Sicilian Revenge

by plsplsme

Copyright© 2018 by plsplsme

Erotica Sex Story: Cheating wife and her lovers must pay.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   .

Thank you Candace.

Tony Caruso and Anne Smithson grew up in a small town.

Tony’s grandparents immigrated from Sicily after WWll and they brought their customs and traditions with them. When his father, who was born in the States, fell for an Irish descent, both families did not agree and the lovers were outcaste. After their union, they left the big city and moved to a small town to live their life. Tony was their only child. Only one of his father’s friend, Giuseppe whom everyone called Joe, kept in contact with them. Uncle Joe has been working with an Italian mafia family since he was a teenager. He was a master of breaking in, he learnt all new techniques and was gifted to shut down all types of alarm systems. As if he was born with this talent. Unfortunately, he was jailed twice.

Tony’s father has always tried to bring Uncle Joe on the right path. During his visits, he would try to brainwash his friend, but always failed. One day, Uncle Joe asked his friend to stand as an alibi. Tony’s mother was against it, but her husband agreed to help his friend under one condition: to change his life. Uncle Joe agreed and left the Italian family afterwards. But what the father didn’t know was that, once in a while, he continued to break into rich people houses.

Tony grew up alone, he never had weekends to play with cousins like other kids. His father’s motto was “Study hard, get a good job and live the American dream”. He became a little bit of an introvert. At school, he hardly had friends. He was always at home after school and never attended any parties or events. One thing changed, however, during his last year in High School; he met Anne. She was a very brilliant girl, who always had passing marks for a minimum 90 per cent in each subject. Slowly the friendship became more serious. Anne had only one boyfriend before, and he left the town and never kept in contact with her. Tony told his mom about Anne, and she was delighted that her son had a girlfriend. She kept it to herself as she knew her husband would ask a lot of questions: whether she went to church, was she a virgin, and whether they were going to wait after marriage to have sex etc. Fearing his dad, he would bring Anne to his place only when his father was away. Both teenagers would go to Tony’s room and have sex. First time they were in bed, he didn’t know what to do and how to do it. Anne was very patient and slowly would “teach” him everything about having sex. Tony had never questioned Anne about her former boyfriend, he never even knew his name. His main concern was his love for Anne and their future together.

After High School, Tony went to college to study electrical engineering and Anne to the university to study finance. They were studying in two different cities. They would meet during the weekends when they came home or during school breaks. Later they would meet less often as Anne preferred to stay on campus to study and during the holidays they were both working holiday jobs. Once in a while Tony would go and meet her and they both would have a good time.

During Tony’s last year at college, tragedy struck. His parents died in a car accident. According to the police, it was a hit and run. By the impact, they believed it was a truck which did not stop at a road junction. Neither the truck was found nor the driver was caught. At the funeral, Uncle Joe was the only relative present. Anne was there to support Tony also.

“Your father was a great man and your mother was the best wife a man could get,” Uncle Joe told Tony after the funeral. “Anything you need, any help or whatsoever, just call me. I will be here for you just like your father has always been there for me.”

“Thank you, Uncle Joe,” Tony replied. “I’ll remember that.”

Tony concentrated on his studies, meeting Anne only once till his final exams. On graduation day, only Uncle Joe was present. Anne could not attend as she had an important project to submit.

“A small gift for your hard work,” Uncle Joe gave Tony an envelope with lots of one hundred-dollar bills.

“Thank you, but you shouldn’t...”

“Your parents would have been proud of you,” Uncle Joe cut him off.

“I know.” A tear ran down Tony’s face.

“Ok, let’s go and celebrate. I know a good Italian restaurant in the city. By the way, where is your girlfriend?”

“She has something important to do.”

Right after college, Tony got a job as a junior electrical engineer. He sold his parent’s house and used the money as a large mortgage deposit for a house he purchased in the city. After university Anne went to work in a financial institution dealing with life insurance and investments. She moved in with Tony and a year later they got married. Having kids was not on their to do list as they preferred to be financially settled before thinking about it. Also, both had to pay back their student loans.

