Torture: a Sisters of Fate Story

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2018 by StangStar06

Thriller Sex Story: The sisters are drawn into a battle between two forces. One is a clear force of pure evil, the other is a legendary force of LIGHT? How can the Sisters hope to prevail when unknown to them, one of their own is working with the dark side. This is a Halloween story, chock full of werewolves, vampires, a supposed Saint and world famous podcasters Nixie and Grace turn up too. There's also a bit more on the history of the nuns and how they came to be, along with a nod to their future.

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Magic   Mind Control   Romantic   Horror   Body Swap   Paranormal   Vampires   Were animal   Cheating   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Rough   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Analingus   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Geeks   Halloween   Nudism   Transformation   Violent   .

Hey folks, happy Halloween.

This story is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s based on the song “Torture” by the Jacksons. There’s also a quick cameo by the host of my favorite pod cast (there’s no place like Terra) which is insanely funny. But the main theme of the story is to push the nuns forward into their future and towards unification with my hopefully soon to be done book. It also fleshes out some of the characters that I’ve been teasing for a couple of years and delves further into the purposes of the sisters. So, for all of you SOF fans, this is your Halloween present. For everyone else. I promise the next one will be more along the standard story lines. Since it is Halloween, there are a few werewolves in the story, a stray demon, a vampire and a very unsaintly saint. Enjoy ... I hope. SS06

One question before we get started ... I mean ... one God damned question. It’s the thing that I kept asking myself after all. “WHAT ... the FUCK ... was I ... doing here?”

This is not the kind of thing I do. I mean I’m no slouch. I can make a computer dance, sing and sit up on its hind legs and beg. I can secure or break into a network ... and I mean ANY network ... with the greatest of ease. No information on this fucking planet is safe from me.

With the possible exception of that girl Callie that we hired last year ... I’m my team’s most valuable support asset. I can’t even remember all of the times I’ve saved the day. I am the incredible Myron Sanders.

You’ve read about me lots of times. Once or twice, I’ve even been mentioned by name. I hate that though. My anonymity keeps me safe. I’m in a very dangerous God damned business. I’ve probably helped my team save YOUR ass more than a few times. But going out into the field and facing down who knows what, isn’t what I typically do. It’s just not in my nature.

I guess maybe I have nurture to blame. It’s kind of an exposure thing. The more you’re around something or someone, the more you begin to believe that you can do the kinds of things they do.

As I consider it more, I really think that this is all Jason’s fault. I mean think about it ... The women I work for may as well be God damned ... make that God blessed ... superheroes. For years nothing stood in our way.

We worked on a mandate sanctioned by the Pope. Anywhere in the world, threats to the church or the faithful, of a supernatural nature was our turf. Of course, the church is a big organization. They have all kinds of special groups to handle different tasks.

I have connections, due to my facility with IT systems. I interface and communicate with people all over Christianity, from common clerics who can’t or have trouble logging into the Vatican network, to Bishops and even Cardinals. Some of those old guys are notorious for losing and forgetting to change their passwords and get locked out of the system almost monthly.

And some of them have allowed me to see the Vatican’s stance on us. A lot of the higher ups, see my team as a necessary evil. I mean not that we’re actually evil, they just wish that we didn’t exist. But they realize that if we didn’t, some of the things we take care of could cause major problems.

But getting back to me and my issues ... you can’t be around people like that for very long and see them do so many amazing God damned things without thinking that you yourself could handle some of the simpler things they do.

It’s like being a little kid and seeing your first Kung Fu movie, then running around kicking trees and thinking that you know Kung Fu. A couple of trips to the emergency room taught me that I didn’t.

As I said before ... this shit is all Jason’s fault. After years of being around Patience, Penance, and Prudence, I was simply amazed at the things they can do.

But when we ran into Jason, my fuse was lit. Not only was he NOT super ... but I considered him to be kind of a loser. He was just an ordinary guy. Okay, so yeah ... he’d been practicing with swords since he was in short pants, but everybody has to have hobbies ... right.

