Please Help Me Out

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Pregnant Desi wife needs a man's help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Interracial   Indian Female   Pregnancy   Indian Erotica   .

Ujala lives across the hall. She and her husband moved in a few months ago and I visit with her in the hallway or laundry room once in a while. She is noticeably pregnant with their first child and hopes it is a boy to make her husband happy.

One day not too long ago she and I were alone in the laundry room. She seemed anxious so I asked her if something was wrong. Her English is getting better but I have to listen carefully when she speaks because of her accent.

She was too polite to refuse my question so she shyly said that she doesn’t feel like a good woman these days. I asked her, “How could that be?”

She would not look at me as she said, “He does not do me like a wife anymore.”

To clarify I asked, “He does not want sex?”

She nodded, relaxing, “I do not know why. I need it greatly.”

I faced her and put my hands on her shoulders. BTW she is quite short and a bit plump in the Desi tradition. Her native dress did not hide her large baby bump or her swollen breasts. I told her, “You look quite good to me.” I knew she badly needed flattery so I added, “I have always thought you attractive.”

She brightened considerably, “May I ask, if I was not married, would you want to sex me?”

I took a chance and hugged her gently, “I would do so even though you are married and pregnant.”

She was silent for a bit, digesting those last words. Then, “Would you do it right now? I need it badly and my husband refuses. It is my right to take a substitute.”

“Come to my apartment when your laundry is finished.”

Her husband worked very long hours at one of those salaried jobs exempt from overtime, so we had lots of time to do what needed to be done.

She soon arrived, flushed with excitement and fear. She asked if I would turn down the lights because of her ugly body. I told her I would this time but I didn’t agree with that description of herself.

She didn’t remove her outer garment but allowed my exploring hands under it. She was fascinated with my erection and almost got me off with her hands. Finally, she moved into the classic fucking position and asked, “Go in me!”

I had to be careful about her belly, I guessed, having never been intimate with a pregnant woman before. Her pussy was where I expected, surrounded by a dense clump of black curly hair. She gasped as my cock head pressed into her plump pussy lips and popped inside. Eyes closed, she moaned with each slightly deeper thrust and shook with an orgasm as our pubes met. Her cries in her native language were clearly happy though.

I still had not seen her breasts but stimulated them under her dress. My cock stayed firm enough after it pulsed inside her to keep stroking. Her pleasure cries kept me going. She climaxed again before my final shots. Other than she was still mostly dressed, she was a fine fuck. I told her so and she beamed, sort of dazed. “My husband rarely gives me the big pleasure and you did it twice our first time. I like that!”

I served some iced tea and cookies and she asked if we might do it again. I insisted she take off all her garments. There was no resistance and I got some mouthfuls of new mother’s milk while I was banging too. I loved her dark areolae and told her so.

We fucked at least once every day. Her husband worked six days a week so that was easy. On Sunday he was glued to the TV so she did laundry and we screwed while the clothes washed.

She was relaxing more and more. I asked her how our sex compared to what she had with her husband. Her report was that he cared little for her pleasure, unlike me. His penis was about the same size but mine was more “eager.” She meant firmer and aroused more easily. He would not do oral sex and she took to it like candy.

He did comment that she seemed in better spirits which she explained by saying she’d made friends in the apartment complex. There were some other Desi women that she visited with so he bought that.

Since I worked at home he’d asked me to take her to the birthing place if he was gone. As it happened we were fucking when her water broke so away we went.

It was a beautiful brown girl. Her husband was disappointed and let her know she’d failed him. I held her as she cried.

When the doctor said she could have sex again, she refused him. I’d had a vasectomy so I got all the goodies I wanted. Her milk was delicious and there was plenty for me and the baby.

They had a big fight and she ran over to my door, pounding to take shelter. He wanted a divorce which would mean that she would have to go back to India. She didn’t want to leave me, her only real friend.

The next day she moved herself and the baby to my apartment and agreed to the divorce. I offered to marry her as soon as she legally could. It was complicated with the international aspects but we finally got it all sorted out in time for baby girl’s first birthday. We had no one to care for the child so skipped the honeymoon after the simple civil ceremony.

Ujala was a terrific wife, mother, and lover. I wanted for nothing. After things settled down she approached me with a heartfelt request. She wanted to have a baby boy for me. Was there anything we could do? My vasectomy was permanent so another source of sperm was required. We talked about some options.

One of them stuck in my mind. It was having a live sperm donor deliver the goods in the usual way. When I mentioned that in the throes of our screwing, she climaxed big time but was embarrassed otherwise.

I knew a nice-looking Desi guy who had fathered four boys with his ex-wife. I began inviting Tirmi over on weekends to watch TV and drink. Ujala got comfortable with his presence.

One weekend coincided with my wife’s fertile period so I clued him in. Being a nice and single guy, he’d never turn down offered pussy. Besides, he liked Ujala.

I guess she liked him too because that weekend she got laid Friday night, thrice on Saturday and Sunday as well as Monday morning before he left. Her blowjobs were fine for me. We were making love after he left when I asked my wife how it went.

“It was good even though it wasn’t you. You have made me like sex a lot now.”

Grinning, she added, “If there is anyone else you want me to fuck, just ask.” I started naming all the men we knew. She looked shocked and then relaxed when she realized I was joking.

She didn’t catch that time so we invited Tirmi back. We fucked up a storm in between his visits. She felt like a sex queen with two men desiring her. The mating couple banged much like the first time and she was impregnated. We were all delighted. In appreciation for his help, at least that is the outward reason she gave, Ujala wanted her stud to visit on a regular basis. I knew how much it meant to her and it was stimulating to watch too.

During the insemination fucks I didn’t do her to avoid any disruption of his sperm. Now I could and did take her right after Tirmi finished. If he stayed overnight, we took her alternately and she loved it.

At three months she miscarried and went into deep depression. I got her therapy and medication and she didn’t want sex. The only thing that pulled her out was the promise that we would try again.

When the doctor said she was ready, Tirmi spent the whole week with us. He had a black girlfriend by now and he brought her along for me. All of his sperm went into Ujala. My wife got even hotter watching me coupling with Urleen’s slim black body, so different than hers. She commented that she now understood why I liked watching her fuck.

Urleen loved taking me bareback. Cowgirl position let her get off multiple times since she could control how her clit got rubbed. She showed me sliders which was a way she could feel bare cock without taking sperm. The pill caused her problems so Tirmi used condoms. I funded an IUD for her and we were fuck-friends for life, one of the few pale cocks she’d experienced.

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