Alyssa Chooses a Master

by KingBandor

Copyright© 2018 by KingBandor

Erotica Sex Story: Alyssa is caught cheating online and has to make a choice.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Sharing   BDSM   MaleDom   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

Today was Alyssa’s 32nd birthday. She had been invited by her girlfriends to go out and celebrate tonight and “get wild” as they put it. They suggested going to the infamous Hawt Dogz male strip club to try and see how much trouble Alyssa could get into. She loved the idea and had fantasized about doing something like that on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, she had promised her boyfriend, Jim, that she would stay home with him instead.

Apparently, Jim had something “big” planned. She hoped it wasn’t like her last birthday. He had intended to get her drunk and fuck her all night. It wasn’t much of a concept, to begin with, and his execution of it was even worse. Yes, he got her drunk. However, in the process, he got even more inebriated than she did. The fucking amounted to him rolling on top of her, pumping a few times, blowing his load, and then rolling over to sleep. There was no foreplay, and she didn’t come close to having an orgasm.

To be honest, it wasn’t much different than any other night of sex with her boyfriend of 4 years. Jim’s idea of foreplay was watching some porn. Occasionally, he would want a blowjob first. However, Alyssa learned that, too often, when she began with sucking his cock, he would cum in her mouth and lose any interest in fucking. It would have the opposite effect on her, leaving her in heat, with no one to help put out her fire. She learned the warning signs and stop sucking him well before he was ready to cum if she wanted any chance of getting laid.

Alyssa was regretting her decision to turn down her friends’ offer. In truth, she was having serious second thoughts about her relationship with Jim. They’d been together for four years, and she knew he was thinking about proposing. She had strong reservations about marrying him. She could not see herself spending the rest of her life married to a man whose knowledge of female sexual needs was that of a Neanderthal. On second thought, Neanderthals probably fucked the shit out of their women. She could do with a good caveman fuck.

She hoped to God that his “big” plan wasn’t to get down on one knee. The sad reality was, inside her mind, Alyssa had already broken up with Jim and moved on; she just needed to make it happen on the outside. As she thought about her birthday celebration, she resolved not to let another year with Jim begin. Tonight would be their farewell tour. She would dump him tomorrow.

Alyssa slipped the sexy little one-piece dress down over her body, covering her lacy pink bra and matching panties. She zipped the dress up the side, under her arm, then admired herself in the mirror. Her wavy dirty-blonde hair fell around her face to just above her shoulders. She looked pretty good, in her opinion. She debated on putting on makeup but decided since they were not going out and it was their last night as a couple, there wasn’t any point. She ran a brush through her hair and called it done.

She knew it was probably best to end things with Jim and be done with it, but it was her birthday, and she didn’t want to have to deal with the unpleasantries and ruin her day. She would do it the next day, or maybe the day after. The funny thing was, she had been telling herself the same thing for months. She would decide to break up, but something would happen, and she would delay it.

She went to the kitchen and started to pour herself a glass of wine from the refrigerator, but changed her mind. “It’s my birthday, dammit!” she proclaimed to the empty room. So, instead, she pulled out a half-filled bottle of Patron Silver Tequila and poured out what she assumed was a shot into her wine glass. She dug in a bin, found a half-rotten lime, cut out the fuzzy part and grabbed some salt.

“Is it lime, tequila, salt? Or is it tequila, salt, lime? I can’t ever remember.” she said to herself. She mixed it all up. She licked the salt, bit into the lime, drank the shot, then to top it off, sucked more lime and ended with more salt. She shivered from head to toe and leaned over the countertop, shaking her head. “Mmmm, smooth,” she said, giggling.

She put the lid back in the tequila, stared at it, then pulled the cork out and poured another shot. She eyeballed it, not taking time to measure. She downed it like the prior one and waited for her body to stop reacting, then smiled as the liquor burned slowly down her insides. She didn’t realize it, but she had just consumed about five shots of tequila in two big gulps.

She closed the tequila and went ahead and poured a glass of wine, as she would need something to drink while she waited for Jim to get home. She was feeling frisky. Tequila had that effect on her. Something about it made her horny every time she drank it. She glanced over at her little built-in desk and her MacBook that lay there beckoning to her like a Siren’s call, “Come here, Alyssa. Come here and be naughty.”