Let’s get back to him being ordinary or even sub-ordinary. How did we come into contact with Jason? His wife was cheating on him. And not once either. She’d apparently done it with several guys and he didn’t have a clue. How NOT God damned super is that?

Anyway ... Jason finally got his head out of his ass when she hooked up again, but this one turned out to be a vampire. And not just your run of the mill brainless, blood sucking, creature of the night. This one was a very old, feral, animalistic, powerful one.

He met my team when they ... yeah, I mean “THEY,” not “WE.” I was back in support where I could be the most beneficial to my team. And all of you guys laughing at me don’t have a clue. Most of you would piss your shorts if you came face to face with a vampire. I know, I have and I did.

But any way, they came face to face with that bloodsucker in an alley, because Jason, who didn’t know what it was, had followed his cheating whore of a wife. And once he saw the guy or thing ... he confronted him or ... it.

Like I said. He didn’t have a clue. Guess what his weapon for attacking one of the strongest vampires we ever saw was... ? The idiot used a fucking rock that he picked up from the alley.

He hit it full in the face. A blow that would have snapped the neck or crushed the skull of any living man and Jason just stood there watching it recover. When it did, that vamp went ape-shit on Jason.

Luckily my team was there to save him. The vamp got away though and proved how ruthless and resourceful it was. It followed Patience and Penance back to our home base and killed or injured everyone there.

Yep, I was there. I proved my superiority by hiding. The things I heard are still lodged in my mind today. Hiding was a smart move. Remember how I said it killed everyone... ? Well I’m still here talking to ya!

Later ... after the carnage was over, Prudence found me and got me out of there. I was sure that with most of our support staff killed or injured, we were getting the hell out of there.

Prudence had other ideas. She took us to Jason’s house. I heard them arguing about pulling a civilian into the situation. It was a big no-no.

But Prudence was dead set on it. It was almost as if she simply couldn’t stay away from a man she’d just met.

Prudence set her entire strategy towards making sure that Jason was safe. She even used his wife as bait, to go after the beast herself.

That didn’t work out well. Prudence was captured. And that didn’t work out well for the beast. Jason went after her. And in the end, it was Jason who took the beast down. He slammed a car into it, pinning it to a wall and then took its head off, with his sword.

After the case was over, the higher ups determined that captivity by a creature of the night meant that Prudence was tainted and could no longer serve. She also had a tiny scratch, that they thought was proof.

It seemed crazy to me. But the decision was made. From what I’ve heard Prudence, probably the bravest, strongest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, declined the chance to go through the purification ritual that could have kept her on the team. She actually seemed okay with giving up her life’s work. It was crazy.

Some said that she’d lost her nerve. We were in shock. Until about a year later we ran into her. She was of course with Jason. Seeing her in action made us all realize that Prudence, was just as skilled, just as fast and just as strong as she’d ever been. It also turned out that Prudence had never been tainted and she’d made the scratch herself.

A mock battle proved that her replacement, was nowhere near as good. But there was no conflict. Prudence didn’t want to come back. She hadn’t really lost her nerve ... she’d found her heart.

It made no sense to me. Prudence is a goddess. How the hell could she end up with a guy who couldn’t keep his first wife?

But studying them made me realize that whatever they had, worked.

I wanted in on it. So ... I went out and got myself a woman who looks exactly like Prudence. Okay, not quite exactly. Prudence is like 5’ 11 and 3/4” and Wendy is about nine inches shorter. Wendy is also a bit chunkier than Prudence. Wendy’s boobs aren’t as nice, and her ass is both wider and flatter than Prudence’s.

And to be truthful, Wendy’s hair isn’t as long or as full as Prudence’s, or the same color, and she’s not as pretty. She also has no skill with a sword and she’s scared of almost everything ... but except for those few tiny differences ... they’re twins.

So, Wendy and I settled in to live life. But about three weeks ago I noticed a change in her behavior. She’d become kind of distant sometimes. At other times, she was so clingy that it was just weird.

A couple of nights ago, though, it all became clear. Wendy, was always parading her chunky little body around in front of me. She even slept in the nude.

