Nailed by a Nephew

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Just because they are young, they are NOT harmless.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Nudism   .

Wilma wasn’t thrilled about the favor her husband’s brother asked for. He needed someplace for his 14-year-old son to stay for a month while he went overseas. Her husband, Ralph, owed his brother some favors so couldn’t really refuse.

It wasn’t the boy himself that was of concern. It was their living accommodations. They had just moved into a tiny home next to a lake and there was only one bed with little space for another. Billy would have to sleep in their bed.

Ralph seemed glad to have some male companionship and insisted that the boy would be no trouble and might be helpful around the place. Wilma wasn’t so sure, especially when her husband said that he couldn’t sleep next to another male so that put her in the middle.

Wilma was 50 years old, a reasonably trim woman who kept her brown hair short and didn’t like wearing a bra around the house since her breasts were small enough that it wasn’t really needed for support. Ralph assured her that she didn’t need to change anything.

During the day it was fine since Ralph and Billy spent a lot of time outdoors working on the property they had recently acquired, or boating or fishing. It was of course, the nighttime that Wilma wasn’t looking forward to. She was used to sleeping naked so had bought a basic cotton nightgown but refused to wear panties, feeling that they were not hygienic at night.

It was cozy in the bed and Wilma had trouble getting to sleep with the presence of a strange body next to hers even though he was a pretty quiet sleeper. During the night when she changed position, she would bump into this new body and then lay awake for a while before she could get back to sleep.

She also wondered how she would manage the weekly sex that she had with Ralph. More would be to her liking but that’s all he seemed to be able to manage. Maybe she could send the boy away to do some things for a while so they could get their jollies?

It’d been a week since she’d been laid and the hornies were building when she felt something different during one of those times she woke in the night. She was on her side facing her husband and Billy had snuggled up behind her. It was unmistakable, he had an erection pressed against her lower back. It nestled in crack of her bun above her tailbones. From what she could tell it was at least as large as her husband’s, although she’d never had his contact that part of her before. Perhaps he was just having a wet dream.

Something else was going on, she discovered. The next night she was not yet asleep but her husband was snoring, sound sleeper that he was, when Billy seemed to deliberately press up against her and she felt his erection again. It gave her a little thrill and she did not pull away or object so he left it there. She thought she detected a little bit of motion like he was fucking her spine. Her pussy dampened and she kept her legs together so the smell wouldn’t become obvious.

She didn’t say anything to him or her husband the next day, but it had turned her on in a way she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Why was this young boy sexually interested in an old bag like her? She chose some snug shorts and a closer fitting top to see if he would spend more time looking at her body, and he did.

That night he was up against her as soon as the snoring started. She very slightly moved her ass to match his tiny thrusts. Suddenly his arm came around her and a hand cupped a breast over her nightie. She felt her nipples stand up. When she didn’t object he began gently kneading and feeling for her nipple, exploring it. She didn’t act awake either so he was very cautious in his fondling.

The following day she asked if he wanted to go swimming and put on the smallest bathing suit she had, a two-piece that she hadn’t worn in years. As they splashed in the water, somehow her top came loose and he got a good look at her breasts. His suit bulged as she unhurriedly replaced the suit top.

That night she made sure that her regular nightgown was in the wash and she wore a two-piece one even though it meant wearing panties. This made her breasts quite accessible and her bed companion was exploring them under the top as soon as it was safe to do so. When she turned on her back, she felt his erection along the side of her leg but most importantly his hands and mouth now could do some very pleasurable things to her bosom. So pleasurable in fact that she felt a hot and wet feeling where his bulging boxers rubbing on her leg.

She could smell the semen and he got up to go into the bathroom. When he returned they spent the rest of the night back to back. That was good because she took off her lower garment which had soaked up some of his seed. Her bareness made her feel deliciously vulnerable. She wasn’t sure just how far she wanted this to go, but it sure added some excitement in her life.

When Ralph made a trip to the building supply store which would take at least three hours, Billy didn’t want to go. Seeing her chance, Wilma asked if he had ever done skinny-dipping. He was not familiar with the term but when she explained it his eyes lit up. There was plenty of privacy so they walked down to the dock, stripped and got in the water. She stayed submerged for a while but then spotted a frisbee that they could toss back and forth. When he saw the fur at her crotch and her breasts moving around as they played, his equipment went to full alert and she saw that it was easily the match to her husband’s. She really wanted to dry it off but decided that was making things go too fast. This had been brazen enough.

It was back to her regular nightie that night. Her breasts were harder to access but she wanted him to explore farther south. She finally had to move a hand from her front to her ass as a hint. He pulled up the back of her nightie and began caressing her buns, even though he had to pull his erection away from its usual place.

When she raised her top leg, he got the hint and she felt new fingers explore her most private parts for the first time since she was dating her husband. Damn it felt good! When he found her clit and rubbed it a bit, she shivered in an orgasm and he whispered, “Are you all right?” Those for the first words they had spoken during this bed play. She just nodded.

During the day, they behaved as if they were a normal aunt and nephew but at night their intimacy kept growing. Bringing a cloth to bed, Wilma waited to have her pussy manually explored again. When that started, she reached her hand back and touched his erection directly for the first time. He was startled but made quiet sounds of pleasure as her fingers explored his rigid rod. It wasn’t long before she detected the signs of impending ejaculation so she turned on her back and used one hand to stroke it and the other to hold the cloth to catch his spurting cream. In the dim light it was exciting to see. She couldn’t remember ever seeing her husband’s ejaculation.

It was right at that time that her husband stopped snoring and shifted position. The two players went motionless and the adrenaline shot through them until they realized he was not awake. For the first time, Wilma gave young man a brief kiss and they settled down to their own sleep.

Billy was now about halfway through his expected stay and was very helpful to Ralph, frequently mentioning how much he liked being there. When he said that, Wilma had to fight from smiling.

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