She took her wine, which tasted distinctly of tequila, with her and sat down. She lifted the lid on her laptop and watched as the screen lit up. She clicked on her mail icon and immediately thought of her favorite movie of all time, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan; she giggled and said, “You’ve got mail!”

And, she did.

“Let’s see what Mr. NY152 has to say today,” she paraphrased Kathleen Kelly and glanced at her inbox. She had an email, but it was from someone named “MasterLUST.”

“I sent you a video I thought you would like for your birthday. Be sure to watch it before your date with Mr. Boring.” She smiled as she read it, then sipped her wine and clicked play. The tequila was making her head spin a little, but its warmth had spread throughout her body, kindling a slow-burning fire in her groin.

The video showed a naked woman who was blindfolded, gagged, and hanging by her arms from a triangular suspension rack. Her feet her bound to the bottom corners, forcing her legs open. She was in high-heels and had to stand on her tiptoes to stop her r arms from bearing the full weight of her suspended body.

“Ohhh, yummy,” Alyssa purred. The woman in the video was nervously turning her head back and forth, unable to see, using her ears to try to sound out what was going on. A bald man with a goatee appeared. He was bare-chested and quite muscular and was wearing black leather pants and combat boots. He had a long strap in his hands.

Alyssa leaned back and spread her legs, letting her dress, which was short, to begin with, slide up her thighs. She reached down lazily with her right hand and rubbed her pussy through the pink lace loving the way it made her feel, decadent yet slutty.

The bald man grabbed the suspended woman by the face and shook her head. Alyssa didn’t have the video’s volume on, as she often watched videos while Jim was nearby and she didn’t want him to hear. He smacked the girls face roughly, but not too hard, then reached down to pinch her nipples. Alyssa felt her pussy clench.

The man raised the leather strap and ran it over the woman’s body slowly, speaking to her. “I bet he’s telling her what he’s about to do to her,” Alyssa explained to herself.

The man lightly slapped the suspended woman with the strap. It was clear he was teasing her, toying with her. None of the slaps looked painful. He spanked it on her abdomen, her hips, her ass and her tits. Allyssa rubbed her pussy harder, feeling how wet she was getting.

The strap came down hard on the woman’s tits, and she recoiled, pulling hard against the restraints and appeared to be crying out. Although the woman on the video was muted, Alyssa made noise on the woman’s behalf, “Mmmm,” she moaned as her fingers rubbed against her clit through her panties.

The man spun the strap in the air. Alyssa could imagine the whirring sound it made. Then the end started slapping the woman, leaving faint red marks, making contact each time it spun around. It moved fast, striking her repeatedly, about once every second. The woman was jerking back and forth wildly, her entire body shaking as the lash flashed and hit her over and over and over again.

Abruptly, Alyssa is jolted back to reality when she hears a key inserting into the apartment door. “Shit!” she thought; sitting up quickly to pause the video and minimize the window. “Damn, it was just getting good.” Just as Jim walked in, she switched to a cat video on YouTube, and pressed play; greeting him from her desk at the edge of the kitchen.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” he said smiling broadly. He walked over and kissed her, missing her lips and hitting her cheek as she coolly turned her head at the last second.

“Hey,” she replied with a slight smile. She was dreading this evening. She had already moved on and was ready to start her new life as the sex slave to her online lover, who she had recently learned lived about twenty miles from her. She just needed to make it through tonight, then next weekend she would belong to MasterLUST, whose real name she didn’t even know.

She’d met her online dom in a chat room a couple of months prior, one night when she was particularly frustrated with Jim’s sexual ineptitude. Her boyfriend had gotten her all worked up then blew his load just before she could cum and then he didn’t even try to get her off. He just pulled out and went to sleep. She had tried to masturbate in the bed, but she was so disgusted with Jim that she got up and went online to watch porn.

For the past few weeks, she had been reading BDSM related stories on a website dedicated to user-submitted fiction. She’s exhausted all of the most recent stories, and no new ones had been published. So, she was a little bored and got curious and had wandered into a BDSM related chatroom.