For some reason, Wendy, who slept with a window slightly open, even in the dead of winter, came to bed wearing a robe. When I looked at it, and I hadn’t said a word, she bit my fucking head off.

“Myron, is that all you ever think about?” she hissed. “For your information, I just got back from a really tough day at work, remember. I’m tired, I’m cranky and we are not having sex tonight. If you continue to pester me about it, it might be a long time before we EVER do it again, period!”

“Wendy, I wasn’t even thinking about that,” I lied. “I was just wondering why you’re wearing a robe. I’ve never seen you wear one. Forget about it.”

“Myron ... I’m ... I’m sorry,” she said. “It was a rough day. I’m cranky, I’m tired. I probably picked up something, maybe the flu. I didn’t get a flu shot yet.”

I just nodded and started to leave the room. “Honey, where are you going?” she asked.

“I think I’m gonna go out into the living room for a while,” I said. “I thought I was sleepy, but I’m really not. I’m gonna play my new game for a while.”

She looked hurt. “Not too long, okay?” she asked.

My new game was Soul Calibur 6. And in that game, I could do anything with a sword that Jason could do. In that game I was invincible.

As I played the game I lost track of time. It was way after midnight when I headed up to bed. As usual Wendy was a ball of confusion. She hadn’t taken that stupid robe off, even when she got into bed, but she’d kicked her covers off and the robe was untied and open.

The light from the hallway, lit up Wendy’s pale thick legs and made a certain part of my anatomy twitch.

What a pervert, I thought. Standing there staring at your own girlfriend. But then I realized, I was supposed to perve over Wendy. She was after all mine. And normally, she loved it when I did. Then I noticed a bruise, halfway up her thigh. I got closer and discovered that the insides of both of her legs was covered with small and not so small bruises.

It looked almost as if she’d been riding a horse ... or maybe a horse had been riding her.

The robe was already mostly open. I pulled it open further and as I suspected not only did the bruises go all the way up to her vagina, it too was red and angry looking.

Even her breasts were covered in bruises and what looked like bite marks. There was no doubt about it. Wendy was fucking another guy.

I guess this is the point where Jason would have awakened her, slapped the shit out of her, and then thrown her cheating ass out in the rain, wearing that same dumbass robe she’d worn to cover up her cheating.

Jason probably would have probably beaten the cowboy shit out her and then fucked her ... bruises and all, one more time for the road. Jason would...

Jason wouldn’t have done any of that. I remembered suddenly how Prudence had joked about him, barely able to keep the tears out of his eyes, even after realizing that his first wife had cheated on him with multiple guys, just for the fuck of it, before succumbing to a vampire. In fact, she’d probably been looking for yet another guy when she met the vamp.

And for some reason, Jason had been following her. I guess he was trying to get proof. I guess he wanted to catch her red-handed or at least see it with his own eyes.

It made sense. How stupid would I be if there was after all an explanation for this? There were a lot of reasons for Wendy’s condition. Maybe she’d test driven a motorcycle. The vibrations from the engine could have bruised up her legs, and her cooter too. And uhm ... donkeys could fly out of my ass at any second.

I have no idea why, but I decided to follow Jason’s lead. I wanted to catch her in the act.

The next morning, I awoke and got ready for work. Wendy got up and saw me just as I was walking out the door.

“Myron, where are you going?” she asked.

“To work,” I said.

“Without kissing me goodbye or even saying anything?” she asked.

“I didn’t want you to think I was after you for sex or anything,” I said.

“Myron, I told you that I was cranky last night,” she said. “I’m sorry. I love you Myron. I’m just going through something, right now. Please be patient with me.”

I nodded at her and closed the door.

I really didn’t have to be at work at any particular time. If there was a problem with the computers, the system or an immediate need for research, I’d have gotten a call or a text. I was leaving because, I felt like shit. I didn’t trust Wendy anymore and for the first time since we met, I didn’t want to be around her.

I really wish my timing was better. Jason and I were both just regular guys who worked regular jobs. It was all just a matter of luck, timing and being in the right place at the right time.

