The Turning Point

by tunefulbob

Copyright© 2018 by tunefulbob

Erotica Sex Story: A beautiful woman experiences a sexual awakening -and an intense dp- a couple of weeks after she turns 40.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Swinging   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Size   .

Turning 40 a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about where I am in my life. I’m very happy with my career, which is with a search firm that allows me to work from home 90% of the time. My marriage is good, with a companionable relationship with my husband of 20 years. The sex has been pretty boring for some years now; but that seems pretty normal to me and didn’t bother me. I suffered mild empty-nest pangs when my daughter went off to college a year ago – but both she and I handled the separation well and are doing okay. Sex has been on my mind a bit too. You know what they say about 40-year-old women and sexual reawakening – couldn’t really see that happening with me, though.

Until yesterday.

My husband left for work at 7:30, as usual, and I spent my morning working at the computer. A little after 2:00, the plumber and his helper arrived to install a new water heater. I’ve known the plumber, Al, for years. His helper, Chris, was a young guy I’d never seen before. Chris is tall, and gorgeous – male model gorgeous. He’s about 6’3” tall, with light brown hair, blue eyes, a square chin – his face is truly beautiful. My eyes fastened on his for just a moment too long when Al introduced him to me. He looked away first, in a way that seemed rather sweet and shy. It then registered with me that his body is as perfect as his face – broad-shouldered, deep-chested, slim-hipped, with arms and long legs whose muscularity was easily apparent through the fabric of his shirt and jeans. My eyes were suddenly arrested by the bulge in the front of his jeans – and running down his left leg for a distance that didn’t seem possible.

I was a little startled, honestly, and looked back at Al, who had begun to describe the job they were going to do and how long it would take. Al noticed something about my reaction to the incredible shape showing though Chris’s jeans, and sort of half-smiled in a way that was friendly and not at all mocking or judgmental. I was in an odd state of mind, a little dazed, I think, and conscious of feeling a sexual interest that had been foreign to me for a decade or more. As Al maintained eye contact with me and told me approximately how long the water would be shut off, I was acutely conscious of the fact that my face was burning. I also knew that Chris was looking me over from head to toe and back again.

Over the years, starting when I was about 13, I’ve been stared at, gazed at, ogled, and looked over in more subtle ways by perhaps 90% of the men I’ve encountered. For a long time, I was puzzled by this, and spent a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror, in various states of dress and undress, trying to discern just what it was that attracted all that attention. I’ve also noticed that many women who are, in my opinion, more attractive than I am seem to get less of that male attention that I for so long found to be so strange and so disconcerting. By the time I was in my mid-20’s, though, it had become easy for me to ignore it – to pretend I didn’t even notice.

But Chris’s earnest gaze caused all sorts of physical sensations and led me to rethink just what it was that he was seeing. So I ran through it in my mind: a woman who is 5’10” tall, with blonde hair and green eyes, slender except for my bust, which is 38DD, proportionately long in the legs. I was proud of my legs, and tended to think of them as my best features. They are well-muscled and shapely, with the fronts of my thighs creating a visible outward curve in the short, tight skirt I was wearing. My face is nothing special, in my opinion. A lot of guys just like blondes.

Women friends have told me that Barbie could have been modeled after me, except that my legs are better. I don’t see myself that way, but get it that others do. So I knew that Chris’s appraisal of my appearance was very likely leading him to think of me with admiration. That idea pleased and excited me.

As Al and Chris went about their task, I wandered to my computer and sat down. I had work to do, but my mind was in a whirl. I’d always thought that the size of a man’s dick was a minor matter, that foreplay and other aspects of technique were more important than size. I’d married young, had had only four lovers before my husband, and had never had another man since I’d gotten serious with my husband at age 19. There wasn’t a lot of variation in size among the five men I’d been with in my life, though one had been noticeably smaller than the others. I couldn’t tell you which of the other four had been the biggest, either in length or in thickness.