Two years later, Tony decided to fly with his own wings. He started his business as an electrical contractor. He worked at home. The beginning was difficult, as it was not as he expected. He had to use all his energy to market himself. The money he saved during the three years he has been working was of great help. On the other hand, Anne was spending a lot on clothing, toiletries, designer handbags, spas and other women stuff because she had to project a certain image that she liked to maintain.

Three years later Tony’s business was a success. He has been doing a good job, he charged less than his competitors. He secured some contracts with some huge building contractors. With the boom in construction, his business flourished and he had to employ people to get the job done. He had his own office downtown with a personal secretary.

Sitting at his desk one Monday morning, he looked at the picture in front of him, taken on his wedding day. “Already five years,” he thought. “Time flies. The student loans have already been paid off for both of us. The house mortgage will be settled completely in a couple of years. Anne has been working hard on a contract lately.” He smiled.

Tony called Anne on her cell phone. “Hi honey,” Anne said. “The clients are here to sign the contract, I’m on my way to meet them. I have less than one minute to talk with you.”

“I’ll be brief. I’m coming to take you out for lunch today.”

“Ok, come by noon.” She hung up.

“It’s high time to think about a family,” Tony told himself. “Hope she’ll agree.” Tony suddenly felt like a burn in his stomach, like the one he always got when he was stressed.

At 12:10 p.m. the elevator doors to the 10th floor opened and Tony walked into the lobby to the front desk where a young woman greeted him.

“I’m Tony Caruso, Anne’s husband. She’s expecting me.”

“Please have a seat, Mr. Caruso,” the young woman picked up the phone and dialed.

Tony sat down and took a magazine and started to go through the pages.

“Sir, your wife will be here in 15 minutes.”

“Thank you,” Tony replied.

“If she says no,” Tony thought. “Then I’ll have to persuade her. I’m not even 30, I can’t start a family at the age of 40 or above! When I’ll drop my kids off at school, their friends will think I’m the grandpa!” Tony got the same burning sensation in his stomach, but worst this time. He stood up and asked for the restroom.

Inside the restroom, there were two urinal bowls and three stalls, he walked to the last one. He sat down and tried to think how to approach Anne.

The door suddenly opened and Tony could hear two men’s voices.

“What a bitch!” One said.


Tony had a reflex and lifted up his feet and stayed quiet.

John bent down to look under the stalls. “All clear,” he said while standing up.

“John, I’ve never seen such a slut in my life!”

“Steve, she’s a natural born slut, those are her own words, remember?”

“Yeah, she said it the last time when she had a few glasses of wine, I remember. She was bragging about her school days.”

“What did she say just now when she was sandwiched between Bill and yourself while I was fucking her throat?”

“Bill, John, Steve?” Tony frowned. Bill was Anne’s boss and the other two were her co-workers. “What the fuck is going on?” He asked himself. “Was there an orgy going on in Bill’s office just now?”

“She has never let her husband fuck her in the ass.” Steve answered.

“The husband is a real cuckold!” John cleaned his cock with some paper towels. “A wimp. How could he be so blind?”

“Because he is in love!” They both laughed.

“Remember two weeks ago when he brought her to Bill’s place to get fucked by us. How stupid can he be?”

It couldn’t be, Tony was sweating. A couple of weeks before, Bill had a private party at his place to celebrate the high profit of the first quarter. It was only for employees, the spouses were not invited, Anne had told Tony. Her car was at the mechanic, so Tony drove her to Bill’s place. She would get a ride back with one of her co-workers she said. Tony didn’t know what time she came back that night as he was deeply asleep. “No, it can’t be. It is someone else. Anne would not do such a thing.”

“She was so drunk, she wanted to get double fucked in her pussy, and we accomplished her dream. It’s something that she has wanted to try since High School.”

“She mentioned that she had fucked everyone at school, including the teachers. It was the reason she always got good grades.”

“And her first boyfriend found out. He had to quit school and leave town because he was so ashamed to lose face.”