I was relatively lucky, and I was around my bosses more than almost any other man. So, if my timing had been right, I could have ended up with Prudence and Jason could have either kept his cheating wife or maybe ended up with Wendy.

Following Wendy really wasn’t difficult. She was a receptionist, so she was always at her desk. The office she worked in was on the first floor, which meant that I could just look at her through the windows from the internet cafe across the street.

Watching her wasn’t difficult. Staying awake while watching her was. She wasn’t doing ANYTHING.

After watching her for a solid week, I’d come up empty. I was beginning to think that maybe I’d been mistaken. But I knew what I’d seen.

On the other hand, Wendy’s bruises had all but disappeared and she was starting to get frisky again. For more than a week, she got agitated every time I even looked like I was thinking about sex as a concept. It didn’t even have to be sex between us. Just the idea that I had vaguely considered the fact that some people, in some places, on some planets fucked, would send her into a fit.

Then all of a sudden, she flipped the God damned script and started following me around like a cat in heat.

“It’s been more than a week Myron,” she crooned.

“What’s been more than a week?” I asked.

“You know ... we haven’t... ?” she shrugged her shoulders several times.

“Haven’t what... ?” I asked.

She just looked at me crazily and then smiled and held her hands up at me in a gesture that I knew only too well.

“We haven’t rubbed one of our fingers inside of a closed fist... ?” I asked, feigning confusion.

“Don’t act stupid, Myron,” she hissed. “You know what’s going on ... or what’s not going on.”

“Look, Wendy,” I said. “I’m sorry, but I’m a little down. I’m trying not to be cranky about it, but I think I picked up whatever bug it was that you had. I’m trying not to give it back to you, because we don’t need to go back and forth re-infecting each other.”

“Bullshit!” she said. “You don’t have PMS, Myron. Try something else. I’m beginning to think that you don’t find me attractive anymore. Do I need to go out and buy a leather outfit to get you interested? What the fuck is going on? Last week you were dying to get some, and now when I’m ready... ? What’s wrong Myron?”

I shrank back. Not because I was hurt, affected or bothered by anything she’d said but because my hackles were up. Wendy had without realizing it, let me know that something was fucking going on.

Wendy didn’t have a clue of what I did for a living. She knew that I worked in IT. She also knew that I worked for the church. But as far as she supposedly knew, I managed the computer network and ran the website for the local Catholic Church association.

She supposedly didn’t know anything about my leather clad bosses. Very few did. Even the priests at the church we worked out of had almost no information on what we did. So, where the fuck did that quip about leather outfits come from?

That told me more than anything else that there was something rotten around here besides Wendy’s gang-banged vagina. It made me even more determined to get to the bottom of things.

“Wendy ... you made it seem like ... in fact you actually said ... that I was pestering you about sex. So, I ... Wendy you hurt my feelings ... So, I decided to give you a break and not pester you.”

“Myron, a couple of days is a break,” she said. “A whole week is more like a divorce ... and we’re not even married yet.”

“But you said... ?” I began.

“Forget about what I said,” she snapped. “That was a week ago and right now I’m saying something else. Myron, I love you. But I’m not with you for your looks, your computer skills, or your jokes. If you can’t give me what I need ... I may have to find someone else wh...”

“I thought you already had!” I spat. Her face, her expression and even her demeanor immediately changed.

“Myron, what do you mean?” she asked. Her voice had gone from demanding to almost a whine. “There’s no way!” she said.

“Myron you’re the only...” she began. “Honey, we need to really talk about this. I have to go to work, but we need to talk.” As she left, I could see how shaken up she was.

She called me during the day, unaware that I was right across the street from her office watching her talk to me. She was nervous and fidgety, not calm and relaxed as she should have been when talking to the man she slept with every night.

“Myron, Baby ... we really have to do it tonight,” she said. “Tomorrow ... I ... I have to work late and my period starts and I don’t want to have to wait until...”

“So, you’re having two periods a month now?” I asked. “You just got over one ... remember the PMS thing. And shit they’re coming only a week apart!”

