Amazing Gracie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: My best friend's mom is riding my cock and loving it. She'd asked me for some fun. Her body puts most all the pornstars I'd seen to shame. How did I ever get this fortunate?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Cheating   Slut Wife   First   Big Breasts   .

It was like a teenager’s wet dream except it was real! Mrs. Abercrombie, Gracie, my best friend’s mother, really was riding on my bone. Beautiful and bountiful boobs that I could barely keep my hands on as she had ordered, kept reminding me that this was really happening.

Her late thirties body was better than practically all the ones on the web I jacked off to. I’d had day and night dreams about it especially since I peeked through the fence when she was sunning and saw most of it naked one day. I’d envied her husband SOOOO much.

He was the reason I was getting the fuck of a lifetime. She’d asked me to come next door on a Saturday. Her son Andy was at football practice and her husband was gone as was the case much of the time lately. She’d met me at the door in a lightweight robe that showed off most of her legs as she led me to the back yard. The way she sat with her legs tucked up showing a bit of bun made me wonder if she had panties on.

“I need help with something very important. I’m asking you because I know what a good you man you are and you seem to be trustworthy. It requires the greatest confidentiality.”

I smiled and answered, “I promise” without knowing what I was swearing to. She was so captivating I didn’t care.

“As you know, my husband is travelling an awful lot lately. To be blunt, I’m at my sexual peak and so horny I’m willing to be unfaithful. I’ve noticed your equipment in your swimsuit and hoped you might be interested in an old broad like me.”

My mouth gaped before I could gain speech fluency. “You mean have sex with YOU?”

She leaned forward and her robe opened, showing off most of those loveliest of mammaries. “Exactly. Whenever he is gone and every day if possible. That it what I’ve been used to until recently. So are you interested and agree to the conditions?”

Only a few minutes after that conversation we were occupied as described a the beginnimg of this tale. We were on the recliner in the yard where I first saw her naked. She was very complimentary when my shorts came off, saying I was bigger than her husband and the dozen or so guys she’d fucked. “I wasn’t a slut. They were usually one boyfriend at a time although there were some overlaps.” I didn’t need anything else to make her sexier. Her breasts were so full that their curves extended past her ribcage. Her tummy was flat and the stretch marks from her son difficult to see. The trimmed blond triangle pointing to her pussy was perfect. And that pussy! I’d imagined what one would feel like but was way wrong. The sensations of it moving on my shaft made the rest of the world go away. Only after I shot the wildest cum shot ever could I even think about the brief history she’d told me or that her husband would get in it too. That got me up again quickly as she expected and she kept on riding.

She’d sometimes stop bouncing and lean over to put one hard nipple and then the other in my mouth, instructing me what to do to them. My hands loved cupping her tight buns. It seemed like she came over and over again until I blasted cum a second time and she lifted off of me. I didn’t expect her to clean my messy dick off but she stared at my face with those lovely eyes as she did.

From then on most days we found time and place for at least a quickie and she gushed how much better she felt. Then her husband returned and I beat my meat instead. It was a pleasant surprise when I got a text, “Cum over now.”

She met me in that same robe and explained her son and husband had gone to a ball game. We were copulating on the floor within minutes. After I got off once she got me going again by saying, “Every time my husband has been in there I’ve been thinking of you, even an hour ago when I teased him into a quickie before they left. I wanted both of you as close together as I could. A long time ago I did that with two boyfriends and never forgot how sexy it felt. I hope you like it too.” I sure did, pounding her to a squealing finale. Her parting words, “I’m gonna try that again.”

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