Tears ran down Tony’s face. He held his mouth trying not to utter a sound as he feared he was going to cry out loud. He was having pains, as if a spear had gone through his body.

“Piece of advice, do like me, don’t fuck your wife these next two days.”

“Of course not, I’ll keep all my juice for this coming Wednesday at Bill’s place. Hope that this party will be better than last time.”

“It will be, the bitch always surprises us.”

“And she’s going for lunch with her hubby with our cum in all her holes.”

Both laughed as they left.

Tony sat down holding his head. His mind went back to his school days. His life unfurled in front of him. He never knew. He was indeed blind, he had never caught on to the smallest of details. All that overtime. Employees’ meeting at Bill’s place. He was always sleeping when she got home. On various occasions, she would refuse to have sex, pretending to have a migraine or being tired from all of that overtime.

Tony suddenly felt something coming up from his stomach. He turned around and puked.

When he reached the lobby, Anne was waiting for him. “Are you ok, darling?”

“I just got some stomach upset,” he replied.

“Should we cancel the lunch?”

“Of course not,” he tried to smile.

“Are you sure? Your face looks strange.”

“I’m ok, I don’t want to miss this lunch with my lovely wife.”

In the restaurant, he barely ate. Anne was doing all the talking. She explained, how, after hard work and tremendous negotiations the team succeeded in bringing in a new client with a huge contract.

“I married a bitch, a number one slut!” Tony’s mind was elsewhere.

“Darling, are you listening?”

“Hmm yes, a huge contract.”

“No, you were not listening!”

“Sorry, when you mentioned contract, it reminded me about one that I will need to work on. What were you saying?”

“This coming Wednesday I’ll be working late. We will need to go through the contract again to see what changes the client would like to bring.”

“I thought the contract was already finalized and signed.”

“Yes, but the client has said that his team will go through it again and bring some changes if need be.”

“Which means that if there are no changes, you won’t be working late?”

“That’s it.” Anne sipped her wine looking away from Tony, avoiding any eye contact.

“This bitch is taking me for an asshole,” Tony thought, gritting his teeth.

Tony drove Anne back to work and sped away to his office. He stopped the car in the underground parking and burst into tears. “Oh God, why? Why me?” he cried.

After 10 minutes, he walked into his office. Before his secretary, Julia, opened her mouth, “I know I look awful,” he told her. “Indigestion! No phone calls please. Take messages and I’ll answer them when I feel better.”

Once at his desk, he surfed the internet on divorce cases. He didn’t want to go for irreconcilable differences where he would have to share everything 50/50. The house belonged to him, he paid the mortgage himself, he even paid Anne’s student loans. He worked hard for his business. It would be unfair. He wanted all of them to suffer, to be broken, to regret their decisions till their death.

He took his cell phone and dialed. “Hello Tony,” the person on the other line said.

“Uncle Joe, I need to see you, ASAP.”

By the tone of Tony’s voice, without any question, Uncle Joe accepted to meet him in a nearby bar in two hours.

Tony hung up and stretched himself backwards on his chair. He recalled one year after his parents passed away, a driver and his truck went missing in another state. It was all over the news. A few weeks later, the body of a man was found in the woods. He was skinned alive. After some forensic tests, it was found to be the body of the missing driver that had killed his parents. No one knew the motive and the perpetrator/s were never caught.

Uncle Joe walked in the bar to the last table in the far corner. There were around six customers in the bar scattered here and there. Tony had already gulped down his J&B. There was one glass full opposite him, in front of the empty chair. Uncle Joe saw the serious look on Tony’s. He sat down and swallowed all his whiskey. “What do I need to hear?” He asked.

Tony waved at the waitress, she came and filled the two glasses and disappeared. He inhaled deeply and started to talk.

Uncle Joe listened to him without saying any word. When he has finished, a tear ran down his cheek. “Stop it!” Uncle Joe yelled. Everyone turned around to look at the two men, then continued to mind their own business. “A Sicilian never cries over a bitch!”

“I’m sorry.”