“Myron ... you...” she said, before I cut her off.

“And why would you have to work late, Wendy? You’re a receptionist. Who the hell are you receiving after work hours?”

“Myron ... we’ll talk when we get home. I have to go,” she said.

I knew that what she really had, was a need to get her lies straight. I also knew that whatever was going on would happen not that evening, but the following one.

So that evening, last night, I got a lifeline from a friend. When Wendy came in, I did all of the corny bullshit that women find romantic.

I had incense, wine and candles ... like it was a fucking Rick James song. I was making a salad as she came in the door. I grabbed her, and steam rolled her.

I had her sweater open, along with her blouse and was kissing her intensely as I unsnapped her bra. Checking my watch, I knew I needed to stall, so I grabbed two handfuls of booty and started grinding against her.

Just as I reached for her pants covered pussy, my phone rang.

“Don’t answer it,” she said breathlessly.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “It’s my work number. Probably just a priest who forgot his password.”’

I dipped a finger inside of her bra as I answered the phone.

“Yep ... No ... EVERYTHING?” I gasped. “Shit ... oops ... sorry Father ... I’ll be right there!”

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“The entire God damned network is down,” I said. “I have to go.”

“Can’t someone else figure it out?” she asked. “You seem to be more interested in my boobs anyway so...”

“Wendy did you know that you have a slight bruising on your left...” I began.

“My boobs are growing,” she said quickly. “My bra is too tight. You’d better go and fix that network,” she gushed. “We’ll finish when you get back.”

I spent the evening and the most of the night into the deep wee hours, playing video games with the friend who’d made the emergency call to spring me.

By the time I got in Wendy was asleep and wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. She was even sleeping with an angry look on her face.

I woke up the next morning and launched a pre-emptive apology with bonus points for giving her a valid reason for coming home late.

I launched into it as soon as I stepped into the kitchen, robbing her of the chance to dig into me.

“Sorry about last night, Baby,” I said. “It took a lot longer than we thought. We’ll be exchanging and re-configuring a lot of hardware over the next couple of days. But you know ... while I was working, it gave me a chance to think and I figured it out. I know what’s going on with you tonight.”

“Huh?” she asked.

“It makes perfect sense,” I said. “You’re trying to move up in your company. You don’t intend to be the receptionist forever. So, by helping out, and taking on more responsibility, you’re going to try to move up. I’m proud of you.”

“You are?” she gushed. I nodded.

And after taking most of the afternoon to prepare, and renting a car to keep Wendy from recognizing my Chevy Volt, here I am.

And for once, I’m doing something that Jason couldn’t do ... or at least didn’t do. It’s the car. I’m driving a Toyota Prius.

Besides being a far more modern and environmentally viable car. The Prius is nondescript enough to be invisible.

Jason drives a high powered, way too visible, fire breathing Mustang GT. And apparently, driving one wasn’t enough for him, he bought Prudence one and she loves it.

Prudence and I both had Volts, until Jason destroyed hers. Sure, he did it to save her life and to take down a vampire, but he could have bought her another Volt.

I know why he did it too. He was jealous of Prudence and me having something together. We had a thing and Jason was afraid of what it could have become.

And now it will probably never be, because he married her and got her pregnant and they have a kid together and love each other and all of that crap.

And ohhhhhh shit! This is where I was when you started reading this.

What ... the fuck ... am I doing here? Why would Wendy come here?

As I looked around the area I was afraid to even get out of the car. My brain said get the fuck out of here.

Wendy got out of her car and went into a dark, run down looking single story building.

It was on a street so evil, so dark that even hell disowned it.

Every single step was trouble ... for the fool who stumbled on it.

Eyes within the dark were watching. I felt the sudden chill of danger

Something told me keep on walking.

Told me I should not have been there.

So okay, I turned off the radio and stopped singing along with the Jacksons so I could follow Wendy.

But the street I was walking along, really was scary as hell. I began having second thoughts. That was the very last place I wanted to be. But on the other hand, I really needed to know what was going on. And I also couldn’t back down because Jason had done it.

