Rules Is Rules

by KingBandor

Copyright© 2018 by KingBandor

Erotica Sex Story: Emily and Tony play a naughty game of chicken with friends during a football game. It starts out as a drinking game, but quickly escalates into much more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Fiction   Sports   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   .

Note to the reader: This story deals with a fictitious football game that never actually took place. So, please don’t bitch that the scoring drives depicted never actually happened between the Cowboys and Giants.

If you don’t want to read about a husband watching his wife have sex with another man, then don’t read this story. You have been warned.

The start of the NFL season was coming up. I decided to have a little party to celebrate and watch the first Sunday games with my buddies. I invited three of my best friends and planned to smoke some meat for the occasion. My wife Emily took it as an opportunity to go shopping with her sister Candice. Unfortunately, she insisted that I invite Candice’s husband Dirk to join us. The only problem was that Dirk was a dick and I couldn’t stand the asshole.

One of my buddies couldn’t make it. Apparently, his wife had plans to go to a home and garden show. Poor fellow. My friends Jimmy and Dave arrived around 3:00 for the Cowboys game. We were playing the Giants. Jimmy and I were die-hard Cowboys fan. Dave didn’t have a dog in the fight as he is a Lions fan. Everything was going along well until Candice and Dirk showed up. As fate would have it, Dirk was from New York. He immediately became obnoxious.

Candice and Emily hung out in the kitchen for a bit. They kept saying they were going to leave, but I noticed they refilled their glasses from the Margarita machine twice. By the time the game started, they were both on at least their third drink.

The Giants took an early three-point lead, and Dirk started gloating. Every time a play went the Giants way, he would talk shit and knock the Cowboys. Jimmy suddenly remembered that he had something important to do at home and left. By the end of the first quarter, Dave had all he could stomach, and he went home too, leaving me as the only one to be the target of Dirk’s bullshit.

As the second quarter started, the Cowboys kicked a field goal to tie the game 3 to 3. It was a low scoring game, and both defenses were playing far better than either offense. It was going to be a long game. About that time, Candice and Emily came in and plopped down next to us.

“We decided not to go shopping,” Candice said.

“We’re too drunk,” Emily offered, laughing. “Where did the other guys go, Tony?”

“They had other things going on and had to leave,” I said, making up excuses for my buddies.

“I’m bored,” said Candice.

“Me too,” added my wife.

Dirk laughed and said, “Well, this game is pretty fucking boring, too. But, I think I know a way to add some excitement. If you all can handle it.”

“What’s that?” I asked, taking a big swig of a margarita.

“Well, for one, we all do a shot of tequila anytime there is a sack, a safety, a turnover or a punt.”

The girls didn’t know what any of that meant, so they readily agreed. I didn’t think it was too dangerous, so I went along with it. “Ok,” I said, “that sounds like fun, but not so much risk that we’ll all be hammered by halftime.”

I left the room to fetch four shot glasses and a full bottle of Corralejo Reposado I’d been hiding in the freezer.

“Oh, bringing out the good stuff,” Emily said when she saw it. I laughed, then went to the kitchen to grab some lemons, salt, a cutting board, and knife. I drank Corralejo neat. It was smooth enough that you didn’t need to cut the taste with salt and a lemon wedge. I brought it for everyone else.

When I walked back in, Dirk said, “Go ahead and pour out a round of shots, Dallas just punted.” I looked at the TV. New York had the ball.

“Oh, ok,” I said, then cracked the seal on the bottle and poured out the tequila. “Who needs a lemon?”

“Me!” called out Candice, followed by Emily with a “me too.” Dirk didn’t say anything. He seemed to wait to see what I did. I sliced off a couple of small wedges and stuck them on the edge of two of the shot glasses, handing one to each of the girls. I gave Dirk a drink without lemon and took one for myself.

Emily rubbed the lemon on her hand and sprinkled on some salt. Candice did the same. “Cheers!” I shouted as we all drank the shots. Dirk and I barely reacted; the tequila was that good. The girls both made faces and noises, but not as bad as they would have if it had been cheap shit.

“So, that’s the first part of my idea,” Dirk said. “Want to hear the next part of the game?”

“Sure,” Emily said as she scooted closer to me. Tequila always makes Emily get horny and touchy-feely.

“Hang on,” I said as there was a penalty in the game and the Giants were walking back ten yards. “3rd and 20, that’s not good. Your Giant’s aren’t doing so well, Dirk.” I enjoyed rubbing it in. The center snapped the ball, and the quarterback dropped back into the end zone as two defenders were in his face.

“Sack!” I yelled out! “Fucking A!”

“Fuck!” Dirk shouted, unhappy that his team gave up two points.

“That’s another shot, isn’t it?” Candice asked. I guess she had understood more about football than I gave her credit.