“What do you want to do, Tony? Divorce the bitch?” Uncle Joe asked in a cooler voice.

“I don’t want her anymore.”

“You can go and see a lawyer. We are in a no-fault state. If you want something quick and nothing in public, you better go for irreconcilable differences. Everything will be divided into two. You have no kids, there won’t be any child support to pay.”

“This is not fair, I paid for the house and everything else. I was not the one who cheated.”

“Ok Tony, you’ve called me here. You shared your problem with me. What do you want me to do?”

With a deep breath. Tony answered, “I want all of them to pay and to suffer till they die. And I want my house back.”

For a few seconds Uncle Joe looked at Tony in his eyes. “Listen Tony, if you want me to help you, of course I will. I once promised you I would help you whatever the situation is. Do you still remember?”

“Yes, at the funeral.”

“But once I start, there is no going back. Do you understand?”


“And along those lines, I will do things that were never planned, decisions will be taken on the spot, according to the situation.”

“I’m ok with that.”

Uncle Joe removed his Android cell phone and tapped on Google Maps. He handed the phone to Tony. “Type the boss’s address. They are meeting on Wednesday, let that bitch go. You’ll have to play your role. You should not look suspicious at all and don’t do things that you will regret. Stay cool as you used to be.”

Uncle Joe took back his phone and studied the house and the surroundings. “A mansion in a remote area. Ok, I’ll go there tomorrow during the day and plant some spy cameras and mics. And I will also need to do the same thing in your house.”

Tony frowned.

“I will need to know what she’s doing and to whom she’s talking to behind your back.”

“You don’t need to break in,” Tony smiled.

“I’ll come to your place on Wednesday morning after she leaves for work.”

Uncle Joe stood up. “Fine, and I tell you again, don’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t.”

When Tony arrived home that evening, Anne was preparing dinner.

“Hey lover boy, feeling better?” she asked.

“A little bit, I need some rest and to drink lots of water.” Tony walks to his room.

“Dinner will be served soon, darling.”

When they went to bed, Anne tried to cuddle with her husband. She grabbed his cock.

“I’m still not feeling well,” Tony said while turning away.

“Oh honey, hope you’ll get well soon.”

That night he couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about the bitch sleeping beside him.

“Has she ever brought her lovers home and fucked them in our bed?” Tony wondered tormenting himself.

Tuesday went by and Tony still complained about the stomach upset.

“You need to see a doctor,” Anne advised him in bed.

“I will.” He turned around, not wanting the slut to touch him.

Wednesday morning, before going to work Anne reminded Tony that she would be coming in late and to buy a pizza for dinner. As soon as she left, Tony called his secretary to inform her that he would be late getting to the office. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Uncle Joe came in with a briefcase and his laptop. He removed all the gadgets and started to fix the spy cams everywhere in the house including the bedroom. “I will need your Wi-Fi password,” he asked Tony.

“How was it at Bill’s house yesterday?”

“Piece of cake. Yesterday after work he brought a young woman home and fucked her till late. Want to see?”

Tony nodded. Uncle Joe opened a file on his laptop and clicked play.

The video showed Bill and a young woman in his living room. He pulled her against him and kissed her while unbuttoning her blouse.

“Oh shit! It’s the girl that works at the reception.” Tony exclaimed.

“It appears he’s fucking every pussy in the building.” Uncle Joe observed. “One more thing, do not call me from your cell, home or business phone.” After Uncle Joe was finished, Tony and Joe left, both going in separate directions.

Tony came home that evening with his pizza. “I will need to get used to living alone,” he thought while looking around. He looked at his watch, “the bitch should have her holes filled by this time,” he thought. Later he watched TV while sipping a J&B. After 3 glasses, he went to bed.

Thursday morning when Tony woke up, Anne was sleeping beside him. He smelled her mouth and went down to her pussy, both holes smelled like cum. Hope Uncle Joe got everything on camera. He woke up and walked to the bathroom. Later he was preparing breakfast when Anne came down to the kitchen.

“Hi honey,” she said. “Smells good.”