What was the worst thing that could happen? Maybe I’d be mugged or robbed. Shit, Jason had faced down a real live God damned vampire.

I crept around the corner looking from window to window until I finally saw her. She was in a room in the back of the place. I was so busy looking in windows that I hadn’t noticed I was in a dark filthy alley.

There were several pairs of eyes staring at me hungrily, but I hadn’t yet noticed them.

Inside of the room, Wendy was sitting on the edge of a sofa of some sort. It had no back and no arms. So maybe it was some sort of extremely small bed.

But there were no sheets on it and I swear you could almost see bacteria crawling on it. Normally Wendy would never have gone into that room, let alone sat down on that funky sofa.

Yet there she sat with a blank look on her face. All kinds of things went through my mind. The one that forced itself to the forefront of my consciousness was drugs of some sort.

Wendy was addicted to something and this was the only place she could get it. It made sense. It was probably some form of opioid addiction. Another reminder that Donald Trump had yet to do anything about the drug problem.

A huge guy came into the room. He told Wendy to stand up and she did. She was moving more like a robot than herself.

He ran his hands over her and started pulling her clothes off. I went into shock even though Wendy didn’t. My mind was all over the place. I had a thousand thoughts all at once.

I was angry. I was hurt. I was confused, all at the same time. I wondered who the hell the guy was. I wondered where she met him. Was he the one she got the drugs from? Why the hell was she letting him do that?

Did she love him? Did she love him more than she loved me? Did she even love me at all?

What about all the things she’d told me. Was any of it ever true?

While I stood there with my body stock still and my mind moving at the speed of light. He was busy.

He’d removed her top completely and he yanked her bra off of her. That bitch had better not start whining to me about needing more underwear.

It was a strange position to be in. Most of the time when we look at our mate’s body, we’re close enough to them that we don’t get a true prospective. We’re also usually sexually charged and too ready to go, for rational thought.

As I watched, I noticed several things that I’d never paid any attention to before. For one thing Wendy’s boobs were neither proportionate or symmetrical. The left one was almost noticeably bigger. And they were slightly small to be truly proportionate to her frame.

Her tummy also stuck out a bit and I’ve already mentioned that her ass was wider and flatter than optimal. But none of that mattered, Wendy was mine. At least she always claimed to be.

And if she WAS mine ... why the hell was she letting this guy suck on the boobs she’d supposedly given me?

A battle was brewing in my head then. I thought about it and realized that I should do something. Jason would have already gone in there and fucked this guy up. There was no way that Jason would give Prudence up without a fight.

Shit ... if it was Prudence in there, I’d probably be in there fighting too. No, I wouldn’t, I realized.

Suddenly, I realized that I wasn’t Jason. It was okay for me not to be Jason. We all had our roles to play. Jason is a fighter, I’m a researcher. The world needs us both.

The guy was over six feet tall and covered in muscles. He had long, ratty hair and a scruffy beard. The guy would probably mop up the floor with me without breaking a sweat.

And there was something off about him. He seemed more feral than human. He yanked his pants down and started shaking a dick that had to be a foot long and as thick as my wrist, in Wendy’s face.

Wendy opened her mouth as wide as she could, but she couldn’t get the head of that monster in her mouth. So, she started licking her way around it. A small part of me died as I watched Wendy licking that guy like an ice cream cone.

For some sick reason, I couldn’t look away. Then I noticed that while she licked him he had a couple of fingers working their way in and out between Wendy’s legs.

Her pelvis began tilting and rocking in time with those fingers. He pushed Wendy back onto her back and without any hesitation, mounted her. Wendy screamed louder than I have ever heard her.

I had no idea whether she’d screamed out in pleasure or in pain from that giant dick ripping her in half. But he was neither concerned nor listening to her. He started pounding Wendy like a drum. And not like his own drum that he needed to take care of in order to advance his career as a professional percussionist.

He pounded Wendy like a cheap, rented drum that he had no intention of paying for. I seriously expected that sofa or whatever it was to collapsed under them.

