Career Cunnie - Cover

Career Cunnie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2021 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Sex secrets of a high-powered married businesswoman.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Double Penetration   Water Sports   .

My name is Rej. That’s better than Reginald or Reggie. Anyway, I’m going to tell you about my marriage. It’s a bit unusual, just like me and my spouse Connie. BTW, I sometimes refer to her as “Cunnie”. You’ll see why.

My wife is an early-forties professional woman. She does seminars and retreats and such all over the world. Unavoidably, she’s away from home a lot. This causes, as you might easily imagine, sexual stresses for both of us.

I’ll let Connie tell you a little about herself:

“I love to fuck. It is the best natural stress reliever ever. I need it every day with what I do. Since my husband has his own career and can’t be a “roadie” with me, how are we to cope with being in separate beds?

“My first marriage died because my husband couldn’t stand the separation. He constantly accused me of adultery. It was happening, I must admit, but he couldn’t be practical about it. Hell, it was only fucking. I still loved him. We’d both bedded others before we married so what was the big deal? He got lots of good hot coupling when I got home.

“I was single for a few years and then met my current husband. He is a practical realist. He is also a stud who is a bit younger than me, so he needs pussy when I’m not there to provide it.

“For the record, I stay attractive to promote my career. I’m slim, thanks to careful eating and daily exercise, fairly tall at five feet nine, and wear my dark red hair in a short neat style. My poise, clothes, makeup, and so on are carefully managed. Guys gravitate to me.

“How do I handle my needs? I have a Road Assistant who is a guy and also married. Mid-twenties for both spouses. They appear rather gender neutral. He seems a bit effeminate so many people take him as gay. I can assure you he is not!

“My RA and I share a hotel room for practical reasons so he is there when I get back from outings with clients and other influential men. Whether those men have fucked me or not, my RA is always ready to make sure my body is adequately satisfied. Of course, he knows all my hot buttons and preferences. He indulges in my kinks, like sometimes wanting to piss on his cock and balls, or getting the fresh cum eaten out of my pussy.”

Rej again:

“I have absolutely no reason to complain about my wife’s road behavior. My dick is kept busy and happy banging the RA’s wife and my wife’s live-in younger sister Mindy.

“When my wife is travelling, so is Charlie’s husband. He’s fucking my wife so I fuck his. Logical and it works out well. She is short, stocky, and a medium brown Latino. Kind of boyish in appearance and mannerisms. You could take her for butch, but she fucks like a wildcat. Mouth, ass, pussy, you want it, you got it. She’s an ER nurse, working the “graveyard” shift, midnight to eight AM. Nurses seem to be a horny bunch, and she usually stops by after work with a lot of stuff to let go of. And I’ve got a good tool for that.

“We usually screw in Mindy’s room, on the unmade bed that its owner has often recently fucked in. Mindy works days and likes a piece as part of breakfast. And a midafternoon snack on non-work days, and for dessert after dinner. More on that later, back to Charlie.

Charlie is a hit-and-run fuck. When she arrives, she usually knows what she wants, has a wet pussy and gets down to business. The first coitus is a slam-banger to get her off. If I’ve just fucked Mindy that helps a lot because the next one is slower and more experimental. She likes to try kinky stuff and I think she is the one who introduced her husband to watersports.

“Speaking of that, she can piss like a racehorse, easily outdoing me for volume and distance. I’ve measured Connie’s ability and it’s about equal to mine. When Charlie pisses on my cock and balls, which she asks to do from time to time, it really tickles. A few times she has let it go when she was sitting on my rod. Now that was an experience, especially when she moved up and down as her urine flowed. Peeing during a slider was good too. I can’t piss with an erection like her husband can, so I have to ejaculate, let my dick soften a bit, and then release in her twat. She giggles madly when I do that. Says it feels like a huge, long, and strong cum shot.

“We don’t see each other or do anything else besides the fuck sessions. I don’t know what she does on non-work days but I don’t think she screws any other guys, just like her husband only fucks Connie on their trips. But I think Charlie might have a girlfriend from some of the things she has said. I wonder if her husband gets any of that?

“Now Mindy is a very different story. She’s about ten years younger than Connie. A slender redhead with firm c-cup tits, she has long hair top and bottom. As I said, she is a live-in because her husband is a construction project manager who is gone more than here. No kids in spite of trying. Rather than live alone so much of the time, she gets room and board for helping both myself and Connie in our businesses. She also works part-time mornings at a preschool.

