The Bedroom Drawer

by Wombat_1

Copyright© 2018 by Wombat_1

Humor Sex Story: Toys come to life when out of sight, this includes the adult toys in Stacy's bedroom drawer.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Cheating   Sex Toys   .

Author’s Note: This little tale assumes you are familiar with the base concept of Toys coming to life when not being observed. I don’t own the concept, I just want to tell you about some of the toys from an alternate reality whose adventures would have been left on the cutting room floor of a “G” rated movie.

The toys are owned by Stacy, an athletic Twenty-Six-year-old blonde with a super-hot bod that give men woodies. Stacy lived with her husband Sean in a town house just up the road. The top draw of her bedside chest of draws was home to a small community of sex toys. This is their story.

“I hate it when G is dumped back in here without being washed, he stinks.”

Wee, was jealous, again. G had played with Stacy last night. There was a time when Stacy carried him around in her purse. The two of them regular play mates. Now he lived in the draw and remembered. Being a Wee Vibe meant he didn’t get inserted like the rest of us and that also made him jealous. There was no hiding the truth though, our G Spot Dildo friend needed cleaning and in a small drawer, it’s kinda obvious.

I think he was also afraid. Afraid he would end up like Silver. Silver was Stacy’s first adult toy. He was so proud that Stacy chose him to take her toy virginity. Now forgotten, lying at the back of the drawer under the granny nickers with his batteries leaking. Very, very soon he would succumb to the cancer that had started to eat him away, from the battery compartment out. Silver had not been chosen to play with Stacy in a very long time. The last time was before Stacy was married and that was a few years ago. We all knew, deep down inside, we would all share that fate, discarded for a new toy.

G did smell though. Must have been a good one for Stacy. Wish the drawer had been left open so we could have seen what happened.

Butts was feeling down. He had been so confident he was going to get to play last night. That man who had fumbled around in the drawer before using G had wanted to use him but couldn’t find the lube. The man obviously didn’t know it was a drawer down, in with the sport socks.

I hadn’t expected to be picked. Stacy only played with me when she was alone. A Rabbit might be a girl’s best friend but partners rarely used us right. On the plus side, Stacy always washed me before returning me to the drawer. Guess I was like Butts in that regard but then Butt Plugs tended to get washed a lot.

Despite the risk of upsetting Wee, I really wanted to know what G knew about Stacy’s new partner. Did he know what he was doing? Did he make her feel good when G got a chance to play with them both? Who was he and where was her hubby Sean?

Yep, I was going to have to ask G about last night. The smug look he was giving us told me he was going to wait to be asked.

“Okay G, give.”

G smiled. “Something new boys. His name is Andre. He grabbed me, gave me a quick spit to lube me and then we played. I could feel him working her clit. His control is a bit sloppy and I couldn’t always stay where I needed to be but she came big time. Really big time. I’ve never been so wet. Sadly, I was pulled and got covered by the sheet so I didn’t see much more. Judging by her moans she came twice more and he came in her. When they straightened out the sheets I was thrown back into the drawer. A fun night was had by all. Wish I had got a bath though, even a wipe down would have been okay.”

Wee entered the conversation “What about Sean? Any sign of him?”

“No, they didn’t even mention him.” Was G’s worried reply.

We all went silent. Hopefully they were thinking about what this meant for Sean & Stacy’s marriage, not just what it meant for them personally. They could be a bit self-centred lot.

Sean cared. Maybe it’s his training as a Mechanical Engineer to respect tools and machinery or he treated us well because of the pleasure he gave Stacy when we played together. Whatever the reason, we liked the way he played with us and always cleaned and maintained us. Well, except for Silver and I don’t think they had ever met.

The next night was a biggy. I could tell Stacy had more than a few drinks and Sean was in a more aggressive mood. The drawer opened and Butts was picked out, then Sean picked me. That was different. Oh, this will be good. Butts I had never teamed up on Stacy. Sean had Stacy on her hands and knees, her face in a pillow. I saw Sean working two fingers into her backside, getting her ready for Butts.

“Here it comes you slut.” Sean was definitely more aggressive tonight. He picked up Butts and smeared more lube on him. He started to push him into her arse. A steady pressure with no let up. Stacy must have opened up as Butts suddenly slipped in right up to the jewelled cap. “There you go. You like a plug up the arse, don’t you?”

I could just see Stacy nodding.

Sean reached for me. No lube required as I slid straight in. Okay, that was a bit different from the last time I got to play. Stacy was normally a little bit tighter when we started and with Butts doing his thing I thought she would be a lot tighter. Sean must have thought so as well. He was pushing me in and pulling me out, fairly shallow to start with to give Stacy a chance to get used to me. He quickly got deeper and deeper as she didn’t seem to need to be loosened up. He paused and the rotator in my main body was switched to low speed. Sean knew to just hold me in place and let me play. My nodules rubbing her inside. G wasn’t the only one who could play tunes on that special place inside her. A flick and the rabbit tip started vibrating. Sean kept subtlety moving me so I hit and then slipped off her clit. A few minutes later the internal speed went up a gear. It was different feeling Butts while I played; different but fun. Sean moved the vibe to medium and now sat it firmly on Stacy’s clit. I could feel her starting to go off.

It hit. The big one we were looking for. I felt Butts being pulled out a little bit and released to slip back in. Stacy loved it. What teamwork. Suddenly I was flipped to the sheets and Sean buried himself in her well-prepared fanny. Lucky bastard. I was left writhing and vibrating. Forgotten as Sean sought his own release. He was hammering her. Have to remember to ask Butts what he thought of double teaming with Sean.

Sometime later and the second round had finished, Sean turned me off and took me into the bathroom for a nice hot bath with suds before a warm water rinse and dry. Lovely man, and he didn’t stop there, he even changed my batteries, Energizer’s no less. Lovely, lovely man. How could Stacy cheat on him? How could she?

I was returned to the draw but there was no sign of Butts. Looks like he is pulling an all-nighter. Lucky, lucky bastard.

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