I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. I was somehow both disgusted and fascinated at the same time.

Wendy’s pelvis began thrusting back at him and her hands snaked around his waist driving him even faster and harder. Her body was totally into it, yet strangely, her face remained robot-like.

Then the door opened and another guy as big as the first went into the room.

Wendy was flat on her back, with her boobs heaving and her ass thrusting. The new guy knelt over her and dangled his equally huge dick over her mouth. Wendy started licking him too, but he wasn’t having it.

He forced his dick into her mouth and kept pushing. After a while Wendy’s jaw seemed to relax and she started lifting her head and bobbing it to suck him. Anger burned anew in me.

Wendy and I didn’t do oral. She always urged me to swab her deck, but told me that modern women didn’t perform any demeaning acts as a part of something that was supposed to be an expression of love.

He yanked his dick out of her mouth and shot his sperm all over her face and breasts.

The first guy flipped Wendy over and started fucking her doggy style. Wendy was slamming her ass back against him as if she was desperate for him to cum inside of her. I started tapping on the window then, but they didn’t hear me and they sure didn’t stop.

His thrusts slowed down and then he reared back and just slammed Wendy so hard that her arms collapsed under him. His hips jerked a few times and Wendy’s body spasmed uncontrollably.

The second guy came over and the first guy rolled away. His huge deflated dick left Wendy’s vagina gaping. She had very little time to recover though, because the second guy had only come over for his turn.

He picked Wendy up around her waist. And in a move too smooth to be an accident, Wendy spread her kegs and impaled herself on him while he was standing up.

He supported her with his hands on her waist and Wendy did the rest. She ground her vagina against him and stared pumping him for all she was worth. That huge dick slid in and out of her, pumping like the piston from a huge engine.

Wendy’s head leaned backward driving her hips even faster and harder. It was ... I don’t even know how to describe it. It seemed as if the lining of her vagina was being pulled out and pushed back in by the suction from how tight a fit there was between their organs. Her head swung back and forth in time to what they were doing.

The first guy had clearly been aroused by watching them. He got behind Wendy and put his hands on her waist too. He began rubbing his dick in the valley between her ass cheeks and suddenly jammed it forward. His dick slid into Wendy’s asshole like it had been there many times before.

And from the lack of a scream or any other reaction from Wendy, except for changing her rhythm so she was able to stimulate them both, I was sure that Wendy’s ass had accommodated THEM before.

But even as I tried to think about what I was seeing three more men went into the room. Tears streamed down my face. And I considered what I had just lost.

Wendy was the first of everything for me. Watching that scene through the windows was TORTURE.

Wendy was the first girl I’d kissed. The first I’d ever met who wanted to be in a relationship with me. The first I’d had sex with. We were supposed to get married. And I realized that Wendy wasn’t Prudence ... But I’d seriously believed that she loved me and she was mine.

Every time I’d seen Prudence, before she left the team, I’d fantasized about her. But that was all Prudence was ... a fantasy. Wendy was reality and losing her hurt me more than anything in my life ever had. And I had definitely LOST Wendy.

There was no way I could ever look her in the face again, without vomiting. Even as I glanced back in the window Wendy was sucking the skin off some guy’s dick while, yet another guy fucked her.

As the guy started to cum, Wendy caught some of it in her hand and licked it from her fingers as she was pushed onto her back again. Somehow before her back hit the bed her legs had flopped open. Yeah, we were done.

The thing that hurt the most was the fact that I had never really loved Wendy the way I should have. I’d put up with her shit, because she let me fuck her.

Until recently, Wendy gave me all the pussy I wanted. Okay, no blowjobs and no anal, but her legs were never closed to me. I could just slip my dick into her in the middle of the night and she would wake up and give me everything she had.

I had always looked at Prudence and even Praise and thought that I had settled for Wendy. That was why I hadn’t ever really given Wendy my all.

Prudence had found Jason and she loved him like there was no tomorrow. Piety had found Mason, a vampire, and had loved him enough to throw her life away when he was killed. Sooner or later there had to be one of these super-hot women who would love a nerdy IT warrior the same way. So emotionally I’d kept my options open.