She had quickly started talking with MasterLUST, who was intelligent and engaging. He recognized that she was very timid and new to the ideas of bondage and discipline. They discussed her fantasies and her lack of excitement with her boyfriend and his bland sexual abilities. She had wanted to call them vanilla, but vanilla implied a pleasant flavor. His sex was lacking anything pleasant.

She jokingly referred to him as Mister Boring. MasterLUST had gotten her off just from talking with her while she masturbated. He introduced her to some “special” stories that he had written on the site, which stimulated her curiosity. He even shared some hard-core porn videos with her that took her on a tour of the BDSM lifestyle, exposing her to new ideas, concepts, and fantasies.

Their relationship had quickly escalated to Skype where they could chat in real time. They exchanged a few pictures, becoming more and more provocative and more and more real-time. Soon, they were video chatting, and she would do anything he demanded. She was eating the attention and sexual adventure up like a starving man at a Chinese buffet.

She began calling him Master. He had explained to her that for now, it was just a respectful way to address him. But, for her to honestly call him Master, she would be required to submit to him. He explained to her about the relationship between a dominant and a submissive and the bonds they shared. It was then that they discovered, much to their mutual delight, that they lived within easy driving distance of one another.

MasterLUST was very respectful of her relationship with Jim. He never once criticized or bashed Jim in any way. In fact, he often encouraged Alyssa to talk to Jim, to try to share her feelings with him and give him the chance to improve his sexual abilities to more readily satisfy her needs. He even offered to facilitate a kind of intervention with Jim, to help him get his head out of his ass and coach him on how to be a better lover. Alyssa refused to consider it.

She wanted to be with MasterLUST, to submit to him. She begged him to invite her over to consummate their desires for each other. To his credit, MasterLUST refused. They could play online and in Skype, but he would not meet her, touch her, or accept her submission, so long as she was still living with or dating Jim.

So, she decided. She was done trying to accept Jim for who he was. She needed to experience the depths of pleasure that a real man could give her and to experience the fantasies that burned in her mind and loins. She would end things with Jim after her birthday and let MasterLUST know her plans. He told her that if she actually left Jim, he would accept her submission the following weekend.

She was thinking about her future master when Jim appeared in front of her and went down to one knee, taking her hand. “Oh shit, no!” she thought as she started to panic.

“Baby,” Jim began, kissing her hand.

She cut him off, “Jim we need to talk.” She would not be able to wait until tomorrow. There was no way she wanted him to propose. It was bad enough that she was going to dump him, but the humiliation he would suffer by asking her to marry him and getting rejected would be horrible. She loved him enough to spare him that pain.

“I know baby. I want you to know,” he stated as he looked into her eyes, “I am sorry for being such a shitty boyfriend.”

“What?” she asked, taken aback. That wasn’t what she was expecting.

“I realized that I’ve been a horrible boyfriend. I take your feelings for granted. I never really pay attention to you or do things for you and,” he paused and appeared to be struggling with what to say, “I know I’m lousy in bed. I’m sorry. I want to make you happy and to be able to please you. I’ve been taking lessons on how to be a better boyfriend and lover, and I want to prove to you that I can be the man you need me to be.”

She stared at him for a long time. She realized her mouth must be hanging open and she closed it as she grappled with what to say in response.

He had his hand behind his back this entire time. When he finally pulled it around, Alyssa saw he was holding a large, beautiful bouquet of flowers. He handed them to her, “Happy Birthday, these are for you.” He pressed the flowers into her limp hand.

He took off his backpack and dug around inside it then pulled out a small box. “Oh shit, here it comes,” Alyssa thought. He opened the box and pulled out a small bottle of her favorite perfume. “Oh, well that’s nice,” she thought. “Whew!”

“Thank you, Jim,” she said. She was about to say “but,” when he stood up and interrupted her.

“And, I’m going to cook dinner for you,” he said as he saw her reacting so shocked, “Yeah, I barely know how to boil water. I watched a bunch of episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, and I think I got this figured out.”

He moved into their small kitchen and put the flowers into a vase, “You just stay there and keep watching your YouTube videos while I cook,” he told her, laughing sweetly.