“Yep, you’re right,” I said as I poured four more portions of the liquor. Everyone quickly drank the shots. They went down even easier than the first ones.

“Hey, are they punting?” Emily asked as she pointed to the screen.

“Oh, shit,” I said, “Yeah that’s right. You have to punt after you get a safety. But, that doesn’t count. We did a shot for the safety. We shouldn’t have to do another one for the punt, too.”

“Rules is rules,” Emily said, playfully. “Don’t be a pussy. Shot!”

I was only trying to keep the girls from overdoing it on the Tequila. I knew I could handle it and I didn’t care if Dirk got wasted. “Ok, your majesty,” I said as I picked up the bottle and refilled everyone’s glasses.

Emily shouted “Woo!” as she downed hers and stood up to do a little happy dance. I was already starting to feel warm from the shots, so I know she had to be doing alright.

“Ok,” Dirk spoke up, “Here’s the rest of the game, but you all may be too wimpy to go along with it.”

“No way!” shouted my wife, “The only pussies in this house are between our legs!”

“Yeah!” agreed Candice, “What’s the game?”

“So, to make the football much more exciting, I say any time the Cowboys score, Candice has to take off an item of clothing. Likewise, any time the Giant’s score, Emily has to do the same thing.”

The girls laughed, but I was quickly doing the math. Both girls seemed to be dressed the same, wearing a pair of sneakers, shorts, panties, a jersey, and a bra. That meant that the Giants would have to score three times before Emily had to show off anything more than she did at the beach in a bikini. The chances of that happening in this game were pretty slim.

“Sounds like a great idea,” I said. Emily looked at me with an unsure stare.

“Hey, you’re not the one who would have to get naked!” She declared. She consulted with Candice. “What do you think? Should we do it?”

Candice stood up and laughed then added, “Hell yes! We’re gonna beat the Cowgirls, and you’re going to be naked!”

We all agreed to the game and the rules. Shoes counted as one item, and every score counted. Dirk had a smug look on his face. I wanted to wipe it off and to get to see his wife naked wasn’t a bad prize either.

“Ok, then,” I said, “Emily, you have to take off one item and Candice, I’m sorry, but you have to take off two.”

Candice looked at me like I was nuts. “What the hell are you talking about? We just started! Nobody has scored yet.”

I grinned broadly. “The rules that we all agreed to say that every score counts. There are already three scores. Rules is rules.”

Emily popped her shoes off. “He’s right, dammit! Rules is rules!”

Candice gave me a dirty look, then kicked her shoes off, too. She hesitated, then much to my surprise, stood up, unbuttoned her cut-off jeans shorts and peeled them off. Candice turned and bent over, giving me a great view of her ass. The little black thong she had on did not cover her round cheeks. She smirked and threw her shorts at me.

“Happy now?” she asked.

“Very,” I replied. My cock was getting hard, and I had to adjust its position in my shorts.

“We’re still going to kick the Cowboy’s asses,” she said defiantly, then sat back down.

“And the Cowboys have to punt on 4th and 7,” said the announcer on the TV.

“Shot!” called out Emily.

Fuck, ok. Maybe this drinking game wasn’t such a good idea after all. I poured the drinks, and everyone downed them. Emily shuddered a little then let out a much more subdued “woo” than earlier. She snuggled up to me and put her hand on my bare thigh, teasing the hair on my leg. That wasn’t helping my boner go away.

Very quickly it looked like the Giants were going to have to punt again. It was third down, and they needed twelve yards to get a new set of downs. The quarterback dropped back and again two defenders were in his face. He dodged the first one and spun around to get away from the second. He turned and hurled the ball about as far as he possibly could.

We watched it sail through the air and arc down into the open hands of a sprinting wide receiver. Two seconds later he ran into the end zone and spiked the ball.

“Touchdown! New York!”

“Fuck!” I roared as Dirk and Candice shouted for joy.

“Told you! Cowboys suck!” Candice screeched.

Dirk laughed, “In your face, Tony! Did you see that pass? Holy Shit!”

I grimaced and then Candice shouted, “Strip, bitch!”

Emily looked at me and shook her head like this was somehow my fault. I raised my eyebrows, and she stood up and pulled her Cowboys jersey up and over her head, then threw it at Dirk. Emily had on a pink lace bra that accentuated her perky 34-C tits nicely. She held her arms overhead and shimmied a little then turned and kissed me. When she did, I got a good look at her bra. Her nipples were pretty fucking visible through the lacey material. Dirk took every opportunity to check out Emily’s tits.

“The extra point is good! The Giants lead the Cowboys 10 to 5.”

“Strip, bitch!” Candice said again.

Emily laughed, “Are you blind, girl? I just did.” She wiggled her titties at Candice.