But one look at Chris’s crotch had changed my views, instantly and completely. My mind was aflame with curiosity, and my pussy was aflame with desire. I couldn’t remember ever being so aroused by something I’d seen. My curiosity led me to turn to my computer and search the web for “big cocks,” which brought up a seemingly endless number of links to porn videos. I’d never paid much attention to porn – hadn’t thought about it in many years – so it was a bit of a surprise to see how voluminous the internet’s supply of it was.

Sampling the videos did nothing to dampen my interest, though it created noticeable dampness in the area of my pussy. Especially prevalent among the videos were scenes of two or more guys with huge cocks stretching the mouths, pussies and assholes of all kinds of shapes and sizes of women. Particularly astonishing to me was the ability of petite, delicate-looking women to accommodate the thickest cocks in their assholes with no more than momentary discomfort – though the lengths of so many of those cocks were beyond the capacity of any woman, either in her pussy or her ass. My panties were soon so soaked that I decided I’d better take them off, throw them in the hamper and wad some paper towels between my upper thighs.

In spite of all the moisture it generated, my body felt like it was in flames, with heat radiating outward from my loins to my face, my hands and my feet. I continued avidly researching the big cock videos and saw some things that amazed and intimidated me, but never ceased to excite me. I learned a new term too – dp or double-play. I wanted that!

Much sooner than I expected, Al and Chris came up the stairs to announce that they were finished. The installation had taken much less time than expected, Al explained, because the new water heater had required no new welding or shaping of pipes. I looked at the time and noticed that they’d been there less than an hour. Chris carried the old water heater out to the truck while Al busied himself preparing the bill and reviewing the paperwork with me.

As I was writing the check for Al, I casually inquired if he had other jobs to do that day. His response was that he’d had a cancellation of a job for later that afternoon, and had gotten no emergency calls; so he and Chris were finished for the day. “In that case,” I said, “would you like a beer or something?” Al paused for a fraction of a second before answering, “Sure. Chris and I were planning to head to a bar for beers – so staying here instead would be fine.”

My heart was pounding, and my face felt hot. I was sure Al could see the state that I was in. I managed to tell Al to help himself to whatever he and Chris would like in the upright beer cooler that was in the garage. While he was out of the room, I surreptitiously threw away the paper towels that were between my thighs up against my pussy, then opened a bottle of cabernet and poured myself about 7 ounces in a balloon-style glass that would easily hold 20 ounces – so it didn’t look like I was drinking a lot. I felt like I needed some alcohol to steady my nerves and quiet the pounding of my heart.

We all sat on padded, chair-backed stools at the island in the kitchen, and began to talk of this and that – the big jobs they had coming up, how my daughter was doing at school, Chris’s evening classes in business at the local state college. I was on my third large glass of wine, and the guys were on their third beers when I got a text from my husband saying that he had to attend a late meeting. He didn’t expect to be home until 8:30, two hours later than his usual arrival time.

That text message, on top of the better part of a bottle of wine that I had drunk, triggered something in my pussy and in my mind. I wanted Chris, and I wanted him right then. Al was welcome to come along for the ride. Images of the porn videos I’d seen filled my mind, with women sandwiched between two men, and with huge cocks sawing in out of their pussies and assholes. I wanted to be one of those women.

Over the years, Al and I had developed a friendly, flirtatious way of talking with each other. It was harmless enough, I suppose, though some of the things he had said to me about my appearance, and some hints about what he’d like to do with me had clearly crossed the line. I’d always laughed those comments off, treating them the way I felt about them, which was that they were meaningless. Al is a big, burly guy, not as tall as Chris, but probably outweighing him by 20 pounds – and very little of it is fat. I’d never given a thought to the size of his cock, but was now burning with curiosity to find out about it.

I poured the rest of the bottle of wine into my glass and said, oh-so-casually, “Let’s move this to the living room, shall we?” Al immediately followed me there, with Chris following just behind.

My objective was a large, deep, high-backed, leather couch. It had a queen-sized cotton throw folded on one end of it that my husband and I used if we were dozing there or feeling a little chilled. I spread the throw on the couch and sat down in the middle of it, spreading my legs a bit as I sat so that my tight skirt hiked up to my crotch. I then slid down a bit so that my pussy was quite exposed. For years, I had waxed my pussy, beginning with a bikini wax, then going to a Brazilian wax. Three or four years ago, though, I decided I was tired of the tedium and pain of waxing, and decided to go for permanent laser hair removal. So what Al and Chris got a good view of was a clean, uncluttered pussy, with smooth skin all around.