She picked up the perfume bottle and sprayed some on her wrist, then rubbed her arms together, before lifting them to inhale the scent. “I can’t believe Jim remembered my favorite perfume. He’s never done anything like this before,” she pondered, “And he’s cooking? What’s gotten into him?”

She watched him work for a few minutes. He looked incredibly happy. She didn’t have the heart to dump him right now. She went back to her original plan to break up with him tomorrow. Her computer made a very quiet “ping,” and she saw a Skype message notification appear in the bottom corner of the screen. It was from MasterLUST and said simply, “U There?”

She watched Jim out of the corner of her eye and typed a reply.

Alyssa: Yeah, not alone though.

MasterLUST: Did you watch the video I sent?

Alyssa: Some of it, just getting good when Mr. Boring came home.

MasterLUST: Watch the rest now.

Alyssa: I can’t, he might catch me. He’s cooking me dinner for my birthday.

MasterLUST: Rather considerate and romantic. Hope for him yet?

Alyssa: None.

MasterLUST: So watch it then.

Alyssa: sigh. Ok, hang on.

She checked on Jim again. He was busy chopping onions or slicing garlic or something. He couldn’t see her screen from in the kitchen, but if he stepped out around the entrance, he could see it easily. She was no more than ten feet from Jim, but as ordered, she switched to the video window, made sure the video’s sound was muted and pushed the play button. The action immediately resumed.

The girl’s body was quickly becoming bright red as the strap beat her all over. Alyssa felt her pussy responding to the action on the screen. The lash landed hard on the girl’s pussy. Alyssa winced as she saw it and started feeling warm all over.

MasterLUST: Watching?

Alyssa: Yeah

MasterLUST: Imagining that happening to you?

Alyssa: Of course.

MasterLUST: You ready to feel that happening?

Alyssa: God yes. So fucking hot.

She saw a picture appear in their chat. It was MasterLUST, naked, grinning at her, holding his erect cock in his hand. She enlarged it. She stared at his beautiful cock, mesmerized.

“Whatcha watching?” asked Jim as he stepped out of the kitchen, carrying two glasses of bubbling champagne. She instinctively hit the hotkeys to swap screens.

“Huh?” she asked, shaking nervously, “Oh, just more angry cat videos. Or no, this one is a fat grumpy cat playing the piano.”

He handed her one of the glasses, and she took it. “Hah!,” he exclaimed, nobody likes a fat, grumpy pussy.” He raised his glass to her in a toast. “May we learn from the past, build for the future and live for today. Cheers.” He took a long sip and watched her expectantly. She took a sip and smiled.

Jim went back into the kitchen. She could hear something sizzling in a skillet, and the aroma of onions or garlic caught her attention. “What are you making?” she asked, her curiosity now piqued.

“Risotto St. Jacques, I think it is called,” he explained, then added, “You know, risotto with scallops.”

She was surprised again, “That’s my favorite!” She was genuinely impressed with him now.

Jim smiled and pointed the wooden spoon at her. “Yes, I know that!” he replied happily.

“Oh my god, what the hell is he doing?” she thought.

MasterLUST: WYW?

She heard the ping and read the message, grinning wickedly at what some say is the most asked question in the history of chatting.

Alyssa: Short gray sleeveless dress, pink lace bra, matching thong.

MasterLUST: Show me

Alyssa: You must be joking. He’ll see.

MasterLUST: Are you refusing me?

She took a deep breath and let out a slow sigh, then clicked the button to start a video chat, quickly muting her speakers.

MasterLUST: Good slut. Now show me.

Alyssa: Yes, Master.

She stood, and pretended to stretch, keeping her eye on the kitchen. She lifted her skirt up to her belly button and let him see her panties then turned around, allowing him to see her mostly bare ass, then dropped the dress and sat back down, blushing beet red.

MasterLUST: Now take off the panties.

Alyssa: Seriously?

MasterLUST: Do you really want to question my commands?

Alyssa: No Master.

MasterLUST: Then take them the fuck off.

Alyssa: Yes, Master.

She whispered to her microphone, “You are so bad.”

MasterLUST: You are so bad, Master.