Dirk spoke up. “That was for the touchdown. You have to strip for the extra point, too.”

“No way,” Emily said, “That’s not true! It goes with the touchdown!”

Candice stood up and shook her finger at my wife. “No, it’s not. The rules say every point counts, right Tony?” She looked at me. I guess this was payback for me making them strip for the first three scores.

I nodded, “Yeah, rules is rules.”

“Damn right, they are!” Dirk said, “Come on, Emily, lose the bra!”

“You wish!” Emily snapped at him. She turned to face me, bent over with her ass pointing at Dirk and slid her basketball shorts down and off. She had on a cute little pink pair of panties that looked like boy’s briefs. They made her apple ass look incredible, but covered it well, unlike Candice’s thong which left nothing to the imagination.

I noticed Dirk kept glancing over at my wife more than he was watching the game. Emily was sipping on a margarita and was leaning against me, with her hand on my lap. Every once in a while she would brush her fingers against my cock, which was in a steady state of semi-erection.

The Cowboys had the ball and were steadily marching down the field with little gains. They converted three third downs and were in the red zone when the two-minute warning came up before halftime. When play resumed, they continued advancing the ball until it was first and goal from the six-yard line.

“Fumble! Dallas lost the ball on the one. New York has recovered it! He’s still on his feet. He’s at the ten, the fifteen, finally taken down at the twenty-eight-yard line!”

“Fuck! Hold onto the ball!” I shouted.

A turnover meant it was time for another shot. I was already getting drunk. Emily was way beyond that, but she was up for more. I filled the glasses, and everyone threw them back, except Dirk. I noticed he had to do it in two swallows.

Two plays later and the Giants scored another touchdown. Emily and I were pouting in frustration, but Candice and Dirk were cheering wildly.

Candice walked over to Emily and unhooked her bra, then pulled it off, waving it in the air. Emily quickly covered her tits with her hands, but in her state, she mostly missed. She shouted, “What the hell, Candy, I can undress myself!”

“Show ‘em! Don’t hide ‘em!” Dirk shouted.

Emily shook her head for a few seconds, then gave in and raised her hands over her head. Candice and Dirk cheered as they stared at my wife’s gorgeous bare breasts.

“Extra point!” Candice declared, “Come on Giants! Emily’s getting naked!”

“Oh shit,” I said as Emily grabbed my arm. I could tell by the look on her face she did not want to be completely naked. We turned to the TV in time to see the ball kicked. It hooked sharply, just passing outside the upright.

I jumped up cheering, “Woo! Yeah! He missed!” Emily jumped with me, wrapping her arms around my neck, happy that she didn’t have to lose her panties.

It was halftime. Emily asked if the girls could put their clothes back on until the game resumed. Dirk immediately said no. I didn’t want to be a pussy, so I agreed with him. Emily had to hang out for the next fifteen minutes in only her little pink boy shorts. Her nipples were hard and on display.

“Are you cold?” I asked her grinning.

She blushed. “No, I’m not!”

“She’s horny!” Candice said laughing.

I went to the bathroom to take a leak. While I was gone, someone turned on loud music. When I came back, Candice and Emily were dancing in front of Dirk like strippers. Emily had exposed much more of her body than her long-time friend. I felt a pang of jealousy, seeing Emily dancing to sexily for Dirk. When the girls saw me, they came over to me, pushed me into my chair and danced for me. The jealousy quickly evaporated.

As the game resumed, Emily sat on my lap. I noticed Candice did the same with Dirk. Emily rubbed her crotch on my dick like she was giving me a lapdance. Candice spoke up just as the game was getting back underway.

“So, what happens when we run out of clothes,” she asked.

“I guess the game is over,” I said. Dirk immediately spoke up.

“Oh, hell, no,” he disagreed. “That’s when the game gets good. Any time a team scores points after a girl is naked, she has to sit on the other husband’s lap for one minute per point scored.”

Damn, where did he come up with these rules? I liked them.

“Deal,” I shouted, giving Candice a wicked grin.

Emily whispered to me, “What if I have to sit on Dirk’s lap?”

“Don’t worry,” I told her, “Have faith in the Cowboys.”

She smirked, “You do realize this is the Dallas Cowboys, you’re talking about? We’re losing 16 to 5, Tony.” I nodded.

I’d never cared so much about a game before. I’d played fantasy football, but this was a hundred times better. We all were watching with great anticipation. The Giants were making big plays, and it looked like they were going to score again. I was nervous about my wife having to get naked, but with only one item left on, if they scored and got the extra point, she would be sitting on Dirk’s lap, naked, for a minute.”

Suddenly, Candice cried out, “No!”

A Cowboys player had intercepted a pass and was running it back the other way. Emily and I jumped up! “Go!” I screamed. Emily shouted with me.

