2 David and Stephanie

by tisoz

Copyright© 2018 by tisoz

Fiction Sex Story: 2 black guys (David and Mo) bring home 2 white female freshmen coeds (Stephanie and Tonya). They do their best to convert them to the church of black cock. David hates whites but enjoys fucking white women. He wants to end the white race by breeding them out of the gene pool. He starts out with only the idea, but this story covers his first potential convert after he decides to put his plans into action.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Vignettes   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   .

My name is David. I hate white people. I don’t mind fucking them. In fact, I love fucking white women. I want to exterminate the entire white race. Not through violence but by ending white genetic lines one womb at a time. One may consider it a David versus Goliath task. I try introducing the prettiest white females to the joys of interracial sex. I don’t think I’d ever trust a white female enough to fall in love. The only love I am concerned with is instilling a love for black cock in white females. Interracial couples and interracial sex might be more common and accepted than it was 20 or 30 years ago. It was okay in theory, but not for them. Whitey still had hang-ups about it, especially when it involved their daughters.

I counted on those racial hang-ups. I was a victim of other racism, so playing on racial hang-ups seemed fair to me in my little war with whitey. Lots of women have their own freaky hang up. Men too, but I play on those hang-ups and combine them to get them to drop their panties for me. It is hard to find a woman who doesn’t have daddy issues. Another common kink for women is risky sex. Either having sex with someone their morals say they shouldn’t, or doing the act in a way that risks exposure. The freakier ones jump at the chance to combine those two. Getting caught gets multiplied by the humiliation associated with the chosen partner. I play upon these kinks to carry out my genocide. Not with violence, but by giving them what they want while playing on whitey’s dark desires.

Like for instance, the four freshmen coeds my roommate and I were talking to. We’d danced and chatted with them for over an hour. We were in a club known for being a place where white women came to hook up with black men. These girls were born after a lot of things changed racially. It became odd to see more than three white players on the floor at the same time during a college or NBA game. It was common to see a black player at any football position and rare to see a white man at most positions. Baseball? It pretty much sucked, but white players were a minority to Latin and black players.

They grew up with blacks in TV shows and TV commercials and not confined to supporting roles or portraying servants. Black actors and actresses now won Academy awards. They kept dominating boxing, lined up to kick the ass of any next great white hope. Tennis couldn’t keep them from winning, even golf had fallen to the black man. They elected a black President of the US. They didn’t grow up thinking black was negative but saw black as superior. They whispered the sayings about black men having bigger cocks, more virility, and more stamina. They even started calling us bulls, as in how a rancher keeps a prized bull to breed his herd. They were out on their own for the first time in their life and wanted to learn first hand.

They came to the club to test the waters and were trying to talk themselves into taking a dip in the interracial end of the sex pool. I knew I’d be leaving with one of them and my roommate was not going home empty-handed. They weren’t sure they were ready for group sex. I figured they also might not want their friends to see them get too loose or surprise them by getting too freaky. They were holding back, not wanting judged for overcoming inhibitions so they could explore their sexuality. They didn’t want judged afterward. They didn’t want the fear of exposure or ridicule inhibiting them when it was time for action. Privacy and secrecy ease inhibitions, but at the moment the actual group was holding them back.

If four of them left with two guys, it didn’t take an MIT math whiz to know the numbers meant there were going to be witnesses. Direct if they went the group route, or waiting voyeurs if they opted for privacy and one on one time. Alcohol would decrease their judgment and lower inhibitions. It would take some time and cash and they might realize the obvious ploy and rebel. The obvious solution was to cut the best targets out of the herd. This lets the victim deny anything happened. If she was forced to tell her story, the details might encourage the herd mates to let their self fall victim a bit easier in the future. It was in the best interest of the victim to describe her experience in the best terms possible and get the accuser and judges to join her next time. If she wasn’t successful turning them to her side, at least describing the encounter in glowing terms helped. It would reinforce the idea she had done nothing wrong so there was nothing to make a big deal about.