She pulled her panties down, bending over, with her back to the camera, letting him see her ass. She stepped out of the leg holes one foot at a time, then turned and sat back down clutching her damp pink thong into a ball in her right fist. She showed it to the camera, smiled and raised her eyebrows as if to say “Tada!”

MasterLUST: Good girl.

Alyssa leaned forward and whispered, “Thank you, Master.”

MasterLUST: Now show me your cunt.

She made a face into the camera that indicated how she felt about that idea.

Alyssa: I can’t do that? Sorry, if he sees me, it would be horrible.

MasterLUST: You’re dumping him tomorrow, or are you having second thoughts?

Alyssa: No second thoughts. Tomorrow for sure.

MasterLUST: Then show me your cunt, now.

She sighed slowly, then nodded. She pushed her chair back a bit, lifted her right foot and put it in the seat of the chair. The movement caused her skirt to lift up and her legs to part slightly, exposing her pussy.

“What are you doing?” Jim asked. He was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, a towel over one shoulder, a wooden spoon in his hand.

She was busted! “Oh fuck!” she thought as she scrambled for an answer.

“Oh, um,” she started speaking, not having come up with much of an excuse. “I am, um, looking at, um, looking at my toenails. I just had them done today. They have little hearts all over them. I was, uh, going to take a picture for Pinterest.”

He nodded and chuckled, “Well, be sure not to get your pussy in the picture.” He went back to stir the risotto. He leaned back out and asked, “Why aren’t you wearing panties?”

“It’s my birthday,” she replied as if that somehow explained everything.

“Oh,” he responded with a slightly puzzled look on his face, “cool.” He went back to work.

Alyssa looked into the camera and shook her head laughing. She spread her legs and rubbed her pussy, giving him a good view, then quickly sat up and covered herself again.

Alyssa: You hear that?

MasterLUST: Yep. He got an eyeful too.

Alyssa: Mhmm.

MasterLUST: He gets a boner?

Alyssa: No clue.

MasterLUST: Does he have a big one?

Alyssa: Almost same as you, maybe a little thinner, but about the same length from what I’ve seen. I’ll let you know after you FUCK ME.

MasterLUST: Who says I’m going to fuck you?

Alyssa: Oh, you will.

MasterLUST: Oh, are you in command of me now?

Alyssa: Well, when it comes to that, yes! Fuck me, goddammit!

MasterLUST: I’ll let that one slide, this time.

Alyssa: Good boy.

MasterLUST: Watch it!

“Hey, honey?” Jim called from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” she yelled back making irritated faces into the camera.

“Can you come give me a hand? I thought I could do this by myself, but I really need four hands, and I’ve unfortunately only got two,” he explained.

She realized that MasterLUST’s camera wasn’t on this whole time. She had to go but wanted to see him once before she left.

Alyssa: GTG, Mr. Boring needs my help. I wish it were tomorrow already. Can I see you quickly before I go?

MasterLUST: No.

Alyssa: Please, Master?

MasterLUST: No, you’ll see me soon enough.

Alyssa: pouts. Ok, then. GTG. 143!

MasterLUST dropped the video conference without replying.

She walked up beside Jim and asked, “What do you need?”

“Well first, I need this,” he said then leaned down to kiss her. She smiled back at him. “And I need you to stir the risotto. It’s almost done, but need to add a couple more ladles of the stock. Don’t you think so?”

He scooped out a small sample and offered it to her. She took some into her mouth and chewed. The flavor was incredible, restaurant quality, but it was still on the hard side. “Mmmm, it’s really good, but yeah, it needs to cook more.”

“Ok, then,” Jim replied, handing her the wooden spoon. “You are now the official rice stirrer. I’m going to make the St. Jacques-es.”

“The what?” she asked giggling.

“Isn’t that French for scallops?”

“Is it? I thought it was the name of the name of the dish, like after the guy who invented it.”

“No, I’m pretty sure its the French word for scallops, but I could be wrong. Want to Google it?”

“Not really. I don’t really care what they’re called. I just want to eat them.” She stirred the pot of rice slowly as the liquid slowly evaporated or was absorbed, or whatever it is that happens when you make risotto.

