The Balls Game

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Hillbilly wife is not bored when husband is glued to TV. She finds her own kind of ball game to play.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   .

Buddy loved football games. It was something that got him through the strenuous week at the machine screw manufacturing plant where he worked. Weekends he would be parked right in front of the little black and white TV with its rooftop antenna. They lived up on a high hill in the Ozarks and he could pick up Mountain Home’s three channels real good. He always invited a guy or two to watch with him. They might be kin, from work, or someone his wife Myrtle had recommended. Having other fans to cheer with made it so much better. Of course he’d have them bring the beer and Myrtle would have some snacks ready to serve. Them exciting commercials and that halftime entertainment was just frosting on the cake for Buddy.

Myrtle liked them ballgames too but she had a whole different take. She didn’t mind waiting on the boys because she could put on a cute little, with emphasis on little, outfit and show off her nice titties and trim buns. That always attracted interest from the guys but not her husband who’d seen them for years.

She liked the halftime entertainment the best and it weren’t on that little screen. That’s when she’d take the visiting guy, or pick one if there were more, back to the other room in the cabin, close the door so as not to interfere with the TV watching, and get to play the kind of ball, or more accurately balls, that she liked the best.

If it was the first time for Myrtle’s halftime entertainment, they might be kinda worried when she whispered the invite in their ear but she assured them that her husband was fixated on the TV. His eyes were glued and he reached for beer or snacks by reflex. The commercials showed big pickups and other amazing sights he’d never see out in these rural parts.

When they slipped their peckers in between her welcoming thighs, the new guys would often comment how slippery it was. Her explanation, “Well, I wants to make it easy for you and so I drains Buddy’s balls dry just before you git here. Now it’s time to do the same to yers.” When she dropped her top and those lovely hooters hung out for easy access, there was no way they were leaving that room until she let them.

If they was real good at entertainin, the game had resumed by the time they got back to watching. Those were the ones that she encouraged Buddy to invite again and again. Once in a while he’d invite two or three and she’d always whisper that invitation to the newest one because they wouldn’t last very long before the other visitors got to take their turns pumping and shooting and making her have all those jollies.

When the game ended she’d always be real polite and thank them for bringing the beer and treats. They get to feel them nice titties again pressed up against their chest but with some clothes in the way this time. Buddy always smiled at the fervent thank-yous and the wishes they’d be invited back again real soon.

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