I guess maybe hindsight is twenty-twenty, because I suddenly realized that I would probably never do better than Wendy and she was no longer mine. I kept thinking that it was all my fault.

Maybe, if I had loved her more this wouldn’t have happened. Something slammed against the wall and forgive, me but I secretly hoped that one of those brutes had thrown Wendy against the wall and hurt her. Any type of injury would lead to Wendy being hospitalized, examined and once the results were revealed it would give me an easy out.

I looked back in the window to find nothing of the sort. One of the massive, beastly guys was leaning against the wall in exhaustion and had lost his balance and fallen.

Wendy was still going strong. Her body had bruises all over it, but she was still doing her best to fuck them all under the table. The only thing different was that Wendy was going after them instead of the other way around.

Wendy was crawling on her knees from man to man trying to find one who would let her suck his dick. They were all waving her away.

Wendy crawled over to one of the guys. I was sure he was the one who’d last fucked her ass. I was on the verge of vomiting as she approached him.

He turned away from her, putting his hand over his genitals. But that wasn’t her target. She crawled onto him and began licking his ass. She pulled his cheeks apart and drove her tongue relentlessly.

In less than two minutes his dick was as hard as a rock. She pushed him down so he was flat on his back and mounted him. I was even more disgusted. I no longer needed an easy way out.

“She can go all night, like that,” said a voice from behind me. To say that I was startled was a huge understatement. I must have jumped three feet away from the sound of the voice.

The voice itself was odd. It seemed too deep to be female, but at the same time the tone and delivery didn’t seem masculine.

I turned to find a tall hooded figure behind me. The voice seemed to be coming from inside of my head and from outside of it at the same time. A chill went through my bones.

“Vampire!” I gushed.

I heard nothing but laughter.

“Humans,” it spat. “Is that all you ever think about? I’m not a Satan Damned vampire! Did you burst into that room and call the werewolves that were fucking the shit out of your woman, vampires?

Nope, ya didn’t. Ya didn’t go in there at all did ya?”

I just stared. I was in shock. This wasn’t what I do.

“You’re all frazzled, aren’t you?” she laughed. “So, what do you want? Do you want me to open the door, so you can go in there and join in?”

I shook my head.

“Okay, now we’re talking,” she gushed. “Come with me.”

I realized then that she couldn’t be a vampire. Her steps were very heavy and almost clumsy. And I’d become accustomed to tall hooded women. I had to admit the voice threw me off, but really, she sounded kind of like the Goa’uld on Stargate. So being a nerd ... that voice was in my wheelhouse.

We stepped inside of the building, but we were on the side opposite the one where Wendy’s fuck-fest was going on.

At the back of the dark hallway, she was going towards was a staircase. It made no sense. We were on the only floor of a single-story storefront. Maybe we were going up to the roof.

But as she opened the door at the top of the stairs I heard the sound of motors turning and several very heavy metallic clanks. It sounded as if something was locking into place.

Please don’t let there be seven, I thought. She hesitated for a moment, and after the seventh clank she opened the door.

“Are you coming?” she asked. I’d stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

“Is that a stargate?” I asked.

“What the hell is a stargate?” she asked. “Are you gonna just stand down there, while those werewolves and who knows what else, pounds the shit out of your girlfriend or are you gonna man up and come up here and discuss this like a rational being?”


I hate this shit! That was my thought as I stood in a ridiculously long line waiting for my turn at the counter. Demons must have created Ice cream. There was no other way to explain it.

It was mid-summer and here I was waiting in a line that was at least 10 people deep. They should let me go to the front of the line. After all of the things I’ve done for the world ... sometimes I hate all of the secrecy.

A vibration followed by a snatch of music pulled me from my thoughts.

“Baby, ‘cause you cut me like a knife.

Without your love in my life.

Alone I walk in the night.

‘Cause I just can’t stop this feelin’

It’s torture

It’s torture

It’s torture

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