Jim put a saute pan onto a burner and turned on the flame, then squirted a copious amount of oil into it. “Grapeseed oil is what Gordon Ramsay said to use. Something about the flashpoint, whatever that is.”

Alyssa was feeling the effects of the tequila, the wine, and the champagne. She was more than a little tipsy, and the tequila, coupled with the chat with her Master and the video had her pussy very wet. “You know, I think this is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me. If you’re hoping it might get you laid tonight, you may be in luck.”

“One farewell fuck couldn’t hurt,” she thought, “I mean I guess he deserves it.”

He took out a tray of the largest scallops she’d ever seen and salted them liberally on both sides. “You know we haven’t had sex in over a month?” he asked, pretending to not make a big deal out of it.

“Really? Are you sure?” she asked, slightly incredulously. She thought they’d had sex just a few nights before.

“Yep, it was Valentine’s day, and your birthday is March 18th, so yeah.”

“You keep track of that?”


She watched him as she stirred. “How come?”

He set the scallops into the skillet, and they sizzled loudly. “Because, that was the day I swore I wouldn’t try to fuck you again until I knew how to make you cum, how to do it, better.”

She stopped stirring and stared at him intently. “Seriously? You did?” she asked, then her randiness started taking over, “You think you’re ready to try again?”

He put another ladle of stock into the risotto. “Keep stirring.” He watched the scallops, wanting to touch them but he was following the instructions to the letter. “I don’t know,” he continued, “Maybe, I’ve been studying.”

“Studying how to fuck?”

“No, I mean yes, but not exactly. I’ve been studying about what girls like to do and have done to them. Like, you know, where to touch them and lick them and stuff.”

“You want to lick me?” she asked, mouth hanging open. “I asked you to do that a hundred times, and you wouldn’t do it.”

He blushed, “I know. I thought it was gross. All my friends used to say ‘Real men don’t eat pussy,’ and I believed them. Now, I know that’s bullshit.”

“And, now you want to do it to me?” she asked, breathing hard, forgetting to stir.

He flipped the scallops and smiled; they were a perfect golden brown. “Yeah, I want to try. I want to do lots of things to you we’ve never done before.”

“Like what?” she asked, feeling her pussy tingle and warmth spread across her throat and cheeks.

“Keep stirring,” he told her again, “you know, like taking my time when fucking you, not cumming so fast, trying different positions, doing different things, mixing it up.”

She started stirring again, rapidly.

He took the saute pan off the stove and carefully took the scallops out and put them on a plate temporarily. He tossed the skillet back on the fire and opened the white wine with his teeth, pouring some in to deglaze the pan. He stirred it quickly, and it flamed up. Alyssa jumped back watching him, growing very damp. Something about watching a man cook for her was surprisingly erotic.

He raised the pan and added the contents into the risotto, then turned the burner off and set the pan back down. He took the spoon from Alyssa and stirred the risotto. He tasted it and smiled when he bit down. “I think it’s done.”

He tossed a few slices of butter, stirring it in as it melted, then grated fresh Parmesan on top. “Can you grab two plates off the table?”

She just noticed that the table was already set and looked beautiful. “When did you do that?” she asked.

“Last night,” he said, “I’ve been planning tonight for a month. I have a lot of things planned for tonight. I want it to be special for you, Alyssa. I want you to give me another chance. I don’t want to lose you.” He turned off the lights and lit two candles on the table, creating very romantic lighting.

She watched him, feeling overwhelmed with her emotions. “He actually loves me,” she thought.

He plated the dinner and then took the plates to the table. He ran back and grabbed the white wine and filled the waiting glasses. He pulled Alyssa’s chair out for her and then sat down across from her, raising his wine glass for another toast. “If this is our last night together,” he began, “let’s make it the best night of our lives.”

She sucked in air through her mouth, shocked at his toast, “He knows,” she thought. “How does he know?”

“Why would you say that?” she asked with a suspicious look on her face?

“Oh, I don’t know, it was in some movie back in the 80’s I saw on TV the other night while you were on your computer. I thought it sounded romantic. Did I blow it?” he lowered his glass slightly.

