Unfaithful Again: Fiction

by AnnaTartyWife

Copyright© 2018 by AnnaTartyWife

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Written for me by Harry Lime

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   .

Almost five years later and I am still the unfaithful slut that I knew I had to be in order to make boredom exciting and filled with sexual anticipation once again.

I was considering another engineered gang bang using the lingerie party as an excuse for my “spontaneous orgy” right there on my fluffy white carpeted basement sound-proofed room. I knew we could do almost anything we wanted without disturbing the neighbors because the noise would be hidden from the outside allowing us to be as carefree and abandoned as wild revelers at a carnival of seduction and doggy style humping right out in the open in front of all spectators.

This time I had decided to include females as well as males and I made certain we had an equal share between the two sexes for maximum pleasure.

The whole idea of the lingerie party was that it served as a way to get the females all stripped down to their undies and posing for one and all to show off their sexual appeal to their best advantage.

Some of the women had fantastic boobs and I made certain we had plenty of revealing bras to show off their upper body sexuality. I had even included some bras with the nipple area open to show off the nipples for the full entertainment of the male guests. I personally had exceptionally pronounced nipples and I liked nothing better than to show them off and allow any male so inclined to lick and suck at them like they were enjoying an ice cream treat for being a good boy.

Actually, I didn’t mind if some of the ladies joined in as well because an enthusiastic tongue was even more exciting from a female than from a male.

Females tended to know instinctively just where to lick and kiss and finally to suck one’s breasts into a proper state of agitation.

My closest female friend knew when my happy twat was tingling with the need to get a hard dick shoved up my female privates from behind. They also knew that most of the time I didn’t even care who it was that was doing the shoving just as long as they didn’t stop until I had fallen into my terminal orgasm.

My understanding spouse was usually so busy with keeping up with the female followers that doted on his oversized cock that he barely had time to throw a glance in my direction to see if I was being properly serviced by our invited guests.

We had only planned on an evening with about six or eight of us switching off with each other for multiple opportunities to taste something a little different for a change. My husband got a little ahead of himself and we looked at a list of invited guests that numbered twenty altogether not including the two of us.

We discovered that most of the invited guests were bring their wives or their live-in girlfriends with the understanding that each individual had the option to match up with whomever they wanted without any interference from the other significant partner’s objection.

It was obvious from the very first moment that we all gathered in the large room that we were like-minded hedonists and I had to admit some of the females were quite tasty in different ways and in in different appeals to individual taste and choice.

I noticed one youngish female named Karen that was about five months pregnant and I asked her if the negligee and undies party was her cup of tea.

She told me that she had brought a display of pregnant undies wear for all the ladies to see and she hoped that some of the men like the opportunity to see what it felt like to get frisky with a woman with a bun in the oven already because her live-in partner was not overly romantic of late since she started sporting a full belly.

Mike, my understanding and generous husband was there lining up the lingerie sets and nightgowns for my display and I couldn’t wait to get all stripped down and get the frilly things on so I could put some smiles on the men’s faces and hopefully a hard erection in their crotches.

Mike and Frank, one of my admirers, had explained to the guests that all contact was to be completely consensual and in the spirit of full disclosure all sexual activities would be right out in the open on the fluffy white carpet in front the entire gathering. The first to fall to the carpet and copulate was the pregnant girl and Frank with his devastating ten inch cock that did more for making an instant female follower than flowers or boxes of candy.

It was so interesting to see the agile pregnant girl wrap her legs around my Frank’s torso and take his load with lots of grunting and groaning to cause giggles and laughter to flow around the room like wildfire.

My instantaneous thought was that it was almost like having a “Dogging party” indoors in the privacy of your own home with people that you might see again under other circumstances.

It was slightly different from the completely anonymous circumstances of a dogging park but in a way it was a bit more satisfying because it brought back that certain sense of possibilities of something more than just a joining of flesh in a dance of lust in a dark place with no more important factor than the hardness of the dick or the wetness of the pussy on the other end.

Suddenly, my dance card was filled to the point that I had very little time left to be making any observations of the depraved couplings occurring around me.

Two older men with that look of lust in their respective eyes made me happy that I had selected the white on white lace covered knickers that had been imported from Belgium by a local store of dubious distinction as a shop for non-reputable trade.

My generously curved boobs were encased by a sheer white fabric that highlighted my darling nipples just waiting for some lad to suck and lick and kiss to his heart’s content.

The pair of impetuous older gents led me to the corner on the opposite side of the room away from the bar with all the booze and conversation. One stationed himself at my top half and the other at my bottom half. I was beginning to realize these old goats had done this before with many a sweet young thing. Of course, I was not overly sweet, definitely not young and I suspect they were not used to having a fully cooperative cunt to share between them.

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