“Coffee is ready.” Tony replied without looking at her. “How was it yesterday?”

“There were some changes in the contract, we worked on them and finalized everything.”

“Good job,” Tony’s tone was sarcastic.

During the day Tony didn’t hear from Uncle Joe. After work when he was driving out of the underground parking, he saw Uncle Joe in his car on the opposite side of the road. Uncle Joe nodded and drove away. Tony followed him. Both drove till they left the city. Uncle Joe tuned into a trail of a forest area. Tony followed and stopped by Uncle Joe’s car.

“Get in.” Uncle Joe requested. Tony got out and hopped into the other car and sat in the passenger seat.

“Yesterday was very interesting, are you ready?” Uncle Joe opened his laptop and hit the play button.

Tony sat there horrified watching Anne getting fucked in all her holes by the three men. She was doing things that she never did with him and things she never allowed him to do with her.

“Who fucks better, your cuckold husband or... ?” Bill didn’t have time to finish his question before Anne replied, “It’s you, baby. It’s you and you know it. Continue to ram my ass. You are the best in ass fucking.”

“Whose cock do you like most?” John asked while digging in her pussy.

“You three, I can’t leave without your cocks.”

Tony hit the stop button.

“Wait, you’ll want to hear this,” Uncle Joe fast forwarded the video till he hit the play button.

Anne was on her knees and the three men were standing in front of her. “I would like to wake you up one day with a blow job,” she said smiling.

“You’ll have to dump your wimp of a husband a whole night,” Steve replied.

“This is what we need,” Uncle Joe shouted while stopping the video. Tony frowns.

“Do you have anything going on soon? I mean something where you’ll have to leave her alone.”

“Henry, my former neighbor, is having his baby baptized this Sunday. He sent an invitation two weeks ago but I didn’t plan going.”

“You mean in your old home town? This is what you need, figlio!” Uncle Joe was excited.

“I don’t understand.”

“Just call the bitch and tell her you’ll be away for the weekend. You’ll see her reaction.”

Uncle Joe opened another file and Tony found his bedroom on the screen. Anne was sitting on the bed with her back facing the camera. She had her laptop opened in front of her.

“What’s the program she’s using?” Uncle Joe frowned. “Yesterday after everyone left his house, Bill went on his computer and had the same file. I would guess he was keying in some numbers.”

“Can’t you zoom in?” Tony asked. “Maybe it’s work related.”

“The camera doesn’t have this feature. But it’s weird. I will need to include a friend in this project, the Accountant.”

“The Accountant?”

“Yes, he was my cell mate. He is the best in his field. He used to work for the Italian family. He knew how to wash black money. Transferring money around the world is a child’s play for him.”

“You can include whoever you want to have the job done,” Tony said perplexed.

“I’ll mute the computer and put your phone on speaker. Otherwise it may create interference and the bitch may hear herself talking. Call her and let her know about the invitation and you’ll attend the ceremony. You’ll leave Saturday afternoon and be back on Sunday evening.”

Tony dialed his cell phone and on the screen, he could see Anne picking hers up.

“Hi honey, do you still remember the invitation we received from Henry?”

“His son is getting baptized this coming Sunday,” Anne replied.

“Yes, I intend to go to the ceremony.”

“I got the impression that you were not interested.”

“I changed my mind. Are you coming?”

“No, I better stay home and have a good rest. You know I’m having a hard week.”

“I’ll be leaving on Saturday afternoon and be back on Sunday evening.”

“Where will you be staying?”

“By your parents.” Tony answered.

“Good, I’ll inform them. At what time will you be home?”

“In one hour. See you.” Tony hung up.

Uncle Joe raised the volume on the computer, on the screen, they saw Anne dialing a number.

“Hi mom, Tony will be attending Henry’s son’s baptism this coming Sunday. He’ll arrive on Saturday and will spend the night at your place.” Pause. “Thank you, mom. No, I won’t be coming. Have other things to do.” Pause. “Don’t forget to call me as soon as he’s there. That way I’ll know that he arrived safely.” Pause. “Love you mom.” Anne hung up. “Henry!” She said aloud to herself. “The guy with the smallest dick I’ve ever seen! And he made a baby!” Anne shook her head.