She breathed a slight sigh of relief then smiled, “It was beautiful. To the best night of our lives, so far.” she amended it, clinked his glass then sipped her wine. He smiled broadly, feeling pleased and sipped his wine.

Alyssa took a bite of her dinner and moaned sexually, “Oh my god. That’s fucking amazing! I can’t believe you cooked this for me!”

Jim took a bite and grinned, “Wow, that is pretty good.”

They devoured the food in record time. It was delicious, and Alyssa was ravenous. She was also increasingly becoming turned on and was curious to find out if Jim had learned anything. She was anxious to get dinner over and move on to the rest of her birthday celebration. She didn’t even realize it, but she hadn’t thought about MasterLUST since Jim asked her to help him in the kitchen.

When they finished, Jim got up and cleared the dishes. Alyssa started to help, but he told her to stay seated. He had another surprise for her. A few moments later he came walking back in holding a large wedge of her favorite dessert with a single lit birthday candle sticking in it. He was singing “Happy Birthday.”

She saw what he had, and she put her hands on her cheeks and almost screamed, “Cherry cheesecake?!? You made cherry cheesecake?”

He stopped and shrugged, “Well, to be completely transparent, I bought it at Cheesecake Factory. I figured it was outside my wheelhouse.”

She laughed happily, “It’s okay, baby. It’s the thought that counts.”

He skipped ahead an sang only the final line of the song, “Happy Birthday, to you!” She closed her eyes, made a wish, and blew out the candle.

He watched her eat it as she moaned in delight. She held out a forkful of creamy, sweet goodness to him and he ate it, then let her enjoy it. She was able to get through about a third of the slice before giving up, “I’m stuffed, baby. That was incredible. Thank you so much.” She rose and went to him, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the mouth.

He slowly wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss. It started to turn passionate as they both opened their mouths and slid their tongues out. They both tasted cherry cheesecake. Alyssa was on fire, and she took Jim by the hand. “I think it’s time to go find out what you’ve been studying. What do you think?”

He sighed, and nodded, then replied, “I guess it is.”

“Well don’t look so excited about it! Is that what they taught you at sex school?” She giggled.

He laughed and whatever mood he was in seemed to pass. He answered Alyssa by lifting her and carrying her to the bed. “This better?” he asked, chuckling.

“Much better!” she said, kissing him. They fell onto the bed making out. She immediately started trying to slide out of her dress, then remembered to unzip it. He helped her pull it off and tossed it into the corner. She kicked her shoes off as he unhooked her bra and slid it off her arms. He admired her naked body and moaned, “Fuck you’re so hot,” he said as his eyes scanned over her tits and down to her pussy.

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said, laughing as she attacked his clothes, helping him strip. Once they were both naked, they fell back on the bed, making out. They hadn’t just made out in three years; he took his time kissing her, holding her, stroking her.

She was in more of a hurry that he seemed to be. She grabbed his cock and started stroking it. He was rock hard. She pushed him on his back and aggressively started sucking him. He moaned and laid back letting her do it, then shook his head saying, “No, no, no, wait, wait.” He pushed her off his cock.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, “Don’t you want a blowjob?”

“Of course I do, but that’s what we always do. Remember, I’m trying to show you what I’ve learned, let me show you.”

She gave him a wicked smile. “Ok, baby. Show me.”

He pushed her back onto the bed, a little firmly. “Oh!” she said softly.

He started kissing her neck, hands roaming over her body, down her sides, over her abdomen, then up to cup and squeeze both of her tits. “Oh, I like that,” she purred.

His thumbs rubbed her erect nipples, and she lifted her chest, pushing her tits into his hands. He pinched the nipples, and she yelped in surprise and a little bit of pain. She just watched him and didn’t say anything. “What’s gotten into him?” she thought.

His hands were now roaming her lower regions, his mouth following along wherever they went. They passed over her abdomen, down one thigh to the foot, then he licked and sucked on each toe. “Oh fuck, baby! That’s so hot!” she moaned as she watched what he was doing.

He licked, kissed and sucked up her leg. When he reached her knee, she spread her legs, showing him her soaked and hungry pussy. He mouthed her inner thigh, sucking and licking it as he moved higher and higher. His lips brushed along the soft flesh between her thigh and pussy, then up, over her shaved mound, and down the other side.

