Meating Her Needs

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: New wife is frustrated by overly religious husband and asks neighbor for help. Things go way beyond that.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   Pregnancy   .

The knock on my door had me searching for my bathrobe. I was enjoying my 1st cup of coffee and hadn’t gotten in the shower yet so was just the way I got out of bed, naked. I wasn’t expecting UPS or anything else.

I opened the door to discover the young woman from two apartments down who had recently moved in with a man I assumed was her husband. I’d heard that they were newlyweds. She introduced herself as Sarah and asked if she might come in, even though appraising how I was dressed.

She saw my coffee and asked if she might have some is it would be a real treat for her. I quickly poured a fresh cup and got out some donuts I was going to have for breakfast. She eyed those with a smile.

That was at least an opening for conversation, “Did you run out of coffee at home?”

That got a smile and she said, “No, I’m not allowed to have any there, or donuts either.” When I looked puzzled she continued, “My husband is very religious and caffeine is considered, like alcohol and cigarettes and such, to be a bad thing for your body.”

I mentioned I had read a book about some of the beneficial aspects of that chemical, so widely used by peoples all over the world.

She smiled and said that she’d learned to enjoy it last summer when she was staying with an aunt and two cousins. Their “faith” wasn’t as strict as her parents and so she had found out about lots of things she’d never before been exposed to.

“That really is kind of background about why I’m here. My marriage was essentially arranged by my parents to a young man who also was a firm believer in their religious dogma. I was not at all ready to be married but since I am under 18 I really had no choice. Besides not loving him, marital sex is not at all what I expected and needed as a normal young woman.”

Again I looked puzzled. “Have you been married?” She inquired of me.

I replied, “Yes. Ffor about five years quite a while ago.”

She looked quite serious and she inquired further, “And how often did you have sex as newlyweds?”

That made me smile with the memory of that time, “Several times a day actually and it settled down to every day for at least the first year.”

She took a big sip of coffee and said, “That’s what I expected too but my new husband said that the Bible proclaims sex to be for procreation only and would mark on the calendar my fertile days. On them, he would insert himself into me only long enough to shoot his seed. He was anxious for me to become pregnant. I’m thankful that that won’t happen.”

With that she stood up and took off her plain dress, suddenly standing there naked. She was quite a bit shorter than me with small breasts, ample pubes, girlish hips, and dark hair hanging to her small buns. She turned around slowly and asked, in a very tentative question, “Does this attract you in any way?”

I smiled reassuringly and quickly told her, “Of course it does. I mean normal man and would be interested in getting better acquainted.”

She moved closer to me as I was still seated and pushed a breast towards my mouth. Her nipples were hard and prominent so I took one in between my lips and bit it gently and sucked it. She moaned and I moved to the other one as well.

“That’s what I need! Someone to make me feel desirable as a woman. I’d like you to have sex with me on all the days that my husband doesn’t. Maybe that is technically unfaithful but if he refuses then I believe I have the right.”

My robe was tenting now and she reached her hand down and quickly wrapped it around me. “Oh my! That feels so good and I didn’t know they got that big!” I’m seven inches and never had any complaints from the few females that had ever gotten well acquainted with it.

Leaning over, she pushed my robe completely open and wrapped her mouth around her new friend, sucking and bobbing for just a few times before she stood back up, straddled my legs and began her pussy’s descent on my tool. I reached for her bosom and took the small handfuls. When she had completely engulfed me, she bent down and gave me a hot kiss, full of tongue. Pulling back I heard in an almost growling voice, “This is what I need. Thank you!” Damn, I should be thanking her!

She bounced on me for a while and I reached down to put my fingers on her little bump to help her orgasm. She damn near sucked my tongue out as those pleasures rippled through her.

She lifted off me and I followed her cute but small ass to my bed. She lay back and spread her legs and opened her arms. I came in her quickly and she whispered, “give me more” so I moved slowly and for the first time since being young man, I refilled inside a wet pussy. After a while I got tired so we moved to a scissors position.

I was filled with curiosity about this new acquaintance so we gently coupled and talked. When I mentioned that she seemed to be awfully comfortable having sex at all, let alone with a stranger, when her marital experience had been so limited, she smiled and began telling her story.

“I actually had quite a bit of practice last summer just before we were wed. My parents went on a mission trip and sent me to stay with my aunt and two cousins as I mentioned. The girl-cousin (GC) is several years older than me and the boy-cousin(BC) is about my age. My GC knew that I was going to get married and who to and was quite concerned about me. She had been sexually active for several years and first of all took me to a clinic where I got this [pointing to a bump on the inside of her arm] since she knew it would be best if I didn’t get pregnant until I was ready. As soon as it was effective, she trained my BC and me how to give good pleasure to each other and I was getting it every day until I returned home.”

I inquired, “Wasn’t your groom upset that you were not a virgin on your wedding night?”

“My cousin sent away for a ‘virginity kit’ which she had used a couple of times for the fun of it after her real one was gone. She actually got two and I practiced with my cousin. When the man pushes against resistance and thinks he has broken the hymen, he is actually bursting a small capsule which releases some fake blood. It was completely effective on my wedding night. All I had to do was act as if it was painful at that moment and that I was somewhat tender afterwards.”

Her husband had gone to work at seven that morning and wouldn’t be home until midafternoon. That was about the time that I left so that made scheduling quite simple. Then there was the issue of her being seen coming to and fro from my apartment as often as she seemed to want to.

I had a bright idea that I hoped was a win-win. She would work for me doing housework of various kinds, kind of like a surrogate wife, only this time with all the extras. Of course she didn’t tell her husband the last part and he was reluctant to even let her do anything but she insisted, commenting how bored she was with nothing to do. Since I was more than double their age, he apparently thought I wasn’t much of a male threat. He liked the money.

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