Uncle Joe and Tony looked at each other.

Anne dialed another number. “Hey lover. Our wish will come true this weekend.” Pause. “I’ll wake all of you up with a blowjob.”

“This is what I was looking for, slut!” Uncle Joe talked to the screen. “Here is a disposal cell phone.” He handed Tony a small cheap phone. “You contact me only when you see that it is safe to speak. Not in your office or house. And be sure there is no one around.”


“Just do what you are told, I feel it will get nasty.”

That evening and on Friday Tony played his role as the cuckold husband who loved his wife and who would never expect her to be cheating on him. He didn’t have sex with her, or rather he didn’t want to have sex with the slut. On Saturday, he could feel that she was in a good mood. In the afternoon, he hugged her and pressed her against him. He gave her a long kiss.

“What’s all this about?” Anne asked.

“Let’s go to bed for a quickie.” Tony knew her answer.

“Not now baby. I’ll be all yours when you come back. I promise.”

“Ok, when I come back home.” Tony released her and walked to his room to prepare his bag.

Anne stood there, feeling a bit guilty. She followed him to the bedroom. “Honey, please understand I had a stressful week and all I want is to have a good rest and...”

“I understand Anne,” he cut her off.” I’ve always been patient with you. I’ll wait.”

Tony went to the kitchen and made himself a sandwich.

Anne came to sit by her husband and kissed him on the cheek. “I knew when we first met that you would understand me,” Anne said softly in his ear.

“You knew you could cuckold me, bitch,” Tony thought angrily.

“Thank you for being patient, Tony. I love you.”

Tony gritted his teeth and wanted to hit her but had to stay cool. “I know you love me more than anything else.”

When Tony was leaving at around 6.00 p.m. Anne came and tried to kiss him. He moved his head away. “Keep it until I come back.” Tony drove away leaving Anne on the doorstep.

“Is she suspicious?” Tony thought. “Did she notice anything?” Then he put every thought aside and concentrated on his driving. After 3 hours, he reached his in laws’ place. Mary and Josh were waiting for him. Mary immediately called her daughter.

“Would you like something to eat, son?” Josh asked.

“I had a pizza on the way here. I’m going to sleep. I’m a bit tired.”

In the guest room, Tony lay in bed and looking at the ceiling. “She should be on her way right now, Uncle Joe should have everything under control,” he thought. He then turned over and tried to sleep.

As soon as Anne left in her car, Uncle Joe came out from his hiding place and walked round the house, easily opened the patio door and moved in. He removed all the cams and mics and the other gadgets. He took Anne’s laptop.

When Anne arrived at Bill’s house, she didn’t notice a van parked in the dark 100 meters away. She smiled when she saw John and Steve’s cars parked in front of the garage. Half an hour later, Uncle Joe parked behind the van. He went to sit in the passenger seat next to the Accountant. In the back were 6 guys, all former prisoners. They nodded at Uncle Joe and they knew what they had to do.

“They’ve just started, they are in the living room,” the Accountant showed Uncle Joe the screen of his laptop. John and Steve were seen lying on their back next to each other with Anne in a 69 position over John. He was eating her pussy and she was sucking Steve’s cock and playing with John’s balls. Bill was licking her ass. “This ass belongs to us,” Bill said. “Yeah!” replied the two friends.

“Let’s give them some more time, we’ll surprise them in their lust,” Uncle Joe suggested.

Half an hour later, the eight men, all in black, walked carefully to the back of the house. Uncle Joe used his expertise to open the back door. They all put their ski masks on. Without any noise, the others followed him to the living room. Without warning the 6 guys sprang on the four naked lovers. It was so sudden that they did not have time to react and soon found themselves gagged, hands tied behind their backs. They were so shocked that they did not show any resistance, but fear can be read on their faces. Uncle Joe nodded to the ex-prisoners. They immediately removed their pants. The cheaters were now terrorized and tried to struggle but they were easily bent down in a doggy style position. They all knew what would happen. Bill, John and Steve were penetrated dry. It was so painful that it was as if they were cut into two. They tried to cry but could not. Anne was sandwiched between 2 bad guys. The sixth one was behind her and he started ass fucking her. He forced his cock into her already penetrated back hole. She cried with pain as she was triple penetrated and double ass fucked.