He bypassed touching any part of her pussy. She groaned as he avoided it and moved her hips, trying desperately to shove her pussy into his face, “I thought you wanted to lick my pussy!” she teased.

“I will, in good time,” he replied, continuing to lick down her leg to give her other foot the same treatment he’d given the first. She was panting and making little soft noises. He held her legs firmly and twisted, pulling one leg over the other, forcing her to roll over, face down.

“Oh, god damn, baby, now what are you going to do to me?” she asked. She couldn’t remember ever being this aroused.

“You’ll see,” he whispered as he kissed up the back of her leg, his hands sliding up in advance of his mouth to grip, knead, and squeeze her ass cheeks.

“Oh my god,” she said softly, lifting her hips slightly.

When his mouth caught up with his hands, he spread her ass cheeks and dragged his tongue against her asshole. She jumped wildly and cried out, “OH MY GOD!!!!, Jim! Holy fuck!” Her hips started shaking violently. He slid his tongue higher into her ass crack, and her hips dropped. “Oh, don’t tease me, baby!”

He kissed up her back, sliding up behind her, his hard cock sliding along her thigh and rubbing against her pussy then her ass, and up her ass crack. She jumped when she felt it touch her pussy and whimpered in disappointment when it moved past.

He kissed her shoulders and her neck, pulling her hair out of the way. She was moaning uncontrollably. His weight was pressing her down, and his cock was laying in her ass crack. “I have something for you?” he whispered in her ear.

She wiggled her ass, playfully. “I feel it,” she said seductively.

He chuckled, “Not that.” He slid off her and got down to look under the bed and brought out a box. She rolled over on her side to watch, her nipples hard as rocks, her breathing ragged.

He handed her the box. She opened it and pulled out an unusually shaped piece of black cloth with velcro straps. She stared at it for a moment before it dawned on her what it was.

“A blindfold?” she asked, smiling widely.

“Yeah,” he explained, “I thought it might be kind of fun. Add some mystery, spice things up. If you’re not comfortable, I mean, that’s cool. We don’t have to use it.”

She sat up and held it to her face, “Help me put it on,” she said quickly.

There were two small padded cups on the side facing Jim. “That’s backward.” He took it from her gently and turned it around. “These fit over your eyes and press on your eye socket to help block out light so you can’t cheat.” He had her hold it in place, then pulled the straps to the back where they overlapped and fastened securely with velcro.

“How’s that?” he asked, “Can you see anything?”

She rotated her head around, looked left and right, tilted her head up and down, side to side, testing every angle. “Not a thing. This is too cool, baby. I love it. How do I look?”

He had to admit; she looked sexy as hell. It wasn’t just a blindfold, any strip of cloth could serve the purpose. This one was designed to appear sexy when worn. He described how hot it made her look, then helped her lay back. He put the empty box back under the bed and pulled out a tray of assorted things he had prepared in advance.

“So, you’re ok with this, right baby?” he asked.

“Oh god, yes. I love it,” Alyssa answered.

“Good, now see if you can figure out what this is.” he picked up a feather duster off the tray and began to brush it lightly over her exposed skin. She immediately reacted by moaning and moving her body, breathing hard.

“Oh my god, that feels so incredible,” she said, exhaling hard. “What is that?” She tried to figure it out as he continued to tease her body, but the sensations were making it hard to concentrate. “Oh,” she exclaimed, “is it a feather thing like a French maid uses?”

“Good guess,” he responded with a slight laugh. He was pleased with her reaction. Everything seemed to be going as planned, so far.

Jim brushed the duster against her breasts, teasing the nipples slowly and seductively. Alyssa sucked in air quickly, lifting her tits, wanting more contact. Her body was covered in goosebumps, and she was breathing erratically.

He was driving her mad. Jim had never showered her with as much attention or intimacy before. The teasing, the focus on her pleasure, and the tequila created a powerful aphrodisiac. Her arousal was impossible to hide. Her areolas were swollen, covered in raised bumps. Her nipples were thick, engorged like fat, fleshy pencil erasers.

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