One of them said her family would disown her if they found out she dated a black guy. Who was she kidding? Maybe herself. We wouldn’t be dating. We might go out more than once if she was good in bed, but how many freshmen were? I’d take her out until her pussy no longer gripped me like a vice. We’d go out at least until I tapped her ass, but then there were a lot more little white girls I wanted to defile. I wanted to knock as many young white girls as possible. Then send them home to daddy or their broken family, and when she delivered a black baby in the hospital she’d be outed. I even kept my own stack of condoms handy for those who wouldn’t give it up otherwise. They got special treatment with a sewing needle, puncturing them while they were still wrapped in their package. I wanted to knock up as many bitches as possible and them trusting a stranger they just met for birth control when it was their body was stupid. As stupid as me trusting some random white person if I was in a vulnerable position.

Most Freshmen were too inexperienced, maybe popping their cherry in the last year. Probably fucking their high school sweetheart who finally got her to spread her legs for him. But few of them had been with more than a handful of guys and most of those guys were as inexperienced as them. If they were more experienced, we wouldn’t still be at the club. We’d already be in bed with some black cock in some horny white pussy. But they weren’t experienced. They were young and curious. That was the biggest thing they had going for them. Freshness, enthusiasm, and eye-popping wonder at every new revelation, discovery, and sensation was what they had going for them. They had it in spades.

One of them said she’d like to do it just to piss her dad off if he found out, and I knew we had one volunteer. Mo caught it too and gave me a look. I said then we should leave this place and go somewhere more private. Taking daddy issue girl by the elbow, I headed for the exit. I looked to Mo and the three remaining girls. Then I asked if anyone else was coming, playing on the words and placing the suggestion they’d be cumming. One of them looked scared or at least a bit too apprehensive about taking the leap. Another looked like she was ready to go, but didn’t want to seem too eager. The last one couldn’t hold back a grin and put her dainty white hand in Mo’s big black hand as they followed us out.

We got in the car and no one kept their hands to their self. I was driving so I wasn’t going wild on groping her. But I wanted to get her used to my touch and craving more as well as letting her know she could return caresses. I looked in the rearview mirror to see Mo and his girl were already kissing. I motioned to my girl with a nod of my head and she looked back, then scooted right up next to me and started kissing my neck. She also boldly reached into my crotch and stroked my cock through my pants. My hand was feeling her firm freshman tit when I felt her stroke my cock. I followed suit by reaching between her thighs. The little blonde put her hand over mine and pressed it into her, rubbing herself with my hand. I saw her head descend toward my lap and felt her fumbling with my zipper.

“No,” I said, stopping her although stopping her was the last thing I really wanted to do. “We might get pulled over and be hell to pay if some white cop saw you sucking my anaconda. We’re almost there. You can wait a few more minutes, then I’ll feed it to you until you beg me to stop or pass out.” I felt her tremble as my hand was still pressed up to her pussy. In the back, it looked like my words had an effect as the two riders moved apart and tried looking innocent. Maybe the girl realized the back seat wasn’t as private as she was accustomed to when sharing it with some white high school boy.

We pulled into the drive of the house we rented and led our girls inside. We gave no tour and brooked no dissent, heading straight for our respective rooms. I led my little white girl in, turned on a light and closed the door behind us. I turned around to see her back was to me but she was looking at us in the dresser mirror before us. I pressed up behind her, letting her feel my cock press against her. Wrapping my arms around her, I leaned in and introducing myself. I decided she way into the interracial aspect and told her my name was Jamal. I kissed her earlobe after whispering my name in her ear.

Her hands lifted over her head to stroke my cheek and neck. I took the opportunity to raise the t-shirt with her university’s name over her head and tossed it on a chair. I let my hands cup and squeeze her breasts as we watched the couple in the mirror. I didn’t bother figuring out how or where her bra fastened. Lifting the cups over her breasts, I used my dark hands to support them. I splayed my fingers to add more instances of my dark skin contrasting with her creamy white. It was what was turning her on, why she was here. And to experience black cock. She lifted the bra over her head and threw it on her t-shirt. She took her shoes off as I held her tits, pinching her nice little pink nipples with my rough black hands. As she unbuttoned and unzipped her faded jeans, she said her name was Stephanie.