“I like your ass, little girl,” one guy told John.

“Virgin ass is the best to fuck,” the other one shouted in Steve’s ear.

“Your ass belongs to me, my lady,” the third one told Bill.

The four couldn’t do anything except to endure the pain while getting raped.

In the study room, Uncle Joe found Bill’s laptop, but it was password protected. “Let the boys finish their first round and we’ll bring the asshole here.”

In the living room, the six guys were changing partners, till finally they came inside their captives. Soon Bill was brought into the study room and was made to kneel in front of Uncle Joe.

His gag was removed, his hands still tied behind his back.

“Password?” Uncle Joe asked while showing him his laptop. Bill shook his head. Uncle Joe removed a pocket knife and without hesitating cut Bill’s right cheek. Blood flew down on his chest and onto the floor. Bill yelled with pain. The others in in the living room could hear the horrible sound. “Next it will be your eyes,” Uncle Joe showed Bill his knife. Bill gave the password. The Accountant started to verify each file till he came to a coded file. Uncle Joe turned to Bill. He was hesitating, he suddenly felt the blade opening his left cheek. He cried.

“The password, bitch!” Uncle Joe yelled. Bill submitted.

The Accountant opened the file. It contained all the illegal money transactions Bill has been doing.

“It seems you have been stealing from all your clients’ returns. And you transferred the funds to an offshore bank account. I will need the number and the password. Be a good boy, and we’ll be good to you.”

Bill hesitated. He could not let these people take away the money he has been stealing. Uncle Joe kicked him in the face. He fell on his back. He then put his right foot in between Bill’s legs and crushed his cock. Bill cried like an animal being slaughtered, then gave up. The Accountant transferred all the money to another offshore account. He then made more transfers from one bank to another one in the Caribbean.

Uncle Joe put Bill’s gag on and brought him to the living room. His three friends were shocked at seeing his face bleeding.

“Here comes my ass,” said one excited bad guy. “Come here and sit on my cock.” Bill submitted.

Uncle Joe took Anne by her hair and pulled her to the study room. Cum was dripping from her pussy and ass.

“Be a good girl and we won’t cut your pretty face,” the Accountant said while he removed her gag. “I see you have a wedding ring, who is your husband among these three?”

Anne closed her eyes and tears ran down her face. Uncle Joe looked at her from the corner of his eyes and didn’t utter a word.

“So, you are cheating on him?” Anne didn’t answer, she looked down at the floor with guilt. “I need your password to open your laptop.” Anne looked up horrified. “Yes, we’ve been to your house.”

Anne gave her password.

After five minutes, the Accountant turned to Anne, “Your bank account number and the password.” Anne didn’t hesitate. Her main concern was to be out of this hell.

“Can you please tell us how you people were doing this fraud?” he asked.

Anne started to tell how the four of them worked close together and each one covered the ass of the others. The Accountant and Uncle Joe were shocked to hear how Bill and his three employees diverted part of the interest earned by the clients.

‘You’ve been a good girl,” the Accountant put back her gag. “My men have not finished yet.”

John and Steve were brought together to the study room. Uncle Joe beat them first and then asked questions. Their respective offshore accounts were then emptied. He then took them back to the living room.

“Your honeymoon just started, girls.” Uncle Joe laughed throwing the two to his friends. He stood in a corner and watched the orgy for a few minutes, then walked back to the study room.

“We’ll need to divide the whole amount into smaller lots and credit our accounts in different banks. Tomorrow we fly to the Caribbean and on Monday we do the rest of the job. No one will be able to trace anything whatsoever. How are the boys?” The Accountant asked.

“They’ve just started another round.”

