she hit her back onto the kitchen counter. Bilal placed his hands on her waist and lifted her up onto the smooth, polished wooden counter. She lay down on her back, sprawling her arms out above her head with pleasure, accidentally knocking a bag of flour onto the floor in the process. She rested her head down as she felt the old man grab the rim of her skinny jeans. He pulled her jeans off her legs clumsily, turning them inside out before letting them drop onto the dirty kitchen floor. Julia shut her eyes tightly and bit her lip as she felt a cool draft flow against her naked legs. She was wearing her pink silk bra and panties that her husband bought for their 10 year anniversary years ago. She felt a little guilty for doing this, but it would all be fine if he didn’t find out...

Bilal saw the shiny silk of her pink panties covered by her blouse, which was now obviously untucked, after the loss of her skinny jeans. He lifted the bottom of her blouse to uncover her naked waist. He smiled to himself as he pulled down her panties all the way to her feet, where they dangled on her right ankle. He roughly unbuttoned her blouse and uncovered her bra and soft white torso.

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