Naked Neighbors

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Man discovers his new neighbors are backyard nudists. That leads to some great new experiences.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   First   Nudism   .

When you get new neighbors you always wonder what they will be like. The older couple that had lived next door to Mel were good people and he would spend a bit of time with them once in a while. Mel was introverted and stayed pretty much to himself after his wife left him only a few years into their marriage. He’d thought by getting married later he’d make a better choice but it hadn’t worked for him.

Other than the usual coming and going he didn’t see much of his new neighbors except to realize that they were about his age and had a teenage daughter. Other than some occasional sounds over the fence when they were enjoying their backyard pool things were pretty much the way they had been.

There were a few gaps caused by age in the seven-foot wooden fence separating their backyards and he was able to peek through when he heard swimming sounds to see the family enjoying a warm day. What did tickle his tool was that they were all naked. His view was very limited but what he saw stuck in his memory. Mom and daughter were blonde and very nicely put together.

It’d been about a month since the move-in when there was a knock at his door and the neighbor woman introduced herself as Alicia. “The people we bought this from said that they invited you to swim in their pool in hot weather like this. Why don’t you come over after supper when the sun isn’t so intense and enjoy the water.”

“I’ll bring some snacks,” volunteered Mel. She nodded and grinned and he watched her barely covered butt wiggle as she walked away. He dug out his best swimsuit.

He put together some chips and pretzels and beer to take with him when he went next door. Alicia introduced him to Paul, her husband and Bebe her daughter. When they headed out to the backyard Paul mentioned that swimsuits were not allowed in the pool. “Didn’t Alicia mention that? I hope you don’t mind.”

When he absorbed the situation, he said, “I’ve never done it before except as a kid but I guess I’m willing to try.” Getting full-on close-up views of mother and daughter had the expected male reaction so he quickly jumped in the pool. He thought he saw little smirks on the women’s faces. In a little while he got used to the situation and even got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around himself as they shared snacks and got better acquainted. For the next month he was invited over a couple times a week and began to enjoy their company.

The week before school started he got a request he couldn’t say no to. Paul and Alicia had a business trip that would take that week but they didn’t want to leave BeBe alone. “Could she stay with you, Mel?” How could he not make her welcome?

Not surprisingly, as soon as she put things away in the guest room she took off all her clothes. He decided to leave his on for the time being but certainly was enjoying the view. His kitchen had never been so well decorated as she took over cooking supper. He had to go up to his room and pound his pud to relieve the tension.

They watched an online movie that they both agreed to and then it was off to bed. He’d just settled in when the bedroom door opened and a naked blond teenager got under his covers without asking permission. As if he would’ve said no anyway. She snuggled up close and gave him a good night kiss on his cheek. He laid awake for a long time with a hard on that he couldn’t do much about.

She was still there the next morning, sleeping in like teenagers do and he got up and made coffee to enjoy while some breakfast stuff defrosted. He heard the toilet flush and down the hall came that lovely vision of teenage womanhood.

As they ate, Bebe told him, “I’ve been sixteen for two months now which means I’m old enough for sex although I haven’t had any yet. I do want to learn a lot about it though and my mother said that an older man is a good source of information. Would you mind answering my questions?”

Mel smiled, “I’ve never had such a request before but I’ve done a bit of what you want to learn about. Some things you’ll have to ask your mom because all I can give you is the man’s perspective.”

Her face lit up, “Well it’s men that I want to learn about. I’ve had a sex ed class at school so I know some of the official names and my girlfriends have taught me the slang for sex parts and basic activities but I’ve never had any practical experience. I haven’t decided if I’m ready to actually do sex but there’s no harm in learning.”

“You seem like a smart girl,” replied Mel. “The more you know the less likely you are to make mistakes. I’ve made my share so will see if we can keep you from making the same ones, at least. How do you want to start?”

“As you know, I’ve seen the male body but I’ve never touched it. I also note that parts of my body are especially sensitive to touch. Some of them I’ve done for myself but I understand that when somebody else does it the feelings are much stronger. Could we do some exploration of that?”

They went back to his bed and he guided her through touching his body from head to toe. She was, of course, especially fascinated by his genitals and scrutinized them closely as she moved his balls and hard cock around. Then she lay back and he began touching her starting with her ears and working his way down to her toes. Her nipples were standing up and he could smell her pussy by the time he finished.

“Wanna take a break, young lady? Let’s go over and swim.” There was a gate through the fence so they didn’t have to get dressed. By the time they enjoyed the pool for a bit it was lunch time. Back to his house.

BeBe was setting the pace. “Now I’d like to try some of that special touching, you know the kind that really gets you wound up. I want you to know that I’m open to trying anything except intercourse at least once. Can I start? I’ve heard about ejaculation and I’d really like to see it happen if that’s okay with you.”

“Okay, you sexy thing. There are several ways to accomplish it so let’s start with the simplest. This is often referred to as a ‘hand job’ and that’s what guys often do to get themselves off. Let’s move you around a little bit for a better position and watch how I am holding myself and moving. You just do that, gripping me snugly but not too tight. I’ll let you know ... Okay, that feels good just keep it up and I’ll tell when the eruption is about to occur.”

BeBe was watching intently and shortly after she was alerted, four spurts of viscous whitish substance shot out on his belly. She squealed and almost let go but he kept her hand around it so she could feel the hardness slowly go away.

“You want to taste it?” Mel asked. “Some girls really like that. You’ve heard of blowjobs?” She nodded. “Well if you do a really good one you get a mouthful of that stuff so you gotta like the taste.”

BeBe reached down tentatively and got some on her fingertips and put it up to her mouth. “It doesn’t taste bad. If I had a whole mouthful I don’t know how it would be though.”

Mel smiled, “That’s gonna be a future lesson but I have to recover for a while so maybe we’ll do it another day. It’s my turn to give you a few thrills.”

After wiping off his chest and belly, he put her on her back and began sucking on one nipple while he pinched and tweaked the other one with his fingers. She began breathing harder and squeaking as he made it feel really good. Her feminine scent was really wafting up from her crotch and he kissed his way down her stomach and then got between her open thighs. She had one hand behind her head watching intently what he was doing. When his tongue hit her clit her hips jerked, breaking contact. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t hurt you did I?” Mel just grinned and dove in again. He kissed her outer labia, sucked her inner ones in and tongue lashed them, shoved his tongue in her vaginal opening, and went back to lick and nibble and suck on her clit. He was ready when her orgasm hit and kept his mouth on that little pleasure button as she clamped her thighs on his head and bucked and screeched as her orgasm ripped through her body.

When she finally stopped thrashing, she was panting and pink all over. “Oh my God, I had no idea that could happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She told him later it took all her will power at that moment to keep from pulling his cock inside her but she stuck to her decision.

Mel moved up and kissed her, giving her a taste of her own juices as he said, “I think that’s enough for one day. We both had our jollies so let’s just calm down and we can have some more lessons tomorrow.” She kissed him back, real hard.

When Mel fell asleep that night she was snuggled up against him, her firm young breasts pushed against his shoulder and her hand cupping his softened cock which she had insisted on giving a hand job right after they got in bed. It did help him sleep.

The next morning BeBe was anxious to continue her lessons. She delighted in feeling his erection with her mouth and tongue including sucking each his testicles gently into her mouth. Then with some coaching she gave her first blowjob and gracefully accepted his semen spurts, opening her mouth to show him before she swallowed it.

She was expecting that he would want to eat at the Y again but he surprised her. After fingering her a little and getting her nice and moist, he laid on his back and asked her to straddle his waist. “You know I don’t want to stick it in me yet,” she reminded him.

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