“When they finish, we start with part B of our plan. I’ll get the van.”

Uncle Joe nodded. He removed all cameras and took the 2 laptops.

In the living room, the rape continued. The four lovers lost the notion of time. They only wanted the horror to end, the SOBs to go away and leave them alone. But they didn’t know that the horror has just started. Once they were filled with cum for a second time, they were brought still tied and gagged to a van outside and were thrown inside. The guys collect the lovers’ clothes, Anne’s hand bag and their cellphones after having removed the sim cards. They took the four car keys and cleaned the living and study rooms.

It was 3:00 a.m. when the van and the four vehicles belonging to Anne and her friends left Bill’s premises with Uncle Joe following them. They stopped by a mechanic shop. All four vehicles moved inside and the shutters were immediately lowered. Uncle Joe walked to meet the owner who was inspecting the vehicles. Without a word, he removed an envelope full of cash and handed it to Uncle Joe who removes half of the money and gave it to his six friends.

“The other half when the job is done,” he told the others. Three of them went into the van and the other three to Uncle Joe’s car. They left and sped away to an old abandoned warehouse outside of the city. Once inside, the four lovers were thrown on the floor.

“Have a rest,” the Accountant told them, “the boys will also rest for a while and will start again with you.” Horror could be seen in their eyes. “Listen to whatever they say, or else you know what will happen!” Uncle Joe and the Accountant left the warehouse.

Sunday morning Tony woke up early and had breakfast with his in laws. Then he walked to his former residence. He stood in front of the house and took a trip down memory lane. Tears ran down his cheeks. He then made his way to the cemetery and sat down in front of his parent’s tombs. They were buried next to each other. He stayed there for some time and then went to church to attend the Sunday 10:00 a.m. mass. There he met his old friends and after the mass was the baptism. They all met at Henry’s place afterwards for lunch. Tony was the center of attraction. They asked all types of questions and, of course, they were concerned about Anne. “I know most of you fucked her,” Tony thought angrily.

He went back to his in-laws and at around four he left. Once he left the town, he stopped his car and called Uncle Joe from the disposable phone.

“I’m heading to the airport. I’ll be back on Tuesday afternoon, you can call me in the evening. Anne will be missing for a couple of days. Hear what I have to say.” Uncle Joe said.

Tony listened very carefully and hung up. He started the engine and stepped on the gas.

Once he reached home three hours later, he poured himself some whiskey. He then went to his bedroom with the bottle and lay on the bed. He took his phone and called Mary.

“I just reached home, Anne is not here and her car is not in the garage. I’ve tried to call her several times but it is always busy. Yesterday when you called her, did she say anything about going out today?” Tony already knew Mary’s answer.

He went to sleep after four glasses of whiskey.

Monday morning, he woke up early and looked at the ceiling. “I need to get used to it, waking up without Anne,” he thought.

Before going to work he called the police and got detective Stanley on the line. He explained what happened. He was asked the usual questions for missing persons. He gave him all the details on Anne and his office address and phone number including his cell. As soon as he reached his office he called Anne at work and was told that she had not come in and had not called for a day off. He immediately called Det. Stanley. By noon the detective was in his office.

“We have sent a picture of your wife to all hospitals and police stations.”

“A picture? Where did you get it?” Tony asked.

“The police can retrieve all persons’ driving license. Why didn’t you call us yesterday when you found out she was not at home?”

“She used to go out with her friends and came in late at night, sometimes when I was already asleep. But she never spent the night away.”

“Does she regularly go out with her colleagues at work?”

“When she’s working late or sometimes when there is a small party among employees only.”

“Does she party with her colleagues John and Steve, and with her boss Bill?”

“What do you mean by party? As I just said sometimes they’ll go for dinner together after working late. Or like a couple of weeks ago Bill offered a party to his employees only, to celebrate some high profit contract. She always let me know and would always return home. Why did you mention John, Steve and Bill?”

“Because they have not come to work either. John’s and Steve’s wives have also called the police. They were on a one-day business trip and were supposed to be home yesterday afternoon.”

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