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Erotica Sex Story: A short and dirty BTB story with a twist. Revenge for a betrayal. His wife had cheated on him, and his daughter had assisted her. Then he saw an opportunity.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Cheating   Prostitution   Revenge   .

My informant had been right on the money. Leeson Stoney was indeed staying at this hotel, and was currently the other side of the room, further away from the bar. I led the way to a table not far from where he was sitting, and ordered the three of us some drinks when the waitress appeared. I let a few minutes pass, and then got up and walked over to him, smiling when he looked at me.

“Hi, I’m Max Glynton. Are you on your own tonight? I was hoping you could do me a huge favor, please. My two lady colleagues just love dancing, and there’s only the one of me, and I’m not as young as I used to be. They hate being constantly hit on by wolves trying to get into their pants, and you look the decent type. You couldn’t see your way to joining us and helping me out, could you?”

He looked uncertain, telling me he was married, but, as I’d arranged, Sheila came up and pleaded their case. I’d guessed correctly, he couldn’t say ‘No’ to a pretty lady asking real nicely, and he followed us back to the table where I introduced him to Cyndi.

The band started up, and Sheila took him onto the floor. Cyndi and I followed, and we had two dances before the girls swapped over.

“What are you thinking, Sheila?”

“Not a great dancer, but he’ll do. A bit hesitant, but we can easily work on that. As you said, he’s here all week on that training course. I gave him the story about us manning a stand at the conference center.”

I bought another round of drinks when we all sat down for a while; we kept it friendly and talked cars and sport. Then the girls got tappy feet again, so we went onto the floor for another half hour, having a third drink when the band took a break. The ladies excused themselves to go potty together, and I turned to Leeson.

“Thanks for helping me out here. I sure appreciate it. The girls only agreed to come along and work on the stand if I made sure they got some dancing every night; they’ve been to exhibitions in the past where they’ve had six straight nights of sitting in their rooms doing paperwork or watching TV, and they insisted that they weren’t going to do that again. You have to travel much in your line of work?”

“No, this is the first week-long trip since I got married. That reminds me; I better call Mattie and tell her I’m here and settled in at the hotel okay.”

I smiled at him.

“How long have you been married?”

“Just over six months.”

“Word of advice from an older friend, Leeson. I know, and the girls know, that you’re just being kind and neighborly dancing with them to help keep the wolves away. Your wife might not see it quite like that. Just tell her that you’re having a couple of beers with a salesman you met, and then you’re going to turn in.”

He nodded.

“She did seem anxious about me being away on my own staying in a hotel for a week.”

“She’s right to be suspicious; there are a lot of people who play away when they’re on business trips. You’d be surprised how many married women aren’t wearing their wedding rings. Cyndi and Sheila are both genuinely single, and I’m sure glad we found you for them to dance with, rather than some sleazeball pussy hound with a wife and four kids back in Chicago. Anyway, you go make that call to your lovely wife. Can I get you another beer for when you get back?”


He headed off for the foyer, the two girls returned to the table.

“He’s gone to call Matilda. You two going to slow dance with him tonight?”

“Yeah, but we’re not gonna push it. I’d say we go for it tomorrow, then we’ll have at least four nights.”

“Okay by me. Beer or wine?”

“Beer! This is thirsty work.”

Leeson returned ten minutes later; the band was back and he only had time for a swift chug at his beer before Cyndi dragged him away from the table. By ten o’clock, he’d slow danced with both of them, and they had reported to me that he was without doubt rampantly heterosexual. It was no surprise; I’d had a boner for the last hour myself. They had that effect on a man. Sheila and Cyndi announced that they were off to bed; they both kissed him and thanked him for the drinks and dancing, and went off. I stayed chatting to him for another ten minutes, and then pleaded preparation work for the morning and headed upstairs. He was a real nice guy; he would have made a great son-in-law. Shame about the bitch he was married to.

I unlocked my room and slipped the catch on the internal door to the adjoining room; Cyndi heard me and stuck her head round.

“Can we join you?”

“Be my guests.”

They were both dressed in bath robes but naked underneath; when I got out of the shower they were in my bed and patting the space between them. I broke out the condoms and fucked them both. We cuddled and talked for a while afterwards, discussing what we would do the next day. There were plenty of places to see and they’d done some research on what interested them. I set the alarm for half past six, and we were showered and down for breakfast at quarter past seven. Leeson was already sitting at a table, so Sheila asked if we could join him. He chatted away happily, and said he was looking forward to our company that evening.