“A pick six!” I shouted as the player ran into the Giant’s end zone and spiked the ball. “Touchdown Dallas!”

“Fuck!” shouted Dirk.

“Strip, bitch!” Emily shouted at Candice, who stood up glaring at me. Why did everybody blame me when they had to strip?

“Give me the goddamned shot first,” she said. I laughed and poured another set of four tequilas. We all drank them as Emily started chanting, “Strip! Strip! Strip!”

Just then the Cowboys went for two and converted, scoring two more points! “Fuck yes! Take it all off!”

“Dammit! Whose idea was it to play this stupid game?” Candice joked, giving her husband a dirty look. He just grinned and raised his hands.

“Rules is rules,” he said, laughing.

Candice pretended to be angry and pulled her Jersey off. Holy shit, she wasn’t wearing a bra! Her large, 36-D boobs were on full display. She cupped each one in her hands and shook them at me. I grinned like a kid in a candy store.

Emily walked over to her and grabbed Candice’s thong in both hands and pulled it down in one motion. “Payback, bitch,” she said, then kissed Candice on the cheek.

Candice was clean shaven, and as she removed the thong from her feet, her legs parted tantalizingly. I got an excellent view of her labia. She looked very turned on. Damn. I loved this game.

We all sat back down. I kept sneaking peeks over at Candice as she sat on Dirk’s lap. My cock was rock hard. Emily was sitting on it in a way that kept it pressed under her pussy. I could feel her heat against me, and her moisture made my shorts wet. She pressed her mouth to my ear and was moaning as she moved her hips in little jerks. If she kept it up, she would likely cum soon.

With the score, 16 to 13, the Cowboys were within a field goal of tying the game and a touchdown from taking the lead. I watched with dread as the Giant’s marched back down the field. Nothing the Cowboys defense could do was working. Then all of a sudden, the Giant’s offense stalled. They lined up to kick a field goal and missed!

“Turnover on downs!” I exclaimed. “That’s another shot!” There were a couple of unhappy groans.

I stood up to pour the shots. My cock was hard as a rock, making the front of my shorts stick out like a tent. There was a big wet spot all around the bulge, but most of it was not from me. Fortunately, with black basketball shorts on, the wet spot was not that noticeable.

“Damn, Tony,” Candice said, staring at my crotch, “I think you’re enjoying the game a bit too much.”

I handed out the shots. Nobody seemed to want to drink them. I swallowed mine. Dirk and Candice both grimaced as they drank theirs. Emily finally got her’s down, but she was looking pretty sluggish. I’d rarely seen her this drunk. She usually would have passed out by now.

We sat back down, and a few minutes later, the Cowboys punted. With a groan, I got up to pour more shots, but the bottle was empty. “Ah, damn,” I declared, “I guess we’re out of shots.”

“Dark the luck!” Dirk said. He seemed happy not to have to drink any more of the strong booze.

“Yeah, what a shame,” my wife added with her words heavily slurred.

After a few minutes, New York lined up and kicked a field goal. Dirk and Candice called for Emily to strip her one remaining clothing item. She stood up, staggered and nearly fell. I held her up as Emily pulled her pink panties off. She handed them to me, blushing. They were soaked through in the crotch. I grinned and tossed them to Dirk who caught them and took a big sniff. Candice slapped his arm, laughing and then teased Emily.

“Damn, girl,” Candice said as she checked out how wet Emily’s panties were, “did you pee in them or did Tony bust his nut?”

Emily just laughed, ignoring Candice’s comment and climbed back up on my lap. She straddled my erection. The feeling was even more intense now that my wife didn’t have on any panties. She rocked her hips slowly, moving her pussy against my shaft.

My attention turned back to the game. It was not looking too favorably for the Cowboys. There was less than a minute to go, and they were down by six points. They were out of timeouts. It looked hopeless as they were not able to advance the ball and time was ticking.

Suddenly, they completed a pass and made the first down. The clock was still running. The team ran to line up. Twelve seconds. Eleven. They spiked the ball to stop to the clock. Nine seconds left to go. All four of us were on our feet. I noticed Dirk’s shorts were tented out even more, which meant his cock must be bigger than mine.

There was only enough time to run one play. The ball was snapped. The quarterback dropped back. He was chased out of the pocket. He rolled out, spun away from defenders and heaved the ball down the field and into the end zone. Several people jumped into the air trying to catch it. I watched as the ball tipped off of a Giant’s hands and fell to the ground.

A Cowboy dove and caught the ball just before it touched the grass.

“Touchdown!” The Cowboys tied the game with no time left on the clock. Emily and I jumped up and down hugging each other. We all became silent as the teams lined up for the extra point attempt. The tension was incredible.




Wide left! They missed the extra point. The game was going into over time.

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