She watched in the mirror as I let a hand drift down her stomach and press inside the jeans she had unfastened. I saw some pink, lacy panties come into view before my fingers missed sliding into them and covered them. I applied the same amount of pressure she had used on the ride. She let out a soft moan and turned in my arms to face me. My hand stayed in her pants with the motion and skimmed around to caress an ass cheek, her jeans dropped a little. Using her upper arms to press her breasts together, Stephanie drew my gaze to impressive cleavage. She fondled her breasts for my entertainment as I kneaded her butt cheeks and tried dipping a finger between her legs. Bringing her hands together in a paying pose, Stephanie dove them down the front of my pants.

The top of Stephanie’s head was about level with my mouth and I stooped to kiss her. I worked my fingers under her panties while she worked her hands into the front of my pants. Stephanie’s lips parted as my lips met them and our tongues collided before falling into a dance of their own. I skinned her out of her pants and panties together as she got a good grip on my cock with both hands. Breaking the kiss long enough to let out an appreciative mmmm, Stephanie worked to get my pants down like I had done hers. All the while she never lost her hold on my cock. I twerked a little to help her get my pants down and was getting ready to lift her up to join our genital areas. I knew she would automatically wrap her legs around me when I did it, and likely guide my cock into her.

But Stephanie stopped me, breaking our kiss and said, “I want to see it.” Of course, she did. They all did. It would lead to the same conclusion. I spread my legs a little for better balance as she slipped through my hands to her knees. Pretending to trip a little, I managed to turn us a good bit. As I finally ‘got my balance’, I stepped from the pants around my ankles. I didn’t think Stephanie had the angle to see herself in the mirror on the dresser. She definitely could use the long mirror fastened to the back of the door to view herself. The one on the door was a standard one for viewing clothing. Girls I brought here always wanted the mirrors adjusted so they could watch our performance in the reflection. Buying more mirrors was on the top of my list.

From my angle, I would be able to see either way I looked or simply see the real thing by looking down. I’m not the longest black cock out there, but I’ve got girth and am long enough. I let her turn my cock this way and that, hold it up and check out my hanging nut sack. Her visual curiosity sated, Stephanie looked up at my face and caught me looking at the door mirror. She looked over where I was looking, maybe afraid of finding a hidden camera. If I wanted to film a girl, I’d say so. Almost all agreed to it as long as I gave them a copy.

Stephanie saw the mirror and grinned. Then she scooted around a little to give herself the angle she wanted. Looking me in the eye in the mirror’s reflection, making sure I saw what she did, she extended her tongue and let it usher my cock through her parted lips. It was my turn to moan mmmm. She looked up at me directly and seeing it in the refection, I looked down at her directly. I thought I’d add to the moment for her and said, “Suck that nigger cock, bitch.”

My words in no way offended Stephanie. They only caused her to release my tip from her mouth so she wouldn’t rake me with her teeth as she laughed. I noticed her hand never lost its hold on my member.

“Yeah, “ she said then parodied a black man, “Get on yo knees, bitch. Put the dick back in yo mouth, slut.” I liked this girl. She was actually having fun. “Oh hold on,” she said, stretching around to where her pants laid and fishing out her cell phone. Again I noticed she never lost her grip on the dick.

“Good girl,” I thought. Maybe I’ll keep you around a little while, turn you into a queen of spades. You might even be up for getting it tattooed on you. Or a discrete black male symbol with the arrow inside the circle of a lighter colored female symbol. Hell, maybe you’ll really get into it and get a tattoo with several black male symbols penetrating the single female symbol. Then you can flash it advertising to potential partners what you are into.

Stephanie took my black cock back between her happy lips and took a selfie from above with her head tilted back.

“Get my phone out for me,” I said, “and I’ll take some for you. Stephanie handed me her phone and stretched to retrieve mine. She still clung to my cock like it might run off. She handed me the phone and I prepared both of them to take some photos.