“To help you understand our domestic arrangement, I work out of a dedicated office space attached to our home. I am an independent computer app developer for specialty markets. My schedule is reasonably flexible so when Mindy brings tea and cookies in mid-afternoon for my customary break, she is usually nude. The old “Coffee, tea, or me?” scenario.

“Even if she had a wake-up screw before work, she’s usually ready for another pecker playtime. I’ve recovered from Charlie so she can easily pull off the sweatpants I like to wear when I’m working and sit down on my ready rod as we sip our tea and enjoy the pastry of the day. Her hard nipples are right in my face to snack on too and she loves that.

“When our repast is finished, I might ask, ‘What is your pleasure today?’”

“She might reply, ‘I haven’t done scissors-style for a while.’ Note that she used the pronoun ‘I’, not ‘we’.

“I have a futon in my office for the power naps I take to clear my head. Of course, it works to clear my prostate too and we adjourn there if her position of the moment works ok there. Regardless, it is a fun fifteen minutes with a fifteen-minute nap for me afterwards.

“We screw at bedtime as our needs dictate, although we do not sleep together all night. That is too much like being spouses, which we are not, and are careful to respect.

“As you might expect, my sex life is ever changing. Cunnie’s travels are on-demand so she may be gone overnight or two weeks. And home any length of time in between. Mindy’s husband, Cal, is generally on a two-week gone, one-week home schedule but may be called away from the home-time for an emergency. No routine boredom here!

“Of course, when my spouse is home, Charlie’s is too, so we don’t screw then. Mindy does the afternoon “teatime” regardless. That is the only thing like kinky sex she does, fucking two men on the same day. I can often tell by her pussy’s texture how long it has been since her husband boffed her. He and I don’t talk about it but I know he feels my semen in her too because I sometimes hear them screwing right after she has done me.

“I’m sure that Cunnie would give Mindy’s husband a good ride but he has never shown any specific interest. I don’t know if he has any freedom when he is travelling like Cunnie does. Maybe Mindy is too insecure or something. She doesn’t have any reason to be.

“When she is being ‘Cunnie’, my wife likes to talk about her recent travels. That is best done naked in a comfortable place like the hot tub or bed. In the warmer weather we like to go out in the screened back porch where we have a futon cushion we can put down on the floor. The back yard is private and we’ve played out there too, especially watersports. I know that Mindy and her husband have seen us because I caught glimpses of movement in her bedroom window.

“Most of Cunnie’s travel screws are not especially noteworthy, although she has a fabulous memory and dictates notes after every one to her RA. I’m welcome to read her journal whenever I want. I’d rather have her tell me about the notable ones while I ‘investigate the scene of the crime’. Usually the good ones had an unusual body or technique, but once in a while someone was really bad in one way or another. In any case, they were interesting.

One time Mindy and Cunnie and I were well into a big bottle of wine on the back porch and Mindy asked her older sister, “Why do you fuck so many guys?” Right in front of me too!

Cunnie looked at her sister and replied evenly, “Fucking is natural and very easy to do and usually fun. It makes me feel really good doing it, plus seeing the joy it brings to whomever is coupling with me. For women, at least, it can be done over and over with whoever we choose. Just wipe your crotch off and welcome the next guy. Of course, the good ones like it still wet. I’ve made sure that there will be no baby byproducts, so why not?”

Looking at me, she continued, “Honey, have you ever had a problem with the quality of the sex we’ve had after my travels?” I shook my head emphatically.

Looking directly at her sister she stated, “See, don’t be so uptight. I might just teach your husband some stuff you’d both enjoy. For example, let me tell you about ‘watersports’”.

She related how so many guys have never thought about the sexual potential of the other liquid that our crotches produce. When a cock has drained its prostate, it can sure do some other fun things, actually even better when soft.

After describing some of the things she was referring to, Cunnie ordered me and her sister to “get naked now” as she herself stripped. She took us into our big Jacuzzi tub and sat me in it while it was still empty. I was erect in expectation. Standing over my crotch, Cunnie sprayed it, her skilled aim sending piss flying in all directions as it hit my piss hole dead on.

“Come on Mindy. See if you can aim yours,” she teased. Mindy took a bit to loosen up, not used to peeing standing up. Copying her sister’s use of fingers, she ended up spraying me from chest to knees but started to get the hang of it until she ran out of ammo. Cunnie ordered, “Stay right there. Honey, you get to return fire.”

I had a bladder full and sprayed Mindy’s pussy with a good strong stream. She flinched when it first hit her, but then laughed with the tickling sensation, spreading her legs so I could hit her clit better.

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