We took a city tour bus in the morning, lunched at a pancake house, and spent the afternoon in the hotel pool and fitness center. Leeson was in the dining room when we went down for supper at half past six; Cyndi took the chair next to him and Sheila went opposite. We made up some lies about the exhibition hall and the convention, he told us about his training course. After the meal he went up to his room to check in with his wife; we headed for the bar and the dance floor and he joined us a quarter of an hour later. Fast forward five beers and some real close slow dancing, and Leeson was feeling no pain as Cyndi rubbed her groin into his erection. He made no objection as she took him up to their room; Sheila and I had another few dances before going up to mine. We stripped off, I reached for the condoms and screwed her a couple of times, then we showered and went to sleep.

Cyndi came through and woke us at five Tuesday morning when Leeson left her bed to go back to his room; she told us that he’d been very enthusiastic and licked a mean pussy. We had breakfast with him as a quartet again; after he left for his course, Cyndi said that she’d be having a power nap after lunch. We went sight-seeing again, had lunch out, and then all crashed for a couple of hours. Sheila took Leeson up to her room straight after we’d eaten supper, Cyndi and I danced a bit until she joined them an hour later, and I had a quiet night reading in my room (apart from the passionate noises still audible through the closed connecting door).

Wednesday morning I was already at the breakfast table when a freshly-showered Leeson joined me, closely followed by the two women. He looked pretty good considering he’d had such a hard night; Sheila and Cyndi were just grinning. There was more sightseeing and window shopping during the day, and a lazy afternoon around the pool. After we ate, just as soon as Leeson had gotten his evening call to Matilda out of the way, we made up a foursome in my room. It was the first time that I’d had bareback sex since before I’d confronted Vikki and ended our marriage, so about five years. I had a great time; the girls were out to impress, and I was real glad of my little blue pill. Cyndi still had the energy left to ride Leeson’s morning wood, and we even made it to breakfast on time.

Thursday and Friday were pretty much the same. I gave the girls some cash for a bit of shopping, reminding them that they’d have to carry whatever they bought in their luggage, and I wandered around the city art gallery and museum to use up the time. Leeson wasn’t flying back until Saturday morning; his company was too tight to pay the Friday evening higher fares. I gave him one of my blue pills when he started flagging; once that took effect, he kept going for quite a while longer. We all wished him well when he staggered off after breakfast; he’d learned a whole lot about women that week. Seemed he’d never done a threesome, a foursome, spit-roast or DP before, and the girls had been real pleased to demonstrate. He’d undergone two training courses in one week, and I reckon that ours had taught him a whole lot more. I guessed that Matilda would feel the benefit of a more experienced partner, but we did advise him not to try too many new moves at once, so she wouldn’t get suspicious as to where he’d learned a trick or two.

Once he’d left for the airport, I went down to collect my other bag from the hotel safe. I paid Cyndi and Sheila the remaining five grand each in cash that I’d promised them and handed over the plane tickets to Atlanta to start their lives afresh. Then I gave them their shots, and talked them through being sure to take the whole course of anti-biotics which would complete the cure. I did say to get themselves checked out as being clear of STIs, and to do better on using condoms in future. They both intended to get proper jobs and leave the sex industry behind; I’d written each of them a recommendation to help them. They were decent girls who’d been led astray down the wrong path and discovered that it didn’t pay very much at their end of the market; I prayed that their new starts would work. The cushion of money I’d given them would keep them off the streets and give them that chance to get jobs. They both kissed me real affectionately as we parted at the airport.

I’d almost considered keeping one (or both) of them, but they were way too young for me; it just wouldn’t have worked out. It was a shame; they really did know their way around a cock, and they were great company too. The night I made them my proposition, they gave me a truly awesome blowjob. Ever had two girls at the same time working on your dick? You should try it.

When I got home to my small apartment in Cincinnati that afternoon, I gave myself my own shot and swallowed the first capsule of the course. After all, even having religiously used condoms when the girls and I had been alone, Wednesday through Friday nights I’d had nearly as much chance of having gotten infected as Leeson. He wouldn’t show any symptoms for at least a few days, but by then he should have passed it on to Matilda.

So what do I have against Matilda?

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