“Put mine in video mode and prop it on the dresser,” Stephanie instructed.

“Hell yes, this slut was getting into it,” I thought.

“It’d be great if you caught the action in the mirror reflection, too, Stephanie said.

“You want me to call Mo in here to film it?”

Stephanie laughed while stroking me, keeping me hard. “No, I’d hate to ruin it for Tonya. It was her idea to go to that club after hearing its reputation from some white guy bitching about it.”

“Interesting,” I thought, checking what the screen was recording by looking in the dresser mirror. It looked about as good as I figured it was going to get. I turned on the light on the bedside table. I knew not enough light ruined videos. “Okay baby. You’re the star. Let’s see how well you suck Jamal’s black cock.” She gave it a good effort, but very few women could take my cock balls deep in their mouth - not that they didn’t try or come back for more attempts. I liked it best when they brought a friend who was sure she could swallow it or at least give it a try.

If guys don’t think women talk about sex with each other, they were crazy. The majority of women I got my nigger dick into were what I called referrals. Some slut who heard about my cock, not really me, from some bitch who had experienced it personally. Up close and personal and likely balls deep in some hole. For the most part, a man can see a woman’s obvious assets. How big her tits are, most of the time if they are likely natural or not. How long her legs are, if her ass is the kind of ass he likes. We can’t see their pussy, but it mostly feels the same only some are tighter than others. And they are all looser after I get done fucking them. But guys are like snowstorms to women, they don’t know how many inches they’ll get or how long it’ll last. If a woman hasn’t gotten off by the time I’m done with her, that’s just too damn bad for her. I’ve fucked enough of them to know I’ve given her some great cock.

We both heard a scream from another part of the house. “Yes, fuck me with that big, black cock!”

Grinning up at me and again holding my shaft in her hand, Stephanie let me slip from her mouth and ran her tongue up and down my shaft. “That sounds good,” she said, switching to a little girl voice. “Are you ready to fuck my little white pussy with your big, black cock?” She held my cock in one hand with her other held behind her back and feigned shyness as she swayed to and fro in short arcs. She should have had her hair in pigtails to complement the act.

“Get up on the bed in the position you want.”

“I want to be in the doggie position, but I want to see it go into me the first time,” she said.

“They usually do,” I thought. “Do you want to hold your camera or you want me to aim it where the action will be?” I asked

“Jamal, you are so nasty,” she said. “Can you position it to get from my head to far enough down to see how much cock you are getting into me?

“You are a girl I could get to like,” I said.

“Just wait until you get into this hot pussy, stud,” she said. “You’ll be begging to fuck me again.”

“I doubt it,” I thought, “it would be a first.” I wanted to say we’ll see who’s begging, but just said, “If you say so, missus.” There were so many kinks to play to, I thought I’d hint at the mistress and the black plantation slave to see if she bit.

Stephanie spread her legs as I climbed on the bed. She pulled her knees up as I moved up closer to her. Looking down, I saw her white pussy was glistening with moisture. Her inner labia were pink and full of blood, slightly parted but spreading further as Stephanie spread her legs for me.

“That’s it, honey. Spread your legs for black cock. You know you white women love spreading your legs for any black dick that comes along. I’m going to ruin you for any white boy.” At this time, the tip of my cock made contact with her most private place and she jerked a bit, somehow surprised at the contact.

Stephanie giggled and said, “I got distracted. I was getting into your dirty talk.”

With my left hand, I grasped her leg under her knee joint and bent it back toward her, tilting her pelvis so her cunt was easier for her to see. With my right hand on my shaft, I ran the tip of my cock up her pink slit, letting her lips open to it and caress its sides. As it rubbed over her clit, Stephanie let a soft moan escape and gave a little twitch.

“You are hot for some black cock, aren’t you, slut? You can’t wait to get some big, black cock in you,” I said half in jest just to excite her with dirty talk.

“Oh yes, please. Put your big, hard, black monster cock in my poor little pink white pussy.”

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