I patted the couch on both sides of me to invite them to sit down. When they did, Al leaned over for a passionate kiss and immediately moved his hand to my pussy and began massaging it. Chris began massaging my breasts. I reached my hands toward both of their crotches and began massaging their cocks. I was impressed by the size of Al’s cock, which was much bigger than anything I’d touched before that day; but I was amazed and awestruck by the immense thickness and hardness of Chris’s cock, which felt as big around as a beer can.

I wanted my lips wrapped around both of these big cocks, but began by unbuckling Al’s belt, and soon had my hands wrapped around his meaty cock. It was really quite large, and instantly got larger and harder when I squeezed it and took it deep into my mouth. Al began bucking and thrusting his cock upward, so that the tip was pushing against the back of my throat. I suppressed the urge to gag, and limited his penetration of my mouth by placing my hands a little higher on his stiff rod and simultaneously fucking his cock with my mouth and hands together.

Chris, in the meantime, had reached his hands under my blouse and unhooked my bra, leaving my breasts to swing freely from their constraints, but for just a moment, as he reached around to grab and squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples, hard. I generally prefer to have my breasts caressed and kissed rather than squeezed and pinched; but there was something about the size of Chris’s hands and the strength of his grasp, coupled with the intensity of having Al’s big cock thrusting into my mouth, that excited me greatly. Al’s fingers were rubbing my clit vigorously, which had me moaning, and soon brought me to my first orgasm of the day.

My clothes were in disarray, so I relaxed my grip on Al’s cock and pulled my blouse and bra over my head and threw them on the floor. I also unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt, and added that to the pile. My two lovers followed my lead, with Al a bit ahead of Chris, as had been the pattern.

When Chris finally got his pants off, I pulled him down to the couch and pressed my lips around the tip of his cock. It was a pretty tight fit – I was only able to get about three inches of it into my mouth. It actually made my jaw ache a bit. But I got on my knees and elbows on the couch and did my best to give Chris’s massive rod a good fucking with mouth and hands. I felt Al behind me and soon felt the tip of his cock pushing its way into my sopping wet pussy. It took him a second or two to get his cock positioned just right – and then he rammed it home, to the hilt! The sensation of being so surfeited with big cock made my mind explode! My pussy had never been stretched like that, and it felt amazing. I had also never felt anything so deep inside of me during sex play. Even the biggest vibrator I’d ever used hadn’t gone that deep or filled me so completely.

I was so overwhelmed by the sensations in my pussy and deep inside of me that I paused in my mouth-and-hand fucking of Chris’s cock. Within seconds, I was experiencing the most powerful, mind-blowing orgasm of my entire life. I kept my hands wrapped around Chris’s cock but had to pull my mouth away so that I could gasp with amazement, pleasure and fulfillment. I loved, loved, loved feeling stretched and filled. Al was pounding my pussy for all he was worth, which created sensations that I really can’t describe. My love tunnel was collapsing during Al’s out strokes, then re-experiencing the incredible filling and stretching of each inward thrust. My orgasm went on and on for what seemed like minutes.

Finally, I felt Al thrust in further than ever and hold there while his cock throbbed and pulsed within me. As full as I’d felt before, each pulse of his cock reached new depths of my pussy and pushed its walls out even more. And the sensation of his cum spurting inside of me, blasting against my cervix, was a new joy and delight! My orgasm reached new heights of intensity – I was enthralled and thrilled by Al’s big cock inside of me.

After a dozen or so cock-pulses and cum-spurts inside of me, Al’s balls were finally emptied. He held his cock in place inside of me though, and began very gradually to diminish in size, while my pussy continued to spasm with aftershocks that themselves were as intense as any orgasm I’d ever felt before this day. It delighted me that Al was staying hard for so long. When my husband comes, his cock deflates almost instantly, which is always at least mildly frustrating to me – and quite often terribly disappointing, especially if I am close to coming.

