Problem Pregnancy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Newly fertilized wife goes wild.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Pregnancy   .

“You son of a bitch, you knocked me up!”

“And you didn’t have any part of that, wanting me to stick it in you all the time? Plus you are so careless with your birth control.”

“You married me because I love to fuck and you thought you’d get it all to yourself. Well, I know it’s your kid anyway. The other guys always use condoms. Hey, now I can fuck them bareback!”

This was a real problem. She was right. My brother introduced us since he was fucking her and thought I might like some. Two other guys were tapping her regularly up until we got engaged and at least one was in her cunt regularly after that too. Now I had to let her screw the older neighbor guy because I couldn’t keep up with her pregnant libido and have a job too. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Bev, my wife, was a good and honest person even if she couldn’t be sexually exclusive. She got horny when her periods began in adolescence and scratched that itch frequently from then on. Very much like her mom who was only sixteen years older. They both were medium height and nicely curvy with full firm breasts and hips made for comfortable coitus. Her Mom had never married and always had several boyfriends going so that was her model.

Bev married me because I asked her when she got pregnant a year and a half ago even though she couldn’t swear that it was my seed that was planted. Therein is the root of the current concern. Her already hot libido went into overdrive. She was two months along when we had our honeymoon and she wore me out. I found her in a truck sleeper with two OTR drivers she met at the restaurant. I cut our honeymoon short.

Being pregnant didn’t slow her down. There were the guys who she’d been banging earlier and she had several cousins in the area who’d gotten real familiar with her cunt at family reunions. She reminded me once in a while that my brother’s cock felt real good. It was thicker but I was longer. Each had its benefits.

I kept getting my cock drained in the morning, after work, and at bedtime. Her pussy would be reddened and drooling semen but she still wanted more.

About the end of the first trimester she miscarried???. She was depressed and didn’t have stirrings in her snatch for three full weeks. Her mom was concerned about my health and came over every evening to check on her daughter and give me a mercy fuck. She only had two boyfriends at the time and was feeling deprived I think.

Bev’s libido now was just like before. She had a part time job in the mornings so her boss now got laid every workday. The cousins were pressed back into service and the neighbor was very pleased to forego condoms.

She knew I wasn’t happy with her screwing around, but I just accepted it, so she never talked about her carnal activity. I could tell if she’d had a busy pussy day though by how she was when I got home. If she just bent over the kitchen counter as she was fixing dinner for a quickie in her slippery slot then I knew she’d had an average day. When I only got a blowjob I knew her tough pussy was sore. If she dragged me too the bedroom and humped me to two or more climaxes then it was a slow one.

Weekends were interesting. She’d go out shopping for all afternoon on Saturday and I’d get wet pussy for dessert. On Sunday there wasn’t anything else after church so after we had dinner and fucked again she just excused herself to go see the neighbor. I had a chance to rest and recharge until late afternoon when she expected me to stick my dick in her freshly-fucked box. She stayed naked in the house whenever possible to make copulation more convenient.

As her belly got bigger it was awkward for her to dress and undress so much so I told her to just invite him over when she had the urge. He was a nice guy and we got along OK. He bought good beer which he often shared with me after he got laid. One day we were pretty tipsy when he asked me if she’d ever had black cock. I said I didn’t think so. He had a black friend that had never had white pussy. Bev was napping after fucking Jerry, the neighbor, so we didn’t ask her, just called the guy. I told Jerry that I didn’t think she ever met a cock she didn’t like and we would just surprise her.

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