I had been squeezing Chris’s cock hard throughout the time that Al had been inside my pussy. He had been sitting there patiently, legs spread wide to give me easier access to his cock, with one leg against the back of the couch and the other foot on the floor. He now gave a couple of pelvic thrusts against the grip of my hands, as if to remind me that I had other business to attend to.

I had little desire at this point to stretch my jaw muscles again, so I gave Chris’s a few reassuring up-and-down strokes with my hands while I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. When Al slowly withdrew his cock from my pussy, my mind became inflamed with the desire for even greater stretching and filling of my pussy by the massive implement of sexual fulfillment that I held in my hands.

I let go of Chris’s cock and leaned back so that Chris could pull his legs together and slide them down in between my legs. I then crawled forward on the couch until I was crouched over his cock and, gripping it with one hand, pointed it toward my stretched-out pussy mouth, then sank down onto the tip of what even then was monstrously intimidating to me. I was uncertain whether Chris’s cock would be an implement of pleasure or of pain to me, but was determined to have it deep inside of me one way or the other.

Holding his cock in place with one hand, I pressed my pussy lips down and around the tip. The sensation of being stretched beyond my limits was amazing. It was painful, and yet it was thrilling! Al’s ministrations had helped me in a couple of ways – first by stretching me out considerably, and second by adding to the lubrication that my own body had amply provided. Against the resistance of my pussy, I pushed my body slowly down onto Chris’s cock. At times, the pain was too much, causing me to pause a moment before continuing. Each inch of further penetration stretched more of my pussy beyond what it could comfortably accommodate. So the pain of having my limits exceeded was increasing as I pushed down.

But I was determined to conquer this imposing implement, to overcome my own fear and pain, to engulf Chris’s monstrous cock completely, to master it, if not to enjoy it. So down and down I pushed, yearning to feel Chris’s thighs against my butt and his tummy against my clit, craving total impalement by his massive weapon of love.

In the meantime, Chris was kneading my breasts and pinching my nipples with his big hands and fingers, adding to the intensity of the most exciting experience of my life. He started to help me take in more of his cock by making sudden upward thrusts of his hips. He was surely used to having women find it difficult to accommodate him; but I was giving no outward sign of the pain I was experiencing. Yes, I was moaning – but it was much the same sound I had made when I was coming deliciously with Al’s cock rammed into me. But Chris could certainly tell that I wanted more of him inside of me – and he was doing his best to help. So bit by bit, I was taking more of him in.

Suddenly I experienced a jolt of intense pleasure. Something had happened deep inside of me that sent electric shock waves of ecstasy through my body. I must have shouted out loudly, as I can see in my memory an image of a startled look on Chris’s face. In retrospect, I think Chris’s cock must have pushed against my cervix; but at the time I neither knew nor cared would caused this surge of deep, intense and thrilling delight. I was instantly cumming at another level entirely from what I had felt before. This orgasm had another extraordinary feature – it started out as intense waves of rising and falling pleasure and spasms of my pussy, but soon settled into a steady-state of forcefulness that just kept coming at me and over me, like a tsunami. I was so enthralled by this sensation that I just stopped moving and focused on the ecstasy that was centered in the pit of my stomach and radiated outward to the furthest parts. My fingers and toes tingled with a pleasure that was totally new to me.

Seeing that I had stopped moving, yet was enjoying myself thoroughly got Chris moving harder. He began bucking and pushing his massive cock deeper and deeper into me – not a little aided, I might add, by the continuous spasming of my pussy. Soon I could feel his thighs pressing against my butt on the down strokes of his bucking. I looked down at where our bodies were so intimately joined and could see that less than an inch of his cock remained before it would be totally engulfed by my pussy. Overmatched and stretched though it was, my pussy seemed to be calling out for more as it continued to absorb the tsunami of pleasure that was streaming over it. I began reinforcing Chris’s bucking motions, pushing my pussy down and around his cock as he thrust up into me – and soon I felt it – my clit was now pressed against the base of Chris’s cock. My mind was blown, all thought was banished by the thrill and delight of feeling that I had conquered this Everest of a cock. My body was now quivering with an incredible combination of pleasure and pain.

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